” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj ff !!”…..shot 11


” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj Ff.!!”…….

Hello everyone…. First of all thank you…. Thank you so much for all the love u guy’s shower on me…. When I started with this ff ; I thought it to be of 4-5 shots but when I realised that u all r liking it ; then I tried my best to stretch the story as far I can do it…. Nd see today I’m posting the 11 shot of this ff….. But only 2-3 shots r left for this ff to end….
Love u all for supporting me till now…. Hope u all support me like this only.. As this will end but still my first ff.. ” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love”…. Will be continued… Keep supporting my ff…

Aksa dear see I’m posting this ff as u wanted to read first … How can I reject of my silent reader moreover my sis request… Love u ?

Zain dear I hope ur all doubt r sorted out… U can see the message from TU administrator at the previous episode… I hope now u won’t blame anyone nd not thinking me doing all that to increase my comment….
But still thank u for saying ur point so calmly…. U really proved that u r so kind nd mature one…. ??… Keep smiling…

Let’s start with the episode…. ( Guys do bear with the shot…. Being emotional one it will bore u all but still do read it.)…

It’s a cloudy Morning… The golden sky is surrounding the whole earth in a distant haze. The sun and morning haze had started to churn and mix together…. The serenity nd stillness of nature acted as a messenger for the union of two soul…… The rays of sun shine is basking through the blinds leaving rows of sungarden on Tiwnj bed… While our beautiful love birds are sleeping peacefully in each other’s clasped… Their face is lit up with a contention……. Contention of love…. After much hurdles nd struggle their love got a name…. For them there is no better comfort in this world to wake up in eo beloved’s arm…..

Their sleeping posture reveals how much elated r they to complete each other’s soul..

One of the kunj’s hand’s fingers are entangled with Twinkle’s fingers while his other hand is encircled around Twinkle’s waist…It seems none of them want to leave eo…. They wanted to enjoy their new beginning to the fullest.. They wanted to
just soak in the moment….

Sunlight falls on kunj’s face…. He slowly opens his eye’s….. His head is paining due to post alcoholic effect on him…

K-” Ahhh!!… My head… Why it’s paining….. Had I returned home being in a drunkard state…… Did I consumed alcohol in excess last night… Isn’t so?… Let me first drink lemonade juice so that the effect of the drink get lessened “….

He is about to move but failed as his hands were holding Twinkle..
His vision falls on Twinkle’s face…. He smiles seeing her…. The very next moment he finds their fingers twined nd hugging posture……. Nd both of them covered with bedsheets…

He realised how close they were…. This made him shocked…..

K-” I nd Twinkle sleeping together so close with eo…. How come…. How I nd she slept on same bed.. I used to sleep on couch…. Oh no kunj again u did what u shouldn’t have done….
Why I’m not able to recall what happened last night between us…… ”

He tries to reminisce but every time he fails in his attempt to do so….

K-” What the f**king mind is mine…. Why I’m not able to judge about the happenings of last night… How we came pretty close to each other… Did I again tried to force myself on her….?…
How… How I can do this… When I promised her that I never do anything against her will… . But still I did it….What will happen when she will be awake….
After so much difficulty she adjusted herself to live with a beast like me but today again she will hate me like she used to hate me earlier…now I can’t tolerate her hatred for me… I can’t see her questioning look… “…

Within a quick glance…. He removes his hands from her body with jerk due to which Twinkle’s sleep is disturbed….

She opens her eyes nd finds kunj standing in front of her… He is having tears in his eye’s…..
T-” Kunj…. U waked up….. “… She is about to speak further but before that kunj left the place nd went to washroom…

Twinkle didn’t noticed his tears…. She looks at herself covered with bedsheet…. She remembers their consummation night nd blushes…

T-” I think Kunj is feeling shy thinking about our beautiful memories of last night ; that’s why he left without uttering a word… Or is their is something from which he is trying to run away.. Isn’t so?….
Offoo Twinkle don’t think negative… Get up nd freshen up soon as today ur new journey of life is starting…. Before Kunj comes out of have to get ready….today I have to ask him the reason behind all his doings till now… I know he will surely answer to my queries… “…. She smiles…

Twinkle is getting ready… She is overwhelmed ; her happiness is over flowing in form of her tears…. While on other side kunj is crying badly standing under shower…..

