” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..shot 9


” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff”…….

Guy’s today I won’t say anything coz ur love towards me nd my ff said everything to me on my last episode….
Yes I was disturbed nd decided to stay away from TU but u all made me realised that if I do so that would be an injustice towards ur love that u ppl shower on me… Nd if I do so then I would be declared as a loser which I’m not…. How can I be termed as loser when I have so supportive ppl like u all in my life..
Thanks for supporting me nd making me understand what is right nd helping me out to take a firm decision….

Special thanks to…..
Chiku ; Sparkle ; Savi Singh ; Angita ; Sujina ; Ria ; Monica ; Chandra ; Franciee ; Alizoo ; Aaru ; Joonakanksha ; Sameera ; Sidhanshi ; Rashi ; Priya ; Kruti ; Jisha Di ; Sidvee ; Bhumika ; Shreya; Krystal ( u don’t dare to call u as I not a good writer… U r amazing one…. Moreover u r a very good person.. I really respect u..)..
Aishwarya ; Tamanna ; Romu ; Laddoo ; Zuhoo ; Shreyoo ; Dolly ; Shikha ; Srija ; Sattu ; Sidmin ; Baby ; RiaA MendezZ ; Zikroo ; Aamu ; Purnima ;Thanmy ; Twinjsidmin ; kinjal ; Simmy ; Isha ; Sona ( see I’m back.. Sorry for making u all sad nd u don’t cry)..

Now one of my silent reader u made me realised that their r many reader’s who wait for my ff… Simmi Pillay thanks for commenting dear.. Though u were commenting for the very first time but u really made me so happy that I can’t even tell u… U said sorry if any of ur words hurts me but no ur every word means a lot to me.. U said u won’t be commenting again it’s ok as now I know that ur silence is their to support me..

In fact I’m sorry for making u all so emotional… Sorry…

Let’s start with the episode…

Twinj room….. Kunj is alone in the house as Twinkle went to visit Chinki…

Kunj is lost in his thoughts…. He remembers all the torments…. The torture he did with Twinkle…..Inspite of the protest of Twinkle ; how he kissed her…. He touched her…..
All the past deeds of him were revolving in his mind…. His soul is revolting nd making him feel like a betrayer…. A butcher who butchered the happiness ; dreams ;of Twinkle… Like a murderer who killed the her soul ; who harassed her soul ; her body daily……

He starts to cry hard…
K-” What I did with her…. How ; how can I crouch ; demean myself to such an extreme extent that now I hate to look at my blo*dy; gaping face of mine.. …To protect someone’s life I played with Twinkle’s feelings… My hands r smeared with the blood of her cute smile … She is such a pure soul but I made her impure but still she forgived me…. She believes that I have some reason behind my seductive beast behaviour… Though she is right but I can’t let her know the reason behind it or else I won’t be able to correct the things soon…. I can’t risk to endanger life of so many ppl moreover I can’t risk to lose my love…..MY TWINKLE. … I’m so helpless that I want to tell her the truth but I can’t….
But I promise very soon I will make every thing sorted… I will make her free from the clutches of devil like me; so that she can live her life like a carefree bird….”…

His body is shivering with the thought to let Twinkle move far away from his life…

Jab jab tere paas main aaya, Ik sukoon mila
Jise main tha bhoolta aaya, Wo wajood mila
Jab aaye mausam gham ke, Tujhe yaad kiya
Jab sehme tanhapan se, Tujhe yaad kiya

(Whenever I came near you, I got a peace,
The one I had kept forgetting, I got that existence
When the weather of sorrow came, I remembered you,
When I was scared with loneliness, I remembered you)

Dil.. Sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil.. yahin ruk jaa zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Aisa kyunkar hua janoon naa
Main janoon naa

(O heart, be steady,
You’re going to fall in love again,
O heart, stop here itself,
You’re going to fall in love again,
How it has happened, don’t know,
I don’t know..)….

He kneels down nd cry bitterly….
K-” Noo…. No… I can’t live without her…. How I will see her going far away from me… No… But for my selfish reason I can’t play more with her emotions… Till now I did worst to her… Please Babaji give me strength so that I can let her go away from me… Don’t make me weak this time… “…

He stamps his hand’s on floor….

K-” With these hands only I touched her……why that situation occurred me in my life that turned me to a beast… U know na Babaji I didn’t did all that purposely ; I was stucked in inescapable path….. First time when I saw her playing in the ground with the children’s since that time only I fell in love with her…. In my rarest dream I never thought that I will seduce her ; that I will make myself changed to an animal…. I can’t let her suffer more…. “…..

