The Case Which Changed Many Lifes…Chapter 1…Swaragini



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Here is the first chapter of my ff.

A guy is standing in a court.

Judge:Do you want to say something?


Judge:22nd May will be the last hearing of this case.That is after two months.Till then the accused will be in sub jail.

Lawyer:I would like to inform something before the court.Iam backing out from the case.

Judge:In that case,in these two months,if the accused is able to get a new lawyer then he can fight the case.Else he will be considered guilty and will be awarded with life imprisonment. The guy is being taken to sub jail.


Next day morning.

A girl is sitting in front of the same lawyer who back out from the case yesterday.


Mam:Iam sorry,i don’t want any assistant right now..

Girl:Mam..please ,..i will do anything …please mam

Mam:Are you sure.?

Girl:Yes mam.

Mam:Then you will have to fight a case.

Girl:Which case,mam?

Mam:You might be familiar with the case.The only case in which i failed.

Girl:Yes..i saw the news..its said that you failed the case,.but yesterday was its second hearing na mam?

Mam:Yes,but i backout from the case!And i want you to fight that case.Its last hearing is after two months.

Girl:But mam..

Mam:Yes or no?

Girl:hmmm..yes!i will fight the case mam.

Mam:But before fighting this case,you should know one thing about it.

Girl:What’s that mam?

Mam:I failed this case only because of one person.

Girl:Who is that,mam?

Mam:He is Mr Sanskar Maheswari.

Girl:What?Mr Sanskar Maheswari.?But he is the accused na?

Mam:Yes!you are right!But he is the person who made me fail the case.

Girl:Mam,but how?

Mam:Because he accepts that he did the murder of his own sister.I somehow managed to cop up with the situation by saying that his mental state is not so well.

Girl:So mam,you mean to say that i should meet him before fighting the case.

Mam:Yes,you should.

Girl:Ok mam.I will meet him tomorrow itself.Iam leaving now

Mam:So all the very best Ms Ragini Gadodia.

Girl:Thankyou mam.

Friends,that’s the end of chapter one…Wish to see your comments.Thanks for reading. Bye..

Credit to: Devil

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