” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast- Twinj ff !”” ….few shots (Intro)


“Caught in love embrace of a wild beast ” …

Hey Guys …Sayeeda here with a intro of her new ff …..but this one would be a few slots story …may be of 5-6 episodes….
I don’t know whether it is good or worst but I was having this idea revolving in my mind so I thought to write it….
I hope u all like it ….

I won’t be giving description about the characters ….as I dont want to reveal the suspense….

So here the intro beings…

Twinkle shouts nd cry …..” U rapist …u ravager ..I hate u ….why ; why did u do this to me …just for ur revenge u spoiled my life …I was going to be married soon but u made my life hell….”..

Kunj laugh devilishly ….” Why I did this to u …coz u deserve it …even more than this ….But one thing is confirm u r so hot yrrr….just wait nd watch now the real game begins ….”

So …this was just a small idea for the further story. ..I know u all must be thinking how cruel Kunj’s character is …in starting u all will hate him ..but as story will extend u will find a great reason behind his behavior …..

Tell me …whether I should continue with it or not ….If u all find it bad then I’m sorry …

If I get response it ….I will try to post first episode soon….after posting my previous ff ” I Can’t stop loving u ” marriage episode…

Love u all….keep supporting..

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  1. Sameera

    Wow sayu it’s awesome seems interesting post soon can’t wait for this ??

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sam …I will try to post next one soon

  2. Di…itta chhota prologue? I mean story ke baare mein thoda aur to bata deti aap….nhi aapko to mystery rkhni hai….bilkul mujhpe gayi hai…or i shd say main bilkul aap pe gayi hu….arey kanpur wale hote hi hai aise….anyways….naa continue krne ka sawaal hi kahaan se uthta hai? Aap ko continue krna hi padega….aur nhi kiya to??….meri iss devillish smile se hi sab kuch pata chl jata hai….aapke ghar pe raid na kar du main….hahahaha….ok ok….back to being an innocent kid….plzz continue this and waiting for the marriage epi….loved this intro??

    1. Sayeeda

      My …God …Laddoo…tum itni acchi dhamki bhi de skti ho ….mujhe pata nai tha ….dhamki di toh woh bhi itni cute si …
      Well it was a small intro…. next episode will be big….all these I have learned from u …
      Love u

  3. Jenisha

    It’s seem to be interesting…… plz update soon…. and try to update regular….

    Are you regular reader of twinj ff?? If yes then plz tell me the name of some ff which start from hate and end into love or romantic one…plzz??… I am not a regular reader of twinj ff…. that’s why I am asking you….

    1. Ria

      Hey Jenisha, read my ff it’s called IS EVERYTHING REALLY SO PERFECT AS IT SEEMS TO BE? I’ve just started it. Also, read I’M A DEVIL OF MY ANGEL. I’m sure you’ll love it.? I don’t remember any right now.

      1. Jenisha

        I am also reading that ff…

    2. Kritika14

      Hi Jenisha, i would like you to read my ff called – the enticing little incident (twinj). I am sure you won’t regret reading it 🙂

      1. Jenisha

        OK…. I will start reading today….. thank you ??..

    3. Sayeeda

      Hey ….Jenisha first of all wlcm to TEI family …I’m happy that u commented dear….
      About ur ques then I’m regular reader of twinj ff nd I also write one ff on them ….
      All ff r good to read ….nd many of them have already gave u suggestion regarding ff’s …
      Nd if u like then u can read my other ff ” I Can’t Stop Loving U”…
      Keep supporting ..

    4. Shatakshi

      Hey jenisha
      Its very difficult to suggest one…becoz there r many
      But I write one

      1. Jenisha

        OK I will read when I get time…. can you plz suggest name that is same as I am devil of my angel….

    5. Jiya_Ani

      Hey welcome Jenisha…and being a regular Twinj ff reader and irregular writer… Hehe..coming to the point …I would suggest firstly my ff-
      Our Love story- Twinj Love..
      Well apna faida hai kaun na dekhe..I have written only three parts so far..but will soon write one more..I write one more but you asked for a one which makes hatred change to Love…So here it Is..
      And many of them had already suggested you .
      Love you and Keep reading

  4. SidMin

    Sayeeda di Loved it after all its your idea (my di’s idea) 😉 so it has to be good and waiting for it pls post asap Love you 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank Sidmin…..
      I will try to post next one soon..

  5. Jiya_Ani

    Sayoooo..uffff..ek aur devilish Kunj..its too hard to imagine that..but looking forward for it…
    And must say a really very appealing Title???
    Mujhse toh Title choose hi nahi kiye jaaye..
    So eager to read more…???????????

    Ab toh bad jaldi post Karo…. Love u

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Shreyoo….
      I’m happy that u liked the tittle…

  6. osm yaar sayeeda..do continue it?

