Caught and Escape – OS

Hello everyone… I’m Anu n I would like to write an os based on the current track of ib and dbo… hope u like it…
the story starts when the car catches fire….but the security systems of the car r quite advanced(after all it belongs to SSO) n it sends an emergency signal to omru n khannaji…

Anika:(in mind : God! this person is such a… bagad billa ! if the wild animals don’t eat me this tadibaaz will surely eat me up…)
Shivaay: Now c’mon let’s go towards the city…
They walk for sometime… they sense that a village is near… coz they find a bungalow..
They knock the door only to find it open… shivaay peeps inside but no one is there inside…Anika finds berries n starts eating them…
Shivaay: What r u doing Anika…
Anika: (sarcastically) I’m having Saira Bano with Donald Trump in white house… u also come naa…
Shivaay:Don’t behave like a kid Anika… (Anika feeds berries to Shivaay)
Anika: have it…they r better than Ur medicines…

little did they know that the berries r used for making wine! The berries had their effect on shivika… they were fighting n dancing… they fall on the bed n share an eyelock unaware of the upcoming storm….

ChulOmRU find the broken car…. n they find the bungalow… here shivika is busy staring each other….
Rudra:look here we r getting tensed n they r busy in their own world…(shedding fake tears) bhaiya has become paraya dhan.. he has forgotten us…
Om: Shut up rudra n give them some privacy…they closed the door…
all this while Kali Thakur n Svetlana r busy tracking ChulOmRu…

Kali already sent his men there n they have captured ChulOmRu in the same house…. His men r unaware of shivika being in he same house…
Chulbul: omkaraji I have a strong feeling that Kali thakur is in loved in all this… these men r talking like him
Rudra: but how do we teach them a lesson? These people have taken our phones as well.
Om: well now all that we can do now is hope that Shivaay n Anika help us escape from here….
Kali Thakur n Svetlana arrive n start laughing ChulOmRu r shocked
Kali:Haahaahaa It was all our plan…omkara u have done ur life’s biggest mistake by playing with me… now I’ll take away everything from u! Joru(wife) property n the entire Oberoi empire!
Svetlana: we together planned it… I marry tej n take away his property after killing him.. Kali kills Shivaay forges his share…but how come shivaay n Anika r not here? We called shivaay to reach the factory but his car stopped n he came here then where is he?
Omkara: they r safe n sound n u won’tbe able to reach them.. ur plan failed!
Some goons come n hit om…shivika have now woken up n r shocked watching the scene…they r thinking how to escape
Chulbul: Stop ur dirty game Kali Thakur… u want gauri right? Then listen I’m
Gauri ( removes wig n specs) om is shocked while rest r confused…
Kali: finally! Gauri is here… had to work hard to catch u now see what I do with u..(goons tie her n omru)
Kali n Svetlana go upstairs n celebrate…
Rudra: (whispers)can someone explain me something?
Om tells everything n Gauri clears his misunderstanding… om feels guilty..
Shivika also hear everything as they r near them…
Anika: shivaay I have an idea…(they plan something)
After sometime Shivika come out n try to free them…but they get caught… they inform Kali n he laughs..
Shivaay:I told u it is a stupid plan…
Anika: relax now see plan b…(shouts) I am hungry plz give me food! I am a diabetes patient plz!
Goon: what to do? I’ll ask sir…
Anika: why r u going to Kali? U r so smart n handsome u can’tgo n bring food itself?
Goon likes Anika praising him n goes to bring food…
Anika: (goon brings food)thank u so much I feel that u r the only one who has a heart u take care of everyone….u speak politely unlike some people who r tadibaaz( arrogant)
Omru: Ouch!
Gauri removes phone from the goon’s pocket n tries to call Police…Unfortunately Kali arrives there .. he snatches the phone n slaps her…
Kali: Enough of ur drama now….
Soumya: Not so soon Mr.
Soumya along with Khannaji has come with a team of commandos …fight starts n they thrash all the goons n Kali…Police comes n arrests everyone…

All reach Oberoi Mansion safely…the family accept Gauri…rumya patchup…
Anika: finallythe drama is over… by the someone was jealous haa?
Shivaay:huh? Being possessive of one’s love is not wrong
Shivaay realizes what he said…both blush…
So here I end my os…. plz comment n give suggestions…

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    1. Anu16

      thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Anu16

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  1. Fantastic. Haha Omru’s ouch

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      Glad u liked it πŸ™‚

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    It is awesome dear.

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    Excellent…and funny too.

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  4. Nice but you could’ve given more space to gaurika and rumya. This is a DBO page not IB. shivika could’ve been less. I mean yes DBO and Ib are the same serial but the main focus of DBO is gaurika and rumya. So if you really wanted to write more shivika scenes then you should’ve posted it on the IB page. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I was kind of upset you put less gaurika and rumya scenes.

    1. Anu16

      I’m sorry if I’ve hurt u thank so much for ur suggestion even i was thinking about it…. I’ll make sure that I include gaurika n rumya in further writings… thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  5. Very nice

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  6. Nice dr…

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      Thanks a lot

    1. Anu16

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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    Cute dp and cute os

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    Nice one☺

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