He recalls his memories nd time spend with Twinkle….

Pal do pal ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Is pyaar ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi
to khuda se maang loon
Mohalat main ik nayi
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

(Why is the life just a moment or two,
for this love, centuries aren’t enough..
So let me ask God
for some more time, anew,
I have to live just here,
I have not to go away from you..
Now that you are there to share my pain,
Now that you share my pain,
Every pain is beautiful,
Now that you share my pain..)

He kneels down…. “I hate myself… Again I showed that I’m a beast.. Even beast is far better from me… I don’t deserve to call a human also…….. She don’t even understand the reason behind my weird behaviour . But my mere understanding does not chase away the hurt.
Plz Babaji take my breath now only.. Let me die so that I can’t face guilt again…. How helpless I’m ; I wanted to kill myself now but I can’t do it… If I do so then
what will happen with Twinkle after me.. Not only her what will happen with my….”.. He is about to speak when Twinkle knocks at the door of washroom… “..

T-“Kunj come out… How much more time u will take to get ready… Come fast”… .


Twinkle reaches to room nd finds kunj ready….

Twinkle eye’s him adorably….
T-” Kunj…… “…..

Kunj looks at her with sad face…. Due to his embarrassment he is not able to see Twinkle joyful face…..

Twinkle runs towards him nd hugs him tightly…..she speaks while hugging him…” Kunj thank u so much for completing me…. Finally today I attained my woman hood…. In all respect I will be called as Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna…. “…

Kunj is confused to see her action…… He didn’t responded back to the hug….. Twinkle is not make out why he is not hugging her back….. She breaks the hug

T-” Kunj what happened…..why r u behaving so weird…. Why r u not taking me in ur embrace… I thought that after what happened last night between us u would kiss me… U would love me but u r not doing so… Tell me why r u acting like this “….

Kunj is baffled to see Twinkle behaving so calmly…..
K-” Twinkle ; look I’m sorry for what happened between us…. I don’t know how I did that again with u… Though I promised u that u will never come close to u but I disregarded it…. That alcoholic effect made me do all that… I even don’t remember what all I did with u…. Plz I beg you forgive me plz…….”…

T-” Kunj what r u saying…. Why r u seeking forgiveness from me nd that too when u didn’t anything wrong.. Kunj yesterday we both completed ourselves…. We both became one…. U neither forced u upon me nor u did disregarded ur promise… As I allowed u… I gave u right to come close to me…. Infact I made u to do all that.. U were not ready for it but I requested u….. “…

K-” U allowed me…. How come!!… How can u forget the tortures I did on u…. Last night act is a mistake we did….”…..

T-“Mistake…. R u serious… U call the most beautiful moment of our life as a mistake….. No Mr kunj Sarna it wasn’t a mistake infact it was the confession of the feelings we both carry for us…. I know u love me… U confessed it to me….
If u don’t remember so let me remind u that I love u too…….. “…

She narrates the whole happenings of last night…. How kunj came back home drunked… About divorce paper…. Their confrontation….. Their confessing nd finally how they made love with eo…..

Kunj is not able to believe that Twinkle loves him… He thinks…
” No I can’t let her fall in love with me.. I have to do something before its too late. “..

He pretends to laugh devilishly….
K-” Finally a fish is trapped in my net….. Today my revenge is finally reaches its end mark…. U think that I love u…. Haahaa.. How stupid u r….
U think that I’m not a beast…. I’m changed… Aww u silly girl…. I’m still a beast only…. I promised u not to come close to u so that u can start to trust on me.. So that I can make u fall in love with me… Nd see I got successful in doing it….
Now for ur whole life u won’t be able to trust nor love anyone else….. I ruined ur life completely… For me u r a used napkin now which I want to throw out of my life very soon…… Poor Twinkle….”…. He is speaking all this keeping a stone on his heart..not making eye contact with her..

