Helloooo buddies !!!!!!!!
I dedicate this os for my cute lil sis smriti aka prakirti – birthday present
This os Is based on fantasy and I hope you would like them. And it’s purely my imagination.
sans – sanskar.

Chalet is shown and its roof is covered with dense snow, being December no one cares about snow fall and its quite natural. But chalet has been covered with coldness for past 6 months both inside and outside. cold has preferred this place becz ppl living here are cold and has no feelings. Poignant is seen swirling in the air inside the chalet. Sun was so lazy to show up but it’s universal truth that it should rise and wake ppl who are lazy like him. Sunrays started falling on the chalet and the snow was melting and they were dripping like dew droplets over the glass windows . Due to the early morning chillness a girl’s sleep was disturbed. In between her sleep she was trying to move around her cozy bed to find blanket and protect her from cold and she was murmuring in her sleep closing her eyes, ah my lovely blanket where are you, please come over and cover me im not able to search you. Somehow she found her blanket and she slept in the warmness given by the blanket. Yes the girl sleeping is swara .
Same house another room a boy was sleeping but due to sudden alarm his sleep was disturbed and he sat on the bed with jerk. He squeezed his eyes and got clear view of his room and went to refresh. Yes the boy is sanskar.
Swara and sanskar got married due to circumstance, and they are living separately in one roof. Both never cared to each other and they act invisible to other.

Soon sanskar got ready and left for his work having his breakfast. He cooks for himself and sometimes if its getting late he wound have food in his office. Sanskar is working in IT park.
It was around 4.00pm he returned to his house and he found it locked and he had his own time being alone and rejoicing the silence.

Swara is also working in IT park but afternoon shift and she leaves the house before sanskar comes and sleeps late.
This was swasan routine, it has been 6 months of their marriage life, their soul did not even take a single step to talk to the other or even say hi. But daily night in their chalet they would hear sounds of giggle, happiness talk and sometimes mourn. Both may think, sankar – she is talking with her friend and swara also vice versa. They never knew the truth that the sound was not made by them, but some one other than two is living here.
Days passed one day swara was returning from her work may be around 7.30 pm , being December night the thick fogs covered the rods and it is difficult for ppl to watch whose coming next to them.
With so much difficulty swara was walking and slowly it started drizzling and she was taking big steps to reach her house safely. She felt like someone was watching her past one week and so she was bit afraid about her safety. She started hearing footsteps close to her back, started running fast and she heard same footsteps. She was sweating amidst the coldness spreading around.

Other side sanskar was sleeping and he could see some images shouting for help and he was searching for the sound and he felt some one was strangling his neck and he was struggling to get up. After few minutes he got up with jerk and found it to be weird nightmare. He was sweating profusely and turned to left side of bed and picked his water jug and found it empty. He gave sigh and moved towards kitchen, along the way he heard whispering talks which was forcing him to move towards door. He felt like suffocating and rushed out to get fresh air. Once he opened the door , he was pushed by someone and he fell down due to jerk and found something heavy over his body. He was trying to get up and lately he pushed that thing down patted & the person to wake up.
Sanskar immediately picked her and placed on couch and sprinkled water over her face. He was trying to gain her conscious, but there was no profit from his action. First time he touched her face and patted her cheeks and rubbed her palm with his palm and moved towards her feet and rubbed them vigorously. May be heated created by him, can make her gain sense. He covered her with his blanket and waiting for her to respond.

After half an hour she gained her sense, she slowly opened her eyes, all she could remember was some one chasing her. She shouted noooo……………. Sanskar sleeping in chair got up with jerk. Why the hell are you shouting??????? She was looking at him with shock and murmured nothing and left to her room. while moving she found herself covered with sheet and gave the blanket to sanskar, wished him thank you.
Sanskar – asked her what happen why did you faint???
Swara – none of your business
Sanskar – ahh irritating idiot and he left to his room.
Swara – oi hello take your blanket and threw to him.
Sanskar – crap, why would I need that?? It was covering you and im sure it will be stinking like garbage.
Swara – hello shut up ,I take shower twice a day.
Sanskar – who knows??
Swara – go to hell.
Sanskar – im living in hell….. with devil he said it with chuckle.
Sawar – gave him cunning look and went to her room.
Sanskar – went to his room and shut the door with bang.

Swara pov :
I was in semi conscious state, my vision was blurr, but I can see milk face with brown eyes and dark eyebrows, straight nose, pink lips. Aww he was handsome. He was looking like angel who saved me from evil spirit. His care and worried face showed that he had some feeling for me. May be bcz I was his house mate( sharing house so I made as house mate ). Leave it, Why am I thinking about him??Sleep swara its already late.
Swara pov ends.

