” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..shot 3

” Caught In Love Embrace Of Wild Beast – Twinj ff !”…

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Let’s continue with next shot…

Twinkle was walking on road barefooted..her right feet was bleeding due to the stone pricked in but she was not aware of that pain coz the pain she is suffering from harassment is making her soul cry …she didn’t know what to do next …all that happened with her was like a nightmare for her ….a bad dream which she want to erase from her memory but she failed to do so coz the scars given to her by kunj is not be healed by any treatment…

She reaches her house …no one was their in her home as her parents went out of city for her cousins wedding ….
She move’s to bathroom …nd opens the shower nd stands under it nd remembers what kunj did with her ….how he touched her ….how he forcefully kissed her ….Kunj’s dirty talks were haunting her …

She keeps her hands on her ears to resist to hear his words but it was not possible for her to do so …
She rubs her hands …her lips …her face …her stomach to remove Kunj’s presence from them …
She kneeled down nd cried bitterly ..

T-” Why ….why did this all happened to me …if Ma papa come to know about then what will happen ?….
Yuvi….if he comes to know then he will break the marriage …I can’t live without him…he is my life …I love him so much nd I know he also loves me ..he promised me to stand by my side to support me in any hardships he will understand that I’m not wrong …He will surely trust me nd accept me …
But Mr kunj Sarna I won’t spare u so easily ….the way I made u to suffer last time …this time also u will have to pay for ur deeds …u will regret doing this cheap act to me ..I’m not weak who runs away from situation ..”


Twinkle reaches police station ….
She was about to enter it to lodge a complaint against kunj but her mobile rings ..
She receives the call …

T-” Hello ! who’s this ?” ..

Man on the other side of phone replies ” Hi ! my s*xy doll …u forgot ur lover so easily …I was thinking that u must be remembering me nd the time we spent last night ” …

Twinkle was shocked to hear that …her hands start to shake …sweat nd frown lines appeared on her forehead…

T -” U…uuuu…kkk..uuunn…jjj” ..she stammers.

K-” Yes…ur kunj …..it’s good that u remember me as I will never let u forget me …I will follow u as ur shadow ….”

T-” Why u called me …still u r not satisfied with what u did wid me …u cheapo…..just get ready very soon u will be imprisoned ” ..

K-” Just shut up …..u will make me get imprisoned ..hhaahhaa….u can’t do that …as I won’t allow u to do it ..”..

T-” Yes ..I will do it nd u won’t be able to stop me “..
K-” Yes ….I will stop u or to say better I had already stopped u …”

T-” Say clearly what u want to say as I’m least interested in wasting my time talking wid u ”

K-” If u dare to file a complain against me then I will kill ur parents ….U know right now they r enjoying marriage nd still u want to do it then get ready to see ur parents murdered ..nd now u will ask me how will I kill them when I’m here ;
So listen my men’s are keeping their eye’s on ur parents nd just one order by my side they will fire the bullets on the chest of ur parents …u want them to reach heaven soon …if yes then go ahead …
Here u go inside police station nd their ur parents will say good bye to the world “..

Twinkle’s face turned pale …tears start to flow ..

T-” No kunj u will not do this …plzzz don’t harm my parents ….u did all that u wanted to do with me ..
Ur enmity is with me don’t make my parents come in between ….plzzz don’t do anything ..I beg u ..I won’t go against u but stop ur men’s”..

K-” Awww…..my darling is begging me ..how would I reject ur request …ok I won’t harm them ..u r so special for me nd I ignore ur first wish u asked to me …
But in return u have to do something for me ..”

T-” What u want me to do for u …I beg u leave me alone …”..

Kunj laughs …” Leave u alone ….never ..I came in ur life to make it hell not to leave u so easily …just tell me r u ready to hear my conditon or u want ur parents …”

T-” No …no …I’m ready to do whatever u say ”

K-” That’s like my Chick …
Turn around nd u will find one white car standing over their …come nd sit in the car ”

She turns around nd proceeds towards car …she finds kunj inside the car …

He smiles devilishly seeing her ….nd eye’s her lustily from top to bottom ….
He actions her to come nd sit on car ..

K-” U look more hot from before …still ur hangover of last night is not over …” …

T-” Just keep ur cheapie talks away from me …u know why I’m here with u ..I’m helpless now if I won’t them I would have show u ur position …”.

