” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..shot 6

“Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!……..


Twinkle was shocked to realize it was kunj who was present with her in room …..nd he was the one who again got so close to her …

Leela moves toward Twinkle nd slapped her hard …

L-” I feel guilty to call u as my daughter ….why u came in this world ; u must died in my womb only….u don’t deserve to be called my daughter …U were our pride but what u did …u maligned our respect …
At least before doing this cheap act u must have thought of us …the ethics we taught u …but u didn’t even cared of us …not only us but Yuvi ….He loves u so much …just look at his face nd see his condition ….”

Tears were constantly gushing from Yuvi’s eyes ….he was staring at Twinkle with blank expression ….

T-” Maa…listen to me …I didn’t knew that kunj is with me in the room ..I thought it was Yuvi nd when I came in the room it was dark all over….” She was about to speak when Leela again slapped her ….

L-” U think we r blind …we all have seen u doing ….yakk…I can’t even tell what u were doing …what will happen when society will come to know about ur character …they all will blame our upbringing …u cursed our upbringing Twinkle …u r dead for us ….our Twinkie is dead nd the person is standing in front of us is a cheap girl whom we don’t have any relation …”

T-” Maa…papa ..Yuvi plzzz believe me ; I’m innocent …it was his planning to make u all against me ….”

She moves towards Yuvi nd holds his hand …
T-” Yuvi I know u believe me ….tell Maa nd papa that u called me here as we both want to clear misunderstanding between us ..”

Yuvi jerks her hand nd pushes her forcefully …she was about to fall but kunj holds her from falling …

K-” My s*xy baby ; r u fine …”….

Y-” See Leela aunty in front of u also she is romancing with her lover ….she don’t have shame …Nd then she is telling us to believe on her ….How can we trust u Twinkle …yes I called u here but then I got Kunj’s call …

K-” Yuvi r u going to meet Twinkle to XYZ hotel at 8 PM today ?”

Y-” Yes…I’m going to meet her but how do u know about this ?”

K-” U r so maniac in her love that u didn’t even realize that she is cheating on u …She called me nd told me about ur meeting ..She told me to come at the hotel so that we both can finish ur game today ; as u r the big obstacle in our relationship nd till the time u r alive we will not be able to get married as her parents won’t accept our relation nd if u r not their then we can make love as a free birds …
But I thought that u r good human being nd I don’t want u to get die so soon so I called u to this planning of her ….”

Y-” I don’t believe u …but still if u say I will make my doubt sure today …”


Y-” This is ur true face …I feel to kill myself that I loved u …how can I love a girl who is such a big cheater…..who was planning to kill me ..At first instance I was not believing kunj but now I realized he was speaking truth all the time long “…..

Twinkle was crying inconsolably ….

T-” Yuvi he is saying lie …I had never called him …nd his every word is wrong ….”

She heads towards kunj nd holds his collar

T-” Kunj I beg u plz tell everyone that u r playing game wid me …u r telling lie …tell them u r doing this to take revenge from me ..don’t do this to me …I can’t live without Yuvi nd maa ; papa ….”…

But kunj remained silent. . .he smirks …

Y-” Just shut up ….u blo*dy whore …no more words from u …..go to hell I will never make such a cheap girl as my life partner ; not even me but no one in the world will accept a girl like u …”

Twinkle was shattered hearing his words…she was not able to believe that Yuvi called him with such name ….while kunj eye’s were red in anger …he closes his fist …

He punches Yuvi’s face hard ….
Kunj screams at top of his voice ….
” How dare u to call her that ….how dare u haan ….what wrong she is doing just tell me ; when u don’t even know everything then don’t dare to open ur blo*dy mouth ….She is my Twinkle nd I don’t want to hear such words for her …..I will kill every person who badmouths about her….don’t compel to open my mouth or else u know what will happen nd what u said no one will marry her but u forgot someone is always their on her side nd that’s me ..I will marry her …she will be called as Twinkle kunj Sarna….did u understand that …”

Twinkle was boggled to see new side of kunj …till now he always tortured her but for the first time he is caring for her ….she unknowingly feels good seeing his love for her….but the thought of getting married to him made her shiver …..

Yuvi leaves from the room without uttering a single word …

L-” Yes ….u only marry with such girl ….as u both r the same side of coins nd she also wanted to get married with u …just of that she stooped so low ..
Though she didn’t thought for once about us before taking such drastic step but at the end we gave birth to her so we will get her married to u but after that we all will no relation with her ….u both can enjoy ur life to the fullest we will never interfere in ur life..get married as soon as possible as we want her to leave us soon …we can’t tolerate her for a single second …”…

Leela nd Rt leaves the room ….while kunj looks at Twinkle in despair …

K-” Twinkle get ready ; we both r going to get married day after tmrw ….”
He was about to leave when Twinkle holds his hand …

T-” Kunj ….now u r happy …what ever u wanted to do with me u did it ; ur revenge is fulfilled…. I request u to leave me alone ….”