Sanskar pov :
First time I was seeing her, she was looking beautiful and her almond shape eyes, cherry lips, rein deer nose, jamun cheeks and her hairs were glittering like silk threads. Totally she was gorgeous. And why did she fainted?? What happened??? Why was she shouting??? And her attitude wow im spell bound to her. Wait wait, why im thinking about that devil???? Ahh stupid brain why are you praising that devil.
Sanskar pov ends.
He was feeling cold and he slowly peeped out of his door to collect his blanket. But he was shocked to see the scenario sofa, television, wall cloak, utensils in kitchen, other furniture’s were talking and giggling. Non – living are alive in this house.
couch -did you see today he was caring for her.
Wall clock -Aww what a lovely & beautiful scene, now our house has got its reality back.
Television – their melodrama was not bad.
Utensils- shit we forgot to watch the epic scene.
Chairs – we were blessed to be placed in hall and we witnessed their fight and care for other.
Table – was clapping by shaking her legs approving chairs words.
Sanskar – his eyes were wide open and he grabbed his blanket and closed door. He was silently sitting on his bed and remembering non- living things talks. Is this real or its dream???
He pinched himself & felt the pain. He went to sleep by covering with blanket but sleep was far away from him. He was thinking about same incident. Then he felt panner rose fragrance mixed with cherry. The smell was entering his nostrils and filled his lungs. Waahh this fragrance turns me crazy. Later his cerebrum gave him hint, blanket was with swara and this wonderful fragrance is hers……
Sanskar – smiled while thinking about her & slept at dawn.

At office :
Sanskar was busy in searching file in his cabin, his project manager (PM) called him to introduce new member in his crew.
Sanskar – hey PM whats the need of adding new person in our crew??
PM –she has potent and working honestly sanksar. So I thought of switching her to your crew. Since your team head {TM} im informing you early.
Sanskar – ok I will call other members also and you can give intro about her.
PM – ok, Im leaving . I need you all in my cabin with in 15 mts.
Sanskar – done PM.
PM cabin – ok sanski I guess ur entire crew is here.
Sanskar – yess boss with chuckle.
PM – ahh sanskar stop calling me boss ,Some times I feel embarrassed.
Entire crew was laughing and sanski gave wide smile.
PM – ok lemme intro her and she called the person through intercom.
Unknown person – she entered the cabin and shocked to see the person standing in front of her.
Sanskar – was shocked and staring her.
Swasan – you????????? Are you following me?? (chorus at same time)
Entire crew and PM – was staring at them and questioned them??
Swasan – gave kill you look..
PM – OK sanskar she is the new girl transferring to your team. Her name is swara.
Sanskar – welcome devil oops miss swara to our team.
Swara – she gave him sigh and wished other members hai…
Crew- hai swara ,meet our TM, he is cool and dashing guy but he is strict when it comes to work. So be wise while handling him.
Swara – whose TM here??? Why are you calling him tm??? May be he is trouble maker!!!!!
Sanskar – was drinking water, and he spit out with shock.
Crew and pm – aww swara you are dead today. Sanskar is team head in short TM.
Swara – let it be, it was my doubt.
All were shocked by her answer.
Sanskar – smiled at swara and he instructed to get details about new project from her crew members and left to his cabin.

Inside sanskar cabin- omg why god???? You made her to switch to my crew. I cnt tolerate her being next to me. Im gonna teach her lesson and make her run away from this job. His face was shinning like 100- watts bulb while plotting against swara.
Crew members :
Hi im ragini, kavita, sonu, karthi, prem ….
Swara – hello all, pleasant meeting you. So will you join me in your gang???
Crew – pleasure meeting you. Why not your already in our gang.
Kavi – ok swara there are certain rules here.
Rags- yup.
Prem, sonu, karthi – first you should be in office at 9.00 and one minute late then your dead from TM hands.
Swara – irritating rules and hate that TM (ANGRY FACE)
Crew – what????? Why you hate him?? He is best guy here and all girls in this block have crush over him.
Kavi and rags – oi hello we are not like them, don’t include us in that stupid fans club of sanskar.
Swara – with utter shock and yuck face, fans club?????
Crew – yup swara!!!!! Just now you have entered right, slowly you can watch the dramas happening here. Sanskar has huge fans club here and these crazy girls will do stupid stuffs to please him.
Swara – disgusting……
Others – don’t you have feelings for him.
Swara – god never in my drems.
Crew- then ok swara.. all the best and here is your work. They explained her and soon swara got patched up with gang and was rocking with them.
sanskar – hello buddies what about today’s work plan??? did you finish the work???
crew – yes sanskar!!!!!!!
sanskar – ok lets go to canteen…

