” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..shot 12


” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj Ff!!”……

Hello everyone…. I’m so sorry for posting the ff late… I told to post it yesterday but I didn’t posted it…. So sorry but what to do hectic schedule at office then moreover studies…. Hope u all forgive me……

Thanks to everyone for commenting on my last episode… I hope u all went through my replies….

Nd for the cover pic of the ff credit goes to my Twinjsidmin ( Vasu Aapi)….. Love u so much for the pic… ??

Zain dear thank u so much for acknowledging me back that now u don’t have any doubt… Don’t be sorry as I know u were just confused… I’m happy that finally all confusion is sorted out…. Thanks for being so kind nd humble…

Maanu jaan sorry I didn’t revert back to ur comment….. But I loved ur comment so much… It left a big wali smile on my face…. Love u ???

Again my Afflalo urf Affo… That day I didn’t replied back to u r comment… But trust me U made me blushed… I’m out of words to thank you yrr…. Those lines means a lot to me… I literally cried reading at that time.. .. I send the screen shot of ur comment to all my frnds nd they all were jealous of me ??…. Love u yrr for gifting me with a frnd like u ??…I told u so many times the same thing to u but still I will say that u r the best thing happened in my life… What position u owe in my heart that even I don’t have idea….. ??….

Let’s start with the episode..

Episode starts on kunj’s tensed face… He screams…..
K- “Twinkle please don’t lose ur hope…. U love me na so for the sake of our love u have to be strong…. I know u r my tigress u will not lose this death life battle….. I’m their with u ; we both will fight…. I promise u to bring u back from Babaji.. Open ur eye’s… Don’t worry I’m taking u to hospital… “…

He sprinkles water on her face to make her conscious…. He lifts her up nd proceeds towards car……
He then makes her lie on the back seat of car nd sits at the driver’s seat….

Tears are gushing from his eye’s… He tries to start the car but his hands are shaking due to which he is not able to start it….

K-” Kunj calm down… Relax…. Why u getting tensed… If u will behave like this then how will support Twinkle…. She is fighting from death nd this time u have to act her strength… Nothing will happen to my Twinkle…. “….

He turns around nd sees Twinkle condition is getting worsened…… He somehow manages to start the car….

Through the whole way his tears were not stopping.. He is just murmuring….
” Babaji don’t punish her…. For all this I’m responsible… Last night we became one nd u can’t snatch her away from me… U already know that my soul is entangled with her soul… What will happen if she is not with me…. This mere thought is sending a disastrous shivering to my heart…..
I promise u that I will let her know the reality behind my beast behaviour but plz make her fine….. I will give her so much love that this life will be less for it… I will act as her shield no pain will come near her….. Just give me my life back… If u want then take away my breath but in return of that make her fine…
Though I know that I don’t deserve her…. But still u made my destiny attached to her… Our relation was decided by u…. Then how can u take her away from me…. “….

He sobs harder…. While on the other side Twinkle is lying half conscious….

Pain of a person u love is always felt by u…. No matter whether he / she speaks about it but still the invisible chords of hearts connection made u realise the many unspoken words….

Though Twinkle is in her worst condition but still she acknowledges Kunj’s sobbing…
She speaks with much difficulty..

T-” Kunj don’t cry… I can’t see tears in ur eye’s… Kunj stop the car don’t take me to hospital as I know I won’t be live for long… Angel of death is waiting for me I have to go but plz come to me…. I wanted to live my last breathe in ur lap… I wanted to die peacefully in the love embrace of wild beast… “……

Kunj feels immense pain nd guilt listening her word’s…
Kunj thinks” I need to make her awake… To divert her mind…. “..

He clears her tears nd gives a fake smile…

K-” Twinkle what r u saying that Angel of death is waiting for ur arrival… Hahaha….he knows that u r so stubborn nd a siyappa Queen… He can’t handle ur tantrums… The thought to taking u with him will shake his soul coz no one has right to snatch my love from me … Only I’m the one who can manage to handle u…
Till now u also saw Kunj as a beast for u but now this whole sky… Universe… Heaven will witness my passion for u….. I don’t give permission to take my life away from me….. If I means for u then plz for me don’t close ur eye’s… Try to be awake… Keep staring at my face u eye’s will feel warmth nd will not allow u to close it…. “…

After sometime they finally reached hospital…. Kunj takes her on stretcher along with other doctors to ICU…..
Twinkle is holding kunj’s hand tightly as if a child holds her parents hands when she is scared of darkness..

