Love is something if you deny it more you will realize it more. Laksh was unaware of his feelings changing color. He was jealous of Ragini and Karan’s friendship. You cannot say when you will realize your feelings just a moment is required a special moment. And that moment was on it’s way in Laksh the Casanova’s life. Love is the most confusing emotion. It sometimes take lifetime to understand it and sometime just a moment.

“What happened Laksh?” asked Sanskar sitting beside him in his room. “I’m really tired bhai. I’m feeling strange. And I’m not able to understand what am I feeling” said he. “Is it related to Ragzee?” asked Sanskar. Laksh looked at him annoyed. “Bhai please I told you nothing like that I have for her. And please don’t speak about all this because I’m a casanova and it will spoil my image and no girl will give me heed” said he. “So go flirt with your butterflies who is stopping you. Now tho Ragzee is also not bothered about it so you can araam se flirt” said Sanskar casually.

“Actually that is the problem. She isn’t bothered now that I flirt with girls. I mean it feels awful that she is not caring whatever I do” said he lost. Sanskar smiled looking at him. “This is called Love lucky” said Sanskar placing his hand around Laksh’s neck. He came back to senses and jerked his hand. “you have gone mad bhai” said he and headed out and Sanskar followed him.

As they descended down they saw Raghuvendra and Shekar sitting on sofa and they had come with big thalis. It looked like they have come with shagun. “Arrey Sanskar beta come come” said Shekar as he spotted him. “Namaste uncle” said he and bent to take blessings. “Now onward I’m going to be your Father in Law. Call me dad” said he smiling caressing his hair. Sanskar looked at him surprised and Laksh was shocked. “You are okay with the proposal of our family?” asked he and Sanskar blushed and nodded his head. “Okay uncle sorry dad I have a emergency to attend, I have to rush to the hospital” said he and walked out with his bag and apron. Shekar smiled looking at him. “Such passionate he is for his profession” said Shekar. “Hope we find such groom for Swara also” said he and Laksh who was about to swallow Laddo stopped when he realized so far they were talking about Sanskar and Ragini’s marriage not Swara’s. “We will announce this in party tomorrow” said Raguvendr to DP who nodded his head smiling.

“But bhai said he doesn’t have any feelings for Ragini as such?” thought Laksh. “Might be but he never denied his feelings. May be he want to give a chance to this relationship” thought he and his eyes struggled to control his emotions which were confusing and non decipherable for him. He roamed inside his room restless. “Why am I not happy. I had so many dreams about bhai’s marriage when it is fixed why am I not happy? Ragzee my best friend is gonna be my bhabi. What the hell? Why can’t I accept her like that?” his mind voiced out.
“You have to attend this party Barfi. Otherwise I’m not gonna talk to you” said Ragini pouting. “Ohho bacha it’s your family party what will I do there?” asked he cupping her face. She jerked his hand and sat on a bench angry folding her hands. He smiled at her antics. He neared her caressing his neck. “Okay fine I will come. Anyway popu will be there na. Even if you are busy he will be there for company” said he placing his hand around her neck. “Really?” asked she widening her eyes. He nodded his head smiling. “Yippiee burfi you are the best” said she kissing his cheek and started running from there. He held his cheek shocked and looked in her direction. She had already disappeared. “Was I dreaming?” he asked himself and nodded his head.

As she ran looking back she collided with Laksh who held her by her waist to prevent her from falling. She had closed her eyes fearing. He looked at her innocent face. It looked like he is discovering her new shade when her hat fell and released her long hair which flew in air with the rhythm of some music.
Jaise koi kinara……….. deta ho sahara…………(Like a shore gives a support to the person who is drowning)
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par(I met her at a turn of life)
Koi raat ka tara………….. karta ho ujala……..(like the star brightens the night)
waise hi roshan kare wo sheher (Like that she lightens my mornings)
dard mere wo bhula hi gaya………. kuch aisa asar hua………..(She makes me forget my pain)

Jeena mujhe phir se wo sikha raha(She is making me learn how to live my life)
Jaise baarish kar de tar…….. ya ho marham dard par……… (Like rain cools )
Koi mujhko yu mila hai jaise banjare ko ghar (I have got someone like a homeless person gets a home)
Ragini slowly opened her eyes and found herself safe. As she sighed and looked up she found Laksh who was lost looking at her. Something was strange in his eyes not annoyance or something which he always shows her.

