” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..shot 7


” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj Ff……

First of all sooooooo sorry everyone for posting the ff so late… Many of u told me to post it but I didn’t posted it….
I had completed the half of this episode earlier only but the day I thought to complete it nd post it on that day a riot occurred on the way when I was back to home from my office.. And in attempt to protect myself I got hurt nd my right hand nd forehead got injured nd the stretches on them were paining badly but now I’m much better so I thought to at least post this ff… Once again sorry to u all…

Thanks everyone for commenting on my last episode …

Zain dear … First of all a salute from my side to u… Coz u didn’t used any harsh words to express urself unlike others do so but u said u point so calmly.. But dear I’m not able to judge what u wanted to say exactly.
If u were saying that I always praise my writing then I’m sorry I never did so.. U can go through all my episodes of my both ff.. But if u find so then I’m sorry.. Once again thanks for ur comments nd kind words..

Let’s start with episode…

Episode start with Twinkle standing outside Leela nd Rt room’s…

She thinks “Ma, papa.. I promise u from today u life will again turn to a happy one me, a black spot on ur respect will go far away from u both …
U both think me as a culprit… U both never trusted me.. U both told me that I’m dead for u.. U r ready for my marriage with a person whom I hate the most.. For u kunj is right nd ur own daughter is wrong….. How can u ppl not trust ur Twinkie…..
Fine instead of giving u ppl more bruises I will make sure that u both stay happy forever as I’m ur that daughter only who loves both of u so much… I’m going to die, I hope after that u both can breathe a fresh air nd don’t worry about me as I will be satisfied seeing u both happy nd I will pray to Babaji that in my next birth also I will be born as ur daughter only “…

She is crying considerably….. she touches Leela’s nd Rt’s feet nd take their blessings for one last time…. She breakdowns nd runs from their…

She reaches her room… Nd calls kunj..

Kunj receives the call…

K-” Hi! My s*xy chick ; what happened u r missing me.. Is it so? If yes then I’m coming to meet u.. U know na I’m dying to hug u nd kiss u “…

Twinkle shouts” Just shut up ; u blo*dy ass… U wanted to hug me nd kiss me but now u can’t do it… Not for now but for ur whole life… Never kunj Sarna never… Till now I tolerated ur tortures but now I won’t…. ”

K- Again u started ur creaky talks… For how many times u will say it.. I told u that forever ur life u r under my control nd u r helpless with it…. U r so stupid u r still having a false hope that some Angel will come nd save u…. Haahahaha… No one will come to save u from kunj Sarna – The beast for Twinkle Taneja ..oooopppsss Twinkle Sarna.. “..

T-” For my whole life I will be ur slave… U dumb ;when I won’t be alive then how can u do this… Keep ur happiness in ur pocket only… I will pray to Babaji that in my next birth he won’t make me with u…. Bye nd plzz what u did with me nd Chinki is unforgivable nd u will be surely punished for it very soon… May u life turn worst than hell… U know na that the person’s last wish is always heard nd full filed… “……

She cancels the call…. While kunj is tensed hearing this….

K-” Hello… Twinkle.. Hello.. Don’t take any wrong step.. Hello..
Dammmm…. She cancelled the call ; now what to do…. Is she going to commit suicide.. No I won’t let her do so… If she dies then…. I have to save her before it’s too late… Plzz save her Babaji u know I can’t live without her “…

He starts to search for her… He calls her again nd again but every time her number is out of reach….
He calls his frnd nd asked him to trace one number..

After some time his frnd calls him…

K-” Shekhar did u tracked her location.. Where is she? “…

S-” Kunj as per the info she is nearby by the lover’s point… ”

K-” lover’s point but that has a cliff… Oh shit she is their to end her life… Bye yr thanks for the help.. ”
He drives his car at high speed…


Twinkle is standing at the edge of cliff.. Her eyes r closed…. She is remembering her best moments with her parents nd Yuvi but the very next moment all the haunting scenes flashed before her eyes.. Each nd every touch of Kunj… His lusty eyes. His seductive behaviour.. His tortures..

T-” I can’t live anymore with a tag of betrayer”

She is about to jump when someone shouts “Twinkle stop…..”..

She stops nd turns back nd finds kunj’s face covered with sweat.. He is panting badly..

T-” Kunj stay away… Don’t dare to stop me ; at least let me die peacefully “…

She turns nd was about to jump but kunj holds her from falling…. Nd hugs her tightly…… The embrace is full with a fear of loosing someone u adore the most… tears were constantly flowing from King’s eye’s
.. Twinkle is baffled at his behaviour..

Tere bina jeena kya
Tere bina jeena kyun
Tujhe kaise bataun yaara
Tere bin mujhpe kya guzre
Woh zindagi hai hi nahi
Jo tujhse judaa guzre
Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mill jaun main tujhme

He breaks the hug… Twinkle hits him on his chest to leave her nd let her jump but he holds her tightly from her shoulder… Both were staring eo deeply…. Twinkle’s tears were piercing kunj’s heart…
For the very first time he cleared her tears… He is also crying seeing her in so much grief…

Kahi se bhi chalun main
Kahi se guzru main
Tujh hi se aa millu main
Zara sa sar phira hoon
Zara sa baawra hoon
Jaisa bhi hu tera hoon
Teri palkon tale
Meri saansein chale
Meri saans chale
Tere dum se
Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mill jaun main tujhme

Twinkle trys to speak but kunj stops her..

