Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 7 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Chaaru was sitting alone in her room:did i do any mistake! I don’t know i m stuck m i cheating on shaan…i m so confused wat to do…
She looks at shaan’s pic:shaan.. everytime you were there for me to help..why aren’t you there with me Shaan..watever i m doing is right or wrong…
She sees riflection of shaan in his photo frame..
She smiles through tears she turns to him and sees her son who was the first reason to make her feel motherhood..

She was abt to stand…he stops her and kneels infront of her and cups her face…he wipes her tears..

Chaaru:shaan..mera baccha..i knew that you would come to me..u never hv stayed away from me…
Shaan:shhh…mom..i m here to free you from your confusion
Chaaru:wat should i do side Sanskar who will agree to us even if he doesn’t want to and other side Ragini who loves you more than anyone..wat i hv to do..i.. I don’t know..plz beta come back

Shaan time in this world was only for this much and i hv no rights on this world now..i m here to show you a way..


Shaan:mom do you believe me?

Chaaru nods crying

Shaan:then as always…my mom can never be wrong…may be i was not in Ragini’s destiny or i was just a cupid for Ragini and Sanskar to bring them closer..we don’t meet people by accident,they are meant to cross our paths for a reason…same way i hv crossed Ragini’s path with a reason…and you know wat is the reason?the reason is to bring Sanskar and Ragini closer…

Chaaru:bt ..Ragini loves you!how will she move on with Sanskar?

Shaan smiles widely:ma..she loves me today bcs she didnt met Sanskar!and u only thought me time heals everything..slowly slowly she will forget me and will look forward on her future with you hv to help her!nahi tho she would not even look at Sanskar how he looks atleast..bechaara chotu kya haal hoga
Both laughs

Shaan:and abt Sanskar..he will not say wat he want?but i know that he will be the best person for Ragini and couples are made in heaven na ma?

Chaaru nods

Shaan:Sanskar and Ragini are made for we are none to stop them from being one…will you help them to be one…will you complete my last wish mom?

Chaaru nods through tears

Shaan:and i will be always with you in a childhood i was roaming begin holding ur saree in your hear..(she caresses his cheeks) i said everything isnt permanent…bt i want one thing from you

Chaaru:wat?tell me beta

Shaan smiles:keep loving me more than chotu and always dont forget me mom..

Chaaru laughs:i will beta…

She sees he was standing far now..he smiles


He vanished in the thin air…

Chaaru wakes up with the jerk…she sees the time it was 4 in the morning..

Neil on’s the light:chaaru r u ok?
He fills the water in glass

He looks at her..who was smiling through tears!

Neil:wat hpnd chaaru?

Chaaru:i hv found the way…shaan hv show me the right path..

Here Ragini was awake…

She sees Shaan’s photo…
Rag:i m only doing this for your sake Shaan!she cries

Next day..

Ragini’s house was beautifully decorated!
(Do listen the song while reading)
Rag was sitting in the balcony..

She sees Shaan downstairs

Jaanam dekh lo
Mit gayi dooriyaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan..

Rag runs downstairs fastly and hits a hard chest he is revealed he hav held her arms…
Her eyes falls on Shaan who was standing behind Sanskar
Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

Rag frees herself from Sanskar and runs towards Shaan
She tries to holds him bt sees none…
Bt someone from behind twirls her..
She feels the touch it was of her shaan..he comes infront of her eyes and cover her eyes..Rag moves his hand and sees sanskar who was coming there..she searches for shaan bt he wasnt Sanskar

San sees her..he was abt to call her..

Bt she runs inside her home

Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
Kaisi, sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoonm yahaan

Rag was sitting infront of dressing table..she has worke yellow colour salwar…
Shaan comes from behind..he applies the haldi on her face…tears fall from her eyes..he wipes it and smiles..she holds his hand…then she comes out of her lost world and sees the haldi of on her body wxh was of someone else’s name other than shaan

Tum chhupa na sakogi main woh raaz hoon
Tum bhoola na sakogi woh andaaz hoon

Rag stands…and sees her hand wch was filled with a beautiful mehendi..she cries thinking that it was of someone else’s name mehendi other than her shaan.. shaan held her hand
Rag looks at him
He sings the below lines

Goonjta hoon jo dil mein toh hairaan ho kyun
Main tumhaare hi dil ki toh awaaz hoon

Rag was sitting infront of the mirror wearing a bridal lehenga
She sees shaan behind her
She smiles

He straitens her maang teeka and signs?
She smiles bending her head and thrn she looks shaan has vanished

Few girls take her down..she turns and looks for shaan!
Rag stops her steps seeing shaan in front of her

Sun sako, toh suno, dhadkanon ki zabaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
Kaisi, sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

Shaan points towards sanskar and sings…
Rag looks at Sanskar who was already looking at her
Main hi main ab tumhaare khayaalon mein hoon
Main jawaabon mein hoon
Main sawaalon mein hoon

He holds her hand and takes her near Sanskar..she didn’t see the step while she was looking at shasn she was abt to fall bt Sanskar holds her on the nick time
Main tumhaare har ek khwaab mein hoon basa
Main tumhaari nazar ke ujaalon mein hoon

Ragsan were taking rounds bt ragini was desperately searching for shaan through her eyes wch hv swollen and tears were falling from her eyes…
She sees shaan who hv kneeled next to her and was smiling at her and sings..

Dekhti, ho mujhe, dekhti ho jahaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

Sanskar fills her forehead with vermilion ..shaan stands….
Rag nods her head and tells through her eyes… don’t go…
Kaisi sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan
Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

Sanskar stands and ragini was looking at shaan
Jan makes her stand

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

She looks at shaan who vanishes smiling at her and sanskar..he points to sanskar..

She sees him vanished…
And she looks at the direction and sees Sanskar

She badly wanted to disagree..

This is the fate destiny or anything else…to know more stay tuned!

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