It was Sunday – They planned to go for sightseeing then return house before evening.
sanskar – swara it has been 1 hour and still your getting ready.
swara – hello for boys no problem, we girls have so much things to do.
sanskar – what work you have?? apply kohl like tar road paint, then give four to five coatings in your face like white wash and finally apply lip gloss like shoe polish with two coatings….
swara – shut up sanskar if your born as girl you would know girls feeling.
sanskar – ahh swara enough of your talks it’s getting late. Maggie itself can be prepared in two mints but you????
swara – dats Maggie not swara ok crush boy!!!!!!!!
sanskar – hey cute girl come fast, he turned and was awe struck seeing swara. she was looking gorgeous.
swara – smiled at his reaction and shook him to reality.
sanskar – ok can we go.
swara – yes lord.
swasan – were enjoying the nature and clicked many pics, but to their disappointment it started raining.
Sanskar – ahh now what happen to you?? Wrong timing your showing up..
Swara – don’t you like rain??
Sans – it’s just water !!!!! What’s there to enjoy and he was searching for comfortable place to protect him from getting drenched in rain.
Swara – tasteless fellow does not know to enjoy the nature.
Sans – ahh shut up and he pulled swara under the shed.
Swara – was playing with water droplets
Sans – are you kid?? Behave like grown up swara.
Swara – there is no age to play in rain crush boy..
Sans – hufff these girls are melodrama queens.
Swara – pulled sanskar along with her and both were under sky and rain washed their bodies…
Sans – swara !!!!!! Devil what have you done??? You have to pay for this.
Swara – shhhhh…. she kept her finger on his lips. Hey angry bird be calm and enjoy the rain, each droplets will wash away your anger and pain and it has power to replace it with love. This the power of rain…
Sans – was just looking at her face, how rain drops were travelling from her forehead to jawline and then neck… he was noticing her face carefully like student listening to lecturer…..
Swara – sanskar????? See now your not getting angry, that’s the magic of rain..
sans- was moving closer towards her face. He landed his forehead on hers.
their nose were touching others like nosy nosy <3 <3 <3
Rain droplets travelled from sanskar forehead towards swara and they were dripping in drops from her nose..
Current situation of swsasan :
Their world stood still. Each minute was heavenly for them, they never cared about the ppl or world around them. Their closness raised their beat, and swara's fragrance kindled sanskar's inner feeling lying deep inside his heart.
And swara was not able to move a inch due to his closeness and the way he was holding her close to his chest….
Now they were statue for the rest of the world…
Chillena oru mazhai thuli,
ennai nanaikkuthe penne,
Siragugal yaar koduthathu,
Nejam parakuthey munne….
Un vizhigalile ho naan vaazhgiren Penne
un kanavugalaal hoo naan maarinen penne
Wohhh wohh wohhh wohhh

Loud thunder disturbed the love birds and swasan came to their sense.
Both were blushing and sanskar avoided her since he was feeling guilt and shy..
They drove to their chalet.
Both wished good night and fled to their room.
Swasan pov :
What was that feeling?? I had goose bumps and felt like rats running inside my tummy. Oh god is this love or attraction???
Im So confused… but i feel like something is missing inside me when she/he is not next to me. When he/she is next to me i can sense my heart pumping fast and happiness loaded in my heart as though it will explode at any time…
Slowly their eye lids grew heavier and swasan slept thinking about their new found feeling….. dreamzzzzzzzzzz…..

