” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..shot 13 ( REVELATION)


” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj Ff!!”……

Hello everyone!…. Sorry for making u all wait for so long……
Thanks to everyone who commented on the last episode….

Loveleen I hope u got the answer to ur questions in the last article I posted… I wanted to revert back to the comments but I was unable to do so….

Let’s start with the episode
Episode starts with kunj’s tormented face…. Tears r still flushing due to which his eyes is rubicund…. His sobbing nd pain can even make one eye’s bleed… Even a stone hearted person loses his tears seeing his pathetic condition… His spurious sob is effecting his heart to feel clumsy… But he is unaffected by these emotional turmoil…What he needs at the moment is to strengthen his Twinkle to win the battle of life nd death paramount…

All the memories spent with Twinkle is flashing before his vision……His heart is aching badly with each nd every minute’s passing forth…

After sometime doc comes out from ICU….

Seeing him kunj’s heart started to beat faster…. Fear of hearing something not expected from doc is sending a numerous dithering to his recesses of heart..

Kunj clears his tears nd asked him with a hope.. ” How is she?… Tell me plz….”.

Doc is able to see his deteriorating plight…

Doc-” Mr Sarna calm down… Just relax yourself…. Ur wife is completely alright… Though the poison overtook her senses nd due to it we felt so much difficulty while operating her… At one time we lost our hopes to save her but miracles do happen… Finally God has heard ur prayers nd see he gave u ur wife back…. ”

Kunj’s joy knew no boundaries…. In spite of being happy he started to sob more harder…

Doc -” Control yourself Mr Sarna… Why r u sad know infact u should be happy that ur wife is fine…. Aren’t u happy? “….

Kunj hugs him…..
K-” Thank you sir…. Today what u did for me I will indebted for it to u for my whole life….. U gave me my world back…. These tears r the symbol of my happiness that I got my life back after struggling with hardships….. Can I meet her “….

Doc -” U shouldn’t be thanking us coz what we did was out of my our duty towards our profession nd u ppl trust on us…. Yes u can meet but plz don’t disturb her…. Right now her body is weak she needs to be propelled from the trauma completely… “..

K-” Sure doc I won’t… “…



Kunj enters the ward nd see’s Twinkle sleeping calmly….

He moves towards her nd sits beside her….
He holds her hand nd kisses on it…. He started to caresses her hair’s nd bends closer to her to place a peck on her forehead….

While kissing on her forehead a tear drop falls from his eye’s which is drops on Twinkle’s closed eye’s….
Kunj takes unconscious Twinkle in his embrace…. Due to his touch… His pain… Twinkle slowly ; slowly opens her eye’s but kunj didn’t noticed this……

T-” Kunj “….. She breathes heavily…

Kunj is shocked to hear her soft voice… He breaks the hug nd see’s her awake…..

K-” Twinkle….. Twinkle…. “….. He is trying hard to speak but only the single word is coming out from his mouth….. Tears r constantly gushing from his eye’s…

Twinkle smiles seeing him and actions him not to cry more nd pleaded him to wash off his tears…

Kunj smiles brightly nd in a gasp he clutched her tightly… While Twinkle also responded back….

The hug is full of satisfaction that still their r destined together…..
They both wanted time to stop so that they can relish this moment for eternity… Being in each other’s clinch is giving them tremendous amount of atonement coz of having their loved one in their arms… No other thoughts do matters to them at that moment…
The fear of losing eo for once is tending them to hold them even tighter… Both of them r getting pleasure to envelop the one they love… Kunj is breathing in her smell, feeling her fast beating heart against his… While Twinkle is carrying the feeling that kunj is all her’s…..

Kunj speaks… “See Twinkle our love finally prevailed over the miseries.. We won…. I will never let you to leave my hand again…. I will protect u , care for u ; will love u forever…
These few hours made me realised ur importance in my life…. That one mere thought of losing u was making me realise the darkness in my life without u… I can’t afford to leave u… Never….. “..

Twinkle breaks the hug nd cups his face…. She kisses his lips….