K-” keep bashing me …as ur harsh words make me feel so happy …”..

He speeds up the car ….

T-” Where r we going ..?”
K-” To my farmhouse ..”

T-” Farmhouse …but why ….plzzz don’t think of doing anything wrong again ..”..

K-” Chill babes I won’t do anything ..I just want to show ur real place in my life …I told u earlier that I won’t leave u so easily ..”

They both reaches the farmhouse …
K-” Come my darling….I hope u feel comfortable here ” …he smirks while Twinkle feels tensed ….

Twinkle was about to sit when kunj said ..
” Don’t sit ; go nd make drink from me “..

T-“No kunj I will not make it ..I hate ppl drinking alcohol ” …

K-” Whether u like it or not then also u have to prepare it or else u know ..”

She moves nd after sometime she came back with the alcohol glass …

Kunj drinks it ….he holds her nd make her sit on his lap …

T-” Kunj leave me …u said that u won’t do anything but still u r forcing u on me ..”

K-“Yes I promised u but I can’t control myself …sorry …” ..

He holds her hands firmly nd moves towards her lips …Twinkle was trying to stop him but her efforts gone in vain ..

He was about to kiss her when suddenly the door of the house opens ..
A man shouts ..” STOOOOOOPP IT …” ..


PRECAP – Kunj’s nd Twinkle’s past ….why kunj hate her …

Guy’s I know u all have many questions In ur mind regarding the story ….u will get ur answers soon …till then think who is the person shouting …what can be Twinj story

Nd those who read my ff ” I can’t stop loving u ” ..I have already posted my ff marriage special episode ..those u haven’t read it do read it ..I will be looking forward for the comment…..here’s the link..


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  1. Love it was awesome

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Queen….

  2. I meant to type loved it it was awesome

  3. Speechless.
    Lost somewhere.
    Imabining something unknown.
    God knows where she is.
    Wondering when and how did God make the writer of this ff.
    This is my condition right now. Hahaha…..loved it di….and love u too??????

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww……meri Laddoo ….such a wonderful …amazing lines for me…I’m so blessed to get such appreciation from u ….
      Thank u soooo much …
      love u …

  4. Sameera

    Aww nice epi kunj behavior???becahri twinki

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sam…

  5. Joonakanksha

    Awesome yr

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Joonakanksha…

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….loved it……eagerly waiting for next part….& the person may be yuvi ya fr twinkle’s parents…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Purnima …
      About ur guess …let’s see what it can be …

  7. Jisha

    Wow… awesome episode…kunj is so cruel yaar. Gussa aa reha hai kunj pe..I think it’s yuvi…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soo much Jisha di ….

  8. SidMin

    WOW !!Sayeeda di Loved it Kunj’s and Twinkle’s past waiting for it please post the next part soon Love you 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin ….
      U will get to read next one soon..

  9. Affaa

    Please please save twinkle from that idiot…how can he treat one girl like this..
    Sayooo to say to appreciate you….only you can do this….only you can rock like this…your thoughts your ideas the way you write…
    Speechless..no words…
    Wonderful…fantastic yaar…I’m bless to be your friend…
    I have many more to say but I don’t know how explain really….
    With lots of love..

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey my Afflalooo ….ur comments always makes me speechless to thank u ..
      I’m so blessed to have a frnd cum sis like u …
      love u

  10. Sriya

    Awesome fantastic di keep it up love u loads di xx and read your another ff too it is fantabulous amazing xx

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sriya ….I’m happy that u liked it…

      1. Sriya

        di my ffs next episode are posted it is in 1st page

  11. Kritika14

    Eagerly waiting to know what happened that makes kunj hates twinkle ….. post soon 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Monica ….
      Will try to post next one soon …

  12. Wow yaar….waiting to know kunj and twinkle’s past

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidhsntfan…..