Morning swara got ready and was in hurry to reach office. She found sanskar shoes and went to check him.
Swara – was feeling hesitant to check him but she kept the feeling aside and knocked his door, sanskar!!!!!!
No response…..
Swara – hey crush boy open the door?? Are you here?? The door was opened and she saw him sleeping covering his blanket. Hey crush boy get up its late for office..
Sankar – no response..
Swara – hey trouble maker!!!!! She pulled his sheets. She can feel his body temperature. He was suffering from high fever.
Swara rushed out took a thermometer and checked his temperature.
Sans- hey cute girl don’t take advantage I’m virgin boy.
Swara – ahhh i cn’t tolerate this crush boy and you’r not worth for it.
Sans- omg… (shocked face)
Swara- your having 105 degree its just few degress from normal. I thought you would have 110 and slip into coma but chha my happiness is broken into pieces…
Sans – god will only grant human wishes not devil’s.
Swara – at least now can’t you shut your mouth crush boy??
sans – ji madam (zip mouth)
Swara- good crush boy…
Swara's phone started ringing… hello rags today i won’t come to office. Im on leave..
Kavrags – whattt??? Why???
Swara – not feeling well.. so see you tommorrow.
Kavrags- ok dr.. take care and if you need any help you can ask us anytime, byee…
sonu, prem and karthi – today with out shona and TM its boring…
kavrags- what he also took leave today??
hey did you check him???
boys – he is not picking the call.
rags – wait lemme call, tring tring…..
sans – hello, rags !!!!!
rags- what happen?? you’r also leave on today??
sans – not well rags will join you soon..
kavrags and prem sonu karthi – oh oh swara is also not well our sanski too… what happen??? something something???
sans- nothing go clear your dirty minds…
gang – in chorus ok sir….. (loud laugh)
swara – entered san’s room with pepper milk, here crush boy have this, it’s good for health and sore throat.
sans – hey I can’t have them, they taste awful.
swara – trouble maker have them soon or else I will turn into bomb.
sans- granny I can’t have them.
swara – what do I look like grand ma??? idiot stupid useless fellow and she started beating him.
sans- was very weak but to escape from pepper milk he started running.
swara – oi stop running, I doubt do you have fever??
sans – was not able to move an inch anymore and he sat on bean bag.
swara – caught his neck and made him gulp the pepper milk in one gulp .
sans – swara devil, I will also get a chance in future that time you’r dead.
swara – in your dreams crush boy.
whole day swara was taking care of sanskar and she was doing all her chores like best friend.
At night:
sans – talk something I’m getting bored.
swara – this song will be perfect for this situation crush boy so i dedicate this for you..
(actually this song is sung when kids are sick, to make them feel strong)
soft kitty, cute kitty..
lil ball of fur,
warm kitty, happy kitty , sleep kitty..
purr.. purr…
how was the song??
sans – swara he moved towards her ear and touched them and showed the finger to her and he did the same thing to his ears also.
swara – was confused..
sans- swara why blood?? same blood!!!!!! ( sorry friends if you can’t understand the joke)
swara – ahh sanskar you buffalo how dare you and she kicked him..
sans – ahhhh its paining, cute girl thank you for taking care of me perfectly. I’m blessed to get a friend like you.
swara – it’s ok crush boy, it my pleasure to help my friend.
sans- ok leave my room I’m feeling sleepy ( naughty smile 😉 )
swara – hey trouble maker no one is dying to stay with you ok( angry face).
sans – just for fun cute girl.
swara – oh okk crush boy and she pulled his cheeks hardly and ran to her room.
sans – hey devil!!!!!!!!!!! you’r dead Tomorrow.
swasan – was recollecting their entire day and dosed off…
furnitures – awesome day did you watch their bonding??
clock, couch – yup im happieee and love them.
utensils- waiting for their confession.
tables – me too…
all non living things were happy and they were rejoiced their bonding….
office – all were having fun and did their work and it was evening all left to their house.
swaragskav – planned outing and they were enjoying but in all place swara could feel someone was watching her.
it was around 8.30 pm trio hugged and kissed and left to their house.
swara was walking alone down the street which was looking like jungle. she could hear footsteps behind her back, she found it strange and started running to save her life and the person too chased her. she was yelling for help and she fell down ,her legs got twisted and she was limping. soon the person caught her and slapped her for running and he was trying to kiss her. she kicked him there and she started her limp race. she was seeing front side, back side ,front back and limping. she hit and fell on person and the person caught her in his arms. she was sweating and panicking and asked him to save her from that stranger. she did not see the person face, she was broken and fell down and closed her face with palms and sobbing. unknown person fought with stranger and the stranger tried to stab him, but the girl hit the stranger with large wooden stick. stranger fell down holding his head and was lying unconscious on the road. the unknown person warned the stranger hey sahil if ever dare to touch her you will rot in hell. he kicked him hard n his stomach and went near swara.
sahil – is working in same office and he is snake and uses girls. one day he fell for swara beauty and he started chasing her from that day.
but today he learnt nice lesson from sanskar. yes the unknown person is our hero sanskar… he saved her from sahil.
sans – swara, are you ok!!!!
swara – please leave me. she was saying this by closing her eyes.
sans – hey cute girl it’s me your crush boy, open your eyes nothing happened to you.
swara – sanskar she hugged him tight and started crying :’( :’( :’(
sans – shhhh… slowly he rubbed her back and shoulders, nothing happened swara , he will never try to touch or harm you. I have taught him lesson. come lets go to our house. he carried swara since her legs got hurt.
he placed swara in her bed and went to pick first aid box.
sans – cleaned her wounds and performed first aid and he fed her food and made her sleep.
swara – hugged him, thank you so much sanskar you’re my savior.
sanskar – to make her normal – hey cute girl I know I’m hot and handsome so don’t take advantage of me, enough of hugging me.
swara – hello :O
Sans – ok ok cool down, bye good night…
she smiled at him and slept.
Sans – shouted how did you know she was in danger??? Com'n answer me. Atleast tell who you are?? How you know us??

