Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 5 by Aliya

Let’s begin…


Shaan’s body was going to be taken for last rites…

Ragini still hvnt come out of her room!

Sanskar couldn’t digest the fact!

Jan was knocking the door continuously

Rag opens the door finally…

Rag smiles at her.. Janki is having tears!

Jan hugs her
Rag: ma.. Why r u crying? Its a lie ma… Shaan told me he will come…u know wat shaan in these 4 month (alliance fixing) he never back off from his words he can never so that…

Jan:shaan will not come Ragini..he is gone..he can never come

Rag;ma…(tears fall from her eyes bt still smiles)no..he..he will come he will come for me!

Rag goes downstairs

All looks at her…
Her eyes falls on shaan’s body

Rag goes to him and sits…

Rag:Shaan…aap mazzak kar rahe hai na!dekho na papa ma Samar sab ro rahe hai!

Trio looks at her…san sees her..her back was visible to him…he could listen her..he at once thought how would this girl will feel yesterday was the wedding and today she has lost her husband… Yesterday she was bride and today she was a widow!


Rag:Shaan..tell them na..u don’t like them to cry ryte then why r u letting them!utho na Shaan…i m getting scared!are you angry on me?accha baba Sorry…plz now wake up…Shaan…Shaaan(lil loudly)
She cries

Priest announced to take shaan’s body to the funeral


Sanskar and Samar comes….

Chaaru goes to Ragini
Chaaru:Ragini…Shaan can’t listen us beta he can’t come back to us…
Rag cries…
Chaaru hugs her!

Rag cries…and falls unconscious!


After sometime…..

Rag opens her eyes…
Everybody hv left
Ragini’s bangles her vermilion and all her jewlries were removed…

Jan hugs her…
Jan thinks that why there’s a same fate for her daughter.. but she had a reason to live that’s her daughter’s…bt Ragini ..its been not even 24 hrs being married!that she lost her husband…her love!

Few days passed…
Elders decides that Rag should stay in her house bcs Day by day she is losing herself… She is always taking shaan’s name and crying.. To take her out of this trauma they decided this!

At first Rag didn’t agree….but to the lot of pleads from her mother and mother-in-law she agrees half heartedly

Rag picks the photo frame of Shaan and moves out…

Rag keeps herself closed in 4 walls!
It was like she forgot to live! She hv lost herself!

Rag was sitting in the corner of room

She sees Shaan was sitting next to her!
Rag smiles: Shaan…why you leave ne for once and then again come to me..why can’t you stay with me forever!
Why i cant hold….i m scared that if i close my eyes and hold you…you will vanish!

Shaan smiles

Rag:kuch bolo na shaan!
She cries
She wipes her tears
And sees that shaan was standing lil far!
He was moving backward….

Rag stands:Shaan…Shaan..wr r u going leaving me…i..i want to come with you…this time don’t do this with me.. I can’t live without you…plz Shaan…everyone sent me here to forget you but I can’t….
She moves to him

Following him she reach the balcony


Rag cries:Shaan….Shaan mujhe bhi le jao na apne saath..mein aapse kuch bhi nai mangoongi!

Down samar who wanted to see Ragini..saw ragini standing in the edge

Samar shouts: bhabhi…..

He goes in

Jan gets worried and follows him

Door was locked….
Sam breaks the door!

He sees the blood drops on the floor…he runs to the balcony
Before he could hold her..Ragini falls from the balcony

Everything goes blur….


All are outside…

Rag didnt hd and Major injuries…she was fine now

Jan goes to Rag
Rag opens her eyes

Jan:you don’t care for us! We know that a very bad happend with you but now you will try to kill your self….

Rag: ma…shaan

Jan:i m tired….How many times i hv to explain you…Shaan is no more

Rag cries:he isn’t dead ma…he isn’t

Jan cries and hugs her: why don’t you accept the reality beta!

Chaaru comes:why don’t you move on Ragini….!

Rag:ma….even you!

Chaaru:my son is dead now….!shaan is dead accept the truth now!

Sanskar was standing at the window and watching the scene…..

His eyes falls on chanchan who is crying

He goes and sits next to her

San: your sister is fine now!
Chanchan cries
San:wch class you r studying?
Chanchan:10th std
She continues to cry silently
San:we feel to cry whole day…wn nobody notices that we r crying..we r hurt and wn we r in pain!
Chanchan:di…was my strength…now she has changed….now i get scared to go school
San:why?why u get scared?
Chanchan looks at him:kuch nai!
San:may be we dont hv strong relation….bt sometimes even you vl find a friend in stranger
Chanchan: there’s a guy.. He misbehaved with me that time di was with me and jiju hv warned him….and now….
San:is he again misbehaves with you?
Chanchan:bcs we r only girls living in home everyone only raise their finger on us…now that guy hv threatened me that if I don’t do as he says..he will throw acid on me….
San:wat you told him?
Chanchan:i didn’t…i was…i was scared

Niel chaaru comes there after meeting Ragini

San:ma…take her with you…and i vl stay here if any help is needed for janki aunty
Niel and chaaru nods…

They goes

Sam:bhabhi take care.. Don’t do such things again!plzzz…promise me that u wont do this again

Sam takes her hand and keeps on his palm:promise?

Sam finds no reaction in her as she was weak and she has slept due to effects of medicine


He goes out….
San tells him that he is staying there…

San goes to a canteen and buys a coffee and drinks….
He moves to the garden
He takes something out from the pocket
Its a mouth organ/harmonica

San and shaan who wee in teenage
san:bhaiyya how you always manage to play this so beautifully…if i try hard too i cant…play this like you
Shaan:it is not like me… it’s will to play this!even you play is actually very good bt you find it bad..think that u can do everything! Then you will find it like your own
San: bt i want to play it like you
Shaan smiles:then i vl say…try hard don’t give up one day you will surely play it…. Better than me

Fb ends…

San: bhaiyya..i came to surprise you bt u surprised me! That surprise… Even if it takes my life i don’t want to see it….

He plays harmonica same as Shan.. It was Shan’s tune


Here Rag gets up with a jerk….


She goes out of the room… She could listen the harmonica time in very low voice….
Rag smiles widely:Shaan… This time i m not hallucinating… Its Shaan!

She runs in the corridor to reach Shaan her love….her one leg was fractured bt she was not bothered abt the physical pain

By taking steps She could listen it more clearly…

She reach garden
She sees a man whose back was faced to her…
She smiles through tears…
She drags her leg which waa paining her a lot…

But still she managed to move to him

San feels someone’s standing behind him…before he could turns
Ragini hugs him from back
And cries: shaan….i knew that… Nothing can him to you.. You vl come for me… You will come for your Ragini… Shaan…kuch bolo na..aap kuch bolte kyu nai hai…i will never let you go from me now….
San was shocked… He was froze for a moment…. He was totally blank…….


To be continued…

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