” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast- Twinj ff !”” ….few shots (Part-2)


Caught In Love Embrace Of a Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..

Continued …..


Twinkle wakes up …..

T-” Awwww……my head it’s paining ….What happened to me …..where I’m …..(.she looks down) ….why I’m covered by a bedsheet….where r my clothes …” …she started to cry …

She founds her cloth scattered over the floor …she covers herself properly nd get up from the bed ….
She moves towards mirror …

T-” My lipstick …my eyeliner everything is smudged ..What happened wid me last night …I’m getting scared …..did someone took my advantage ….
No ….no ..if this will happen I will die …”…..she kneels down nd started to cry …

” My Baby don’t cry ….” …a voice is heard from back …
She turns nd finds kunj bare chested nd gets shocked..

T-” U…u …kunj ..u r here … …

She move’s towards him nd hold his collar .

T-” Tell me what u did with me last night ….how I came here …I’m not able to recall anything what happened last night …”…she shouts on him …

Kunj holds her from his shoulder ..nd pins her to wall …

K-” U don’t remember what happened between us last night …how come …I thought it was so beautiful night for us nd in morning when u will wake up u will blush but u r saying that u don’t know anything …lier I know how much u enjoyed with me …why r u covering ur body with a sheet …u know I have already seen u in that state …”

Twinkle gets shocked listening this …tears rolled down from her eyes …

T-” No this is not true ..Plzzz say na u r saying wrong ..nothing had happened between us ….” ..

K-” My s*xy doll …how can I deny something which is true ….When first time I saw u ; the way u behaved with me…so rudely.. I never thought that u can be so hot …when I came closer to u ; ur touch made me go wild …U r so attractive that now ur soft lips made me passionate for u …..” ..he move’s his fingers sensually on her lips …her shoulder ….her hands …

She jerks his hand off….

T-” U blo*dy jerk ..how dare u to come close to me….u harassed me …stay away from me “..

She pushes him nd tries to move …but Kunj holds her hand nd twined his hands with her ..nd make her come closer to him …

K-” What happened u did not like my touch ; yesterday u were enjoying it so much ; u were not resisting but now u r behaving so arrogantly ..Tell me r u not in a mood to do that again ??….”.

Twinkle eyes becomes red in anger nd the pain she is feeling being closer to him ..

T-” U r so cheap ….I was right about u on that day but I never thought that u r having so wild animal …a beast in u …who can make u to stoop too low … u harassed me ..but why …why did u do that to me …?”..

K-” U forgot so easily …what I told u in that day when u slapped me ..when u got me arrested to cops ….what I warned u ..”

Twinkle was standing with a blank expression …completely boggled ..

K-” I told u …don’t get miffed with me but still u did that …..nd I promised u that u will have to pay for ur deeds but I think u took my words lightly …But now forever for ur life u will take my words seriously …” ..

T-” U did all that for ur cheap revenge ….u destroyed my life for ur passion ….u lusty person u can never change ….I hate u …I feel to Peirce my eyes when I look at ur face ….I curse each nd every moment when I met wid u …” …

K-” U curse those moments …naahh…infact I love each seconds we enjoyed together …
Nd yes I did all that for teaching u a lesson …but now I’m so lusty for u …u have such a perfect body …u r ….”…he was to speak further but Twinkle slapped him …..she slapped him so hard that his lips starts to bleed ….

T-” Not a single word …u harasser ….u did so bad with me nd still u r not having shame in ur eye’s ….”

Kunj was boiling in anger ….” How dare u slapped me….still u r not satisfied with what I did with u …u want more punishment from me ..see what more I can do …”..

He holds her firmly nd throws her on bed nd came on top of her ….
T-” Leave me …plzzz…leave me ….”…

K-” Not now ….u must have thought about the consequences u have to face before slapping me …” ..

He holds her hand ….nd placed his lips on her …
The kiss was full of passion …anger …lust ..while his fingers were motioning on her waist nd stomach ….

After sometime kunj stops ..he stood up nd smile …

K-” Now that’s enough lesson for u …..I’m also satisfied for now… Just get ready to face more hardships for u ….”..

He picks up his shirt nd wears it nd left the place …while Twinkle was crying …her lips were bleeding ….

She took her clothes nd went to washroom…

PRECAP..-Kunj’s more devil side….

Hello !! Everyone …
Did u all liked it or not …??
For how many episodes u want me to continue this story ??..