“Laksh” she called out breaking his trans. He came back to sense and dropped her and she fell with a thud on the ground. “Ouch HK. Don’t you have any humanity. How can you drop me like that?” asked she rubbing her back. “Humanity is shown to humans not to churails” said he with attitude and she glared him.

She got up and picked her hat and brushed her dress and hat and wore it back. She huffed and started walking. “Listen I wanted to speak to you” said he nervous. “I don’t talk actually I suck blood” said she annoyed. “That I know. But for bhai’s sake I’m asking you this” he said and he found Ragini glaring him. “You know about tomorrow’s announcement in party” asked Laksh. “Announcement? What is he talking about? Ragzee don’t give him too much importance. This casanova doesn’t deserve that” thought she. He looked at her confused. “Ya I know. I’m the host so I know about it” said she and turned to walk. “What about Karan?” asked he shocked. “What what about Karan?” asked she confused.

“I mean he doesn’t have any problem?” asked he. “I think this HK’s brain has displaced. Or does he want to know Karan is coming or not to the party?” thought she. “He knows and he is attending the party” said she. “How can you be so casual about it Ragzee?” he said nearing her. She was confused. “My problem Laksh I will solve it” said she and walked from there. “You are not solving the problem but you are creating problems churail” said he and stamped his foot and waked from there.
“Popu” said Ragini hugging Akshat who was near his home and was talking over the phone. He jerked and struggled in her hold to even stand. “Moti leave me” screamed he. She removed her hand. “Haaw popu. So soon you forgot your best friend. I mean whenever you talk to your myna you literally forget me. Dost… Dost na raha…. Myna…. myna…. na rahi” she sang crying fake. “Hey bhagvan this Ragzee started her drama kya?” asked Uttara from the other side of the call. “Uttu she is not gonna leave us to talk. Sweetheart I will call you in the night. Once you reach your room give me a missed call” said he. “Hey bhagvan this is the reason she gets up late every morning. Wait I will tell this to Sujatha aunty. She thinks Uttu reads all night. OMG” said Ragini widening her eyes and almost screaming. “Ragzee bas kar drama” said Akshat annoyed. He disconnected the call and glared her folding his hands. “You know popu, Barfi agreed to come to party tomorrow. I have a work for you if I’m busy just look after him please” said she placing her hand back around his neck. She kissed his cheek and started walking to his home.
“Ragzee what if he has something more than friendship?” asked he stopping her. Her smile faded. “Have you gone mad Popu. He is just like you to me. Nothing more than that. So stop cracking your head” said she and walked in. “Ya everyone is same for you except Laksh and you are denying the fact. I will also see till when” said he looking in her direction.

“Hitler. What have you made for me today?” asked Ragini sitting beside Rashmi on sofa when she was watching her favorite serial. She pulled Rashmi’s cheek. “Oye Jhalli. Let me watch my favorite serial is coming don’t disturb me. Go I have made methi ke parathe have it and stop troubling me” said she and continued glaring tv. Ragini pouted like a small kid and headed to the kitchen. “Maa where is Ragzee?” asked Akshat coming inside the house and sitting beside her. “Jhalli bhukkad is in kitchen” said she casually. “Maa what did you do?” he said crying. “What did I do?” asked she confused. Suddenly they heard loud noises and jerked. “Satyanash mere kitchen ka(My kitchen spoiled)” said Rashmi hitting her head. “Sathyanash meri neend ka” said Akshat hitting his head with his palm as he realized now he has to clean the kitchen. They both rushed inside worried.
“What are you doing Jhalli?” asked Rashmi when she found Ragini sitting on the kitchen counter and sucking the pickle from the container.

She smiled at Rashmi sheepishly. “Hitler you did not tell me that you have brought new pickle. Its yum” said she licking her finger. “Hey bhagvan” said she and looked around the mess. All the flour was on the ground. “Why did you pull this flour box?” asked she and Ragini said “Hitlu actually you had hid it behind that big box na so I found it and in the process to take it the box fell down. Chorry” said she like a small kid. “Wait I will…” said Rashmi moving forward. “Maa maa” said Akshat stopping her. “I will clean it na maa” said he pleading her. “Hey bhagwan these two will send me to mental asylum soon” said she and walked out huffing.

