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Ragini was the next in the queue. Her nervousness reached the peak as the person next to her entered a cabin. After five minutes her name was called and she raised her hand like a school kid. The person standing in front of her looked at her and she gave a sheepish smile and dropped her hand. “Come” the girl walked and Ragini followed her.

“Excuse me” she peeped inside the cabin before entering it. “Yes” she was greeted by a voice and she walked inside clutching her file. But to her surprise there was no one on the chair. She jerked when the person who was searching something down popped in front of her.

“Oh I’m sorry.” he looked at her and understood that he scared her. She just gave him a smile and he offered her the seat and she sat on the seat hesitant. “Hello” he smiled at her and she smiled back at him. “So may I have your resume please” he asked her and she searched her resume in her file messing it. She nervously handed him the papers.

“Nervous?” asked he and she just nodded her head with a wry smile. “No need to be nervous” said he with a smile. He analyzed her resume and she sat waiting for the questions he might fire at her. He keenly studied her resume. “So Miss. Ragini this is your first job?” he looked up at her.

She needs her head. “I think I heard your voice and looks like you can speak to” he smiled at her and her nervousness reduced a bit. “Um. Yup sir. I recently finished my education” she replies and he continues asking her the questions. “So tell me why Maheshwari’s?” he asks her playing with his pen.

“Working in India’s leading company Maheshwari’s has been like my dream. I’m a bit selfish sir as I want the best for myself when it is about career. And I know if I give my 100% this job will be the best one for me” she said with a smile and confidence.

He nodded his head impressed. “So welcome Miss Ragini to Maheshwari’s. You are appointed as Personal Assistant to Creative Director of the firm Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. That’s me” he smiled at her forwarding his hand. “Thank you so much sir” she shook his hand and he smiled at her.

She walked out of the cabin all smiles on her face. Sanskar Maheshwari had been her role model from the time she had been hearing about him. And working under him was the best thing ever happened to her and in her dream company.

“Miss Ragini” she was again called by the same girl and she looked at her. “Joining formalities” Ragini nodded her head and followed her to a cabin. She handed her some papers to fill and Ragini sat filling it. The room was attached to Laksh’s cabin from where there was a two way mirror. Laksh who turned to the mirror found Ragini busy writing something on the papers.

She was unaware of his gaze and he looked at her facial features carefully. He walked to the mirror and touched her face. She jerked a bit as though she felt his sensuous touch. She looked around only to find herself alone in that room. Laksh bit his lower lip looking at her eyes. The kohl which defined the perfect oval shape of her deep eyes made him lose himself in her eyes.

Then his finger traveled to her fluffy cheeks where there was a light blush. He wanted to touch and feel that soft skin. His finger moved down on her perfectly curved neck. She moved the hair to one side and continued filling the forms. His finger was enjoying the virtual touch.

His movements were stopped by the knock on the door. He turned and ordered “Come in” And Karan walked in and Laksh could sense his nervousness. “Yes Karan” he said crossing his arms. “Sir the g.. girl has been appointed” he said looking down.

“Good tell her to join from today only” he said and whispered ‘I want to taste her as soon as possible’ in his mind. “I… I mean she is appointed to assist someone else” Laksh looked at Karan who was freaked out imagining his Boss’s anger.

“Some one else?” Laksh raised his one eye brow. “Sanskar Sir” the name made Laksh close his fist in anger. “But I was supposed to take her interview” he fumed. “She had come for the post of Sanskar sir’s Personal Assistant” Karan said hesitantly.

Laksh gritted his teeth not happy with the developments. He signed Karan to walk out and he did the same as he know his boss has to vent out his frustration. Laksh banged the table with his closed fist. Then his eyes moved to Ragini who was biting her pen memorizing something.

He walked to the mirror and caressed her face. “You are going to be mine and I will make sure of it” he smirked. Ragini smiled widely like she got the answer for a million dollar question. Laksh’s heart fluttered with joy. ‘Heart? Mr. Laksh Maheshweri is not manufactured with a heart’ his mind voiced.


Ragini stepped out of the office almost when the Sun had traveled half the sky above her head. She held the file to get shadow to cover her face. She was happy. Happy that she had got her dream job. The job which will build her identity.

She headed towards the orphanage.

“Hitler” she hugged a lady who was wearing the Nun’s clothes and chanting with her Rosary. “Ohho Jhalli. I’m praying” Rashmi turned to her and hit Ragini on her head. “Sorry God. Only for today. I want to take my Hitler on a date. Can I steal your Sister Rashmi for today” she cutely folded her hands in front of the Jesus statue.

“Thank you thank you thank you” she pulled Rashmi with her. “Oye Jhalli wait” said Rashmi running behind her not finding any other way. “Hitler hitler hitler” she jumped happily. “What happened?” asked Rashmi confused. “I got the damn job” she hugged Rashmi.

“Really?” Rashmi was surprised. “Yes yes and yes” Ragini twirled her happily.

“R…Ragu” she heard the fumbling and turned back still with the smile. “Popu” she ran to him. He was standing looking down with his shoulders bent. It looked like he was searching something in the ground. Ragini hugged him but he did not respond. He just patted her back.

She chuckled through her tears. That was her popu style to hug. He was suffering with Autism. A disease which makes people socially impaired and people misunderstand them as mentally disordered people. But they are actually the smartest compared to their counterparts.

“Popu I got the job” she held his chin and he did not lift his eye lids to look at her but still was looking down. He looked at his watch. “I have… I have to read quantum physics” he looked around and walked away. “Akshat won’t you wish your Ragu?” Rashmi’s voice made him stop.

He walked back to Ragini and hugged her and patted her shoulder. “I’m happy” he said with his non expressive face. “Thank you” she smiled at him with a tear tripping down her cheek. “All left him except you. Trust me he appreciates your presence in your life. Only thing is he cannot express it” Rashmi placed her hand on Ragini’s shoulder.

“I know. I have accepted him with all that drawbacks. And I will be always with him no matter what I know he will be the one who will stand beside me without judging me.” Ragini still looked at Akshat who was looking all over the ground walking. Rashmi smiled looking at her.


I know you are waiting for Ragini Laksh meeting before that let me clear some things. It wont be a triangle for sure and then Akshat’s characters is way different. Actually all the characters are too different with little similarities.

And about including Popat’s Maina I’m not sure about it yet. Here Akshat has Autism ( a disease Sharukh Khan suffered in My Name is Khan. That’s the only movie which made me admire him as a actor as a performer.)

I hope you will like the plot. Do let me know through your comments.


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