Fear of losing eo is clearly visible in their eye’s….. Their constant eye lock is depicting the pain… Kunj’s tears defines his care for Twinkle nd her importance in his life…
While Twinkle tears defines her pain seeing kunj in grief…. Her sacredness to imagine that what will happen with kunj after she is not their with him…. He will again skipped himself to darkness…..he will again stop living his life…. Though his heart will pump but still he will live like a lifeless body….

Doc takes stretcher to ICU room… But Twinj are not ready to leave their hand….
Doc-” Please let us go.. Its already very late nd if we won’t operate her soon then we can’t save her…. Her condition is very critical… “….

Kunj moves closer to Twinkle… He murmurs in her ears….” Go Twinkle…. Ur Kunj is always with u ; nothing will happen to u.. Our love is not so weak that it will be broken so easily… We passed so much hurdles in our life but still we r together…. Then this is very small in front of our love… I LOVE U….. MY LOVE IS UR POWER….. “….
( Guys I know many of us don’t read song lyrics but I request u all to read the lyrics for once as these lyrics will help u to imagine Twinj condition at that time)

lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho
(Hug or Embrace me because this beautiful night may or may not come again in our lifetime)

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
(May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again)

lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho
(Hug or Embrace me because this beautiful night may or may not come again in our lifetime)

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
(May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again)

He kisses her forehead….. Stretcher start to move ahead…. Twinj hands grip is loosening….. Tears r falling from their eyes… Twinkle eyes is having the fear that she might be seeing kunj for last time….. While kunj eye’s is having the fear that Twinkle is seeing him with innocence for last time….

Hum ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se
(because of destiny today we got these moments)

ji bhar ke dekh lijiye ham ko qarib se
(see me closely until you are fully satisfied)

phir aap ke nasib men ye baat ho na ho
(who knows in your destiny these moments may or may not come again
who knows in future you may or may not get this chance)

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
(May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again)


It is seen Chinki hands r moving….. Her fingers are showing sensation in them… Her face is covered with sweat all around….
Suddenly she wakes up with a jerk nd shouts Twinkle…….

Chinki tries to speak but stammers… ” Nooooo….”….

She cries but nurse tries to calm her down….
N-” Mam don’t shout.. Plz be quite… Just now only u recovered from coma nd taking stress is not right for ur health… “…

C-” Plz leave me… I gave to go or else YUVRAJ LUTHRA will destroy my Twinkle’s life… Just for his blo*dy revenge he will ruined her life….. Not only his but he will ruin Twinkle ; kunj nd Mahi’s life….. I need to blurt out the truth before its too late…. “…..


Next scene….

Kunj kneels down nd cries while Twinkle is operated….
He folds his hands nd prays….” Plz Babaji don’t make our love fall to the trap of a person cheap tactics… U know I didn’t did all that purposely…. Each nd every moment I suffer seeing her in pain but still I was helpless… Har pal main ek nayi maaut marta tha( every moment I was dying a new death)…..
.. That blo*dy bastard Yuvraj compelled me to do that….. If anything happens to my Twinkle I swear I won’t fall weak to kill him……”…

For now these lines fit with kunj’s condition…

You want to do everything, but you feel like you can do nothing. You know they’re hurting and it cuts you into a million pieces.
You hate that they feel trapped inside their own heads, and you want to scream “I’m here! I’m right here! I won’t let you drown.” But you hear their monotone voice and you feel like everything you say passes through them. In one ear and out the other.. And all you can think about is how to get ur love one back.

Watching someone you love suffer is not just painful. It takes everything out of you. You’re so distraught over their suffering that you actually feel physical side effects. It makes you feel nauseous and lightheaded and completely out of whack with your own body.

Whatever the cause of their pain is, it hurts you more than you could have ever expected.
It can often be a shock – how deeply you feel their pain and how much their sadness and grief seems to be echoed inside of you. It can even be a bit alarming…
The hardest part of watching someone you love go through pain is that you’re reminded of exactly how helpless love can make you feel. Love takes away your logic and your composure and your power and your rationality..
“The deeper the love, the deeper the pain.”


Guy’s now he finally came to know who is behind all this…. Its Yuvraj Luthra only….. Think why he wants to take revenge from Twinkle…..why he used kunj to fulfil his revenge?…..

I’m soooo sorry… I wanted to show to more scene’s.. But I’m not able write more now….

While writing any episode’s of my both ff’s I never felt so hurt nd pained but I don’t know why for the first time I was crying while writing today’s episode…. I was feeling wrecked to write it…….

Believe I’m still crying….. May be this episode depicted the feelings of loss of ur loved one’s nd I also suffered with this loss in my life…. A very big loss…. That’s why I became so emotional….
I never shared my personal life to this much extent with u all but today I don’t know why I shared it with u all…… How much happy I try to pretend but somewhere my heart is still not able to overcome the loss I suffered….