Twinkle is shocked to listen his harsh words… Her whole world turns up nd down…though her mind believe on his rude words nd betrayal but her heart knows that how much he love her…

She holds him by his collar nd questions him…
T-” Kunj look into my eye’s nd then again speak what u have just spoked now….
U think I’m a fool that I’m able to judge that u r speaking lie to me……uhhhh!!!!!….
I know u r saying all this purposely but how much hard u try to break my faith on u ; u will always fail in it coz now I know how much u love me…. I can see the love u carry for me in ur eye’s….. U r not a culprit….
Look in my eyes nd speak…. Tell me that I don’t matter for u…. For u last night is a mistake u did.. U all did it for a revenge… U don’t love me “..

Kunj with lot of pain looks in her eyes nd speaks in one go…
” Yes…..yes I don’t love me…. All I did was for the revenge… I don’t give a shit to last night…. Not only this ; I don’t u my wife also…. So its better u leave me alone.. Get out from my life as soon as possible… “…

Twinkle is not able to bear his words anymore… She cries nd leaves him….

Kunj turned around to move out of room…. Tears are constantly gushing from his eye’s

Twinkle moves towards drawer nd takes out a poison bottle….

T-” Wait kunj just answer my last question…
Did my presence don’t matters to u…. U really wanted me to go away from ur life…. For u I being so close to u doesn’t effect u.. If I die then also it won’t affect u.. ”

Kunj’s words are choked in his throat… His pain is not allowing him to speak further…. But still he speaks..
” No…. U don’t matter to me…. Do the hell with u nd ur life… Whether u die or stay alive I don’t care….. I never loved u.. Never…. Coming close to u was the thirst of my lust which I fulfilled now… I’m bored with u… U can go now….For God sake take ur gloomy face away from my life… I can’t tolerate u for a single second. “….

She opens the bottle nd in one gulp she drinks the whole liquid filled in it….

Her eyes turns to blo*dy red…..
T-” OK kunj I will try to fulfil ur wish… Though u love or not but I love u nd I can’t ignore ur plead….
I promise u I will never show my face to u again…. I will go very far away from u… If u will scream to call me back then also I will not hear ur voice…..
For a girl who loves his husband deeply but she don’t get the expected love in return from him.. Then what’s the need for her to live alive…. Its better for me to die being named as ur wife…. Its my luck that I will die peacefully in ur lap…..
When I will not be their in ur life nd if u will miss me …then just look at the sky ; I will always be with you in form of the brightest star….. Give me one last promise that u will stay happy throughout ur whole life…. Promise me that u will always remain a beast for ur Twinkle only…… “….

Kunj is not able to make out why she is saying all this…. But her each word is perching his heart like a sharp bow….

Twinkle is about to speak further but poison starts to effect on her…. Her body sweats badly…. She felt dizzy nd falls down..

Kunj hears the thud of falling her nd turns back…. He finds Twinkle lying on floor… Blood is oozing from her mouth….
He runs towards her…

K-” Twinkle….. Twinkle open ur eye’s…. “.. He looks at the poison bottle in her hand… His heart collapsed seeing her suffering…

K-” What u did… Why… Twinkle talk to me.. See ur kunj is here only…. I love u dammit.. I love u more than my life…. What I said was false.. “…….

He pats on her cheeks to make her stay conscious but her condition starts to deteriorate…

Twinkle stammers…” Kuuu…. nnjjj…. I’m going far away from u….plz take care of yourself… Don’t miss me but always love me…. “…
She keeps her hand on his heart nd speaks…” Ur Twinkle reside in ur heart…I will always be with u..Though not physically I will be present before u but my love will be beside u till ur last breath… ….I love u Kunj….Bye… “…..

Kunj breaks down….. He cries bitterly….
” No Twinkle u can’t leave me… How can u break the vow we took during our marriage… Don’t leave my hand…. I can’t risks to lose u….. U r my light in the intense darkness… U can’t leave my hand…. My heart beats with ur name…. If ur breathe is stopped then my one will also stops as my life is connected with ur life… Without Twinkle this Kunj is nothing…. “…….

Teri dhadkanon se hai zindagi meri
Khwaahishein teri ab duaayein meri
Kitna anokhaa bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lautoonga yahaan tere paas main haan
Vaada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin

(My life is from your heartbeats,
your wishes are my prayers now..
what a unique bond it is,
that your and my life have become one..
I’ll come back to you only..
It’s my promise, even if I die..)