T-” My bhuddhu (stupid) hubby what u think that so easily u will be free from my clutches…. No never… Forever ur whole life more to say for this life nd for next birth also u r imprisoned in my love… I won’t leave ur hand so easily……my love for you is eternal….. I LOVE U…. nd now u will say that u don’t love me then I will say that you do… Then u will again disagree to it nd for proving that I’m right I will again drink poison…. Tell me this will only happen na!! “…. .

Kunj gives his one eye brow look… Nd both burst out laughing….

K-” Same mistake won’t be repeated again….. I LOVE U TOO MY EMPRESS…. U R RULING YOUR BEAST HEART JAAN… “..

Both smiles nd touches their foreheads…..

Day’s passes by….. While Twinkle was still at hospital being under observation…. Kunj’s love helps her to recover soon…


Kunj is feeding soup to Twinkle when Leela nd Rt enters the room..
Seeing them Twinkle’s feels so esthetic…. While Leela controls her grief seeing her…

Kunj moves back… While Leela comes nd stands beside Twinkle’s bed…..

Twinkle moves to hug her but Leela moves back…. Twinkle gets baffled seeing this..
T-” Maa u came here to see me.. Then why r not embracing me… ”
L-” I came here to not shower my motherly love upon u but to see you regretting on ur choice… This boy kunj was ur decision coz of which u betrayed us nd see what r u getting in return…Coz of him u r lying here…Nice choice I must say!!…. Finally my words r showing their presence on ur married life…. Very soon coz of him ur life will be ruined… For us u died on the day of ur marriage….. Nd still u r dead for us… ”

Twinkle is not able to control her pain seeing Leela’s anger towards her…..
While kunj is not able to see her in that condition….

He speaks….
K-” Enough is enough…. Not a word more… What u all think that she is responsible for hampering ur status nd respect….so let me tell u Mrs Taneja u r wrong…
She never wanted to marry me but it was me who forced her to do so…. She tried hard to reject my proposal but I warned her that if she won’t be getting married to me then I will slaughtering down u both to death.. She was never behind me nor she loves at that time… She used to hate me….. I did wrong with her…. I created those situations so that u can doubt on her character nd disowned her nd see I did that……. “..

L-” U did all that purposely but why….. What enemy u had with my daughter…. Tell me or else I will smear ur blo*dy face “…

K-” Today I have to speak truth or else I won’t be able to face myself for whole life… Now I can’t carry this sin burden more on my heart….

I did all this bcoz Yuvraj blackmailed me to do so.. … “…

All gets shocked…
T-” Yuvi….. But why… He used to love me then how can he think to force u to do all that cheap thing’s with me “…..

K-” No Twinkle he never loved u in fact he was always in a search of opportunity to take revenge from u nd ur parents….. Whenever he meets with me he always say one thing… That he will destroy ur family…. He will mark a in washable stain to your family reputation… Even I asked him they reason behind his enmity but he never told me …. ”

L-” OK once I trust u with ur talks but tell me why did u accepted his orders so easily…. For what he was blackmailing u? “..

K-” I know what I will say now u all won’t believe on it but that’s the only reality…

I accepted his orders coz of my sister ; Mahi’s sake….. Six months back Yuvi met with Mahi at Mumbai in her official conference nd somehow he managed to woo her…..
One night Yuvi made her have heavy dose of alcohol coz of which she lost her perceiving power nd he took the advantage of her situation nd clicked some intimate pic’s with her… And that pics he used against me as my weak point…
At once I was shocked to realise that he got too close with my sis but he told me that nothing happened between them he just took this pic to use a weapon but if I not do as per his orders he will leaks these pic’s in social networking sites nd will defame my Mahi……

I asked him to tell me what he wanted me to do…. He straight away told me that I have to help him to destroy Taneja empire nd Twinkle being the weakest point of Leela nd Rt will be targeted to seek his revenge…. “..

