A Case ( 3 shots) (mmz) part-2


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“why I am thinking that the culprit is someone near to them” shirijit spoke to Neil. He saw him playing with dices.

Neil laughed on hearing his statement. “ culprit is always near ..and it’s a fact ..don’t know who made you head of crime branch” he spoke and rolled his eyes.

Shirijit glared him and he too started laughing. “ so ,..any progress” shrijit asked him. “ yes ..Mrs Mehra …is practicing black magic ..in that house” Neil replied curtly. “ to save his only son ..” he completed further.

“ now ..where are you going” shirijit asked him.

“ Mehra mansion.” Neil said in a huff . He took his jacket and moved out.

Neil took out a note from his pocket. “ bewARe of WOLVEs” . Neil twisted and turned the note upside down. He was confused . “ if it is the warning note …then why seven letters are highlighted more…looks like they are cut- out from some newspaper or magazine.” . He tried to get some clue . He blinked when something striked in his mind.

He reached the mehra mansion. He was walking in the corridor when he saw Sam fighting with someone. Neil hided so that he can listen their conversation.

“Yash …I know you don’t love me …but we are engaged ….atleast for the sake of that relation ..can you pls help me to make Mom stable” . Sam asked yash . Yash was her fiancé.

He nodded. “ once Arjun come back ..then I will called off this engagement” he spoke and started moving towards the door. Neil hided more when he heard his footsteps near the door. He left without looking back.

Neil looked inside the room. He saw Sam crying sitting on her knees. He coughed to gain her attention .

“ I think ..your life is in danger..so you need to be more cautious..” he adviced her . Sam looked him with her eyes filled with tears. She nodded. His gaze got fixed on her swollen eyelids. Neil clenched his fist. He moved towards her and hugged her tightly rubbing her back.

Sam rubbed her nose on his shoulder. “ let me die.. My life is already messed up” she murmured. He inhaled her lilac scent and wrapped his arm around her waist tightly. He closed his eyes.
“ so Sam if he don’t love you .. Then why are you getting married to him” he asked her.

Sam tucked her hair strands behind her ears. “ yash’s mother liked me very much ..so she is forcing him to get married to me” . She replied.
Neil chuckled .

Sam gave him an impossible look. “ what’s so funny in this????”. She shouted.

“ if he can’t break this marriage .;.then you can break it” . He spoke and then got surprised seeing her nodding in negative. “ I love him ..and I will not break this marriage”. She spoke softly.

He laughed hearing her answer. “ if I want ..i can end your infatuation in two minutes.” he spoke and winked towards her. “ how” she asked him folding her arms upto her chest. “ kiss me once ..and you will forget the touch of the men present in your life” said Neil and a seducing smile appeared on his lips.

Sam was shocked.

“ behave yourself” said Sam fiercely. She picked up the vase to hit him. “ how dare you” she shouted. Neil hold her and pulled her closer. “ think about your brother” he whispered in her ears . She moved back.

“ stay in your limits” she warned him and stomped out of her room. Neil watched her leaving the room.

He was about to move from there when he saw something which attracted him . A beautiful silver bracelet was kept in her room. “ Sam is allergic to silver ..then this bracelet” he mumbled.

Neil put the bracelet inside his pocket. “ one thing cannot be hidden by any culprit.. His redemption.” said Neil.

He put the bracelet back on the table. Neil rubbed his thumb on his nose. “ the murder spot”. He thought.
Neil is going through some facts of the case.

“ If Arjun stabbed Radhika ..then there should be some blood as according to police reports ..he himself was found unconscious…then he cannot throw the body from the cliff..or may be after throwing the body he acted to be unconscious ..but doctors confirmed it that he was unconscious at the time…or what if arjun after throwing her body had got slipped and after collision of his head with some stone he had gotten unconscious. ..f**k man so many possibilities” he hold his head.

Neil opened his tab . He searched something on his tab. “ Scandals related to Arjun Mehra”.

The results displayed on his screen .

He opened one website . “ Arjun Mehra ..the ruthless business tycoon is the person ..who is always surrounded by womens, scandals , and much more. One can easily spot him getting cozy to business womans of his rival company , or his hot secretaries.

Recently he got married to a beautiful employee of his company. Radhika Mishra who is ten years younger to Arjun. Arjun mehra who was dating Mahira Siddiqui two months back had officially called off his relation with her a month ago.

Here are some pics which he shared where he and his wife are found smooching on his sister’s birthday.” . Neil who was reading the article chuckled seeing the pics of Arjun and Radhika.

“ I need to go through some recent updates on him ..this was updated an year back” said Neil.

He was going through the Award winning speech given by Arjun two months back. “ Raina dutta ..secretary of Arjun..why is he giving her so much credit for his business profits instead of appreciating the whole team heartily. ..i need to talk this Raina dutta” he mumbled.

“ AM ..group of industries ..i am coming” said Neil .

He get inside his car and his gaze fall on a pink color note. He was confused there was a puzzle in it. “ the innocent cliff is a game, the walls had got paint, she is sleeping peacefully, you have two eyes to safe” . Neil was pulling his hair now.