  13. sayeddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….it was amazing u know i was sleeping wen my alarm wake me coz of my shararati bro he had put alarm at 11 pm (yaya i know too early i was sleeping but pataa hai my head was paining like hell) n coz of my bro i woke in a jerk n as he is small n my pyaara eklotaa bhai i cant scold or beat him so thought to open tu n tune to meri neend hi uradi yaar bas ab dusra jldi post krdo i willl b waiting
    aaj boht lambi cmnt ho gayi
    so in dat case to epi kee wajah se itna to banta hai bosssss
    n u know u r
    (Tthoda bakwas tha or thoda copy tha but kya karu i m a big salllu ki fan yahi hota hai mere dimag me)
    chalo bye
    or haa epi post karna bhoolna mat ya i know i will not read tommo but day after tommorow ko to read krungi hi naa
    ab final bye babs
    take care

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Aamu ..same pinch dear as I myself is a big fan of Sallu……
      Thanks to ur bro that he made u to wake up or else I would have lost such bful comment ….
      The words nd line’s u wrote for me made me so happy …TU ki jaann…Ya Allah best comment I got till date …
      Thank u soooooo much …love u

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sayeeda….it was exciting….

  15. Baby

    wow sayeeda di luvd it bt link nhi mil rhi mariage vale episode ki osm tha yeh n w8ing 2 no sidmins past n i thnk d man is mayb uvraj bt y he he cnt b d hero of d stry

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Baby …
      Ummm about ur ques nd guess u will get answer to it very soon..

  16. Ria

    Sayeeda, it was amazing.. I really loved it. Please post soon.?
    Loads of love.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Ria ..
      love u too

  17. Jas and sid lover

    I don’t know how u always manage to keep readers hooked up with ur suspense….
    Just wanted to say that I loved ur writing, ur beautiful thoughts and I think this all makes u an amazing person….fabulous story…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Jas nd Sid lover …
      Ur comments r always so special …
      I’m so glad that u liked it …
      Once again thanks for ur lovely words

  18. Romaisha

    Sayu!! Amazing and mind blowing episode yaar!! But why u always leaving us in suspense?? Haa? Anyway its more exciting that way ✌✌???? plzz post ASAP i can’t wait to read why kunj hates her so much !! … Love u dii
    byee ..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Romu ….
      Ur comments always make me feel so happy ..
      love u

  19. Awesome epi..ohhhhhhhhhh kunj??
    I wanted say lots more but I’m running late.
    Update soon.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks RiaA…..

  20. Zuha Fatima

    I am awestruck after reading!AMZINGLY AMAZING?? I am loving this FF, only because of Kunj (Hehehe??)And I guess the shooter is UV! Well still not sure?? This chappy was Stupendous!??Keep it up?? And your Zuhu (I seriously love this name??) will always support u 🙂 I also read ur other FF and commented? Well keep rocking this FF! Stay Blessed! Take Care!

    Love u!


  21. Shatakshi

    Omg Sayeedaaaaa
    I was really very painful
    N please post next episode soon
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sattu …though u r so busy but still u commented..
      love u

  22. Angita

    I’m very excited yo know who’s the man??

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Angita..

  23. Amazyn….awsm….

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Maggi

  24. Ab kya kahe didu…????
    Batao batao???
    Nahi toh bata hi do…???????
    Meko toh jaan na hai…..
    Aj hogi aar ya past..???????
    Ok don’t b sho srs…
    Sho sho shorry haan ..???
    Satane ke liye..,..
    Bt kya karu mai..???
    Jab bhi ap ka ff padti hu na….
    Toh m speechless hojati hu yaar…..
    Ab aisa karoge toh hum comment me kya likhenge????
    Han batao.???
    Superbbbbbbb se bhi duper excited hu…..???????
    Nxt epi k lie….
    Nw meli jaan. …..
    Bas do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Zikroo …
      Ur comment …kya bolu Kuch bacha nai hai bolne ke liye sab Kuch keh chuki hoon main ….
      Itna acha comments kaise likh leti hai yrr tu ….
      love u soooooo much ….

  25. Arre yaar sayeeda… wat to say.. tell na wat to say… m speechless… tu aisa hi likhti h k kisi k paas bolne k liye kuch nhi hota… u r suppeerrrrrr se bhi upaarrrrrr wali writer….. desperately waiting for the nxt part…

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Aliza thank u soooooo much for ur appreciation …
      Aliza if I’m not wrong then u r the author of ff ” Tashan nd Twist ” ..
      If yes then plzzz post it soon..
      love u

  26. Sayeeda

    Thanks Rashi…

  27. Sayeeda

    Hey my Zuhoo …I’m glad that u loved the episode nd ur name also .
    Thank u soooooo much for so much of love ..
    If u don’t mind then can u tell me from where do u belong ?
    love u too

    1. Zuha Fatima

      I am from Pakistan. And what is this re? Friendship and Formalities? Not fair??? I am not talking to u??
      Ur angry wali Zuhoo??