Leela starts to clap…….
L-” Just to save ur sis life u played with my daughter’s feelings… U harassed her nd now u say that u love her…. Huuhhh!….. Bullshit person like u can’t never love anyone…. U not only snatched her respect but also Chinki’s one…. “…

K-” No……. For God sake stop saying this again nd again….. I didn’t harassed Chinki nor Twinkle…. But it was all Yuvi’s plan….. That day also he called me at hotel to discuss something nd when I reached at the room number he told me ; I heard some noises coming from the room …. I broke the room door forcibly nd found Chinki lying on the floor… When I tried to catch Yuvi he again blackmailed me nd ran away… Nd then Twinkle reached over their along with police… Nd considered me as a culprit.. I begged to her but she wasn’t ready to trust me…. I was so helpless that though I was knowing about the real culprit but still I was not able to reveal his name… My lips were sealed coz of my sis love…… “…

Twinkle feels guilty for what she did with him….
T-” But kunj if u r saying this then what happened between us at ur farmhouse “….

K-” Twinkle it’s true I got u kidnapped as per Yuvi’s saying but I didn’t even touched u…. One of my female frnd made u changed ur clothes nd covered u with bedsheet so that when u wake up at morning u can believe that we got intimate…. Yuvi wanted ur respect to be mutilated……
For making him believe I did all that but he don’t know that I didn’t did anything wrong with u


But when in the morning u woked up u were not ready to believe it nd for making u to trust on it ; I pushed u on the bed nd kissed
Not only this he was the one who was keeping his eye on ur every move… He told me that u r going to police station nd I should stop u from lodging to compliant….

Remember Twinkle u talked with Yuvi that u want to meet with him at hotel to clear all the misunderstanding between u both but instead of him I reached at the hotel room…. It was Yuvi only who called me nd told me to meet with you at the hotel room nd get close to u so that at the right time he can enter the room nd prove u wrong in front of ur parents….
Yes I agree that time I got closed with u but at that time my love for u was genuine…. I fell in love with you at the first sight when I saw u playing with children as the park… ”

Twinkle eyes him adorningly….

L-” I don’t believe u…. I’m sure it’s ur some sort of planning behind it…. Its ur new game plan “…..

Someone speaks from behind…
” It’s not his new game plan but he is saying true… He is innocent…. It’s that cheapo Yuvi behind all this… “….

Everyone turns back nd finds Chinki standing….

Finally the most awaited moment came…. This was the real reason behind kunj’s Beast behaviour…..
I hope u all liked it… Do tell plz….

Still more secrets to to be revealed in upcoming episodes… So stay tuned…
Only 2 shots r left for this ff to come to an end.. So please keep supporting like always u all do….


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  1. Kritika14

    OMG! Such a big story. I feel so sad for twinkle and kunj. Twinkle always got him wrong while kunj was completely helpless. Really very eager to know more of the secrets. Post soon x Love you ?

  2. Sameera

    Awww sayu kya kahu
    Kuch bacha hi nahi kehne mo
    Words hi nahi hai mere paas
    Well ill try saying it’s
    Amzing awsm marvellous superbb emotional cute +nice epi yaar
    Just loved it to the core

  3. Sayu di
    Uff! What a suspense! Arrggghhh! U r fine na? Hope u r …
    Amazing episode….love uh?

  4. Priya_

    Awesome episode..
    Loved it..
    Can’t wait for the next episode..
    Plz post soon

  5. Omg that uv is such a jerk!!!! Felt bad for both twinj….in all loved the epi??

  6. Jisha

    What a suspense dear…love you…I am speechless… amazing…u r an awesome writer…sad it is just 2 more shots remaining

  7. Ranabulbul

    I was right
    I was right
    I was right
    Kunj ne tw ka rape ni kiya finallyyy god mera intuition first epi se hi bahut strong tha and I told u this also many times
    And see it is true I wanna dance today like nanananannana
    Hehehheehh but di Aapke pichle notice me cmnt ni kiya tha or kayi epi me bhi ni kiya so sorryyy for that
    Typhoid u know mamma phone ko hath bhi ni lagane deti hain but ye cmnt bhi aapne bhaiya ke phone se kar rhi hoon
    Aj ke epi me sab clear ho gya Ab to main chain se aage ke epi padhungi
    And abt ur career go on di we all are with u and future comes first
    Do well and mark ur name in golden words
    Mere liye to ap meri badi ideal sis ho
    Though aapne mujhe ya maine aapko dikha ni but the bond we have is just so unique and beautiful
    Aacha bye bhaiya gussa hora hai bade message a are hain usko
    Padhne deti hoon bbye love u to the square of infinity

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome episode….revelation finally….

