Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 11 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Sanskar moves to the room…..
He was hesitant equally….

He moves in and sees is totally dark…

He slowly moves

Sanskar himself: i guess she slept

He was about to go….

He sees Ragini sleeping on need cuddling with a pillo..a ray of light has hit her face….

(Music plays)

He slowly moves to her.. He was been attracted by her beautiful face

He kneels and sits down

Thami Thami..
Si Saansein
Thami Thami..
Jeene Lagi..Hai Tumse
Jo Mil Gayi..
Jo Mil Gayi..

He moves her strands which were on her face.. which was disturbing his view
She moves in her
He thought she is waking…
He immediately turns in the same position
He slowly turns her.. Who is sleeping peacefully
He smiles…. Seeing her baby face
He keeps her hand straight
She holds his hand in her sleep

He was shocked

Thami Thami Si Saasein
Jeene Lagi..
Jeene Lagi..Hai Tumse
Jo Mil Gayi

Sun rays hit Sanskar… He was sleeping the floor..he feels his hand heavy.. So in sleep

But with hand Ragini falls over him

Ragini opens her eyes being scared she finds that she has fallen over sanskar

And sanskar was lost in early morning fresh face..

Asar Yeh Kaisa Teri Chaahat Ka Hai
Mujhpe Ho Gaya
Zarra Zarra Mere
Dil Ka Ab Tujh Mein Hi Kho Gaya
Meharbaan Woh Rab Barsa Hai Jab Se
Tu Hai Mil Gaya
Tujhko Pa Ke Aisa Laage Ke
Khud Se Hoon Mil Gaya

Ragini was about to get up.. But falls back on him as her hair strands struck on his tee button’s

Ragini tries to free his button in this process her fingers touched his bare chest

Sanskar was feeling something new…he was feeling like current was passing through his body but instead of pain it was giving him a pleasure

Ragini was struggling to free her hair.. In this process she was getting close to him.. Her hot breath were touching his bare chest… His feelings were arising

Ke Rang Jo Lagyo..Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re Lagyo
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re

Sanskar held her wrist and he signs her that he will do it

After a fraction of seconds he fees her hair

She half stood as her shawl was behind sanskar’s hand

(Baccha log close your eyes?)

This time he held her waist.. And her hairs have fell on his face…
She slowly moves a bit being awkward

She was about to move

Sanskar: wait…

He removes her shawl and she immediately gets up….

Some part of her shawl was on floor she without seeing walks on it she slips back

Don’t worry this time she didn’t fall.. As sanskar has held shoulder’s protectively in nick of time

He makes her stand straight she directly goes to washroom…

(This falling session made me remember Amks Ragini’s ‘i fell’ moment???)
Sanskar brushes his hair he had a wide smile on his face and wait there was something else too it was something called bluuuuushhhhhh?

Ke Lagyo Re Lagyo
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Thaaro Rang..

Ragini was feeling awkward…
She was her face
She takes a deep breath

While sanskar was remembering sweet incident suddenly he felt the pain on his back

She comes out of washroom and she sees him pressing shoulders

She remembers her falls not once but twice but thrice

She goes to wardrobe.. And then moves to him and forwards a balm to him

He looks at her… And he could see pure concern in her eyes.. For whom ??? ofcourse for him

His heart rejoiced…!! He forgot his pain

He takes the balm from her

She goes from there

O Rang Aisa Gehra Ishq Ka..
Hai Rooh Mein Ghulne Laga..
Chhoote Na..
Chhoote Na..
Iska Nishaan..

Here Ragini sees the dinner
A plate a had half eaten food

Ragini herself: didn’t he like the dinner?
She takes it and cleans the table

And then makes breakfast….

After sometime sanskar comes to dining

Sanskar: hope she didn’t took me wrong…

There he sees a stick note placed on fridge door

“If you didn’t like the dinner… You could have told me i would have made something else for you to eat”

Sanskar confused: i liked..i loved it
And then he remembers in the middle of his dinner he went to call her and lost there in his imaginations

He slightly hits his head

He looks around..

Then sits Sadly in the chair not finding Ragini

He was about to serve when a hand served him the roti’s and curry

And filled juice in glass

He turns and sees.. He gets disappointed seeing maid

Maid: Ragini Mam… Has asked if you didn’t like the food then you to tell me so that i will prepare

Sanskar immediately:No…

Maid gets scared for a moment

Sanskar: i mean.. No i liked the way where is….

Maid smiles: Ragini Mam is in the garden

Sanskar: ok you Go and call her for breakfast…

Maid nods and she goes

Jahaan Ki Parwaah Kya
Dil Yeh Had Se Aage Badh Gaya
Saji Hai Duniya Meri
Mujhko Tu Naya Sa Lag Gaya

Maid tells Ragini about sanskar has liked the food and he is calling her for breakfast

Here Sanskar waits for Ragini.. But seeing her no where.. He disappointedly have’s the food and moves to garden… He sees Ragini watering the plants

Ke Lagyo Re Lagyo Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Thaaro Rang..

Ragini sees the stick note in fridge

“I liked your was just that i had to move for an important work last so i forgot…”

She smiled a bit..
Her closed shell was opening a bit

Here sanskar was sitting in the office and he feels someone walking behind him

So he turns with his seat and sees Ragini

He smiles widely

She runs from there

Sanskar: Ragini sambhalke…


Sanskar sees Emily in place of her

Sanskar: i am sorry…
He turns and smacks his head

Dekhoon Pighalta Aasmaan..
Boondon Se Karta Hai Bayaan
Pyaar Mera..
Pyaar Mera..Bepanah..

Days passed with the conversation in chit notes…. Day by day sanskar had arising feelings for Ragini… It was getting strong

Jo Bhoole Se Bhi Na Bhoole Tu
Aisa Waada Ban Gaya
Tode Se Bhi Na Toote
Jo Dil Ka Naata Ban Gaya

Its been one and half a months.. Sanskar tried to talk to Ragini but he couldn’t

And finally written something in stick note being hesitant

Ke Rang Jo Lagyo..Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re Lagyo
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re

“Will you be my friend for life”

Ragini read the stick note

Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re
Ke Thaaro Rang

Sanskar returns from the office and sees no stick note and he couldn’t sees Ragini around

Sanskar himself: oh god..i think she got angry or may be hurt.. Sanskar tune kya kar diya

To be continued….

So how was the part?

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