I’m soooo sorry for making u all bore with my words…..
At the end I just want to say… ” Laakh duniya kahe tum yahi hoo….”…


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  1. Amazing….Awsm …Post sooooooon

  2. Priya_

    beautiful.. i’m speechless..
    just don’t have words to express how i feel now..
    eagerly waiting for the next part

  3. Kritika14

    OMG! I am already crying. Such an emotional one. The way you described twinj’s feelings were just so good. And yuvraj is behind all this? Waiting to know the reason behind it. I was so in love with twinj scenes ? And hearing about your loss of loved one, i won’t be asking about it cuz i may hurt you but i just hope you are okay and stay happy always cuz you deserve all the happiness. I’ll always be there for you. Love you ? Continue soon cuz i love reading this cuz its just so good.

  4. Thanmy

    Made me emotional
    Its sensational dii
    Its stupendous
    Its spectacular
    Its a masterpiece diiiiiii
    You’re so unique
    You’re inspiring
    And u mean a lotttt to me
    If I really get a chance in my life I would really love to meet u a hug u tightly diiiii
    I just love u diiiii
    And I am pouring my heart out today
    I swear u are really an inspiration to me diiiii
    I don’t even know what to say
    I really hope that u always each and every second of ur life be happy n smiling always I really wish
    I don’t know how I’m writing this but diiii u really really mean a lot to me
    My respect for you has grown even more
    I really don’t know how am I writing such an emotional comment I just feel like crying
    Thats the magic of writing
    If I continue writing more I may cry and even write a book on u don’t know why
    Just love u till infinity diiii

    1. Thanmy

      Sorry diii thodi senti hogayi
      But I was not able to contrl myself because of the last part what u shared with us sorry if any of my words hurt you really sorry
      And diiiii ur toooooo strong
      Ab phir se shuru hogayi na toh bandh nahi hongi sooo its better if I shut my mouth
      Anyways love u loads!!!

  5. Sayu sayu sayu….. meri jaan… tumhe pta hai main bs abhi soch hi rhi thi k kash sayeeda ki ff post ho gyi ho….. aur jb maine TU ka page khola to i ws shocked cum surprised????????????…….. schi bol rhi hu aj kuch aur bhi mang leti vo b mil jata????….. thodi zyada senti ho gyi main to…….. bt kya kru tum likhti hi itna acha ho….???……. brilliant episode….

    The pain that kunj suffered was described very beautifully????……. it was very emotional episode……. chlo bhut bol liya…. aj k liye itna kaafi hai??…

  6. Wow.. it’s so beautifully written.. its fabulous.. and also emotional one??.. loved how kunj tried to make twinkle be awake.. and that song suited the condition of twinj.. I hope twinkle doesn’t die.. can’t wait to know why yuvi wanted revenge from twinkle.. do cont soon ? and so sorry for your loved one!

  7. Sayu u r so genuine n ur piece of writing is ur identity…i knw u r hurt bcoz of d loss…n i know u r vry strong enough 2 handle evryth…love u sayu….
    n epi was emotional n d root cause is uv…m eager 2 knw d coz of revenge…
    take care of urself n drag ur mind 2 be relief…love u n so sad 2 hear tei 2 end on 16 september

  8. It was such a emotional epi……mind blowing lines…..awsm work?????

  9. Aamu

    oh mah shayu ish clying…plsh don cly….
    m alsho clying…..dis epi was too emotional n heart touching…….
    u described kunj pain soo wlllll….i will come to ur house to take tuition…
    n u know wat i was very very much happpy to see ur epi wen i open tu…i was shocked cum surprised cum happy cum many more….i was waiting for dis dose…from many days yaar….
    n shayu waise to i had not lost any loved ones but can understand d pain……dont cry plsh…or ur all dis shisshi(sissy)will also cly(cry)…….
    after so many days i bacame senti re…
    haa 6-7 days ke baads senti
    or uski wajah tumho….
    no dont think dat m senti coz of u…but m happy dat u made me senti as i want to become senti from many days….hehe.ok sahi pakde hai..me juth boli…i dont want to ecome senti…but u know msenti hoti hu yaa sad hoti hu to kisi se bataati nahi hu….mumma se b nahi n my sissy…frnds..dad..kisi se b nahii…infact dey many time thought m emotionless…i dont show my emotions to any1….so dey thought like dis…if sometimes i m sad or something had happened …i cry alone in my room so no1 can see…..
    n now see mene yeh baat tumhe bataai……to tum specialll ho isliye tumhe baya hai…
    sorry bohot bakwas kardiya by

  10. Loveleen

    hey sayeeda tht ws so emotional…..i understand ur pain dear…bt u knw lyf hai toh age toh badhna hoga na…..so….yr u made me cry too….btw i wanted to knw wats ur age ?? n wat do u study ? or do u hav a job ?? jus lyk dat as i wanted to knw u closely…..

