Chahat (pt 4) by Aliya

Let’s begin….


Rag herself:shaan aap kahan hai?(wr r u?)i m missing you…
She looks at her mehendi…which is dark in colour
She smiles
She sees “S” written in it and smiles
Rag herself: this is just a mehendi..shaan bt your name have written in my heart Shaan….
She smiles

Lady:chaaru.. where is Shantanu? He should be here with his bride?
Rag lightly blushes listening “his bride”

Chaaru:let him come? He said he will be in time but look…
Sam; yes mom even i m not going to spare him..
Niel:i will not let him enter the house…

Rag who was behind them smiles…

At the time janki and chanchan comes
All welcomes them..
Rag hugs them both!


Jan:shaan isn’t here!?
Sam: aunty… He went to office

Niel:i vl call office and ask?

Niel calls the office and get to know that shaan has won the deal and has left the office 2 hrs back…

Chaaru does the function not waiting for shaan…
Rag feels bad bcs Shaan isn’t with her!she wanted him to see her…and complement her..
She looks at niel and sign’s him to call shaan
He smiles and assures her!

Niel get the call from an unknown number

Niel goes out:hello….
Caller:is this Niel Maheshwari
Niel smiles:yes!

The next sentence made his world upside down!
His knees got weak
He mumbled:no

Sam who was passing by saw him!
He smiles
Sam:wat hpnd?did anyone told you that u became old?
Soon his smile vanishes seeing his dad’s conditions
He takes the mobile from him…

Sam confused:hello
Caller:the body is in city hospital!u have to collect the body after the postmortem
Sam panicked:whose body?wat hospital abt whom you are talking?
Sam stumbled!


Niel cries:Mera baccha…mere shaan
He was abt to fall..!
Sam holds…
Tears were flowing in his eyes
Sam: it’s… it’s not bhaiyya i guess they were mistaken!

Chaaru behind:wat is hpng here?

She looks whose eyes hv turned red due to tears
Chaaru:wat hpnd?
Unknown fear was haunting her!
They doesn’t reply her
A lone tear passes from her eyes..she don’t know wat the matter is but seeing her husband and son crying she could figure out that something has gone wrong

Chaaru;wat hpnd?i m asking you something!
Chaaru:wat shaan?he..he…he will come soon
Niel: hamare Shaan ab is duniya mein nai raha…….(our shaan is no more)
Chaaru:dont joke in this matter!then you hv to face me!
Niel:police hv called us! shaan’s body is in city hospital..
Tears were flowing in her eyes:no… it’s a lie!


Inside Rag’s eyes searches dor niel sam and chaaru..they weren’t in!

Sam:dad..we should go city hospital and we should prove the calker is wrong! wait let me call Shaan bhaiyya!


Sanskar:i think i should move to home now!nothing will hpn?

He picks his bag and goes..
There in a TV
Breaking news

San doesn’t see the news he goes!

Sam and niel goes to the hospital
Police sees them:Mr.Maheshwari!come with me…

He takes him to the ward where a body was been placed…
There was a pin drop silence
Niel’s hand Shivers
He opens the sheet from the face
Niel stumbled
Samar cries seeing Shaan
Police:it was a spot death and he saved a family before dying….

Sam falls in his knees and cries!
His phn was ringing ….its chaaru
But he was not in the verge to pick the call! Niel has become froze for a moment!for moment he could see his son smiling at him..
He forwards his hand and finds none..but his lifeless son!who is filled with scars and bandages!


Here chaaru was crying outside!
She doesn’t know wat to do?

Rag from behind:maa
Chaaru closes her eyes….
Chaaru without turning:beta u go inside..i vl come…
Rag finds her voice a different
So she goes in front of her!
And was shocked to see her crying!

Rag:maa..wat hpnd ma?
She don’t know wat to tell Ragini?
Chaaru somebow sends rag in by making excuses…bt rag was suspicious

Chaaru again calles sam
Sam picks and crying:ma….bha..bhaiyya…
Chaaru:tell me that shaan is fine plz…u r killing me!
Sam:ma.. bhaiyya is no more!


Chaaru cries:mera shaan!

Rag who was behind her:ma..wat hpnd to shaan?
She goes to her!
Rag:ma..wr is shaan?
Rag held chaaru’s shoulder’s
Rag:boliye na!

Chaaru:shaan….shaan is no more
Rag was shocked
Chaaru: someone has killed him in riot’s
Chaaru cries…she was abt to hold her!
Rag runs inside….
Everyone were confused
She goes to her room and takes her phn and calls Shaan….it was not reachable

Rag:no..this can’t hpn?

Here Sanskar comes to home!
He sees his mom…
He smiles widely…
Her back was faced to him!
He slowly goes to her…
And closes her eyes:guess who?
He could feel his finger wet..he realised his mom is crying
He makes her turn and sees his moms eyes hv swollen wat hpnd?mom…
At the time he could listen a siren of ambulance

He turns and sees sam hv come in the car…
He was crying hard
San goes to him:sam…sam wat hpnd?

All the guest inside the mansion comes out

He sees niel getting down from the ambulance

San:sam..i m asking u something..
Sam just jeeps on crying

San:dad..wat hpnd?why r u all crying?

He goes near him
San:dad!koi mujhe bataayega(will anyone tell me)

He eyes falls on a body…due to heavy wind the the sheet opens
He gets shocked!


To be continued……


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