Flash back :
Sans was feeling disturbed and he was restless tossing in his bed right and left. He can hear whispering sounds alerting him " she is in danger, go save her " he was not able to bear them and he left the house to get some fresh air…..
As he walked along the roads he heard voice calling out for help and there he found swara in danger…..
flash back ends….

Windows made sounds by beating against walls.
Curtains – were accompanying winds and they were flying high in air.
Cup boards – door opened and they were like welcoming him inside.
Cot – made sounds like they are gonna break down at anymoment.
Bed – com'n stop this friends he may be frightened by watching our talks…
Sans- yup stop your nonsense and tell me the truth!!!!!!
Cup board – we under curse and leading a life like humans. when our spell gets broken we may end up living a normal life as non- living thing.
Sans- what??
Windows – why you are always asking what?? Learn something new from your cute girl.
Sans – cute girl ah??? Shocked..
Curtains – why are you getting shock?? You call swara as cute girl right???
Sans – yes and he did not speak anything after that.
Tables – actually crush boy we are under spell so when we witness true care, friendship and love our spell will be demolished. But now i am happy becz that day is not so far…..
Sans – why??
Utensils – we have witnessed these things in btwn you….
Sans – no.. we are just house mate.
Clock- oh is it?? Great liar..
Couch – crush boy you’r in love and same with swara.. soon both confess and We are waiting for your union.
Bean bag – dont create scene and accept your feelings and my last warning you’r in love crush boy,propose your cute girl soon…
Bed – yes crush boy see your face how worried you were for swara and your happy when she is happy and she supports you when you need. This is love and next, i am bored to sleep alone by seeing your stupid face. Soon change this single room into doubles…..
Hahahahhahahahahahah all were laughing…….
Sans – ahh my ears are paining…shut your mouths.. she is my friend,thats all..
Non – living things – what can we do!!! you are nuts.. vidiya vidiya ramayanam kettu seedhai ku raman chittapan ah.. (entire night you heard ramayana story and in morning your asking whether lord rama is uncle for seetha???) go propose her soon all d best…
Sans – ok i will help you in breaking this curse..
Non- living things – oh you won’t accept that you’r in love but you will help us..stupid crush boy..
Sans – was laughing hearing their talks… ok I will propose her soon.
And he dosed off in bed…
Next day @ office :
Gang – i think something is cooking up between swasan we should find it soon and lets tease them today..
Rags – idea!!! Kavi you propose sanskar and karthi you propose swara. We can see how they react and find out the truth.
Sonu and prem – get ready TM is coming..
Soon he joined them and after 15 mts swara too joined them.
Swasan were stealing glances and all were witnessing them.
Rags – swara today you have surprise. Inside our gang itself we have fan girl for TM.
Swara – who is that crazy stupid??
Sans- wow day by day my fandom is increasing and few silly girls like you pointing towards swara – jealous of me.
Swara – hey trouble maker close your mouth and i have no interest on you!!! How many times I should to repeat them..
Sans – someone stomach is burning.. and who is that lucky girl rags??
Next minute kavi got up and karthi too..