He didn’t look here and there. He know that the one who kept the note must not be around him.

His trance got broken when his phone buzzed. “ yeah Ray blurt it out” he spoke.

“ I am in jail’s mess now” Ray spoke lowering his tone at the end of his reply.

“ Wtf Ray ..what are you doing there???” Neil asked all irritated.

“ I have to tell you something” said Ray.

“ hmm ..i am listening” Neil replied.

“ Arjun Mehra ….is all different.. I saw him touching an 18 old boy in a little different way” Ray spoke.

Neil lil stiffened . “ Fine” said Neil. “ not only this .. I heard that he do masturbation at mid- night” said Ray . Neil took a sigh. Now he was thinking why scandals are tagged always with Arjun Mehra “ Anything else” asked Neil.

“ yeah ..i am just thinking how he passed all test where he was hallucinated badly..i know department head inspector A. shinde had taken all his tests personally , but how he cleared all without blurting out anything except one” asked Ray.

“ I killed my wife” said both of them together.

“ keep your eyes on Shinde ..you know the way he was behaving when I met him, was different , weird, his eyes were lacking confidence , seems like he is hiding something ,..i want you to keep a track on his moves, and also inform me if you find something unusual ..in his family too.” asked Neil .

He started his car and drove off pacing its speed. “ trini … mehra office mam” said Neil and smiled fully.
“ turn left ..sir” a robotic voice came from the navigation app in his car.
Neil changed his identity . He bribed a canteen worker and entered in the office. Neil changed his clothes again in men’s washroom and wore white shirt and black pants. Now he was looking like an office employee.

His gaze was fixed on the group who was all chatting and laughing. “Teji,Zubin,Kritika,Aashna,bonnie..get ready to be questioned by Adam Roger Collins” . He got up and went near the table where all were busy.

He coughed to gain their attention. “ hi iam Adam ..financial department ..newly joined” he extended his hand towards them. All looked towards him confused. “ hi ..Adam ..iam Kritika” said kritika and rested her palm on his .

Zubin broke their eye lock. “ So Mr Adam .. What’s the reason to join Mehra industries” said Zubin who was sipping his coffee. “ ahh.. Who does leave the opportunity to work here.. Mehra industries” said Neil and winked towards Aashna. She blushed and lowered her eyes. They all introduced themselves to him.

“ so how you like our office???” asked Teji .

“ I didn’t saw it completely ..a guy told me that I can ask to Raina Dutta for any help” Neil replied and sat on the chair.

All looked each other. Their expressions clearly depict that they all were perplexed by his answer. “ you are kidding right??” said bonnie .

“ no” said Neil while eating his burger.

“ then someone fooled you ..actually Raina is no more an employee of our company….she eloped last month from her house with her boyfriend” said kritika .

“ with whom she eloped??” asked Neil quickly . He then composed himself .

“ we don’t know ..” said Zubin. “ and neither her parents” said Teji .

“ She was really sweet .. I can’t believe that she can ditch her parents” said Aashna . She got up and rushed outside the canteen .

“ what’s wrong” asked Neil .

“ Raina and Aashna were close friends ..so Aashna can’t control herself whenever she heard the name ‘ Raina Dutta’ said kritika and rolled her eyes. Neil excused himself from them . He moved towards the ladies washroom .

“ Aashna open the door ..its me Adam” said Neil and bang the door with his fist. The door opened after a minute and Neil was pulled inside. Aashna hugged him and started crying more.

Neil started observing the place . He was not interested in wiping her tears.

Aashna looked towards him with teary eyes. “ she was my best friend ..and she didn’t even bothered to tell me about her plans” said Aashna . She was sobbing badly.
Neil cupped her face. “ trust me everything will get fine” .

Aashna looked in his green eyes. She bring her face close to him and closed her eyes. Neil looked towards her lips . He kissed her softly. She turned her face. Her eyes opened little .

Neil pinned her to the wall and lifted her up . She quickly started opening his shirt. He opened her shirt . He smirked seeing her chest moving up and down.

“ when did you last meet your friend” asked Neil . Her fingers were moving in his hair.

“ in the office .. When she was about to leave for any meeting in cliff View hotel” she murmured all lost in the proximity . Neil closed the buttons of her shirt . He kissed her again pulling her hair.
Aashna opened her eyes after a minute and didn’t found him in the washroom . She hurriedly moved out of the washroom reminiscing the wild kiss happened few minutes ago.
“ Ray .. Meet me soon …our place” said Neil on his cell phone. He disconnected the call.

Neil get inside his car. He saw another note near his leg . He pulled his hair when he got another puzzle in it . “ Time is winning, her soul is yearning…break it with his pride…and get the light” .

“ the F**k someone is so desperate to play this game” muttered Neil .

The meet at Malibu:-

He lit his cigarette. “ any news regarding shinde” asked Neil.

“ yeah….i think his daughter is abducted by someone” said Ray.

“ the hell …it is not a small thing” retorted Neil. He took all the three notes and kept on the table.

