A Case ( 3 shots) (mmz) part-3


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He opened his handkerchief to cover his face. Then he found the handkerchief was not of his.

“ Ladies Perfume” said Neil when he inhaled the scent on it.

”how many will hide the truth, you will break the troop, hometown is kilometers away, his pride will gulp the proof away, run run run , the game is now begun”

Neil was disturbed now, he had two puzzles to solve now. He called Ray.

“ Ray ..is there any chaos in hotel” asked Neil.

“ No..you can easily come down ..when you left riddhima in the room ..i took her to some hotel room and put her there” said Ray.

“ what are you doing there??” asked Ray.

“ I am with Raina dutta ..in Arjun’s suite” said Neil and looked towards the rotten corpse of Raina.

“ Neil ..i know when you see any pretty girl, you won’t able to control your hormones..but now we are working on a nasty Case…pls for the sake of A Case.. Leave her” said Ray
all irritated.

Neil rolled his eyes . “ Ray ..stop it ..do you think this for me..that i am always in mood of ‘that’..stop objectifying me” said Neil. Ray chuckled.

“ Raina is dead” said Neil.

“ What the F**k” shouted Ray.

“ Easy Ray..” replied Neil

“ oh sorry ..what the f**k” mumbled Ray.

“ I want to cremate this dead body” said Neil.

“ not possible” answered Ray.

“ the f**k ..make it possible…I am not leaving her here anymore…she was raped before her death” said Neil and looked towards the corpse again.

“ Great!! .. A girl was raped in Arjun’s suite..what do you think” asked Ray.

“ blo*dy Mehra….what about shinde !!” asked Neil.

“ Died an hour agp” replied Ray coyly.

“ what the f**k” shouted Neil.

“ Easy Neil..” shouted Ray. “ like father like Son” ray muttered further.

“ I heard that..but I am not like you” replied Neil coldly.

“ I know you are like Megha” argued Ray further. Neil laughed on hearing his words.

“ Prerna …my mom’s name is prerna ..” replied Neil.

“ by the way ..who is megha??” asked Neil in a teasing tone.

“ Neil ..it’s my order ..leave that body there….and come back” said Ray.

“ hey Ray ..easy man …stop behaving like a father” said Neil

“ shinde is dead ..now what??” asked Ray.

“ nothing ….let’s find his daughter ..i got something here” replied Neil.

“ put Naina …in any cupboard..and come back now…otherwise I will throw you from this case” ordered Ray coldly.

“ and don’t forget to take that watch back …your mother
gifted me that when I solved the murder case of her brother” asked Ray softly.

“ Do you ever loved my mom??” asked Neil. Ray was surprised on hearing his question.

“ No” replied Ray in a hesitant voice.

“ Great!!!…..” replied Neil sarcastically.

“ And by the way ..she is Raina ..not Naina” said Neil and smirked.

“ will you stop smirking ..and come back” asked Ray . While speaking his gaze fell on the girl standing near him .

He smiled towards that girl and she tucked her hair strands behind her ears. The girl blushed when Ray complimented her “ Beautiful”.

“ God Ray…she is of my age” said Neil and disconnected the call. He bend down and looked the corpse. “ Don’t worry we will come back again to give you back ..your freedom” mumbled Neil.

He put on his gloves and keep the body in the cupboard.


( Evening silence)

“ two puzzles ..two missing people” said Ray while inhaling the scent of the note.

“ Pride ..what does exactly pride can depict to??” asked Neil from Ray.

“ well when I was at your age ..my dad used to say me that I am his pride” said Ray with a proud.

“ Really ..grandfather used to say like this” asked Neil all excited. Ray glared him. Neil chuckled and teased further…” I mean ..Ray’s father” .

“ How is your Mom??” asked Ray.

“ I told you many times …my dad is a loving person and mom is extremely happy with him” replied Neil calmly.

“ you mean your step father…Abhishek Malhotra” said Ray.

“ yeah I mean that only” replied Neil and show his fake smile.