Twinkle eye’s get closed……. Kunj gets shocked…. He hugs nd screams..” TWINKLE NO…. NO….. “…


PRECAP – Twinkle in hospital nd Chinki to come out of coma…
Guys revelation is on the way…. So stay tuned…

Do share ur views about the episode…


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  1. It’s too emotional bt Cute
    Waiting fr next episode
    Today’s episode made me having tears in my eyes bt still I loved it N hope twinkle will get cure fast

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u so much Dolly for ur lovely comment….
      Yes it was emotional one… I thought no one will like it but I’m glad to know that u all loved it….
      Sorry for making u cry ??…

      Love u ??

  2. OMG yr sayeeda…. matlab kya bolu main??? Aap khud hi bta do kaise taareef kru aapki main??? Mere pas to words hi nhi hai…… 😀 matlb kaise likh lete ho aap itna acha???….. main to apki jabra fan ho gyi 😉 🙂 …… i jst lv ur ff…. amazinggggggg episode…. just brilliant…….???????

    1. Sayeeda

      OMG Angel…. Seriously u r an angel in my life… Ur name is perfect for u….
      I can’t tell you how much I loved your comment….. ???…
      I’m blessed to have fan like u…. It’s u ppl whose loves motivates to write more nd more for u all….
      Tarref krna chahti ho tum… But u already made me blush ???…

      Thanks for liking the episode….
      Love u ???

  3. Shit! Sayu di…what was this? She…oh no! Ye Kunj bhi na…I will kill him very soon…m not gonna spare him ha…m telling uh…meri Twinkle…haye meri Twinkle
    As for the epi…I was crying vigorously….
    Humdard is one of my fav songs, and whenever I listen to it, I cry my heart out. Really. M crying rgt now also. Beautiful chapter…loved it
    Love uh?

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww my Icchu… Sorry for making u cry….???… Even hamdard is my fav song as it is sung by my Arijitoo ???…

      I know u r angry but don’t kill kunj u know na how much we all love him ???….
      Don’t worry very soon everything will be fine.. Twinj will be one… Bas itna hi bata skti hoo… I can’t reveal the suspense for now…
      Thanks for liking the episode….
      Love u ?????????

  4. Ruladiya na? Aisa Koi karta hai apne fan ke sath? Love u yr♥♥♥♥

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Sanam… I’m so happy to see u back after so long time… I was thinking that u forget all ur TU frnds… Thanks for showing ur presence… It means a lot to me…

      How’s ur studies going on?…
      Where did u got admission?…
      I know u r busy but if u get time then plz post ur ff’s soon. Plz……. I’m missing ur ff very badly….

      Missed u so much yrr….

      Sorry for making u cry…. But I was not having any intention to do so….
      Thanks for liking the episode…

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  5. Zuha Fatima

    Sayooo Api ????? This was such an amazing and heart-touching shot ?I seriously loved it to the core. Yes it was emotional but not at all boring 🙂 You are rocking this Fan Fiction Like Hell ❤❤❤ And I really wanna know what is the reason behind the beast Kunj. And bechaari Twinkle???? But I know she will be alive? And finally Chinki is out of coma and Kunj’s innocence will be prooved 🙂 Good going ???? Keep it up ??

    Love u dear ❤❤❤

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


    1. Sayeeda

      Zuhoo jaan… I’m not rocking with my ff but it’s u who is doing it through ur ff’s… Still I’m in hangover of ur last episode…

      Thanks for liking the episode… Very soon truth will be out….. Ur comments always make my day….

      Love u too ?????

  6. Very nice. So emotional n dramatic .. Post next ASAP

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Amii…
      I’m so glad to see ur comment…. Moreover I’m happy after reading ur lovely word…
      Will try to post next one soon…
      Keep smiling ??

  7. Priya_

    Too good…and emotional..
    U made me have tears in my eyes..
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    1. Sayeeda

      Aww sorry Priya for making u cry….I’m so happy that u liked the emotions of Twinj….
      Will try to post next one by day after tomorrow…
      Love u ??