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Naira….

  7. Kritika14

    Wow sayeeda! The introduction was so good and different. Continue asap 🙂 Eagerly waiting for the next episodes.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Monica…. I will try to post next one soon

  8. Baby

    hey of course u shuld continue ll b w8ing bt ah kunj is always sidhant gupta fr me n mein mr bhi jangi toh b kbhi hate nhi kr skti usko aisee precious jgah leli hai twink sidmin ne dil mein uff jyada ho gya pr sch hai sayeeda di n yah pls continue n may i no in which class u r plssssssssss its looking very interesting as always u r

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey….thank u soo much Baby ….
      About ur ques… then I’m in BCOM 3 yrr…doing Chartered Accountancy course ..

      1. Baby

        wow di dats gr8 hp fr ur bst ca i 2 want 2 bcm a ca or an advocate

    2. Sayeeda

      Hey….thank u soo much Baby ….
      About ur ques… then I’m in BCOM 3 yrr…doing Chartered Accountancy course ….
      keep supporting..

  9. Shatakshi

    Sayeedaaa…it was really interesting
    I m looking forward to it
    Loved it?❤❤❤

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soo much Sattu..

  10. It seems nice plzz post the next part asap ♥

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Anayra….

  11. Shreya098

    seems really interesting….
    do continue

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Shreya098…

  12. Fan

    Awesome plot sayoo..plz do continue..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Fan…..
      I like the way u called my Sayoo

  13. Ria

    Sayeeda, as I said please continue.?

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Ria…

  14. Bhavika

    Yaar dii itna ~ nono itna * no no itna . chota prologue waise it seems interesting Mysterious type ka hai
    jaldi next part post karna aur ha apke ff ka bhi

    1. Sayeeda

      Yrr….Bahvoo so sorry for short one ….
      But next one will be big..
      Thanks ….dear

  15. Bhavika

    waise agar aap ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________————————itna bada bhi likhte na woh bhi itna – hi lagta but next should be long one 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. The intro was very very good……
    Plzzzzz continue it!!! With puppy eyes!!???

    1. Sayeeda

      Naina…thank u so much …
      Nd yes I will continue …

  17. Kruti

    Iss chotu se prologue ne mere dil mein halchal macha di hai…..eagerly waiting sayeeda

    1. Sayeeda

      Sorry for short one….
      Thanks dear…. I hope u all like next one also

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    seems interesting….do continue soon…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Purnima….

  19. sidhants dieharder fan (manu)

    Wow di nice intro I loved it very much I tink this ff is gona be a blockbaster pz ty to post the epi asap and waiting for the epi of ur previous ff……love your ffs and u

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww……Manu …thank u so much for liking my ff …I hope u like this also like my previous one…
      I will post next one soon.

  20. the intro was fab do ASAPbut other than devil of my angel and is everything really perfect as it seems to be are there more

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Shaki ….thanks for liking it ….
      U will find this one different from other ff that u mentioned
      As this one will be small story of few episodes…. I hope u like further story..

  21. Ridhima

    Loved the prologue……
    do continue it….
    Love u????

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Riddhi ….
      Love u too..

  22. Interesting promo post it soon waitng for it

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin lover ….
      I will post next one soon..

  23. Jisha

    Awesome promo… very chotu prologue….do continue… waiting 4 ff to start.. story line seems interesting…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Jisha di ….yes it was a ittu sa chotu sa intro ….
      I hope u like the story line…

  24. Angita

    Wow dii amazing…don’t you dare do not continue it….prolige was filled with suspense

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Angita ….yes I will not dare to so that …
      love u

  25. Seems really interesting…
    Waiting for the shots…
    Plz update it soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Priya….
      I will post next one soon..

  26. Intro seems very interesting… Plz continue… Post soon… Can’t wait for reading for first epi… Sayu plz post soooooooooooooooon…

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Sidmintwinj ….thanks for reading it ….
      I hope u like it further …

  27. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow Intersting and diff sayeeda keep writing we all will be there to support u all the best 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks for ur support …..Fatarajo…
      keep supporting

  28. Awwwwww sayeeda di koi sambhal mujhe meri ye wali sis aj kuch naya leke aaj hai intro to badi interesting lag ri hai but kha main aapko sayu di bula sakti hoon kya but bahut aacha lgta hai ki app ek regular commenter or writer ho main humesha apna ff likhte time sochti hoon ki Aap is bar kha likhoge but di amazing and advance sorry I will not be able to comment by now becoz I am attending my bro marriage in Delhi and will u convey my message and kepp the good work going love muaaaahhhhhh bye stay blessed and happy

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww…….Bulbul yrr u made me blush wid ur sweet comment….
      Thank u soooo much for liking the ff …nd I’m very happy to know that u wait for my comment…
      Yes..u can call me di ….nd I will convey ur message….