Both pulled swasan out from their chair and made them to stand nearby and karthi and kavi went down in knees and had a beautiful red rose in their hand and proposed their partners…
Swasan – were terribly shocked and stood staring each other face.
Karthi – swara i love you.
Kavi – i dont when, how TM , im in love with you..
Swara – started shedding tears..
Sanskar- heart broken into pieces seeing his love crying and his friend proposing his wife. Yup now his mind hit him that swara is his life and more than that she is his wife and love…
Sans – this cannot happen…..
Kavi – why sanskar???? Your single right?? Or do you love someone??
Karthi- swara why are you crying??? reply.
Swara – i cannot love you karthi.
Kavrthi (kavitha+ karthi) – why are you both are neglecting our proposal????
Swasan – because we are in love….
Swasan did not know how this happened, but they blurted their heart out and were shocked by each other confession….
Gang – hey jolieee…. all gave hifi hugged each other and congrats swasan..
Swasan – were shocked…. standing like statue..
Gang – alas we found the truth.. we are happy for you and it was our plan to make you confess…
Swasan – started beating everyone in their gang and they thanked their friends for helping them to realize their love…
All asked for treat and they celebrated their confession day…

Night at house :
Swasan were watching film and romantic scene was happening.. swasan were blushing and stealing glances of other.
Sanskar changed the channel to make swara comfortable..
Swara- felt happy at heart for his act.

And swara too learned the truth about non- livings curse and sometimes she will join with them to tease sanskar.
Table – aww romance, sanskar why did you change the channel???
Clock – maybe he was feeling shy.
Couch- hey crush boy you’r not romancing with your cute girl at least give some chance for us to watch them..
Swara – was feeling shy and she ran to her room..
Sans – are you all happy now?? She ran away!!!!!
Utensils – what did we do?? We just spoke what we felt.. your tooo slow crush boy.
Sans – i know what to do, no need your help.
Doors – haan we are seeing that daily.. You fit for nothing (smile)
Sans – i am feeling sleepy bye..
Non living – you only know to sleep.. bye i pity for swara in future..
Sans- ha that’s my problem you all don’t need to worry.. bye..

Days passed…..
Swasan were happy about their relationship.
One afternoon swara came rushing to sans who was watching grimm series.
Swara – crush boy…..
Sans – what?????
Swara – one minute listen to me..
Sans – i am eagerly watching series, you tell me i will hear.
Swara – when are we getting married??????
Sans – was dumbfounded.
Swara – felt sad and she left to her room and was hugging her pillow and crying.
After 3 hours she heard knock on her door.
swara composed herself and opened the door.
sans – swara its emergency, wear this dress and put minimal makeup come fast. I’m waiting out.
swara – ok, she got ready, it was simple red color silk cotton sari and she applied lil makeup and left out.
sans- come on sit we are going to temple
swara – why??
sans- rags is getting married secretly in temple so we are going to help her because her family is not willing to accept her love.
swara – what??? she didn’t tell me about her love???? I’m angry on her.
sans- swara its not time for arguing we are getting late.
swara – forgot that she was sad and was in angry mood to burst on rags for hiding the truth.
swasan reached temple; all were waiting for them ie their gang.
swara – rags you didn’t tell me about your love??? where is your partner?? I want to see him??
rags – swara it all happened suddenly so no questions.
sonu, prem and karthi – made sanskar stand in front of god statue.
rags and kavitha – made swara stand infront of sanskar.
swara – was confused…
friends gave them garland to swasan and exchange them.
sans- with naughty cute smile forwarded and adored swara’s beautiful neck with garland in slow motion, witnessing swara emotional face.
swara – was literally shocked and she was staring sans continuously, kavrags pushed her from back and slowly she slid the garland around her crush boy neck. tears were rolling down her cheeks..( happy emotional tears)
sans – uriye unnai unnai enthan vaazhkaithunaiyaaga
aerkindren aerkindren…
inimael puyal veyil malai paalai solai ivai
ondranga kadapomea…..

