Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khurasan comes in corridor so thief runs away, Ashok sees him and hides behind pillar, Khurasan orders to close doors to palace as some thief has come, Vasu says to Subaho that Ashok can be in danger, we should inform Radha. Ashok thinks what to do now? should go to dungeon or not?
Agni says to Raj that all my jewelry is robbed, Helena says this is done to divert our attention from marriage, Raj ask if Bindu came to know that we had kidnapped Chanakya? Justin comes there and listens this.
In corridor, Khurasan says to himself that i have brought this thief in palace, now all queens will distrust their dasies, Dharma will run from palace and i will catch her, he leaves Dharma is hiding there only, she says thank God he didnt see Ashok.
Justin says to Helena

that you didnt inform me about kidnapping Chanakya? Charu, Noor and Subhrasi comes there, Agni says all my jewelry and dresses are robbed, charu ask are you fine? Agni says yes, i am angry as i couldnt catch that thief, Noor says dont worry that thief wont be able to go out of palace.
Bindu ask Khurasan to catch thief and bring it to him, he leaves, Khurasan says to soldier that if any dasi tries to leave palace then bring her to me.
Vasu and Subaho are running from soldiers, soldiers catch them, Aakramak comes and says they are with me, soldier ask then why they were running away? aakramak says i had sent them in palace, soldier leaves, Aakramak says to Vasu that Radha has sent me here, where is AShok?

Scene 2
Noor says the one who lives in palace must be thief as he knew place of jewelry, Agni says you know the place of jewelry too Noor, Noor gets angry and says what did you say? dont forget you are nothing infront of me, if it was said by someone else then i would have cut her tongue, she angrily leaves, Charu and Subhrasi leaves too, Justina sk Helena why did you kidnap Chanakya? and didnt even tell me, oh how can i forget that you dont trust me, he says to Agni that you want right as wife from me but doesnt show any responsibility as wife, he leaves. A soldier catches Dharma in corridor, Kasturi comes and attacks soldier, he falls unconscious, Dharma says Khurasan’e men are behind me, Kasturi says you are in danger, you leave from here, Dharma leaves.
Ashok is trying to go in dungeon, soldier catches him, Bindu comes there, he ask Ashok what are you doing here? Bindu takes Ashok to room, Ashok says you seem tensed? Bindu says yes, but.. Ashok sys dont tell me lie if you dont wanna share, Bindu says if you get to know that your mother is alive then how will you feel? i have feeling that my love is alive, she is near me but nobody is trusting me, Ashok says if you have faith that she is alive then you should believe on your heart, he leaves, Bindu says i feel good after talking to him.

Scene 3
Ashok is going in palace, Aakramak comes and says Radha has called you, they leave. dharma tries to leave palace but she listens soldiers saying that Khurasan is finding a lady, Dharma says it will be good if i stay here in palace only, i will meet Ashok too.
Ashok shows map to aakramak and Radha, he says we have to dig floor and go in dungeon Radha says we cant dig it as it next to Bindu’s room, his permission is needed, Ashok says we can get his permission, i have an idea.
Bindu scolds prime minister and Khurasan that they couldnt catch thief, he says find him soon, they leave, Bindu says why i am feeling that something wrong is happening, it all seems like puzzle.
Noor comes to Khurasan and says i dont believe you, you failed to kill Dharma earlier, now she will meet Bindu and our dreams will shatter after her meeting with bindu.
Radha comes in corridor and says to soldier that i want to meet Bindu, soldier goes, Radha damages the statue in corridor, Radha calls soldier and scolds him that this statue is damaged and you didnt even see it, Bindu comes there and orders to call architect and repair it, Radha ask about last night robbers, Bindu says we are finding him, he leaves. Khurasan is still finding Dharma.
one dasi says to Subhrasi that Sevika(dharma) is not seen in palace, we have doubt that she has done robbery, Subhrasi says not at all, she is not like that, no one should know that Sevika is missing, i will investigate, go and call Kasturi.
Ashok and Aakramak disguise as architects, Aakramak comes in corridor and acts like coughing, Ashok sends soldiers to get water, Radha comes there too, Aakramak starts digging the floor to go in dungeon, Radha finds Helena coming there.

PRECAP- Ashok and aakramak comes in dungeon, they tries to find chanakya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thnks atiba for the quick update 🙂

  2. Hope they find Chanakya soon, the promo’s bit scary, helena kills bindu & puts fire in da palace trying to kill the mauryas.
    Nothing should happen to ashok,dharma ,bindu n chanakya,they’re my fav:-)

  3. I hope they find chanakya and Helena hasn’t removed him from there and her plans get ruin,she’s too evil for my liking.

  4. waiting for when dharma will meet bindu

  5. ?????????????????

  6. Plz let bindu meet dharma fast. They lived apart for very long….

  7. Even I wish the same let bindusar n dharma meet each other soon n bindusar come to know dat ashok is his son n chanakya should rvl the secret as soon as he comes out of the dungeon

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