At canteen : all placed their orders and were chit chatting.
swasan were continuously showing face to each other like cat and dog.
rags- hey sanskar what happen between you both??
kavi – yeah morning itself we were planning to ask you???
boys – yup men!!!!
swasan were shocked and they did not know what to tell their friends..
sanskar – actually she living next to my house so I know her.
swara – haan.
gang – oh okkk…
while they were chatting kavi was trying to show swara that a girl was waiting to propose sanksar, she was signaling her but swara did not get that. so kavi hit her leg to gain grab her attention.
karthi shouted ahhhh my leg. kavi covered up wtsup karthi????
karthi – someone hit my leg.
rags – were sitting in group so any one would have stretched their leg.
kavi – haan.
rags – saw a girl with rose and she was gazing at sanskar.
rags – whispered swara.
swara – was not able to hear her whisper and she was eating looking at her plate.
rags- signaled to kavi and they were talking through eyes.
prem – girls what you talking??
kavrags – nothing with laugh.
rags – sent a message to swara, casually look at entrance.
swara – ok replied, and she saw a girl standing with bunch of roses in her hand and drawing patterns using her toes in ground. swara was not able to control her laugh anymore she burst it out.
soon kavrags joined them and trio gave hifi.
boys – were shocked.
kavi – see the entrance.
sanskar – shit today also she is standing here im gonna give her slap oneday.
entire gang burst out in loud laugh and gave hifi.
sanskar – was staring at swara.
swara – hey trouble maker, Juliet is waiting for you.
sanskar – hey devil shut your mouth or else today your dead.
gang – sanskar she is right, go and meet your Juliet.
swara – winked at sanskar and sticked out her tongue.
sanskar – gave her kill you look.
sanskar – went towards her and he was talking to her for five minutes and he was gesturing something pointing towards swara.
swara – started to sweat.
kavrags – hey what happen?? why are you sweating???
swara – nothing.
soon that girl came near swara and wished her congratz and left crying.
sanskar – hey miss devil now your dead. girls in this block will try to pull your hair and prepare to face them.
gang – what?????? sanskar she is new and you have done great mistake. what’s swara fault here??
sanskar – she teased me right, she should face them.
swara – oi hello trouble maker, im not common girl to get afraid for silly things. I know tosurvive.
sanskar – haan yesterday only I saw your beautiful face which was brave as iron man.
swara – shit your gonna end in trouble now, and signaled him your dead.
gang – what?? when did you see her??
sanskar – monologue – you don’t have mouth control sanskar, soon cook a story.

Actually she is living next door so I saw her running so fast to save her life from dog and so I told her iron man.
gang – oh kk sanskar.
evening – all bid bye and went to their houses.
sanskar went in his bike and swara came through walking.
swara – ahh being a house mate and working in same place, doesn’t he have manners to ask for lift. im walking daily and she felt someone was following her. swara started taking large steps and finally reached her house.
sanskar – was sitting in porch and gazing at the nature and he found swara running towards the house.
swara – trouble maker is in entrance. did he notice me running towards house??
sanskar – hey chatter box why were you running??
swara – house mate none of your business.
sanskar – empty vessels make much noise.
swara – she kicked him and started beating him in his shoulders.
both were fighting and between they were laughing too.. plants and trees witnessed their chats.

flowers were happy but they did not bloom they remained as bud.
swara – enough sanskar, I cnt anymore.
sanskar – gazed her face which was pink in color due to their laugh.
swara – sanskar what did you tell that girl in canteen??
sanskar – jealous???? I told her you’re my girlfriend hahahahahahhahhhahhahahaahah.
swara – hey idiot donkey trouble maker today your dead and she kicked him and ran to her room and closed the doors.
sanskar – got angry and he was banging her door and twisting the knob to get them opened. alas it got clicked and swara started running inside the room.
swasan were playing like tom and jerry.
soon they got exhausted ,fell in the couch and took rest foe five minutes.