“ So ..Case….the second puzzle was started like time is running….this is simple ..after two days ..this case will have its last hearing in the court ..and as usual without any proofs Arjun Mehra will be termed as mentally unstable..that means he will be free after two days” said Ray.

He saw Neil looking the handkerchief. Ray patted on his shoulder. Neil was still lost .

“ look Neil ..i know what happened between me and your mom was” . Ray was stopped when interrupted by Neil.

“ Treasure is Radhika Mehra” .

Ray raised his eyebrows. “ what treasure ..there is nothing mentioned like treasure in any puzzle” asked ray .

Neil looked towards him . He smirked now. “ you only know how to become a dad, iam still confused ..on what basis …our government officials made you head of crime branch..you are not even worth to become a bookseller.” said Neil .

“ As expected ..you are like me” argued Ray further.

Neil put the handkerchief on candle. Another message was visible. “Treasure is in the hometown”.

“ okay if you are really smart ..then solve the puzzle” said Ray in his defense.

Neil chuckled. “ if I had made you confess that you had spent a goody time with my mom, when you were working on some case..then I can bring out culprit too even if he is hiding behind someone’s bruised ass . ..all I want to say that don’t mess up with the F**king Neil Malhotra” said Neil looking straight in Ray’s eyes.

Ray nodded and moved back.

“ I need to go” said Neil Further.

“ Where??” asked Ray .

“ only a sister can tell about her Brother’s pride” retorted Neil .

“ what do you mean??’ asked Ray all confused.

“ why should I tell you ..it’s me who solved the cases …but in the end some fools give credits to you” argued Neil .

“ just take care of yourself” asked Ray .

“ stop being melodramatic ..Ray” teased Neil further.

( wild night)

Neil entered in Mehra Mansion . He was perplexed when he saw Sam breaking things of her house.

“ Mom ..stop it ..this black Magic will not help Arjun …so please stop all this nonsense” shouted Sam .

Anusha was fuming in anger. “ don’t show me your face ..don’t forget that iam not your real mother ..who will bear your nonsense” shouted Anusha back too.

Sam climbed the stairs and rushed towards her room . “ I hate….i hate myself” she muttered and throw the things of her room . Anusha also left towards her room.

Neil was not shocked …everyone knows the truth that Samaira was adopted. He climbed the stairs and started moving towards Sam’s room. He reached her room .

“ the portrait and the paintings of ancestors of Mehra’s had one common thing ..the sword …sword from the old times always represent the honor or pride…may be in the puzzle his pride means the ancestral sword that belonged to Mehra’s.” mumbled Neil .

He reminisces how he saw the portraits when he first time visited the house.

“ yeah you are right ..you should kill yourself ..you know ..i have a great plan ..the sword in the portraits ..bring that and kill yourself with that” said Neil while entering her room.

“ still no use ..those swords are in Mehra palace…in rishikesh” replied Sam all crying. Neil smiled.

He quickly typed a message in his phone. ‘book the tickets for me for rishikesh’ and he send it to Ray.

Ray was confused after getting the message . He was at that time checking the postmortem reports of shinde’s body. “ don’t know what he is up to” mumbled Ray.

Shinde was given some poisonous mushroom in his food .

Ray was taken aback . ‘” why someone used such an old method of killing”. He thought.

Sam was hugging Neil and was sobbing . Neil smiled and closed his eyes. He too hugged Sam.

“ please take me away somewhere” said Sam .

Neil hold her face and bend down . He kissed her hard. Sam quickly opened his shirt. They both undressed each other and fall on the bed.


At 3:00 A.M.:-

Sam was sleeping with her head on Neil’s chest. They both were covered by a single blanket.

After 5 minutes:-

Sam was not in the bed now. She was moving towards Neil with a knife in her hand.

Sam gulped . She was crying . She closed her eyes and attack with knife. But then she opened her eyes. She saw Neil on the other side of bed. She throw the knife .