And one more information for those who r waiting for my other ff …
Guys sorry for making u all wait ..today I have started with marriage episode nd by tomorrow I will surely post it …
Now a days I was busy with fest preparations nd the episode have to longer nd I want to make it special so I did not got time to post it..


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  1. Kruti

    This was just awesome sayeeda

  2. Jisha

    Nice episode… bechari Twinkle…kunj ki toh… anyways he is gonna change…you showed Kunj’s cruelty very well… kunj ko itna pasand kerne ke baad bi yeh read kerke kunj pe gussa aaye..thät means you are a fabulous writer….
    Regarding the other ff, take your own time…

  3. Awesome se bhi awesome sayeeda

  4. Kritika14

    Wow! I am already so into it ……. You write beautifully …. Eagerly waiting for the next part ! Continue asap 🙂

  5. Di…lagta hai aapko raid bohot pasand hai….aur main karwa bhi dungi…soch lo….aapne agar discontinue kiya na…to…main…main…main…main ro padungi?….aur aapko mujhe rote dekh acha lagega? Nhi na…to no points in discontinuing….love u?

  6. Awsmmm…and abt the no of epi i think infinity iz bettr……????
    Coz u write soooo wellll….
    Loadz of luv ???
    Ctd soon

  7. Zuha Fatima

    OMG?? This FF is the best I have ever read! Something totally different yaar! Like Kunj is such a Wild beast…but a cute womanizer ??? Just loved his devilish side…Just awesome….So nice….Just loved it….I was just thinking how would have the scenario been! Thumbs up to u??? Your FF is driving me crazy….Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach…Plz post ASAP! I am loving it! And plz don’t stop this FF so early…at leadt make it about 25 shots or more…Just dying to read more parts! Such an amzing story! A big and tight HUGGY from my side with lots of Love to my sweet elder sisso???? Love u sissy??


  8. awesome episode..
    plz continue soon

  9. Bhavika

    ye kunj ki __ ki __ yaar he is a blo*dy jerk yaar (kunj not sid) bechali twinkle feeling pity for her but i know my senorita will make everything all set so BEST OF LUCK senorita

    hope u readed my comment in the prev episode I HAD COMMENTED JUST NOW BEFORE READING THIS EPISODE if u haven’t seen that comment than do surely see it OK

    love love

  10. Bhavika

    ye kunj ki __ ki __ yaar he is a blo*dy jerk yaar (kunj not sid) bechali twinkle feeling pity for her but i know my senorita will make everything all set so BEST OF LUCK senorita

    hope u readed my comment in the prev episode I HAD COMMENTED JUST NOW BEFORE READING THIS EPISODE if u haven’t seen that comment than do surely see it OK

    love love

    write next episode soon ok bye

  11. Jas and sid lover

    U showed harsh side of kunj so well..the revenge taking shade of kunj was just awesome ….and twinkle her helplessness and her strong avtar was so well portrayed by u …..U r so nice in depicting emotions
    …it gives a lively effect to your ff. Amazing one.

  12. Shonaa...

    Omg kunj itna bura nhi ho skta…. koi ni hero h change ho jayega…. amazing episode…. loved it….

  13. Such a cruel side of kunj to write is so difficult wen u already like him so much… u mean to b amusing.. amazing awesome… urhhh.. these words r just not enough… m lacking of words…

  14. Jiya_Ani

    Syooo…Amazingly portrayed my description Queen…but ek doubt!??
    When Kunj came he was bare chest ri8?..so how did Twinkle held his collar??..
    Chalo chaddo but amazing… Muaaah..
    Vaise ek devil Kunj imagine Karna has always been difficult for me..but as I said
    ..anything for you…mujhe toh aapka ff padhne se MATLAB hai

  15. sayeeda ….it was mind blowing….but bechari twinkle…
    but I can say that u r amazing writer d way u show kunj cruel side was fab ….the way u describe every thing was just perfect…I can imagine it infront of my eye…
    can’t wait for next part but u can take ur time…
    loved this is & also love u….

  16. Ria

    It was amazing Sayeeda! Kunj is so bad??. So bad. We all are upto spoil his character but, never mind. It was really nice.

  17. Shamz

    Aaaaaaammmmmaaaaazzzziiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Sayeedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just no words to express….
    Everything is perfect….