  9. its really worth the wait
    a very different one from what I was thinking
    Kunj is so good Still he have to do all that just because of that disgusting yuvi
    so sad of Twinj
    but at last twinkle gets to know about everything
    now just come up with the next part pleaseeeeee

  10. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Sayu di
    Amazing dear
    N so much of plotting u have done from the beginning……..really fantastic
    The revelation was fab n waiting for the next one eagerly
    Love u ???

  11. Ria

    Ouch ! Why is Yuvraj so cheap! I hate him..uggh! And, Leela? But, I understand her behaviour is justified. But, Yuvraj’s? Yuck! Anyways, the episode was too good. Hope you get to post soon.
    Loads of love.?
    Your Ria.

  12. Aamu

    ????? ?? so sorry satu.. dint cmntni but I seriously wrote a cmntni but my phone got switched offf coz battery death?
    N den u know fro my phone private msg dint go..so today I got time to catch mumma phone sorry…….
    Day promo was superb amazing..
    N d news?????????
    But u know naa m a good girl???????
    I can understand dear…
    But please b in contact with us…fon 1 ff pls…..????????????
    U know wat wen I read d epi I was sitting on chair I got shocked n at d same time another shock as my bro turn d chair n I fall down

    1. Aamu

      n i got shock n d word i spoke was “sayu dont end it n leave”…..listening dis my mumma…sissy n broo. fot shocked actually i apeak in guj as per my mothertongue…so my small bro also understand my bro says:”ammi aapi to sathyaaygai updates read karti karti”(“mom my sis got mad reading updates”) ya he knows infact all family knows about me reading ff…den my sis to spray salt on injured space speak”nai mammu(its my bru pet name) yeh gandi ni yeh out of order che…ne aay sayu koi ini fav ff writer ose”(“no bro she is out of order n dis sayu would be her fav ff writer) i dint speak anything as all taunting me….atlast mumma turn”aamu kon che aai sayu…jldi ke…whose dis…i koi chokri che ke chokro”(aami peak fast who is dis sayu..is she a girl or a boy )atlast my turn”ammi wat yaar..afcourse a girll…only girls write ff like dis”….mom”like dis means….which type it is…speak”i speak”its amazing…awesome…n a unique piece”…she dint beleive me n ask to tell d story so i tell her whole story of ur 1 ff…she really got impresses soo much n ask me to tell u pls dont end sayu…she will tooo read or will ask d story to me..if she dont get time….u know wat sayu coz of u my mumma’s doubt against d ff got cleared she was thinking dat all ff r vulger n bad n all..but now she understand…thank u shoo much my dear sayu…sooo sooo much…sorry for dis much bhaasan(lecture)

      maaf kiya na???
      i know u r my sayu…u dint feel bad…hope so…if not again sorry
      todays epi:
      it was just amazing..haash truth out yaar it was emotionall…wat will happen next but u know….wat my 2 means janam janam kaa pyar truth is also like dis some how…..uff now wat will i do??
      its k u had started 1…so dont b sorry..i will change it..n its not directly same…its diff but a bit only
      do cont…..
      will wait n yaa
      achieve ur goal…..n give a party….hehe
      best of luck for ur exam…..
      make feel ur parent proud

  13. OMG……. kya episode tha…. literally saare raaz khul gayeee?? feeling bad for twinkle? but khush bhi hu.? kyunki uski shadi kunj se jo ho gyi ?????…..aur vo us uv se bach gyi……?

    Kya cheez ho yr tum sayeeda…itna acha kaise likh leti ho?i m in love with ur ff….???

  14. Sara28

    Sayeeda!!! Wow This episode was mindblowing! I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one! Ur imagination and creativity is on point ? Keep it up!

  15. Fan

    Awesome epi sayoo!!!!!!..i knew kunj couldn’t have tortured twinkle to take his revenge..waiting read chinki’s side of story..

  16. Chiku

    I luv u.
    I visited tu to check wether mt ff was uploaded or not wen i saw ur ff i was dancing but i couldn’t read at that tym bcz i was going to tution.
    Now toh i am very happy. Din bana diya
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    Luv u ❤️❤️❤️ Aapke liye dhair saariem kissi ????