“ what the hell was that??” asked Neil and pulled Sam towards him.

“ I am sorry ..peter…someone called at my cell at this hour and told me to kill you otherwise they will kill my brother” said Sam and started crying.

Neil took her phone and saw the number. “ no use of tracing this number..the caller must have used some local PCO.” he thought . He hugged Sam .

“ Nothing will happen to your brother ..and now sleep” said Neil. Sam looked towards him all confused but then she closed her eyes.

Neil wiped her sweat . “ thank god my phone buzzed and I woke up” he mumbled. He saw the message he got . “ Sweet dreams” . Ray had sent him that message

In the morning:-

“ why did you sent me that message” shouted Neil.

“ which message” asked Ray.

“ Sweet dreams” said Neil and showed it to Ray.Ray took out his phone. There was no messages in the outbox. “ I didn’t” said Ray. Neil was frozen. He was shocked . “ but it is showing that the message is sent from your phone” argued Neil.

“ Someone hacked your phone and saved my life” mumbled Neil.

“ we will find this helping guy later ..first I need to go rishikesh” said Neil . He looked towards Ray . “ now what??” Neil asked Ray.

“ I think the guy who is helping us …know that who did the murder… but why he is not telling us directly…why these puzzles??” asked Ray .

Neil burst out in laughing and he nodded in negative. “ seriously whoever made you head of crime branch was really a mad guy” said Neil while clapping.

He took his ticket and drove off in his car. Ray watched him leaving.


( Game over)

Neil reached rishikesh by evening. He was standing outside the Mehra palace.

“ tight security..i need to break it” said Neil . He saw a delivery boy heading towards palace.

“ F**k man ..except security there is no one in the palace then who ordered pizza” muttered Neil. But then he thought may be any staff member ordered it. Neil looked towards
the delivery guy. He made a sad face after then.

After 7 minutes:-

“ your pizza sir” said Neil to a random staff member. He looked here and there. He smirked.

“ oh god so much heat” said Neil and acted to collapsed on the ground.

All security members were shocked . They quickly picked him up and bring him the garden. After few minutes doctor come. He was about to give him injection when Neil
opened his eyes.

“ no no ..pls don’t inject me” screamed Neil. He went silent when he found the security staff was staring him .

He shouted again holding his tummy this time. “ I think I need to go washroom” he said . He smirked when one security guard took him inside.

Neil entered in washroom . He put some chloroform in his handkerchief and make a weird face.

He shouted again and that guard entered in washroom . Neil covered his mouth from behind and within few seconds the guard was on the floor.

After wearing the suit of that guard He placed him inside one toilet and on the water tap.

“ now I have to add this chloroform in ac ducts ..then only I can further go ahead.” murmured Neil.

He looked here and there and then looked the pipeline. He understood what he have to do.

After few minutes the staff started falling unconscious on the floor. Neil smirked . He stretched his arms. “know search the pride”

He started checking rooms . “May be Arjun’s room can help me”. He thought. He entered in Arjun’s room and saw the swords fixed on the wall inside the glass case. The glass case can be opened by a code.

“As usual Rasam will help me again”. he mumbled. He took out the sword after opening the glass case. Break with his pride. Neil observed the room.

He then thought more about puzzle. “ her soul is yearning..may be treasure ..radhika is buried inside any wall” said Neil.

He turned towards the wall in which glass case was fixed. Neil break the case with the sword.

The glass case got broken and a key was visible. He took the key. “ what the F**k ..this key” .

He looked here and there and then down on the floor . he heard some noise. Neil removed the carpet . He saw a big square hole. “ god pls no more dead bodies” he murmured.

He opened the lock and opened it’s cover. “ Wooden Stairs ..great!!” . He covered his face and went down.

“ water..pls someone help me” . Neil was shocked seeing the site in front of him.

A 18 year old girl was writing something on wall. She was muttering something. He rushed towards her . ” hey kiddo …shriya …miss shinde ..pls wake up” shouted Neil. He lifted the girl in his arms.