  8. Shatakshi

    Omg Sayu I literally had tears on reading this chapter
    It was really emotional n touchy
    As always Sayu tusi great ho???
    N will be eagerly waiting for the revelation
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    1. Sayeeda

      Awww…. Sattu sorry for making u cry ???….
      But still I’m happy that u liked it….
      I’m great coz my Sattu is super duper great.. Greatest of all….
      Love u too ???

  9. Soooo emotional….wat a story line up!!!!
    Superb????? CNT soon…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u so much Maggi for ur sweet comment….
      I’m soooo happy that u liked it…
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    Emotions…..emotions and only emotions conqured d epi as well as my heart

    Amazing…..awesome epi…..just can’t wait for d truth revelation
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    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u kruti for ur lovely comment….
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    1. Sayeeda

      Aaaaaarrrrruuuuu ur comment…. Ohhooo what to say to u yrr… Those lines means a lot to me…..
      I’m sooooooooo happy that I can’t tell u how much elated I’m feeling right now……

      Thanks for ur lovely comment….
      Will surely try to post next one soon…
      Love u too ???

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    1. Sayeeda

      Thanmy after reading ur comment…I’m flying in the air… ????????……
      Matla yrr itna pyara.. Inna sweet comment ???……

      What to say to u… U made me spellbounded ????…..
      U waited for my ff nd I posted it late…. I’m so sorry for this….. Nd then I made u to read dictionary.. The most boring work even I don’t like searching from it… My eye’s pained due to it ????…..

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    Awesome sayu
    And also who used my fav song in btw
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    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Joon…..
      Same pinch as this song is my favourite… The lyrics of the song make me go crazy for it..
      Thanks for liking the episode…

  15. Wow. This was……….emotion filled.. I cried through half of this chapter..like tears on my cheeks, red eyes and sniffing… The full package.. You did a hell of an amazing Job on this chapter, everything was perfect and well portrayed.. My My My!! Outstanding sayeeda.

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      Again I made u cry RiaA.. I’m such a bad frnd.. ???…..sorry for bringing tears in ur eye’s….. But promise very soon u will get to read a romantic episode…. ??…
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    1. Sayeeda

      Romu dear I’m so happy that u liked it…. I didn’t had any hint that u all will like the episode… Coz when I was writing it at that time I made my mind that Sayoo this time no one will like this episode nd u won’t be getting comments… But it happened contrary to my thoughts….

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    U r just incredible
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    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Damini thank you so much for ur sooooooooo lovely comment…
      Yes I understand the word very well as it my fav one.. Whenever I like someone ff a lot I use this word to appreciate them ????….

      Thanks for liking the episode…
      Love u too ???

  19. This is so interesting.. How can you say it boring? Next update jaldi karna. I will be waiting. Love.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank you so much Franciee for ur lovely comment…
      I thought that being emotional one u all will find the episode as boring one but u made me happy saying that it wasn’t boring at all..
      Will surely try to post next one soon….
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      OMG… Finally my Aksa commented.. I’m on cloud nine after seeing ur comment….
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    1. Sayeeda

      Sorry for making u cry….
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      I’m so blessed to have a frnd like u…
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    Mind blowing… Super… Fantastic… Marvellous epi… & moreover it was too emotional & heart touching epi..
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    1. Sayeeda

      Sona jaan tune toh meri jaan hii leli…. I’m awe struck after reading ur lovely word for me ???…

      If I brings stars in ur lap to thank you from side ( though it is impossible for me) then that will be less in comparison of the ur comment…… ???……

      Those lines were the best one I got till date… The best compliment I got from anyone ever….

      Thank you…. Thank you so much for being such a lovely frnd….. Still I want to thank u more but I’m not able to find words to do so….

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  24. Baby

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    di u alwys cm wid a bang
    u r so adorable i jst luv ur riting 2 d core di
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    di srsly it was rerally emotional bt it was emotional bcz u were able to express it soooo nycly
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    1. Sayeeda

      Baby dear sorry for the late reply………

      Dear ur comment… OMG it’s too good yrr….. How u always manage to write so lovely word’s….
      Every time ur comment made me speechless ???….