  17. Shatakshi

    How mean Uv…. How mean???
    Hate u
    N sayu how do u manage to write sooo well….
    Loved it Sayu
    Love u loads❤❤❤????

  18. SidMin

    Loved it Sayeeda di Loved it to the core Kunj’s tears when the doctor said that Twinkle is out of danger (so sweet) Loved it (though I can’t see Sid cry) The part where Leela and Rt said bad about Twinkle really felt bad for her and then Kunj revealing the truth Just loved it
    Kunj already Loved Twinkle so sweet and he asked his female friend to change Twinkle’s clothes (respect for girls- mere no no Hamare Kunj ke quality) Loved the episode waiting for the next episode
    Love You 🙂

  19. Awesome lovely…….

  20. Twinjfan.tamanna

    mujhe bi aisa hi lag raha tha ki kunj tw ke saath aisa nahi kar saktha…anyways it was the fantastic episode…love u…

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    Sattu di luv u and fab epi.. U nailed it

  22. Thanmy

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    Not fair
    Matlab every episode bechare baache ko aisa karna hai koi motive hai aapki???
    Daariye mat
    Arre I was talking about

    You made me speechless again now what should I tell
    U r……..c again no words
    Mera na bohut chotu sa dimag hai….
    So sorry no words for this master piece also
    How ?how di ?how do you potray the emotions sooooooo well especially kunj emotions
    I’m telling no diii literally no words kahan se lau
    And aap na apka address de dijiye I’m gonna come to take tution from you
    How to write spectacularly jab aapko aur mujhe holidays ho na mein aa jaungi okkkkk

    Inti mehnat se hamare liye aap likh rehe hai na sooooo
    I just loved it diiii to fullest as I told u I’m running out of words…..
    Finally there is one thing to tell u dii
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    Byeee take care

  23. Shreya098

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  25. Aadha abhi continue kar rhi hu pta nhi whats wrong with my tab ya so where I was haaa aapka epi ek chpter jaisa hota hai jisme har baar mujhepta chalta hai pyar ke bbaare mai aapka ff padti hu na toh dhadkane meri tez ho jaati hai pta nhi jab ku aur tw paas aate hai roh mere sromach me butterflies aai hai aur jab tw ke liye ku ka pyar usske liye ku ki beintehaan mohobat dwkhti h u toh aak mai aasu aa jate hai aapka I can tstop loving u ff mere liye bohot special hai aurhaa sry bore karne ke liye but plz don’t end ir and I hope u have read my fulkcoment hahah bye

  26. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Owsm…fantastic…kya epi thaa!…luved it to the core…it was emotional one…u nailed it…Post the nxt one ASAP..:)

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  29. Romaisha

    Oyyr hoyye !! Kya episode tha!! ?????
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    Wow this revelation was just a blockbuster ka epi! Seriously u portrayed every word and scene well!! This Yuvi! I will kill him!! ?? Leela .. I hope she listens to kunj yaar …
    Thank god everything’s going to be back to normal .. Hopefully .. 🙂

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  30. Kruti

    Spellbound is what I am right now……….fantastic epi

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    SayooooooApi This was sooooooo amazing ?? Awesome ?? Toooo good ?? Keep it up!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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  33. sayu sayu sayu….
    ur ff always steal my heart really…u r great writer…i hv no words 2 praise as my words also will become less…revealation was hearthrob…tw guiltiness n leelas anger was mindblowing…whn kunj was in tears i also was crying….dis uv is so cheap….love u bt so sad tht its going 2 end n yes plz don end i cant stop loving u…bcoz i also cant stop loving u n ur ffs…

  34. Sayuuuuuuu u made me speechless…I’m having lacking of words problem…what a revelation…just loved each and every bit of this episode kunj’s tears of happiness bought tears in my eyes…I always knew my Kunj(Sidhant Gupta) can’t be so cruel…this yuvi I just wanna kill him…eagerly waiting to know reason behind yuvi’s revenge with tanejas…Sorry da for commenting late actually I dint knew that you posted this ff after you said only I came to know…

    Love you da?????

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