Neil was about to turn when someone emptied a syringe on his neck. He started feeling dizzy .

“ oh my my ..you are so handsome” said someone while holding him. Neil’s eyes drooped down and he fell on the floor.

( Murder Mystery)

Neil slowly opened his eyes. He winced in pain. Slowly he tried to get up but fall back. Somehow he tried to sit on the bed.

He saw three people in his room.

“ Hello Neil” a guy turned who was staring outside the window.

“ Arjun Mehra ..finally you got release” said Neil while looking the date in his watch . He realized that he was unconscious for two days.

“ but I like the name peter” said Sam making an innocent face.

“ doesn’t matter he ..is se*y like hell” said the one who attacked him. “ thanks for the compliment…Mrs Radhika Mehra..but that attack on my neck will not let us become friends” replied Neil sternly.

Radhika moved towards Neil. She squeezed his face and planted a kiss on his lips.

After biting on his lips . She mumbled “ wanted to taste them” . Sam chuckled. “ ouch ….radhu ..the hell is whole body is very mouth watering” said Sam and winked towards Radhika.

“ Stop it girls ..don’t tease poor fellow” said Arjun.

Radhika moved towards him.

“ And nothing for me” asked Arjun when she took his wine glass.

“ first kill him..then we have our time” said Radhika and smirked.

“ your command ..my order mam” replied Arjun.

“ no ..pls don’t kill him” said Sam and then she burst out in laughing.

“ I love him” she continued. She giggled.

“ no Sam is right ..he worked so much on this case ….so it’s his right to know the truth” said Arjun. He started make another drink for him.

“ So ..from where to start …okay so me and radhika never loved each other ..and we both never believed in the concept of marriage…but we got married because we both don’t want to get tied up for life..it’s exactly I want to say that I both don’t have any problem if radhika is having extra – martial affairs, and same with her too when it comes to me . “ said Arjun coyly.

“ in short ..you both are jackass” added Neil further.

“ why raina??” asked Neil sternly.

“ yeah why Raina..actually she was a b*t*h ..i tried many times to make her fall for me ..but she was like those sati savitri..considering a married man as like some brother” said

Arjun little irritated.

Neil clenched his fist.

“ so where were we ..yup ..actually one fine day ..when we all were discussing a plan to kill yash ..raina landed in our house and she heard our conversation…don’t get shocked ..we wanted yash to get married to Sam ..so that after killing him we can get his property” said Arjun and smirked.

“ so you guys killed Raina??’ asked Neil controlling his anger.

“ Not only ..Killed ..i raped her too” replied Arjun with a sad face.

Neil laughed heartily. “ but Yash will not marry Sam..you guys had already lost this battle” said Neil with a gleam in his eyes.

Radhika chuckled too. Neil looked towards her all confused.

“ you know ..why he is denying ..because he is in love with Arjun and he is a gay” said Radhika while holding her tummy.

“ then why he get engaged to Sam??” asked Neil.

“ because Arjun asked him to get married to me ..you know.. when the love of his life is asking him something how can he deny that” replied Sam.

“ why were you molesting 18 year old boy..in the jail??” asked Neil.

“ ahh that guy was seriously not a boy ..his behavior was like woman’s so .. Actually i was just passing my time” replied Arjun coyly.

“ okay so when Raina came to know the truth I saw her in the mirror..after that when she rushed outside ..i called her..and guess what she picked up too ..and then I asked her to give me one file in my hotel after an hour..she thought I didn’t saw her in my house ..so she came after an hour to give me the file…her plans was to resign from the job on next day ..but so sad she never saw the next day” completed Arjun and make a sad face.

“ so you killed her” said Neil and glared Arjun.

“ not alone” replied Radhika.

“ yeah we two helped Arjun in killing her when she was raped by Arjun” said Sam coyly.

“ Sam you had an allergy with silver..then that bracelet” asked Neil further.

“ yeah you guessed right ..that was of Raina” retorted Sam quickly.

