Chaana meraya tu he mere (kriyam) Part 4

Krishna wakes up and says well today must be a good day because I. Am feeling so happy
She wakes up sayyaim and says rise and shine ringer
Sayyaim says to her OLNY three months left then our baby will come in this world
Krishna says I know . Guess what at night I made this list of who will do baby’s will change diapers and I will feed the baby
Sayyaim says but why do I get the hard bit
Krishna says because I say so wait let me go and get juice for you
Sayyaim thinks I just want this baby to come in
This world then mine and Krishna realationship will get more stronger
Baby says well that day has come Krishna we’re you will lose your baby
She spreads water on the floor.krishna walks toward it and suhani shouts Krishna stop but Krishna ignores her and is about to slip but suhani holds her and says I told you to stop could you not hear me
Everyone come out and say what happened and suhani says she was about to slip but I held her.Krisjna says why did you save me you don’t want this baby right suhani says shut up I do want this baby y this is the mark of your love and why would I even want to kill the baby.
Krishna crys and says sorry aunt you were right all the time it was me who could not take in that you didn’t kill my baby please forgive me
Suhani says ok but now go and take rest but first give me a smile.
Everyone laugh

A baby girl is lying in a cradle in birla house yuvraaj comes and takes the baby and says my lovely child and kisses her and try’s to make her stop crying.krishna comes there and says give me she will stop crying
Yuvraaj says why cannt her daddy make her stop don’t underestimate power of a granddaddy
She laughs and yuvraaj says see I can do anything

YUVAAN looks on and thinks now because of this baby I can’t marry Krishna because I have to take care of her aswelll what is this baby doing I told her to finish that baby she just can not do anything
He goes to sayyaim and says it’s good this baby is not illegimate like you she won’t have to bear torture
Yuvraaj comes there and says shut up he is not illegimate me and suhani adopted him so think before saying something
YUVAAN but you can’t conceal the truth
He leaves

Krishna and SAYYAIM go to their room and Krishna says are u okay I heard what that dog said but anyway leave it you need to go and change KRIYAMS naPy it was part of our deal remember

SAYYAIM says ok mrs birla
They laugh


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