  11. Shatakshi

    Sayu no jokes today….just I wanted to say is HATS OFF
    I m really not able to control my tears
    N the last line….lakh duniya Kane tum nahi ho…tum yahi ho tum yahi ho.

    It Is moving in my mind
    I really love that song….n lag jaa gale…I find that song painful as if u dont want to losses ur loved ones….girl today u showed us that u r the best writer
    I m speechless….sorry let me enjoy these tears
    Love u


  12. Wowwww sayu di superb epi yr speechless and I can’t expalin my feelungs from word so simply saying IS LOVE U AND YOUR FF bass ab aap samajh jao and waitinff for I can’t stop loving u plz post soon love u bye bye

  13. And its ok if u disnt comment back and happy hat my comment bring smile on yoir face

  14. Angita

    Youre sho bad di sayoo di
    You made meri cry..normally I’ll be in the urge of crying but never cried…
    The each and every word went straight right into my heart
    No but I can’t say it went as something….it was too sharp…
    No pls I can’t give long comment I’m sobbing di I can’t….I’m sorry pls forgive me…..i love you really not joking
    You’re one that hugged my heart
    I’ll never ever take you out of it

  15. Such an emotional episode…I legit cried while reading it and the song depicted Twinj’s emotions and their fear of losing each other beautifully…you again nailed it Sayu…I knew that uv was behind all this I told you before itself and my kunj(sidhant) can’t be so cruel and heartless and beast…again suspense can’t wait till next episode to know the reason for revenge…

    Love you Sayu???

  16. Such an emotional episode…I legit cried while reading it and the song depicted Twinj’s emotions and their fear of losing each other beautifully…you again nailed it Sayu…I knew that uv was behind all this I told you before itself and my kunj(sidhant) can’t be so cruel and heartless and beast…again suspense can’t wait till next episode to know the reason for revenge…try to update next soon dear…

    Love you Sayu???

  17. Sameera

    Kya kahu kya kahu kya kahu
    Kuch bacha hi nai kehne ko
    Sayu epi was nah !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today’s epi was not good not at all
    Bcoz it’s was amazing +emotional
    Not only u sayu we r also crying
    Emotions yaar the way portray was just marvellous
    Want to meet u n salute u yaar
    Thanks u soo much for sharing ur personal life with us sayu
    I am really blessed to have a friend cum sis like u
    Love u sooo much ????

  18. Zuha Fatima

    Sayoo Api u really made me cry….Not bcz of Twinj because of U only, those lines in which u said u lost someone close 2 ur heart 🙁 I really felt the pain as it made me remember someone 🙁 Anyways leave it…The episode was so heart-touching?? And the song LAG JAA GALE…is my all time favorite song of Lata ji. When I was reading, a song was being played, when I stopped the song and started singing the song like BEUSRAY?? Well I always know that Yuvraaj Luthra was behind it 🙂 My dashing villain 😉 Well enough of my bak bak. Good going Api????

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    Loads of ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  19. Jisha

    Fabulous… Awesome piece of work…too emotional…u portrayed twinj feelings so well dear…
    Love you dear.. n ur last line…kya kehu… hope Allah gives you the strength to bear the pain…I won’t ask you about it coz I don’t wanna hurt u more…be strong my lil sister…love you….

  20. Romaisha

    No! No! No!
    ????????????? dii! Tum thik ho nah? Haa men bhi …
    I can still fight And irritate u nah? As a little sister? Di i won’t ask about ur loss since i don’t want to hurt u but i want to let u no that whatever happens im always here for you ok?

    You portrayed n expressed kunj ans twinkle’s emotions perfectly!! It was such an emotional episode 🙁 but i still loved it very much!! ??
    Yeah yuvi nah meh choddo gah nai!! ???? god he’s so mean even in tei right now -_-
    Haa i no my Hindi is awesome don’t laugh ??
    I love you to the moon and further !! ? post next one soon 🙂 …

  21. Fan

    Amazing epi as always yaar..u describe everything very beautifully..i felt like i was in some other world while i was reading it..a very emotional epi..iam still crying n i don’t know y..i never get so much involved while reading sad n emotional stories..n today u managed to make cry with ur awesome writing ability..love u loads..n keep smiling☺

  22. M speechless the emotions omg its jst superb

  23. Chiku

    Di today u made me cry.
    I dont know wat to write.
    I luv uuuu.
    U r amazing.
    I am happy that i came in contact with u.
    I luv u , u r an amazing soul.
    Hats of to u

  24. SidMin

    Sayeeda di I am crying till now
    from the time I started reading your ff to the time I am writing this comment I am crying the episode was so emotional and Twinj part in the car was awesome Kunj feeling Twinkle’s pain and Twinkle feeling Kunj’s pain Loved it and Chinki woke up from coma and UV is at fault so it means he is the reason behind Kunj’s behaviour Loved it Di to the core
    Love you Di 🙂

  25. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sayeed….it was awesome….so beautifully depicted emotions????????