“ bewARe of WOLVEs.. The first and the threat note” said Neil . He started joining words and join to form an answer.

“ its literal Neil, beware of the everyone around …” said Ray.

“ no” said Neil Curtly.

“ what do you mean” asked Ray.

“ its simple ..AR ..means Arjun…so someone just wanted to say that Arjun is a culprit..that’s why AR and WOLVE is highlighted.” said Neil.

“ Are you sure” asked Shrirjit Ray.

“ yeah ..i am 99.95678% sure” replied Neil. Ray glared him . “ Can’t you be serious for a minute” said Ray .

“ I didn’t fall in love ..that I should remain serious all the time” retorted Neil.

“ and what about the puzzle” asked Ray.

“ I am still clueless” replied Neil.

Neil picked his cap . “ lets go” said Neil.

“ where??” asked Ray.

“ well Arjun can pass all hallucinatic test …not shinde .. And I am going hotel” said Neil .

“ which hotel??” asked Ray.

“ Cliff View” said Neil and Smirked.
At Cliff View Hotel ( the nightmare)

Neil was sitting in the restaurant of the hotel . His eyes were glued on the Rolex watch he was wearing .

He stole it from someone in the parking area .

“ I am sorry honey , but its time for you to get disappear” mumbled Neil .

After few minutes there was chaos in the hotel .

“ somebody stole my baby , my watch , my darling , my cutie pie.. I don’t want to live on this planet now ..mummy I am coming” said Neil and took the knife in his hand .

He was surrounded by all waiters, and other staff.

“ Sir come with me, we will check the footage of here” said Manager.

“ who are you ..go and find my watch” said Neil.

“ sir Iam Riddhima Joshi..manager of this hotel ..pls come with me”

Neil was checking the footage with Riddhima . “ seems like Sir .. The watch is not taken by ..” while speaking she looked towards Neil but didn’t found him .

she turned her face left side and saw Neil smirking . Neil covered her mouth with his handkerchief and She got fainted .

“ Time to do some research” said Neil . He checked the footage of 6 th July . A month ago . “ Raina Dutta was last seen here only” . He murmured.
he listened the conversation between Raina and Riddhima .

“ I have to check the personal Suite of Arjun ..which is on 10 th floor” said Neil and looked towards Riddhima

“ Ahh now what to do with her” he thought. Neil make riddhima sit on the chair . “ take care of yourself girl” he mumbled and moved out .

Neil entered in the lift . A guard was there inside the lift. “ Sir which floor “ his gaze was fixed on the Rolex wore by Neil .

“ you are not allowed to take anyone on 10 th floor ..” said Neil . The guard nodded in positive . Neil took out his watch and make that guard wear it . “ now” asked Neil all smiling . The guard smirked.

Neil rolled his eyes . “ son of a stupid ass’” he muttered few curses.

Neil moved out of the lift . He moved towards Arjun’s suite.

He reached his suite . The floor was all empty . The cameras were not working . “ Strange this floor is isolated” .

He was surprised seeing the door of the suite controlled by code machine. “ what can be the code” he thought .

He clicked the red button first. “ Pls enter the code” he read the words flashed on the screen .

“ Arjun” he thought and typed.

“ error detected” shouted Neil. He then wiped his sweat .

“ Raina” he mumbled and typed.

“ error detected” murmured Neil little scared.

He unknowingly slid his hand in his pockets. He trance got broken when his fingers touched something in his pocket. He took out the dices.

“ RASAM” he mumbled . Neil clenched and unclenched his fist . After gathering his strength he typed RASAM. “ Password Accepted” . The door got opened . He entered in the suite. It was cleaned . Marbles were shining.
After an hour:-

Neil was scratching his head. He didn’t found anything in his suite .

Not even a single clue . “ f**k man there is nothing” he thought and decided to move out of the room .

Just then he stumbled and fall on the ground. The dices were on the floor, Neil got up and composed himself. He bend to pick up the dice when he halted seeing something . The Dices were arranged in a pattern .

They were depicting a word . His eyes widened seeing the word. ‘Body’ . He was now sweating .

“ its just a coincidence Neil “ . He picked up those but then he remembered the puzzle .

“ the innocent cliff is a game ..the walls had got paint” he murmured and touched the walls . It was looking like it got painted a month ago.

“ she is sleeping peacefully” said Neil and started checking walls . He pulled his hair and cursed himself .

Then he looked upwards . “ Freak man .. I have got two eyes to safe” . He spoke and looked on the chandelier on which there is a small sticker . ‘ be safe’ was written on it .
He looked around for the stick .

Good luck was on his side . He found a rod and started piercing the ceiling . In a minute the ceiling got a huge crack and was on the floor . It was fake created to hide something .

The something was on the floor. Neil rushed towards washroom to puke .

He come back and saw a dead body. He observed the clothes wrapped on it . Blood stained and torned .

“ Raina Dutta .. I got you” he mumbled all startled.

Precap:- Last shot
i know this was really boring ..but i will update my ffs soon .

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