  29. Shamz

    Hey Sayeeda ,
    Amazing plot dear plz do continue….. Eagerly waiting for ur post…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Shamzooo…
      love u

  30. Amazing intro post so

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much …Zaku
      I was waiting for ur comment… I thought u didn’t like it ….
      But after seeing ur comment I’m so happy ….

  31. Shonaa...

    Its interesting Sayeeda…. eagerly waiting for d 1 episode…. post soon…. nd i wanna say dat tu bohut acha likhti h yrr…. ye to tujhe pta hi hoga…. to ese hi likhti rhna…. love u….

    1. Sayeeda

      Shona ..thank u sooo much for ur comment ..
      I write well…..umm…..but not better than u …
      love u

  32. Affaa

    Sayooo what questions you had asked should continue it or not of course you have to continue…and you do know what in night I was very eager to read your ff….but mom and started to shout go to sleep…bcoz yesterday I was very late to bcoz tei…my mom phone from me…so was not able to read…I was praying to be morning…morning I went to class…at last I got Time thank god nah…I’m already your fan….now I have crush on you…but to do I’m girl nah…insha Allah in next nah pakka walla promise I’ll be boy..okay Afllal…how is my name…wo kya hai nah after reading your new ff I’m flat on you on your thoughts..New storyline…hate to love wooooow…and sorry for being late .I’m always late nah sorry…its very interested…for head…All the very walla best…and hah all the best for your competition…okay bye get you later…love you my sweetheart…Haa I forgot sorry not reply for your comments Woo I’m phone don’t know what happened…Thank you sooo for supporting me…loving me..Thank you dea…sayoooo your only one in million…million mai ek my sayooo love you sooo much…

    1. Sayeeda

      Afffoooo…oopsss..sorry Afllaloooo……yrr seriously after reading comment I was smiling so much that my cheeks are paining ..
      Nd yah Allah my cheeks r turned to red as I was blushing so badly …
      love u ……love u …..love u millions ..trillions ……
      U know na how much u mean to my life and when u say sorry I feel hurt as I can’t see u saying it to me …so next time no sorry ….

  33. nice intro…. u should continie soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Ariya….

  34. Sry di fr commentin late… u gave a awsm strt….
    Lukin forward fr d nxt part….

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Maggi don’t say sorry dear..
      Infact I’m happy that u liked it…

  35. twinjfan (tamanna)

    awesome….ff ka naam dek kar hi lag raha tha ki ye ff bohot achha roking hone wala hai.. lekin jab isme tumhara naam dekha naa tho mai tho uchal hi padi…story line toh bohot bohot interesting hai…plz jaldi post karna

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Tamanna I’m soooooo happy t see ur comment ….
      I’m so glad that u liked it…
      Yes I will try to post next one soon

  36. Zuha Fatima

    Sayeeda Api…Such a JHAKAAS storyline, although I don’t use the word JHAKAAS but your FF! Ya Allah! It is purely AMZING! And such a silly question, CONTINUE OR NOT? Aap ke saamne hoti toh…maar hi dalti?? No..no really toh nahi marti but friendly sweet slap deti? Read your OS and loved it! (If u remember I commented as well!) I am just in love with your FF! Well never read any TEI FF except Fatarajos and Yashus but thinking to read some more, and this one is a master piece! I replied u at my post and I am quite angry on you, just check my reply ??
    And how was your speech competition?

    love you!


    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Zuha ….I remember u that u commented on my OS …” U can’t deny what’s between us …nd I complimented u that u r so pretty …

      Nd u r angry on me …..oooppsss….I did mistake ..Now if I sorry then u will become more angry so I prefer to say love u …

      Thank u soooo much for reading my ff it’s a pleasure for me that so good writer is reading my ff

      Dear ur OS acted as my lucky charm I stood first in the competition …thank u soooo..much….
      love u

  37. Ohhhh godddddddd…y is it everyone is writing new ff’s and I’m the last to know about it? Sayeeda I’m late on commenting. I’m so sorry.
    Anyway, I love the teaser you’ve given and I cnt wait to read further but wait, please don’t make kunj too bad cz lately his character has been so terrible tht I’m getting dizzy with it na.

  38. Sayeeda

    Hey RiaA ….don’t say sorry plzzz ur comment always matter for me …
    I was praying to Allah that make RiaA read my ff ….I’m soooooo happy that u read it nd liked it ..
    Don’t worry u will like kunj but in starting u will hate him ….but plzzz bear wid it…
    love u

  39. Rashiverma2199

    Sayeeda….lovely story… Dying to read it further….

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