      1. Sayeeda

        Accha Zuhoo …next time se pakka nai hoga ..
        Woooww u live in Pakistan …amazing ..my many relatives reside over their nd when I will come over their I will surely meet u ..

      2. Zuha Fatima

        Well it will be a pleasure meeting u Sayooo Api!

        Lots and Lots of Love


  28. Jiya_Ani

    I din..no not din I never expected this FROM YOU!!!???

    Had kar di Aapne!!
    Sacchi..Itna meri Shreyoo meri Shreyoo ke baad…
    Do pal main paraya kar diya!!!?..???????
    Oh God..Yehi din dekhne ke liye Maine Sayoo ka ff padhna start kiya tha??
    Kitni ..
    Kitni baat kaha hai..mujhe SORRY mat bola Karo..but aap..

    Bad bohot hua…
    I am not gonna talk to you…Katti!!??

  29. Jiya_Ani

    Uff..I am getting Out of control now…
    Sayoo oooo oooo oooo …Kya ..kya epi tha..
    Toooooo gud yaar…ekdum Rapchik???

    .Han haan You must be thinking that Maine kaha tha I won’t talk to you..toh main aapse baat nahi karungi but Aapke post par comment Karna mera Janm Sidhant adhikaar hai….
    Mere adhikar toh Constitution , Judicial powers and Government aur TU bhi nahi cheen Sakta ..
    Toh aap kaun se Orchard ki strawberry ho???!!!!…
    Chalo..bad likhti rahi likhti rahi…aur manane ki koshish Zaroor Karna..kya pata maan jaun!!
    Ek Shayari..Sayoo ke naam..
    Suna hai khuda ke darbaar se
    Kuch farishtey faraar ho gye
    Kuch toh vapas chale gye..
    Aur ek….hamaaare yaar ho gye…

    Love you..
    And I am still not talking to you…REMEMBER!!???????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      *Bas likhti raho likhti raho…

    2. Sayeeda

      Shreyoo do read my reply it is posted down ….
      Waise ek baat bolna bhul gayi ….ur constitutional rights r superb ….isse koi nai cheen skta

  30. Bhavika

    I am

    speechless 😛 ;P

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Bhavoo…

  31. Sayeeda

    Awwwww…….my darling Shreyoo …..what to say to u nd if I will say sorry u will become more angry wid me …so I would prefer to say love u nd I know u forgive me ..hoona main smart mana liya tumko …

    Accha what u want ke mujhe itne pyare comments ki aadat hojaye …..aadat toh hohi gayi hai par main bahut bigdi Hui hoon humesha aise hi comments ki demand krdungi …

    ” Han hogayi galti mujhse main janti hoo ;
    Par abhi bhi main tumhe apni sis Shreyoo manti hoo ” …

    love u more than infinity ….if it’s ur pic in ur dp …then u r sooo pretty …beautiful nd lovely like ur name..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you so much.. Meri hi pic hai..chalo pic se related baat end main..pehle..sayoo..love you moon..and not back..I’ll not make it reflect let it try crossing the Universe!… Shayad universe bhi chota pad jaaye!!..
      And aapki kya lagta hai?..Aapse gussa hona easy task hai??…kitni difficulty Hui …and notice toh kar hi liya hoga..ki main gussa thi hi nahi!!??..agar gussa hone pe 2 baar comment kiya..aap nahi chahogi ki main aapse aisa wala hi gussa karu??..
      Aapne mujhe mana liya..Congo✌✌..aur main hamesha aide hi comment karungi..
      And U know angita says that main itni pretty hun isiliye Aashu is mad for….
      Uff ye ladki..
      And yes Aap bohot smart ho..isiliye toh I said about constitutional Rights ki baat ki yaad tha…but Maine aapko strawberry kaha.. Bhool gyi??!..Haaawwww..
      Koi ni…Love you …????

  32. sorry for late commenting
    amazing epi

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