“ then why ..this ..f**king I killed my wife game” asked Neil frustrated.

“ yeah ..that is the only problem ..after I killed Raina..someone called me and asked me to kill Radhika …if I don’t want him not to blurt out the truth in front of police..but as usual radhika heard that convo too ..on landline ….and then it was impossible for me to kill her…so I made this plan …that I will accept that I killed my wife to fool that person in front of police ..so I acted to be unconscious on the cliff near my hotel and when there will be no proof then they will let me go terming me mentally unstable..and a know no one is interested in blackmailing a mentally unstable person…but who was that f**kard..we don’t know” . Arjun told the whole story in one go. Radhika glared him for thinking to kill her too.

“ why you guys kidnapped Shinde’s daughter??” asked Neil to Radhika.

“ well this stupid Arjun have blurted out the truth while hallucinating in front of shinde..so we kidnapped his daughter and she and Radhika were staying in rishikesh away from Mumbai ..so that they can be remain hidden from everyone…..but three days before he tried to send the recording of Arjun’s confession to you ..so Sam killed him…” said

Radhika proudly.

“ but why giving poisonous mushroom ..why not stabbing or anything else” asked Neil.

“ well ..the whole department knew how ,much shinde used to like mushroom s..so I killed him by giving his favorite thing but in poisonous form” said Sam . Radhika and Sam both giggled

“ I think they were not sending me any puzzle ..then who was that??” thought Neil.

“ I think it’s time to finish him” said Sam to Arjun. Radhika took out the gun.

“ not so soon” . Someone said after breaking the door.

“ Riddhima” shouted Arjun.

“ yeah Riddhima..Riddhima Joshi…the only eye witness of this murder.. I know what happened on that day ..Raina was pleading you to leave her but you didn’t pay any heed
to her..and then you call radhika and Sam which shot her dead when she was successful in kicking your butt ..to save herself from you when you tried to kill her after raping her. …accidently my phone got slipped under your bed on that day when I was arranging things in your suite..and at that my camera was on..and when you guys done all this cleaning ..i come back to take my phone…as I thought I will take only my phone back ….though you asked us not to go there..and my phone only recorded sounds ..no video was captured as it was under the bed..i heard her screams…and her helplessness ..her death on my phone. It was me who was threatening you Arjun Mehra …and it was me who sent you puzzles Officer Neil Malhotra” shouted Riddhima. She pointed gun at Arjun and Ray who was behind her at Radhika. Neil hold Sam from behind. “ Don’t you dare” he whispered in her ears.

Arjun, Sam and Radhika were handed to police . The case was started again. Neil thanked Riddhima.

“so Riddhima..why didn’t you tell me before..when you know the truth..” asked Neil. Riddhima replied “ I am just a common girl..they would have crushed me too ..if I would have informed police or you too..that’s why I sent you puzzles so that you can find out the truth yourself” .replied Riddhima curtly.

“ shinde’s daughter is now in her home all safe and secure” said Ray from behind.

“ it was you who message by hacking Ray’s phone at that night” asked Neil.

“ yeah I know that Sam will kill you ..so when she called someone to call her from some local PCO…I understood that she had some plans in her brain..i was tapping all the calls in that house” replied Riddhima proudly.

“ you did a great job riddhima…” said Neil. “ thanks ..well I didn’t know that you had plans to make me unconscious ..well I didn’t mind at all ..that’s why I didn’t create any chaos after I woke up” said Riddhima and smiled.


( Analysis)

“ I mean Riddhima did the great job” said Ray to Neil.

“ yeah she was helping us ..without any motive” said Neil.

“ so the case is solved now” said Ray further.

“ don’t you find some loop holes in Riddhima’s story” asked Neil further.

“ No” said Ray.

“ I mean ..as you said she only guessed that where they would had taken me…and she did the everything..puzzle game…herioc entry …” asked Neil.

“ yeah she told me Raina was her best friend” replied Ray.