      Even meri dictionary main bhi word’s end hogaye hai to express my love nd grateful Estate to u…..
      Thanks for always making me smile…..
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  25. OMG its soooooo emotional I cried reading the lines of Twinkle when she was consuming poison
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    please give it a happy one
    and m waiting afor the revelation as to why kunj is doing all this
    continue super soon please

    1. Sayeeda

      Shikha dear tumhari request saalakhon pe… Story will surely end on a happy note only I assure u that as I don’t like stories ending on sad note…. Even I don’t want to end the ff soon but now I have planned what I have to show as the last scene nd will be ending on that only….

      Very soon truth will be out….. So sorry for making u cry….
      Thanks for liking the episode….
      Will try to post next one soon day after tomorrow…

      Love u ???

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    Soooooo emotional sayu
    I am having tears in my eyes …..
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    1. Sayeeda

      Thank you so much Sam for calling my ff as a master piece ???… Though it is not so good but still u ppl always support me…
      Love u too ?????

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    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Sidmin… I closed my eyes nd felt ur hug ???…
      Ur comment… Oh my my….thank you so much for ur sooooooooo lovely comment…

      I’m so glad that u liked it… U liked the Twinkle emotional part…
      I won’t ignore ur sweet sa pyara sa puppy wala face.. Will try to post next one soon….
      Love u too ????

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    1. Sayeeda

      Thank you so much Purnima for ur awesome comment…. I’m so happy that u liked it…
      Love u dear… ???????

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    1. Sayeeda

      Zain dear plz don’t be guilty…. I know u were just confused nd many times it happens.. Infact it happens with everyone…
      If I would be angry with u then I would have mentioned it in the beginning of the ff but u know I really respect u coz u said ur point so calmly…. If u wanted then u can bash all of us but u didn’t did so…

      We forgive to those persons whom we r angry with but I was never angry with u… ???….
      I was just feeling bad for Jisha di that she being a renowned writer on tei TU was doubted and somewhere I was the reason behind it….
      But I’m happy that now their is no confusion….

      U can surely call me di.. I would love it….
      Thanks for ur lovely comment nd ur support… It really means a lot to me….

      Love u too dear…. Always keep smiling?????

      1. No sayu DI…I respect u like my own…thank u for being an understanding person and sweet one…yes I have hurted jisha DI and im guilty about that bad I have said sorry to her I hope she forgives me…sayu di ur the best!?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????

    2. Jisha

      Hi zain,
      Don’t feel guilty.. it was just a misunderstanding which anyone could have went through…I just tried to clear the confusion with help of tu…. don’t feel bad….
      I didn’t find your message… that’s y I could not reply to u… just now I saw ur message as a reply to Sayu for this ff. even I was thinking whether ur confusion is over or not…I was waiting for Sayu’s ff coz I have seen u commenting here…I am happy confusion is over…
      N most importantly, don’t feel guilty… no need to say sorry also…u all are like chotu chotu sisters… leave that incident behind and enjoy tu tei family and ffs…
      Take care n stay blessed…

      1. I’m sorry I don’t know why tu didn’t upload my comment or maybe it was my fault….I’m sorry jisha DI….this is for u…

    3. Jisha

      I am too late.. I read ur message today only… that’s okay.. no need to say sorry…. be happy n remove that guilt part from your mind.
      some msgs don’t get posted…even I had same experience once…

  30. Jisha

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    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Jisha di… It means a lot to me that my favourite ff writer is complimenting me….
      Love u too ????

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    I loved it..????
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    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Aamu… Whether u commented late or short it doesn’t matter to me….
      What matters for me is that u were so busy in with ur studies but still u spared ur time to comment on my ff…. Thanks for it…
      Love u ??????

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    1. Sayeeda

      Twinjsidmin… Thank you… Thank you so much for telling me that u liked which part the most.. ???…. I’m not able to find words to thank u for ur sooooooooo lovely comment….
      But still I can say ur each words matters a lot to me….

      Sorry for making u cry… Sorry for once again as I can’t post next one tmrw… But will surely post by day after tmrw… Promise….

      Love u too dear ???…

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    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Angita…
      I’m soooo happy that u liked it
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    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u so much Savi…
      Sorry for making u cry…
      But still I’m happy that u liked it….

      Keep smiling dear ??

  36. Sayeeda

    Affo right now I won’t say anything to u…
    U will find my reply on my ff next episode…

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