K-” Not so easily ….I told u that u will have to suffer life long for the mistake u did nd the real fun will begin when we will get married..”

T-“When u took my side against Yuvi’s words for once I thought u r changed …u genuinely cares for me …love me but I forgot that the beast inside u is still alive ; it will never make u to turn good ….u r still a demon …”

Kunj laughs …”U thought that I love u …ohh plzzz I hate u to the core …I can never love u nd what I did was just to make ur parents believe that I care for u …I’m right nd u r wrong…u know I wanted to make myself good nd u bad ….” …..

T-” I have never met so heartless person in my life like u r …till now u did very bad with me but not now ; I won’t marry u ….”

K-” U will marry me …just see how I will make u do this …u r under my control now …” ..



Hello everyone ….
How was the shot ? …
Did u all liked the new side of kunj .?
What u all think ; why kunj is doing so ?
Did u all find his behavior sometimes wired nd confusing too?

Guys only some shots are left for this ff to end …hope u all liked the story till now ..


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  1. Sayu maate…aapke charan kahan hai…oops aapke charan toh Rama Devi mein hai…abb wahan tak to jaa nhi skti…driver nhi aa rha hai…toh aap ek emoticon hi bhej dijiye charano ka…hum usi ko chhoo lenge…
    I mean iss episode ke liye no words at all…kuch bhi bolu kam hai…ye hai kya cheez? Hadd hoti hai achha likhne ki bhi…m really proud to have a sister like u…pehe FF mein bohoot lamba comment kr diya tha…isiliye isme chhoti sa…love u Chayu di…chee phil che chuchla lahi hu?…ok ok luv u??

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Sayoooooooooo Api ???? I am out of words to praise you…This FF is beyond imagination ? Thumbs up to you ??? Keep going like tthis only!
    Stay blessed…Keep smiling…Keep writing!
    LOVE U❤❤❤

  3. Ria

    I don’t know but, everything for me just turns out to the point that Yuvi is the real villain. I’m really excited to know.
    Anyways, the shot was amazing. Loved it. Please post soon.
    Loads of love?

  4. wow amazing epi…..kunj too cares for twinkle it actually looked genuine and not a lie…..waiting to know what he really is upto

  5. Sayuuuu….. Need answers….
    1. Do UV really loves twinkle?
    2. Is Kunj really a demon or just having a phase?
    Overall uh nailed the beast in Kunj and our poor twinkle hwww she is so bichari…
    Loved the epi… Waiting for many tortures ahead???

  6. Kruti

    Superb sayeeda…….it was awesome
    Bechari twinkle feeling bad for her ……..just can’t wait to read d nxt part……post soon

  7. Bulbul23

    Main kaya bolun ……………
    I am speechless di and a big wala sooooorrrryyyy for not commenting on ur previous epi as their was server problem but today’s episode was a kind of relief to find that kunj is changing but still I think that he has not raped her he is just acting don’t know y I am feeling this and di

    I love u bye muahhhh

  8. Oh goddd sayeeda…. for god sake.. plzzz… dont kill me… plzzzz… i beg u…. plzzz…. if u will kill me.. I wld die… plzzz dont do dis.. for god sake dont do dis…
    ur episodes r killer.. damn it..!!! Dey r gonna kill me sme day..
    got scared??? Hahahahahaha??????????????????…
    just kidding.. dear sissy.. m speechless.. so i thought of prakning… hahahahahahaha..????????

  9. Meeta

    Humko pyaar ho gaya h tumse.
    Kya likhe ho aap,
    I just loved it.

  10. Kritika14

    OMG! i am so confused on kunj’s action. doesn’t seems like he did that for his benefit … looking forward to this story … continue soon x loveee youuu ?

  11. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….episode was amazing…..

  12. Jisha

    Wow… fantastic… bechari Twinkle… Kunj’s behavior of course is weird, but that’s what makes the story interesting… loved it…

    1. Wow Sayeeda never ever expected this from u
      u act like jisha,fan and praise your own episodes what nice things u do I never ever expected u to cheat us and praising ur episodes everyday and saying such nice words to yourself????????????????????????????????????

      1. What do u mean by act like Jisha? And when did Satu di cheat us? This is not Sayu di commenting, this is Jisha di only, writer of FF, Tashan vs Love.
        If u don’t believe go and check in Jisha di’s comment box. Please stop bashing my Sayu di. After that Bhavika incident, she’s really depressed. But, on the other hand, m happy that u didn’t use wrong words.

