Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khurasan comes to Ashok and says you were Bindu’s guard then where were you from many days? Chanakya says i had sent him, Ashok says i was finding about enemies of Bindu, Khurasan says what you found out? Ashok says why should i tell you? Khurasan says if Bindu has given you some respect then dont think that you are Samrat yourself, be in your limits, Ashok says why you are so much worried about truth that you are asking me to be in limits? think when i will tell truth to bindu, Khurasan says what you think he will believe you? you need proofs to prove your truth, Ashok says i dont have time to waste, he leaves, Khurasan and Chanakya goes behind him.
In court, Subhrasi says to all that you all are against Savika (Dharma), i want to know truth first, you people

dont trust Sevika so call Ahenkara and ask her truth, Charu says you are taking side of dasi? if you call Ahenkara to tell truth then people will say we give so much importance to Dasi, its not good Ujjain and Maurya relation too which is going from rough phase, Helena says i agree with Charu, Sevika should be punished, Ashok comes there and stops them, Ashok looks at Bindu and recalls how he got to know that he is son of Bindu, how they spent good time together, Dharma is there too in veil, she is tensed, Bindu ask what happened Ashok? Helena says how you came here without permission? Khurasan says i was stopping him outside but he came in, Bindu ask Ashok where were you? Ashok says i was finding answers, i have to tell you something important about Dharma, Noor says talk is going on about something else, let that finish, Ashok says nothing is more important then this information about Dharma, Bindu says i know what you will say, i know dharma was secret agent, she was in this palace but ran away, she was disloyal to me, i thank you for your tries, Ashok says this is all allegations not truth, truth is that Dharma was hiding from you but the bigger truth is that 14 years back Dharma gave birth to your son, all are stunned, Ashok says that day someone tried to kill her, she was told that you ordered to kill her, she was protecting her son, like your other sons, you have one more son, all are shocked, Helena says how can we believe him? Noor says even if this si truth then truth is also that Dharma is betrayer and her son doesnt deserve to be called Maurya, he maybe involved in all conspiracy, charu says he is making story and want us to believe, Helena says you are kid so we are leaving you else we could have punished you, Ashok this is my family, they dont even believe me, Chanakya thinks Ashok should have waited to tell truth, Helena says by giving these news you are paining Bindu more, Bindu says i know Ashok well, he says everything after thinking, he saved us all in that fire conspiracy and we should be thankful them, he ask Ashok to tell whole truth, what you got to know about Dharma? where is her son? who tried to kill dharma? Ashok says your love Dharma and your Son because of whom you were away from Dharma all these years, both are here in this court, all are shocked, Bindu says how is this possible? Ashok says its possible, she is infront of you but you cant recognize her, he turns towards Dharma,he says its time to live with respect, he takes off her veil from face, Bindu gets up from throne and says Dharma.. Subhrasi says you are Dharma? you were my dasi? why did you do this drama? Ashok says she wanted to protect her son Ashok, Ashok says i am your son, all are shocked, Ashok raises his sword and says i am Maurya, i am Prince, Chanakya is tensed, all look on in shock, Bindu smile.

PRECAP- Ashok says my mother didnt create any conspiracy, she didnt do anything bad, your enemy is non other than Mir Khurasan, he was behind my mother to kill her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awesome I luv ashoka hey so happy

  2. i was waitting for truth. thank god truth come out
    i hope bindu will believe ashok

  3. Finallyyyy grt episode.. Dharma ka sach sbke saamne aa hi gya.. Waiting for this moment from so many days and this comes out unexpectedly. .. I ws supposing that ashok will say something else to save his mother… But he said all truth.. Woww good job Ashok..

  4. Definitely …a dream

  5. Superb episode!!!!
    Go Ashok!!!

  6. Atlast the truth came out…but what happens next:D

  7. Wow.. Wat an episode.. I hope dis is nt a area of ashoka

  8. wow…wht a episode…jst awsom

  9. Swaraj Upadhaya

    Wow.. best episode yet.. Loved it.
    Bye Bye Meer.

  10. wow…just loved today’s episode…i hope its not ashok’s dream…i don’t want the cvs to drag this unnecessarily…it’ll be better for dharma to come out…well i’m very curious to know what will happen next…but i don’t think bindusar will believe dharma and ashok…mir is very cunning…he’ll definitely find out a way to defend himself…i hope chanakya speaks out the truth that how he brought dharma and ashok to pataliputra with all the proofs…bindusar will surely believe him…very very much excited to watch…

  11. Dreamy episode seen by asoka or chanakya
    Dhama will also killed my mir in this dream.

  12. Bindusar…. Please open ur eyes and accept your real son and lovely wife
    Bindu please take right decision now and punish mir khushan….after long time we faced a great episode… Now depend on u Bindu please do some thing best for ashoka

  13. Dis wl definitely turn out 2 b a dream as is the case in all daily soaps….?

  14. Waited for this to happen since 4 months. Great episode after a long time. Hope series will go ahead with same pace and intensity.

  15. Great episode. Finally Bindu came to know the truth and let it not be the dream

  16. Writer history me ye teno sath the…. Aisa kitne din chlega please ssaass bahu wala tadka mat dalna ye dream wala historical h toh truth jaldi samne laya kro

  17. Saswat Sankar Panigrahi

    Its A DREAM

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