“Ragzee why you do such things” said he pouting and standing near her. She encircled his neck with her hands and said “Because you are there na popu to handle hitler” said she and chuckled. “When I will not be there na then you will realize” said he. “Where will you go leaving me? You know like I cannot live without you. You also cannot live without me” said she shaking him placing her cheek touching to his cheek and pouted. He smiled at her antics.
“Lucky?” said Swara when she found Laksh at their home door. “Heyya Swara” said he and she welcomed him inside. “Actually I came to talk to Ragzee. She wasn’t talking to me properly” said he as he settled on Sofa. “Shona who has come?” asked Janaki coming out of kitchen. “Oh Lucky” said she and smiled nearing him. “Jaanu. What is this you are not talking to me now a days” said he pouting as he stood. “See for that only I came” said he. “Badmash” said she hitting him playfully. He chuckled and hugged her. “These all three are same. Did not change at all” said Swara nodding her head. “Wait I will get snacks for you” said she and was about to move but Laksh stopped her. “I’m not bhukkad like your daughter so don’t bother” said he and observed Janaki’s expression change. “Chachi me and Lucky will be at terrace” said she and dragged Laksh with her before he could ask anything further. Janaki nodded her head smiling weakly and walked back to kitchen.

“So tell me why did you both fought this time?” asked Swara. “You speak exactly like Sanky bhai. He also asks the same question. I mean are our fights so famous in Australia also?” asked he surprised. “Actually your Sanky bhai only used to give me all the report” said she smiling. “You both were in contact? I mean he never told me” said he shocked. Swara’s smile faded. “He never felt our conversation also important to share it” thought she and composed herself before he could notice. “Leave all that. Tell me the problem” said she avoiding the topic.

“No Lucky you might have misunderstood” said Swara. “No she loves Karan she admitted it” said he. “Impossible if anything of that sort was there she would have told me long back” said she nodding her head. “No Swara she has changed a lot after meeting that moron” said he and fumed. “One minute. You said you both were friends. Now you are speaking like this?” asked Swara confused. “No actually I did not know he such kind of a person” said he nervous. “Such kind of means?” asked Swara. “Means I don’t know Swara. I just hate him and I cannot explain you” said he. “Are you able to explain it to yourself?” asked she and he looked at her confused. “Are you able to explain yourself why do you hate him so much?” asked she smiling. He analyzed her question. “I… I… don’t know” said he confused. She smiled and sighed.

“Close your eyes Laksh” said she. “What?” asked he confused. “I said close your eyes” said she and moved her palm over his eyelashes to close them. “You have to tell me whose face you see and no cheating” said she. “This is all rubbish Swara I don’t believe in all this” said he annoyed still with closed eyes. “Believe me this will work” said she. “Mom” said she. “Suji maa” said he and smiled widely when he saw Sujata’s smiling face. “Khadus” said she. “Who else my dad” said he as DP’s strict face flashed in front of him. “Best buddy” said she. “Sanky bro” said he smiling widely. “Shaitan” said she. “Uttu” said he and chuckled. “Friendship” said she. “Popu” said he and smiled widely. “Love” said she and he said “Ragzee” and opened his eyes shocked. “I heard what you said. Did you hear what your heart said?” asked she chuckling. He was still shocked. When Ragini threatens people showing her elbow and biting her lower lip flashed in front of him when Swara said Love. “No” he gasped. “I… I… can’t love her” said he nodding his head shocked.

“Swara what did you do? Even after knowing Sanskar and Ragini’s marriage will be announced tomorrow why did you make him realize” said Swara’s inner voice. “I…. can’t love her… I can’t” said he and ran from there horrified. Swara just stood numb. “Gosh why did I do this? Now I’m responsible for Lucky’s pain. Only I’m” said she to herself. “Swara have you given any happiness to anyone till now. Like your fate is bad your company is also bad” said she cursing herself. “What did I do?” said she and started crying like a small kid.

“Shona dee… Shona dee….” said Ragini entering her home. “She is in terrace” said Janaki. Ragini stopped but did not turn and just walked to the terrace. It pierced Janaki’s heart. She composed herself and headed to kitchen.
“Here you are” said Ragini when she discovered Swara kneeling and her back facing. She quickly wiped her tears and stood up. Ragini sensed something fishy. As she neared her Swara wiped her face completely and turned smiling. “Husshhh I got scared” said Ragini and hugged Swara. She controlled her urge to cry. Ragini could sense her sobs. But she knew Swara will never share her problems with her. She was always the ever conservative girl who will keep everything within herself and wont let anyone know at any cost. She thought of cheering her. “Shona dee you know what I did with hitler today?” said Ragini walking with her to their room. She narrated whatever happened at Akshat’s home and at last Swara smiled forgetting her pain.