  26. It was soo emotional… Believe me appi i’m also crying after reading the episode… Nd appi plz save twinkle… It’s a request from one of u’r sweet little sissy.. But the decision is your’s, i won’t force u… and i know what ever u will do, it will bring a huge smile in our faces… Nd the epi was superb.. Just loved it from the core of my heart..

  27. dreamer...arundhati

    Sayu di…..

    I m speechless… Hats off…

    Todays epi was epic….
    Emotional… I don’t have words…. I m literally at the verge of crying…

  28. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Sayeeda di I’m double crying up as tei is going off air ???????????
    But episode was very emotional
    Emotions n kunj priceless emotions were described superbly

  29. Srija

    wow amazing post dear sayu???????????????
    u every time impress us by ur fantastic writing skills
    it’s very emotional i was crying while reading it
    fantastic fabulous and…. i can’t find words
    continue soon dear

  30. Shonaa...

    sayoo…. it was too emotional yrr…. literally my eyes were filled up wd tears reading it…. beautifully written…. or or kya bolu kuch smjh nhi aa rha…. rula diya tune aaj…. hats off to u…. nd ur writing skill…. d feeling of loosing some1…. going away from him…. u described very well…. nd yes d song…. ekdum correct song u choose…. diz 1 is ur bestestttt ever episode….. keep writing such beautiful episodes…… love u… ??

  31. Ria

    Hey Sayeeda,
    The episode was just too brilliant. I really felt the pain. It was too damn emotional. Sorry I didn’t cry as I’m not such an emotional person but, it was legit good. I loved it.
    See, see, I told you na from the very beginning that Yuvraj is behind all this. You told me to wait and watch.?
    Do post soon.
    Loads of love.?
    The one whom you trust more than yourself??

  32. Kruti


    Hats off…….I am spellbound
    Every word of today’s epi was heart touching….but this line was so truely said

    “Pain of a person u love is always felt by u…”……..this line pierced through my heart

    Itna emotional epi likha hai toh obvious hai ki everyone will cry….cahe wo reader ho ya writer…………..the pain u potrayed was just beyond description…..i so felt like it was happening right infront of me
    Loved d epi❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???

    Love u and ur extraordinary writing skills???❤❤❤❤
    Keep smiling and keep writing??

  33. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Out standing, wonderful..yaar u literally made me cry…the epi was just soo gud…the song was also so gud..nd me yehi sochu aap 2,3 epis me “Yuvi smirking” kyu likhrahe the..but abb samajh ayaa ke iss sab tamaashe ke pich woh tha..overall the epi was sooo gud..sorry for the late comment as u knw aaj hi mene apne projects submitt kiye to isiliye… Luve u.. 🙂

  34. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi

  35. Shreya098

    Emotional one sayoo….
    It was beautiful….

    And about ur loss…..I just pray to god to give u strength…..

    Love u…

    May u always be happy..

  36. Sayeeda u made me cry yrr… Heart touching one…:*:*:*:*

  37. Baby

    oh my god sayeeda di very emotional episode
    osm luvd it
    dis uvraj ughhhhhh
    di osm aaj mein apko blush nhi kara paungi as i hv to go bck now jyada net nhi use kr skti abhi mein khin or hun naaa
    bt didu ek baat bolun kya
    u luk fab while blushing
    hmmm sch mein itne beautiful ho upar se blush krte ho n den u luk pretty plus breathtaking
    luv u di osm episode
    di d lines u said while expressing kunjs condition oh god dey touched my heart
    n di d song osm i hv herd d song infct i luv d song lag jaa gale
    di u were fab post nxt asap
    luv u di 2 d coreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of my heart

  38. Mantasha

    Sho sho sho shooooooo shollllllllyyyyyy my dear sayu.. bt kya karu… i was having damn hectic schedule…. sho shoory… n throughout till now… it is a damn awesome blockbuster.. actually rit now also m not havin much time to write more.. ok so love u so muchhh❤????????????.. byee

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