Here is the last part of you have missed it.

stop stop” Ragini stood in front of the bus with her shades. “Abbey Taklu” how many times I have told without me you should not start the bus” Ragini entered the bus scaring the conductor. He gulped scared. “Wo Ragini beta I did not see you from almost an year and my eye sight has become weak so…” he reasoned. “Arrey Kaku I was just joking” she chuckled and he relaxed.

“Popu” she hugged Akshat who was sitting on the front row. “Shhh shhh Ragzee. We are in college and the function is going on” said he pleading. “Okay” she sat straight. “Waise where is Barfi and HK?” asked she. “Karan is busy you know today is his special day and your HK must be busy flirting around” said he looking around.

“Flirting?” asked she. “And what else he does. I’m telling you keep your son when he will be born away from him otherwise I won’t let my daughter marry your son” said he. “Haaw Popu ke bache deal is deal my son will marry your daughter only otherwise I will not let you marry your Myna” she crossed her arms.

“Oh future bacho ke present mummy papa” they heard Khan over the mic. All present there giggled hearing him. “Shall we start with the convocation?” asked he and both gave him a sheepish smile and he sighed nodding his head.

“And the Gold medal goes to Mr. Laksh Maheshwari the future of Maheshwari Industries” announced Khan and everyone hooted the whistles. “And the number on HK” Ragini gave a tight smile and Akshat giggled. Laksh walked from behind and received the medal from chairperson of the convocation program. Khan announced the other medalists and they walked to the stage to receive the medals.


“I don’t understand how did he got the Gold medal. I thought Angad will get it” said Ragini confused. “You are so J Ragzee” Laksh fumed. “Yeh lo duniya ka sabse bada Jal Kukda is telling that I’m J” she teased him making faces. “Guys guys relax” Akshat stopped them.

“Chale Party kare” asked he. “Done” both said and all three of them ran to the canteen like bhukkars from ages.

“Lucky hojaye ek dance?” asked Tia forwarding her hand. He held her hand and twirled her aside.

Ragini twisted looking at him.

He walked to her as the music played

Mai hu tera king oye leke aaya ring oye ban jaani aaj meri queen tu

He knelt in front of her smiling and held her hand where he had made her wear the ring while proposing

Barabar pose oye Tareefa roz oye Ittasa how much haseen tu

He dragged her and hugged her and ran his finger over her cheek

Jaa oo lafange

She pushed his hand

Naa ishq me le pange feeling tu dil me dabale

She walked away from him

Oh hawa hawa hawa mujhko udale
Aaja aaja Aaja tu mere dil ko chura le
Ishq wale ghat pe Naam mera likha le
Beech me hi fassi hai baath aage bada le
boy friend bana le
he twirled and hugged her from back
Kissi aur ko pata le
she pushed him away and they moved according to the music

The whole canteen enjoyed their dance and the nok jhok. Akshat smiled looking at them. It was his dream to see the great HK the Casanova and the great Jhalli the Ragzee ko together forever. And his dream came true.


“Ohho Ne you are looking awesome chale” Ragini hugged Neha who was looking at herself in the mirror. She smiled sadly. “What happened?” asked Ragini. “Nothing” said she and got up. “You are missing him isn’t it?” asked Ragini. “I don’t want to talk about him please” said she.

“I met him yesterday” Ragini lowered her head. “Why dee?” asked Neha approaching her. “Because it was his last wish” she looked at Neha. Her hands dropped. “He is suffering from Plague and there are no chances of him surviving and he asked the Jailer. And trust me he is in a very bad condition” Ragini cupped Neha’s face. She closed her eyes painfully.

“And what did you spoke to him?” asked Neha. “I said I forgave him” Ragini smiled at her. “Why did you do that?” asked Neha shocked. “The day he realized his mistakes he was covered with the greatest guilt and that’s the biggest punishment. And I can’t keep my grudge on a person who is dying” said she caressing Neha’s hair.

“You will meet him na tomorrow?” asked Ragini. Neha hugged her and nodded her head. “Now stop this crying. I’m damn bad at make up so I can’t do it again. Let’s go” said Ragini dragging her.

“Kabeer Khan ibn Abdul Khan kya apko Sumitra binte Jamunadas se Nikah Qubul hai?” the Qazi asked and everyone waited for Khan’s response. “Qubul hai” and all clapped happily

Then the Qazi turned to Sumitra and asked “Sumitra binte Jamunadas kya apko Kabeer Khan ibn Abdul Khan se Nikah Qubul hai?” Eveyone waited for her response now. “Qubul hai” she nodded her head and all clapped happily.

Karan was smiling with a happy tear. “Aww barfi” Ragini pulled his cheek. He smiled at her dragging her into a side hug.

All enjoyed the party.

“Attention please” Laksh grabbed the mic and smirked. “Yeh HK ne pee li kya?” Ragini asked Akshat and he shrugged his shoulder. Uttara glared him and he smiled at her sheepishly. “I wasn’t the one who said that” he pointed at Ragini.

She looked away and he dragged her into a side hug and she finally smiled in his hold. Ragini looked at Laksh confused.

“Hey Ragzee what are you doing for the rest of your life?” she looked at him like he is the patient from the mental assylum

“Oh don’t look at me like that you make me blush” he said and continued “Actually I thought of spending my whole life with you” he winked at her and the crowd went aww at his remark.

Ragini tried hard not to blush.

“I want to see this blush every morning get up beside me. I want to tease you pulling your cheeks all the time. I want to see the sun set sitting beside you everyday. I want to fight over the extra salt you put in the food over dinner” she smiled through her tears.

“I just want you beside me for a bit more than forever. Will you marry me?” he knelt in front of her. She nodded her head and kissed his forehead and stood touching his forehead and all clapped looking at them.

“Go Now” Ragini walked to her home. He held her hand and dragged her back and she landed on his chest.

“Laksh” she complained. “You did not give me my treat” he looked at her lips and she pushed him a bit.

“Not fair Ragini Rathore you cannot escape this Casanova” before she could resist he placed his lips over her lips and she widened her eyes shocked.

And then closed her eyes pulling him near.

And the epilogue is here.

I’m speechless right now can’t believe this story ended.

Just leave your feedbacks which I need for improvement.

Thank you so much guys
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