“No no I can’t love her. I can’t. How can I love her. How can I love anyone. Love is what I don’t believe” said he to himself. He banged the railing standing at terrace. “She is not even as beautiful as Tiya. How can I lover her” said he. “Lucky inner beauty is something invisible but it is permanent. Nobody can snatch it. And love happens when you discover someone’s inner beauty” he remembered Sanskar’s words. “I heard what you said. Did you hear what your heart said?” Swara’s question ringed in his mind. He remembered how Ragini helped the slum lady and was ready to even get hurt for some stranger. He remembered her saving a girl who was being molested in bus when everyone was silent. He remembered her childish acts. Her asking sorry to Karan and later clearing everyone’s misunderstanding about Karan. When she made Sanskar to ask sorry to Karan. He remembered her taking Uttara’s side and saving her when she was ragged on her first day. Being her elder brothers Sanskar and Laksh had ignored it but Ragini took stand for Uttara and taught those seniors a lesson for their life. He remembered her every cute expressions. The way she cheers Sujatha, Ram, DP and Rashmi. Rashmi had forgotten to smile after her husband died. Ragini’s childish antics brought her out of depression. Her pranks on Uttara. Her laugh with Sanskar. Her torture to Akshat. The way she accepts everyone in her life as an integral part. Like she gives equal part of her affection to everyone. Feels for everyone.

These all were just in front of Laksh but he wasn’t seeing them. Like he was not valuing her every shade. The shade with many layers, many emotions. “How can someone be so positive about life” he told to himself. “Yes I love her. I love her. I love you Ragini” said he smiling through his tears which were gushing down his cheeks. He closed his eyes and felt the cool breeze.

“I was so wrong about you. I just assumed things” he said as he remembered his behavior with her regarding her and Karan’s relationship. He understood whatever Ragini spoke that day was just her outburst nothing else. He remembered Shekar and Raghuvendra coming with shagun and Sanskar accepting it. “Why did bhai asked me whether I love Ragini then?” he thought confused. “Did he wanted to confirm before moving on in this?” he thought. “No something is fishy” said he. “But I think Ragini loves bhai that’s why she doesn’t have problem with the announcement” said he shocked remembering his interaction with her in the morning.

“No I have to back off. For her happiness I have to keep my feelings within me. I have given her enough pain and humiliation. Now when she loves bhai I cannot snatch her happiness. I have to kill my feelings” said he and sobbed as he collapsed on the floor and looked up at sky. “I never knew love is so painful. Why did I fall in love?” said he and sobbed closing his eyes.
Love is not what we always understand. It makes you weak and it makes you strong. When you place the needs and happiness of your loved one’s before you then it’s love. Then you truly understand love. It gives you the strength to sacrifice. Hiding your feelings is not easy. Not when it is your best friend who can sense your breath also. Laksh has to hide his emotions from Ragini which was the most difficult job. He was preparing himself to be strong. Strong to sacrifice his love. His only love.

Will Laksh be able to hide his feelings?
What is in store for Ragini and Sanskar who are unaware of their loved one’s feelings and the complete truth?
Will Swara able to control her emotions?
How will Karan react to the announcement?

Tune in for the next chappy for more of Casanova’s love story. Suspense on Ragini’s past will be revealed soon as Karan will discover it. Happy reading. I will update the next chappy next week can’t assure you people the day. Actually one of my reader had commented that it is sad that always Laksh has to realize whether it is love or mistakes. So dear I want to clear a thing that this story is actually of Laksh. Ragini has not yet realized her feelings so you have to wait till it happens. And about she realizing her mistakes you can see how her attitude changed towards Karan. She might not ask sorry or feel sorry. She has different way to repent. I hope I’m clear. Nobody is perfect but when you realize what you have done instead of being sorry you have to do something to repent. That’s what I feel and make my characters that way.
Love you all and thanks a ton for cheering me. I have decided to go according to my thoughts. Hope you will like it.

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