“ really first of all…no android phone will work more than an hour with it’s camera on…and second thing ..the phone didn’t have a single scratch..don’t you find things fishy” said Neil and took out the family photograph of Mehra’s and Riddhima. After a minute he started laughing holding his stomach. Ray was now more bewildered seeing his antics.

“ Riddhima joshi ..is non another the daughter of Anusha Mehra….” said Neil and show the photograph of Anusha and Riddhima together.

“ F**k ..how it is possible” asked Ray all confused.

“ well seems like the whole family is interested in extra – martial affair ….why I didn’t think before ….the man ..the driver of Anusha Mehra …Gaurav Joshi…father of
Riddhima…he is still with her” said Ray.

“ Man mind-blowing game..that was …all are money leeching people..i think Arjun and Sam didn’t know about this” said Ray further.

“ yeah not even Radhika too” completed Neil.

“ so don’t you think we should find more about this Riddhima..” asked Ray further.

“ No ..her way is clear now ..she will get the property from Anusha easily…and one more thing we cannot deny she helped us to find the murderer …now let her live her life …and I am so not interested in knowing her story..and how she recorded that audio clip…I just knew that she when murder was going on in Arjun’s suite ..she was not there..in short she is not a culprit” said Neil .

“ okay can I ask you one thing …what about these dice things” asked Neil to Ray.

“ well this was not planned by anyone…but I can tell you one thing when I was working on some case around 15 years back….then someone told me that black magic and these kind of stuffs helped us to connect with one in other world…

Anusha was actually calling some spirit ..some soul ..to help her son…may be accidently she called the one who was ruined by her son…may be in dices ..it was Raina who helped you …RASAM…BODY can be coincidence too ..or can be supernatural too..but still remember one thing my boy ..few things are meant to be left unanswered. “ replied Ray. Neil nodded and took out the dice.

“ I need ask you few things” said Ray.

“ go ahead” answered Neil .

“ if Sam was a culprit …then why she helped you in solving RASAM..” asked Ray.

Neil looked towards Ray. “ give me the address” asked Neil while extending his hand towards Ray.

“ of whom??” asked Ray perplexed.

“ the person who made you the head of crime branch ..i want to shoot him” replied Neil and started laughing.

Ray give a fake smile. “ this was so not funny” said Ray sternly.

“ RASAM ..never means only Radhika and Sam…it was simple R for Radhika, A for Arjun , SAM …for Samaira ..three culprits and she told me only radhika and Sam because she knew that I would thought that after radhika someone will target her ,..and she was succeeded too because I thought the same..i was worried for her life and was continuously warning her about the danger on her ..like a fool” tell Neil to Ray.

“ the meaning of two puzzles…can you explain that” asked Ray further.

“ off course…..time is winning ..means I had less time left to solve the case …her soul is yearning ,means …for shinde’s daughter who was put in the room behind the wall of
Arjun’s room..break with his pride ..means break it with sword..and get the light was simple ..get the girl” answered Neil.

“ what about this third one??” asked Ray further.

“ how many will hide the truth here means ..that Arjun, Radhika , Sam , shinde and riddhima herself..break the troop was depicting these three culprits…hometown ..means rishikesh and pride ..gulp ..truth means the girl would have died inside if she was held captive for more days” said Neil and he took a sigh.

“ I never imagined that Sam can be involved too in this.” Neil spoke and looked down.

“ Don’t tell me that you fell in love with her” said Ray and smirked.

“ First sight” replied Neil.

“ what ..love at first sight …and that too in our profession..and that too with murderer ..not bad player” teased Ray.

“ Stop teasing me Ray…” said Neil and started playing with his dice.

“ How you and Megha are doing??” asked Neil and pressed his lips to control his laugh.

“ Great” replied Ray without thinking.

After a second Ray was staring Neil .” You dog …how dare you tease me” shouted Ray and run after Neil .
thought of the day :- Variation is the spice of our life…..Variation is the source of formation of new life

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