Kuch bhi nahi Jab darmayaan
Phir kyun hai dil, tere hi khwaab bunta
Chaaha ki de, tujhko bhula
Par yeh bhi mumkin ho na sakaa..
Kya hai yeh maamla, Janun na
Main janoon naa

(When there is nothing in between
then why does the heart knit your dreams only,
I tried for it to forget you,
but even that couldn’t be possible..
What is this matter, don’t know
I don’t know…)….


Chinki is still in coma…..
Twinkle is sitting beside her nd caressing her forehead….

T-” Chinki I know u won’t be able to reply me but u can sense the happiness…. Beguile….buoyant nd many more emotional turmoil in ur Bestie’s life…. Chinki jaan now a days I’m like a cock – a – hoop in Kunj’s love….
Yes u heard right it’s Kunj’s love only… I know that u r happy for me as u r the only one who knows the truth of his innocence… U r the one who will prove him right in front of society’s eye… I’m dam sure that he didn’t raped u in fact he was their to save u…
Plz get recover soon…. Make my kunj free from the guilt he is suffering with… Every day I see him suffering.. I see him killing himself deep inside his heart…. Through his attitude he wants me to believe that he is a beast but I know he was not a beast then also nd not now also…. But the way he cares for me… The way his eye’s look at me depicts the love he has for me..
Inspite of we being married ; we r still waiting for the right day to come so that we can complete our relation ; to start a fresh with our lives….Though we both r staying under one roof but only as a stranger’s… Neither he try to come close to me nor allow me to get close to him…But very soon the distance between us will be lessened… I’m eager to become Mrs Sarna in all aspects…

Now I’m going Chinki as kunj will soon be back from office… Bye.. Get well soon.. “…


Kunj is drinking alcohol continually…. Tears were rolling down on his cheeks…. He is remembering how he fell for Twinkle in the very sight….


Kunj is waiting for the arrival of his friend.. When his eyes gasped on a girl playing at the park with the children’s….

Kunj is lost in the beauty for that girl..

She has a sculpted figure which is twine-thin. Her waist is tapered and she has a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blows gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at over her puffy, heart shaped lips. She has a bouncy personality and a sugary voice, which kunj adored. Not content to be just another drone, she is wearing vibrant clothes.
Her some parts of forehead… Cheeks were stained with mud…

One child shouts… ” Twinkle Di… See Sonia is not allowing me to put mud on her cheeks…”..

Kunj is still lost in her innocence…” Her name is as adorable as she herself is… Twinkle… The prettiest girl I ever seen in my life… “…. He is blabbering while his friend comes nd disturbs him…. Nd takes kunj with him….


He is still crying but their is a cute smile on his face thinking about the first glance of her..

He gets up with a lot of difficulty as he is under influence of alcohol… He clears his tears…
K-” Stop crying… U have to do it ; u can’t get weak today… Whatever will written in ur fate will happen with u… “…

On the other side Twinkle is getting tensed..

T-” Where the hell is kunj… Can’t he see the time it’s 12 nd still he is not back; moreover he is not receiving my call.. Hope he is fine.. “….

After sometimes door bell rings… Twinkle opens the door.. As soon as she opens the door kunj stumbles while Twinkle holds him..

T-” Kunj u r drunk… Nd the too so much… U know that I hate alcohol instead of that also u had it… See ur condition ; u r not able to walk properly… “…

He handles one paper to her…

K-” Very soon u will not get bear all this again…. “…

Twinkle looks at the papers nd is shocked…
Tears form in her eye’s..

T-” Kunj what’s this.. DIVORCE PAPER…. “..



PRECAP – Twinj confrontation…. Nd finally… Finally…. Finally…..”..

Think what it can be…..

Sorry to ff writer’s as I didn’t commented on their ff……

If u all have forgiven me so do tell me… So that I can post next one tmrw only..


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  1. Shatakshi

    Hey Sayu
    I m so sorry for being late
    Hope u understand this life sucks??
    But how can I miss ur ff
    N the episode was damn good
    N divorce??…??
    Aasa mat karo mere twinj ke saath…
    But I know u will be the best in whatever u do
    Love u??❤❤

  2. Angita

    I know I’m damn late but forgive me…pls pls…I had not net connection for 2 days yaar
    Episode was marvelous….. Fantabalous

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