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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Siamak holds his sword and says i am proud to shed blood to become warrior, to follow my great ancestors path whose blood i have in m veins, Helena listens this and recalls how she made Justin learn these lines when he was a child, she cries, Siamak is surprised to see her, she sits down and looks at him, Siamak wipes her tears and says dont be afraid, i was afraid too, i cant believe that my guider did all this, i dont believe it, the hands who taught me fight cant kill me, dont worry i am with you, i will take care of you, he hugs her, Helena cries hugging him.
Ashok comes to Dharma and hugs her, Dharma ask what happened? he says i remember the time when i thought i will lose you, Dharma sys why you are thinking like that? Ashok says its easy to choose between good

and bad but how to choose between good and good? he says today i realized that Bindu has given Ahenkara place to live but she is caged here, she doesnt have permission to meet her mother, Bindu’s decision is good with respect to politics but when Ahenkara is innocent then why she is bearing all this? after her father’s death, her mother will need her more, Dharma says when you are confused then always choose what your heart says, your mind can influenced by anger but your heart always tell you whats right and what is good for others, Ashok says i will make Ahenkara meet her mother, i will talk to Bindu, he leaves, Dharma says i pray that you dont lose yourself in game of politics.

Scene 2
Helena comes to Bindu, Chanakya is there too, Helena says i wanna say something, Bindu ask her to go ahead, she is tensed, she say i have one request, i understand what you are going through, i have seen fear in your wives and sons eyes, what happened was wrong but i am Justin’s mother and how can i see my son dying, Bindu says i am his brother too, i have taken this decision to protect magdh, i am hurt too, i didnt feel this much pain when i was attacked before, i understand my pain is nothing infront of yours, i cant imagine how embarrassing it is to be mother of betrayer son, he was planning all this and you couldnt understand anything, he is not good brother, neither good son, he is has huge crime and you want me to forgive him? he will get death sentence for sure, Helena says no first listen to me, i want to give death to person whom i have given birth, i want to kill Justin, i want to punish him so that people will know that even if i am Justin’s mother but first i am Queen and wife of Chandragupt and this is my house and if someone try to mess with it then i will not forgive him even if he is my only son, Ashok is stunned listening this, she cries, Bindu gets up, folds his hands and says i am sorry to doubt you but you proved today that you are not mother but an angel, nobody can love Magdh more than you, you are an example for all mothers.
Ashok is walking and says i have learnt mothers protect their sons, are ready to take blame for sons but what i have seen today? Helena is ready to kill her son? i dont think its right time to talk to Bindu, for him Ahenkara is daughter of betrayer, if i talk to him right now then he will tighten her security more but how can i leave Ahenkara like this? i have to make Ahenkara meet her mother at any cost.

Scene 3
Bindu comes in jail to meet Justin, Justin is stunned seeing him, Bindu says to Justin that i have learnt how to win wars from you, elder brother is like father, i was proud to have brother like you then how it changed all of a sudden? we used to eat in one plate, Justin recalls how in childhood he would give Bindu his food and how Helena used to scold him for giving things to Bindu, Bindu ask Justin how our love changed into hatred? i tried to find answer but couldnt, the brother who used to risk his life to save his brother is now ready to kill him? you didnt think about your mother? you destroyed everything in one go, if you had asked me then i would have given you my throne, i have lost alot because of all this, Justin says great you want to give me charity? great Bindusar, tell these things to person who value it, i am ready to die with satisfaction that maybe i am not successful in taking throne but i have shook your reign, and you are a weak king infront of people and this is my win, Bindu says i am feeling pity listening to your talks, your death is coming fro sure but i assure you that i will not have any hard feelings for you, i forgive you for you did to me, its not because you deserve it but i have right to live a peaceful life, he leaves, Justin gets sad.

PRECAP- Bindu says Justin will be given death sentence, Helena points sword at justin’s neck and says i will give him death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Same precao again ???

  2. Same precap again ???

  3. i m starting to hate this precap..

  4. Tx… loved u siamak
    she the youngest wife changed what we call in hindi the aam matra the a aa ei ee z second last. Which we put dot on line dat one which changed the entire meaning. Ur rite show will go long coz there’s strong about siamaks bad n sad death dharmas shocking death meeting with his first wife while finding his lover. His lover bro n his (ashoks ) best buddy z death .then their marriage and finally after war of kalingha moving towards buddhism. His son n daughter to sri lanka n much much more.
    ur rite Danny bell it will go long way

    1. Plus d succession after ashok was also a major issue. And his daughter’s marriage. They are stills showing him a boy. It will take more then 1000 episode to the birth of his 1 st grand child dasartha

      1. Though only a few wife’s are known of ashok but he had won many wives. In wars of course. They according to ancient India could roam freely without covering their faces. Unlike d practice prevailing in northern India(some district). D parda system came after kutub u din aibak came in 1100a.d.

  5. Continuation of comment on 9th july page.

  6. Also ashok’s 5 Queens are well known due to their description. Bindu didn’t have any kshtriya rani so he could choose anyone as his successor. Ashok had asandmitra but she didn’t bore him any heir

  7. Danny sushim tried to kill him but dharma saved him by sacrificing her life after dat he built the tourture palace. After such a cruel death of own mom even a saint will turn devil he was just a man. He had lost all the feelings after god or say sushims politics snatched his dear mom God bless all the moms in the world long live they for their children. Each one daily pray for ur moms long life.

  8. Ya the parda system came along with cast system as each cast din want their wives daughters sister’s face be seen to any other religion person.

    1. No mongol soldiers often marched and looted small villages and tribes. And asked for large ransom. Also women to please their chiefs. So tribe developed a habit of purdah. Pure Aryan never had purdah

  9. Serial says ashok and bindu had great relationship. But actually bindu had fear DAT ashok might kill him to get to the throne. And so always kept him busy on wars. Always sending him on more wars than any other of his son. Least loved by his father. Neither did his father gave dharma. Dharma wanted him to b more on non violence path. But due to neglecting from father he started to enjoy torture. Much before dharma died

  10. However he never brought it home wid him. Because his mother hated it. When she died. He became mad of hatred and then killed his own brothers

  11. Ashok was able chief and had been best at destroying spies. And was kept away from dharma for most of d time and could only return to patliputra for some days.

    1. Obviously to destroy spies he had to torture them

  12. Well where is nika??? Nika r u dre?
    yah I just din want to say moogals coz its all gone y to bring castism in 21st century btw nice knowledge of history @danny

    1. Thanks. U too have good knowledge very few people know about tishyaraksha

  13. Cast system was based already from beginning by manussmruti leading to chief 4 clans than due to invaders and mixing of culture newer clans originated. So the vishnu bhakt who were actual residers of north India shifted to south. Due to lack of war elite soldiers.

  14. After kuru’s Maurya were the longest ruling clan in India. Also d moghals followed them. Then are d slave dynasty but ruler were frequently changing. And so adminstration was not DAT stable after iltutmish

  15. Wow u r fav subject history I guess me too like it. Ur doing deeper studies related to it??? Means history subject? ?

    1. I loved history when I was in school now don’t get much time

  16. Yup used to basically my favor is Indian culture influenced by mongol culture. And also Greeks and roman empire also love reading about French and Britain history they are also quite distinct in their own. Though nothing can match d twist and turn of Indian history

  17. Ur’s fav part of history

  18. Entire history frm roman to French frm cleopetra to nepolian all but ya obviously mugals r fav but now me toon read much so have started for forgetting too past read coz in college history sub not dre. Sorry actually dat day I slept n answering now so late.

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