The Case Which Changed Many Lifes…Chapter 2…Swaragini


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Here is the Chapter 2
*At night*
Ragini is thinking about Mr Sanskar Maheswari’s case.

Ragini:Oh God,you put me in a really difficult situation!How can I make Mr Maheswari to say ‘No’..Wait!Before that I should know why he is accepting that he did the murder of his own sister.Why will he do that?

She opens the case file. Uttara Maheswari,being stabbed by her brother Sanskar Maheswari,died. Death reasons-being stabbed in the right side of the stomach,also due to lack of oxygen.

Ragini : Why did he stab her? I will have to meet him tomorrow itself. He only can help me solving this case.

Ragini is getting ready. She is wearing a black jeans and white short top. She looks beautiful in that attire.

•Ragini’s POV•
Oh god! I’m gonna meet Mr. Sanskar Maheswari. I hope he’ll help me. Hmm… I never saw him. Look, all these papers also his face isn’t clear. Anyway, I am gonna meet him, know?

She leaves from her house.
She reaches subjail in her scooty. Ragini: Sir, I wanna meet Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.

She shows her lawyer card. The polce officer allows her to go inside. Another office officer shows her the cell and then he leaves. She’s walking towards the cell. She feels something strange; her heart beats faster.

•In the Cell•
He is sitting facing the wall. He has a blank expression on his face. But, suddenly, he smiles. For the past six months, he never smiled but today he does. He, himself, gets shocked. His heart starts to beat faster, too. ‘

‘Why am I smiling?’, he thinks. Suddenly, he hears a sweet voice voice from outside of his cell. “Excuse me, Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.” His heart skips a beat to hear her sweet melodious voice “yeah….its our Ragini.. Sanskar turns… Ragin’s heart starts beating more faster.. Same happens with Sanskar. Sanskar starts coming towards her. “yes.what do you want” he said in a rude manner Ragini is unable to speak she is completely lost in him. Ragini comes back into her senses.

Ragini:woh..woh..actually…… sanskar feels irritated hearing woh..woh.. ” If you want to say something.. just say it and get lost”he said angrily. Ragini: I’m Ragini Gadodia..
Sanskar: So what??
Ragini: I want to write a feature about you. Iam a reporter. .

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