“Do you have any responsibility. All your life went like this only” Ragini heard a woman beating a man on the road. It was the slum area near to their posh society. They were walking back home after getting down from bus in the evening. She turned and saw the woman was beating the man and he was not even standing properly. All people had surrounded them and watching them. “Sanky bhai had important appointment so he did not come to pick me” said Laksh to Akshat. He saw Ragini was lost somewhere. He followed her gaze and understood that she was watching the fight on the road. He sensed she was moving in that direction. He held her hand and stopped her. She turned and looked at him confused.

“Ragzee don’t think about all this. Come” said he dragging her. Ragini fumed and jerked his hand. “I said na come” said he again holding her hand and dragging. “Leave me HK” said she glaring him. “I said na come” said he and dragged her. She removed her hand from his hold and walked in that direction.

“Aunty aunty what happened?” asked Ragini holding the lady’s hand who was ready to throw the bucket on the man. “See beta he lost all my savings in betting. You know I work in 5 to 6 homes and save the money for my kids school fee” said she sobbing. “Aunty relax” said Ragini cooling her. “You know my Anisha is very intelligent. She got 75 % scholarship but now I have to pay 25 % of fees and this man lost all that money in bet” said she and wiped her tears with her Sari pallu.

“If you fight now will it help in anyway? You are only wasting your energy” said Ragini cooling her. “Hey” said the man and threw the bucket in the woman’s direction and as Ragini was standing in front of her it was about to hit her but Laksh held it on the right time. Ragini stood closing her eyes scared. She opened her eyes and found Laksh standing in front of her and was about to attack the man. “Laksh Laksh” said Ragini holding him. He fumed looking at her. “He is drunk. Leave” said she and he cooled down looking at her. “Then what will I do beta now. Tomorrow I have to pay the fees otherwise they will throw my kid out of school. In this world people like us has no rights to dream also” said she and sobbed. “You called me beta na your daughter is my sister now. I will help her. Tell me which school I will personally come there tomorrow and pay the fees” said Ragini caressing her cheek. “But beta” said she. “Beta bhi bolte ho and you don’t wanna take my help also? Not fair” said Ragini pouting.

The lady smiled at her and held her hands folding and said “I will return your money soon beta” Ragini wiped her tears and said “You take your own time. I know even if I tell you to not to return it you will not listen. But you can take your own time. I have all my life for that. So tomorrow morning I will meet you here. We will go together. How much is the fees?” asked Ragini. “5000 beta” said she hesitant. “Okay Aunty I will meet you tomorrow morning” said Ragini and headed from there waving her hand. The lady smiled and walked back inside the home.

“HK” said Ragini holding Laksh’s hand and shaking him. He jerked her hand and turned his face and walked. “Please stop behaving like a typical girlfriend Lucky” said Ragini annoyed. “Popu tell her I’m not gonna talk to her” said Laksh. “Why?” asked Ragini. “Lucky” said Ragini holding his shoulders. “What is the need to interfere in every matter?” asked Laksh angry. “I cannot be ignorant for everything Laksh. When matter is solvable why should not we solve it?” asked she. “But he was about to hit you. What if something happened to you?”

asked Laksh cupping her face and time stopped when they looked at each other. Akshat was controlling his smile looking at them. “I mean I was worried whom will I call chudail?” said Laksh avoiding eye contact. Ragini fumed and chased him. And Akshat laughed looking at them. “And still they say they hate each other” thought Akshat nodding his head and watched them running. “Maa was right I should leave it on time” said he and walked.
“Say hello to Didi” said Anisha’s mom. “Hello Di” said Anisha greeting Ragini. “Hello” said Ragini caressing her cheek. “And this is for you” said Ragini forwarding a chocolate to her. She turned and looked at her mom who signed her to take it and she smiled and took it. “Thank you” said she smiling widely. “Bas Thank you? Not fair” said Ragini pouting. “Then?” asked Anisha bending her head. Ragini showed her cheek and she kissed her and Ragini kissed her back. “Chale aunty” said she to the lady who was watching them and smiling. She nodded her head and walked to the school.