      2. Jisha

        Sorry to reply late…I saw this message today only…I am not Sayeeda..I m Jisha (Tashan vs love) writer…I don’t know how u misunderstood me to be Sayeeda…

      3. If you see the logo she has done this many times and I’m just telling you jisha or Sayeeda who ever is doing it to stop becuz this isn’t the first time she acts like Jisha,Chehak and what not I’m not bashing you but please stop doing it

  13. Sayuuuuuuuu diduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..
    Hame na kuch samaj nai ara yaar!!!!!
    Kya likhu mai!!!?????
    Kyu karte ho aisa??ha..!!!
    Kyu bolo bolo…..
    Y uh always left me so speechless yaar…..
    Hume apke ff se pyaar kitna yeh hum nahi jaante….
    Magar jee nahi sakte ff k bina!!!!!
    Ik that was damn bad…?????????
    Kya karu speechless huna…???
    So uh cn understand my situation hehehhe….??????
    Ok nw commin to d epi…..
    It ws fab…????
    Even for a sec I thought ki kunj sarna changed….
    Ok it’s nt a joke…
    Bt still it’s gud….
    Do cont asap pleaashhhhhhhh…….
    Luv uh to d moon n back.,.❤❤❤?????????
    Luv ur ff to d core….???????
    Keep smiling…?????
    Keep writing…..
    Ur zikroo….luvs uh always….
    Lub uh sista..❤❤❤

  14. Shatakshi

    Aww sayu
    Aap ne mera dil churaliya h
    Feeling sad for twinkle n UV
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

  15. OMG this story is just soooo good
    I m loving this suspense of Kunj’s behavior
    but poor Twinkle have to bear a lot this is really too much for a girl to handle 🙁
    Now m so eager to know why Kunj is doing all this
    I want a very big reason behind it as Kunj is doing so many cheap things
    and when he stood against Yuvi for Twinkle I really thought he feels for her but alas everything is his plan
    please continue it as soon as possible

  16. Angita

    So sorry late comment
    But today’s episode was so emotional
    That’s why I’m falling for your ff more day by day
    This your killing weopan dii seriously
    Of course you know that today’s episode was

  17. ??????????????
    Thoda aur long hu ta epi???
    Amazing epi
    Post soooooooooooooooon plz plz plz

  18. Romaisha

    Of course we’re enjoying the story!!! So manyy damnn mysteries yaar … But kunj’s plan is clever …. Hmmm lets see hw she’ll marry him…. Gosh sayu di you’re full with surprises yaar…plzz post your next episode ASAP!! Love u..

  19. Sameera

    Awww sayu awesome
    Just loved it yaar
    Sorry for late commenting
    Feeling bad for Twi
    Do cont asap

  20. Baby

    omg sayeeda di luvd it very mch d new side of kunj of course we no he is nt a beast he cnt b lyk dt i luvd it di as always as i luv u utna hi yeh ff bhi post nxt asap

  21. Jas and sid lover

    Not fair…so many suspense…can’t stop myself from reading it…one side u r showing kunj as the most adorable lover in your another ff and here kunj as most cruel person..one person showing two different extreme shades of the same character so intensely and beautifully..unbelievable…amazing ….splendid….always keep writing…lots of love ???☺

  22. are yaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr tum aisa kyu karti ho
    nai nai aaj batao tum
    y did u do dis
    u evrytime make me speechlesss
    everytime d words i hav was less dan u should get
    so as i m speechless i will not talk much yahi cmnt se chala lo
    chahiye kya?
    wat kya?
    ur shot ki taarif?
    so yehi lelo
    it was just out of universe (i can say as sachchi me to universe me hi hai………lol)
    it was…was…just wonderful mindblowing,amazing

  23. Shreya098

    Too good ……really amazing
    Its getting more and more interesting…. Loving it?????

  24. Amazing episode Sayoooooooo……..
    I just loved it…. The way Kunj stood up for Twice though he was against her was amazing…. I don’t know I am right or not but my instinct says that whatever happen with Chinki was done by UV and Kunj somewhere is helping Twinkle and taking revenge from UV….don’t know but it’s just my sixth sense is telling me hahaha….but the episode was just outstanding….. I hope it gets published on ur post….

  25. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..loved kunj taking twinkle’s side. …..

  26. Affaa

    Looo my jaan…I can’t when this suspense will break….I loved new side of kunj…I hope very soon everything will be fine…and sayoo I think kunj loves twinkle…
    Sayoo while reading your ff…I feel as I’m watching you it…not reading…How you’re doing this…sayoo if I born ten times I can’t be like you…really your my lucky charmm…sayoo I can’t explain what I’m feeling now…
    You Neil it…A tight hug for you…

    With lots of love

  27. dreamer..arundhati

    Osum…superb sayu di

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