At night both had their dinner and went to their respective rooms.
sanskar – I told her that she is my girlfriend , she got angry for this, but the fact is she is my wife. why she did not feel jealousy for me. this shows how strong she is. he praised her and went to bed.
swara – ahh that girl was proposing sanskar. how can she propose a married man?? stupid brain what im thinking. I don’t have feelings for him. he is just house mate. soon she dosed off.
Days were passing swasan now has become close and sankar got promotion from house mate to CRUSH BOY. swara got promotion from devil to CUTE GIRL.
(since many girls have crush on sanskar , swara named him as crush boy . at first sanskar denied later he accepted the name)
gang – hey you both were fighting like tom and jerry now it has turned upside down?? what happening???
swasan – nothing happening but they were happy inside by hearing their friends talks.
gang – oh we are seeing that, nothing in your face.
swasan – what?????
gang- nothing……
all left to their house….

Everything in swasan life changed , both started sharing their feelings , likes & dislikes and crack stupid jokes, except travel . swara would go to office by walk.
swasan – were fighting to watch tv.
sanskar – swara today you prepare the dinner, Im gonna watch my favourite movie.
swara – I want to watch my serial, you go prepare food today.
sanskar – I don’t know how these girls are watching serials. yuck what’s there in serial?? they Would be showing fight between DIL and MIL or love story or kidnapping, memory loss drama. more than any new concept are they gonna show??? It’s waste of time.
swara – are they showing anything new in movie?? girl will fall for boy or vice versa. sometimes family become villain in their love story or new villain entry.. more than your stupid movie I will watch my fav serial. if you wanna you can join me I won’t object.
sanskar – am I nut to watch serial with you??? ok what serial are gonna watch??
swara – kana kannum kaalangal – school life( dreams ) (minra readers I did not copy her idea, I planned this long ago)
sanskar – ahh swara , after that so much happened, these school students entered college (kkk kalloriyin kadhai), they got placement in software companies (office serial) and now settled in their life. still your watching their school drama life..
swara – aww sanskar pinch me..
sanskar – pinched her.
swara – ahh its paining then its true.. sanskar someone told me they won’t watch serials, but he told the entire story. hahahhehehehehehehehheehhe
sanskar – was embarrassed and he hid his face using palms.
swara – crush boy is feeling shy, wait let me take you a snap.
sanskar – got angry and he pulled her phone and both started fighting again.

after 30 minutes they settled down to watch tv, bad luck serial got over..  😀
swara punched sanskar stomach and left to prepare dinner.
sanskar – what can we prepare today??
swara – I want to eat briyani sanskar.
sanskar – ok I will prepare but you should help me in cutting veggies.
sanskar – was washing basmasti rice and another side he was looking into spices and making them ready, he gave basket full of onions and chilles to swara for chopping them.
swara – started peeling them and chopped it slowly.
sanskar – was instructing her and he was busy in checking ingredients. he called swara !!!!!
swara – no response, she was busy in whipping her nose and eyes.
sanskar – swara!!!!!! need chillies and onions he shouted and looked her face. swara’s eye were shedding tears like shower tap. he started laughing at her.
swara – in between her sobs she was cutting them patiently.
sanskar – made her to wash her face and went to his room and gave coolers to swara.
swara – for what sanskar??
sanskar – don’t reveal my secret and it’s my idea, wear them and chop onions you can’t feel the irritation in your eyes.
swara – gave smile and she wore the coolers.
finally briyani was ready and they relished it by watching tv.
It was around 10.30 pm, swara was feeling sleepy so she wished him good bye.
sanskar – wait swara we can go after 5 minutes, the show is gonna end.
swara – was yawning but she waited for him.

after 5 minutes both wished good night and went towards their room.
swasan were feeling so happy and they felt like flying in the air,both dosed off thinking about each other.
A girl was walking in lonely road and she could hear footsteps behind her back, she found it strange and started running to save her life and the person too chased her. she was yelling for help and she fell down ,her legs got twisted and though she was limping. soon the person caught her and slapped her for running and he was trying to kiss her. she kicked him there and she started her limp race. she was seeing front side back side front back and limping. she hit and fell on person and the person caught her in his arms. she was sweating and panicking and asked him to save her from that stranger.
the unknown person fought with stranger and the stranger tried to stab him, but the girl hit the stranger with large wooden stick. stranger fell down holding his head and fell unconscious on the road.
with this the dream came to an end, swasan sat on the bed with thud. both had same dream but they were not able to see the persons face clearly.
sanskar drank water and slept again.
swara – was thinking about the dream and she too slept but doesn’t know the time.
Furnitures – did you see them, wow it was awesome, day by day they are getting close and started to feel for other. our dreams are gonna get fulfilled, im so happy for them.
Clock – struck ding dong to approve them.

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