K-” Twinkle just shut up… What u were trying to do…. Have u gone mad… U were going to take ur own life … Have u every thought seeing ur dead body what would happen with me… How can u think to take my life away from me “….

Twinkle is numb seeing kunj’s reaction..

T-” Why r u saying this… What will happen to u if I die.. Till now what u did with me was worst kunj nd it’s better to die rather than to live with a inhuman person like u…. “… She is continually speaking… To stop her..

Kunj kisses her lips… Twinkle was shocked but she felt that this time the kiss is a smooth.. softer one rather than harsh one…

Tu kaagazon pe dil ke
Likha hua hai tab se
Duniya mein hu main jabse
Tu mera ho chuka hai
Dil phir bhi maangta hai
Har lamha tujhko lab se
Mera tere siva koi aur nahi
Tu na hona khafa kabhi mujhse
Dhal jaun main tujhme
Ghul jaun main tujhme
Mill jaun main tujhme

They both break their lip lock….
T-” Why do I matter to u… Answer me dammit… Why? ”

Kunj thinks…” Shit what I said to her…i can’t let her know the whole truth or else something more than worst will happen… I need to show my beast attitude to her again ”
K-” It matters to me Twinkle… U matter to me… U know that why u mean so much to me.. I had promised u to make ur life hell nd it’s juts the beginning …I can’t let u die so calmly.. First of all u have to pay for the wrong deeds u did with me…u must have heard that
“INSAAN KO USKI KARMON KI SAZA ISSI JANAM MAIN MILTI HAI…. aur tumhe toh abhi milna bhi shuru nai hui hai
( Every person has to repent for the mistake in the era he/she is born.. Nd till now ur repentance is not started)…
But still if u again think of taking this step ; so u just remember if u do so ur parents will be murdered by me… Now the ball lies in ur court.. Take ur decision.. Choice is urs”..

He leaves from their….
T-“No kunj…. The reason is not that what u told.. Today for the first time I felt innocence nd pain in ur eyes seeing me like this….
Their is something u r hiding with me… Some very crucial reason behind ur behaviour.. For the first time I’m feeling good to see u around me… Though I hate u the most but still I’m happy… I don’t know the reason right now but very soon I will reach to it……
Next Scene… Evening.. Taneja house..
Haldi nd mehendi ceremony of Twinj..

Twinkle nd kunj is covered with turmeric paste…. After some time Twinkle is seeing applying heena…
But her eyes were fixed on kunj but for the whole time kunj was ignoring her… He was not making a single eye contact with her..

While on the other side Yuvi is seeing entering the Taneja house… Nd smirking evilly…


Sorry for the long episode…
Hope u all liked the shot…..
What u all think the real reason behind kunj’s behaviour..
Is he really a beast or pretending to be it?.


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    RiaA… RiaA… RiaA… I can’t tell u how much happy I’m to see your comment after so long time.. ??

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    I’m happy that u read the precious post…
    Love u so much yrr.. ???

  2. Sorry sayu…without seeing your comment being posted down I felt bad about you for not commenting…dear try to post next episode asap and I’m missing your I can’t stop loving you ff also please try to post that soon…take care dear…

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    Woooooooooooooooooow superbbbbbbb…..
    Woooahh srsly ur gr8 wrter…..
    The way u portrait kunj I mean srsly superbbbbbbb…….
    Luv d way uh write….feeling sho sho shad fol twinki ..????
    Kunj ki mystery?????
    Still nt getting is he really a beast???
    Or juss making himself like that???
    Anyways epi ws sho sho superbbbbbbb…❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????
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    1. Sayeeda

      Zikroo first of all u r not a bad sista in fact u r the best one…
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      I checked my mail too nd I was so happy to see u reverting back to my mail… Love u…

      Just watch out the real reason behind Kunj’s behavior….
      Thank u soooooooooo much for so sweet lines… I’m blessed to have a sis like u in my life…

      Love u too dear…. Muaahhh????????????????????

  4. Affaa

    Sayooo I think yvi is villan of this story…that day he raped chinki…and poor kunj he is innocent…hahaha…I many times blushed kunj sorry kunj I’m really very sorry…and happy friendship day kunj…
    Sayooo don’t think I’m mad….before I was not but now I’m mad in your love…
    Wah wah Allah what a dialogue…
    Ok Ok I’m stopping my bakwas coming to episode…
    Speechless….yaar I don’t know how to appreciate you…outstanding, marvellous, fantastic, fabulous, spectacular, amazing, awesome….
    Only you can write like this…only you can explain…The way you described kunj’s feeling…I was able to his pain….hats off to you…as usual you Neil ed it….

    My late bcz of o’s ff…and bzy was in comments…

    Sayooo I love you so much…before I use to think…many people falls in love by social media…I was surprising…without seeing them without know…without understanding them how they can fall in love…
    But you made me understand…its connection of hearts…I never known my fate is very lucky that your in my fate…
    Today your comment..made me speechless…
    Love you more anything…

    1. Sayeeda

      Afoooo u know na ur comment r the most important for me….
      What place u owe in my life is not even expressed in words…. Though I tried to express it but I failed to do so…

      I’m so happy that a great writer like u nd a person who is my inspiration is complimenting me…..
      About ur guess… Let’s see what’s the real reason behind all this…..
      Love u… Nd ur OS literally made me cried hard… Still I was thinking of ur OS only…. ?????????????????????????

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