    1. Shailja

      Please post your ff tashan e deewangi

  18. Aamu

    ahaaa wo sayeedaa lovd it
    bu i hadno read previous1 can u giv me link

      1. Aamu

        thank u for giving asap as i will not get time after

  19. Sameera

    Wow sayu awesome epi ??

  20. Shatakshi

    Sorry sorry for being late
    N ek he din me do do episodes wow…
    I read ur earlier epi just now
    Both r just Amazing
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤
    N I m eagerly waiting for the marriage…

  21. Shreya098

    loved it….
    but feeling pity for twinkle…

  22. Ahhh diduuuuu…….
    Yaar kya kahu???
    Mai m toh really m speechless…..???????
    No words yaarr…..
    Wht to say????
    Wht ???
    Wht ???
    M nt gettn wht to tell
    Hw to express it …
    It ws jussssssssssssssss muahhhhhh superbbbbbbb wala…….
    Uh shld cont asap plzzzzzzzzz……….
    Yup atleast for a century…??????????
    Zyada hogaya na??!?
    Ha ha Ik Ik ki bahut zyada hogaya…….
    Ok nw do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz……..
    Lub uhhhh to d moon n back….????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…Amazing…very well portrayed the dark side of kunj….

  24. Baby

    omg sayeeda di nyc episode although yah feeling bad fr twinkle bt its k i no u ll crct evrything r kunj as well

  25. SidMin

    Sayeeda Di loved it I am seriously waiting for the next part and your other ff too waiting for it Love you 🙂

  26. I’m loving this. But I’m curious.. Twinkle and kunj were friends? Because if he was just a womanizer and because of her rejection he did this with her then I’m very sorry, I don’t see where love could develop from that. But but but, I’m super impress with u. I’ll b waiting anxiously for the next shot.

  27. Awazing…but feeling bad for twinkle… Waiting for next episode of this ff n your other ff too…try to post asap…

  28. Angita

    Amazing but Kunj itna bad??….I was quite terrified as I normally do when I read things so pl pls pls put read at your own risk pls pls pls di….don’t feel bad too pls..love you

    1. Sayeeda

      Angita dear…..I can understand that the storyline is not a good to read right now …but as I told u earlier I won’t be using much of bad words nd inappropriate scenes but for the story to continue some of them r required ….
      If I take on a simple note I won’t be able to tell u all abt further story …even I don’t like to exaggerate those things ..
      Thank u so much for sharing ur thought’s with me ….love u

    2. Sorry Angita….couldn’t help but comment back at the comment u jus made. See, u r younger to me, though it be by a few months only. See, even I read ff’s and when I started reading even I was in cls 7. Such topics often arise. And to be true, Kunj is showing grey shades but there isn’t anything called vulgar in it that it has to be read at ur own risk. Sometimes we have to take the risk. As for being jus like ur sister, it’s my duty to explain u. And again, for Ritzi di’s ff, ‘This is when the feeling sinks in’ (sorry Ritzi di….I hv to do this.) That time u didn’t find it vulgar instead u found it romantic. Well, that is something quite peculiar. I kno ur comment isn’t with the intention of hurting someone’s feelings but often it gets misapprehensed also. And moreover, I found nothing more than a part of kissing over here. So, I understand what u want to say, but from the next tym try to express it in a better way. Hope u won’t mind this and will take it as a sister’s advice.

      1. Angita

        I’m sorry please I’m really sorry..pls aabko choti di KO maaf karto

      2. Angita

        I fond it a bit like that because it was raping pls pls pls pls forgive me sayu di and ladoo di

    3. No need to be sorry dea…it’s perfectly fine…it happens sometimes….choices differ…it’s ok…u need not be sorry….even i feel it sometyms. U dnt need to be sorry….jus be happy…?

  29. Amazing epi
    Post sooooooon
    Sorry for late comment
    Jaldi post karna???☺️

  30. Mmmmm sayu di amzing episode I just came back from marriage and started reading ur ff but one thing is roaming in my mind that I think kunj had not harrased her he is acting bocz now she slapped him but he only kisses her but he can’t take revenge for that incident om this much scale and I think he is acting to make her realize her mistake and its a guess ok not sure just waiting to read more love u loads

  31. Affaa

    How he can do this with Twinkle…really cheap..chi disgusting…such type boys are shame to another boys…chi..
    Sayoo what an episode…It was mind blowing…amazing but the way her treated twinkle I felt sad…It was too emotional…
    I don’t want to say sorry for being late…
    Love you…
    By Aflall

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