(sans – oh my life I’m accepting you as my life partner and we can face the hurdles in our life together forever…
Swara- never expected that sanskar will give her shock like this.. she was feeling great. Because girls will never long for her own happiness, she will always sacrifice her wish for others happiness.
Sans – winked at her and gave wide smile.
Swara – was blushing and her jamun cheeks turned pink.
Sans – slowly moved towards swara's neck and tied the sacred thread ie mangalsutra.. he gave her the rights of being his soulmate forever..
Swara – was shedding happy tears and she was reminiscing each moments happening around her. The day she expected to be his one and only life. The day she got a new relation who will never leave her alone, even in her dreams. She can proudly say i have a man who will shield me always. over all he is hers only man and life…
Entire gang congratulated swasan for their marriage and left the newly wedded couple alone.
Swasan entered their chalet by holding their arms hand in hand.

Inside the house :
All the non- living this wished them happy married life and they showered them with wonderful blessings….
Non – living things started to howl due to their happiness.
But ppl who witness the chalet from outside would think as earthquake .
Couch – ok crush boy the day has come, dont delay come on propose you’r cute girl.
Swara was blushing hearing their talks and sanskar was shocked .
Table – hello why are showing shocked reaction??? Don’t create scene.
Clock- ding dong…
Chairs – crush boy at least a kiss..
Television – first time im gonna watch live show im so eager crush boy.
Bed- aww I’m small child don’t do your romance in front of me.
Sans – hey bed I would believe every1 but not you.. You’re such a drama queen.
Utensils – enough of speaking sanskar..
Sans – bent down in his knees ,raised his hand and took swara's hand kissed her dorsum, I never knew my life will be so colourful but the reason for these shades and tints is only "U" my cute girl… I LOVE YOU …..
Swara – was blushing and kissed sans fore head and confessed I love you too…
Non- living things – wow… awesome, bye crush boy and cute girl our day has come.. we are leaving you, enjoy yourself and have 100 kids (wink)
Swasan – whatt???

Non-living things – change the dialogue guys, it’s boring to hear same word.
Swasan – laughed and wished them good bye….
Things turned into stone ie statue and they never returned…
Now both were staring at each other with confusion in their nutty head, like what to do next????
Sans – came close to swara and picked her in bridal style and placed her gently on his mattress. His breath were touching swara's neck and she felt shivering..
Swara- crush boy thank you for entering my life..
Sans – pleasure is mine cute girl.
Soon they started their work (don’t ask me what work??)
Entire chalet was filled with silence and dark only their moans and giggles showed their presence which was adding essence to their night…
After long hard work swasan slept in each other’s embrace……
It was beautiful morning, birds were chirping and morning rays were waking the sleepy heads.

After 9 months spring has haunted their chalet. Yes their union has brought spring season to their chalet and coldness never dared to enter again..
Swasan were sitting in stone bench in their garden and was rejoicing the fragrance of cherry blossom, songs sung by cuckoo and other birds.. They never knew their life would turn so heavenly…..
swara was sitting by resting her back and sanskar was lying on her lap.
swara was playing with her crush boy’s hair and he was enjoying her care and gazing at butterfly which was sucking nectar from beautiful flower.
sans got naughty idea, hey swara look there !!!!! swara bend down but could not witness anything. sans took this as a chance and he pulled swara closer and placed his lips on her cherry lips.
swara was shocked , later she started reciprocating the kiss.
swasan were enjoying the journey of kiss……….
Sky was witnessing their love and blessed them to be mirthful in their life forever and ever…….

This was swasan castle in the sky……

************ THE END************

Note : wish my cute sis happy birthday and Let me know about your wonderful thoughts on this os ….

Thank you for reading friends……

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