“Thank you so much beta” said Anisha’s mom as they bid bye to her after paying the fees and came out of the school. “Arrey Aunty how many times you will say thanks leave it na” said Ragini. “You are really very sweet. Your mom must be lucky to have a kid like you” said she and Ragini’s smile faded. “Did I say anything wrong beta?” asked she worried. Ragini nodded her head smiling and they walked further.
“Where is Ragzee?” asked Karan to Akshat and Laksh who came to class. Laksh closed his fist and Akshat observed it. “She will come in the second half” said Akshat smiling. “Why? Is she okay?” asked Karan concerned. Laksh fumed more. “Nothing Karan. She had some work” said Akshat smiling weakly at him. “Okay” said he.

“Hey Ragzee” called out Karan when he found Ragini entering the canteen. “Hey hai barfi” said she waving her hand and approached them. “Barfi?” said Tia who was passing by and looked at Ragini shocked. “You have any problem?” asked Ragini. “Why will I take panga with you Ragzee I love my beautiful face” said she scared and walked from there. Everyone burst out laughing. “Stop it yar” said Laksh who was busy staring Tiya lost. “Yeh lo Majnu is feeling bad” said Akshat looking at Laksh. “Shut up yar popu. Ek tho because of you both we broke up and you know I did not even kiss her” said Laksh. Ragini fumed and hit him on his head. “What the hell chudail” screamed Laksh rubbing his head. “Okay Ragzee come will go to class” said Karan and walked with her. “You had food?” asked Ragini. “Ya” said he. “She did not ask me?” said Laksh.

“Why do you care?” asked Akshat stuffing the paratha in his mouth. “Why will I care. I don’t care” said he getting up. “Tiya.. Tiya….” he called and walked behind Tiya. “Ya ya I know how much you care” said Akshat smirking.
“Anisha was really sweet. She is very intelligent” narrated Ragini to Karan. “You really did a great job Ragu” said he and Ragini’s face became serious. “What happened?” asked he shaking her. She smiled at him weakly. “Don’t call me that” said Ragini a bit serious. “Why?” asked he hesitant. “Please Karan” said she looking at him painfully. “Hey okay okay.

I’m sorry” said he cupping her face. She controlled her tears. “Are you okay?” asked he concerned. She nodded her head. Laksh who just entered class witnessed it and stopped his steps. He saw Karan cupping Ragini’s face and consoling her and she smiling. “She never let anyone come near to her. Only in six months she has become so close to him. But why am I feeling bad?” thought Laksh and a tear dropped from his eye as if he lost her forever. Akshat placed his hand on Laksh’s shoulder bringing him back to reality. He just wiped his face and walked. As he sat he saw Ragini laughing and she placed her head on his shoulder. She was behaving normally. That’s how she behaves with all her friends. But why her behavior with Karan was irking him. He wasn’t able to understand.
“Why don’t you agree that you love her Laksh” said Sanskar when Laksh was busy punching the punching bag. “Have you gone mad bhai. Now I have to concentrate on Tiya. She is such hot and s*xy. Where is she and where is Ragini” said Laksh annoyed. “Thank god Ragzee is not like those butterflies” said Sanskar. “She can never be like them” said Laksh. “Let her never be like them Lucky, but you will surely realize her true beauty” said Sanskar.

Laksh burst out laughing and rolled on the floor. “Seriously bhai you do such hilarious jokes na my God. Ragzee and beautiful. OMG” said Laksh controlling his laugh. He looked behind Sanskar and found Ragini who was standing blank. “Wo I came to invite you for next Saturday’s party” said Ragini. Her tears were fighting to roll down her cheeks. “Ragzee he was just…” said Sanskar trying to cover up Laksh.

“Next week Bade papa and Shona dee are coming to India so Poppy had kept a party for them. He told me to invite you” said she and ran out from there. “You hurt her again Laksh” said Sanskar sad. “Common bhai it’s reality and she is well aware of it” said Laksh casually and continued punching.
“What happened?” asked Karan when Ragini suddenly jerked in the class while the lecture was going on. She was breathing heavily and sweat had covered her face. “Sanky.. Sanky…” she whispered. “What?” asked he confused. “Hey Tiya look at the new love birds. I think they are kissing inside the class only so shamelessly” said one of the girl sitting beside Tiya. Laksh and Akshat heard them and looked at their right where Karan’s back had covered Ragini. It looked like they were kissing but actually he was consoling her. “What the hell are you people talking” fumed Laksh.

“Common Lucky whole college knows about their affair, nothing is hidden due to their behavior” said Tiya casually. “Shut up tia. They are just friendly” said Akshat fuming. “Oh common Popu don’t you know how they always hang around together and the way Karan looks at her any fool will also tell they are not just friends but more than that” said Tiya. Laksh fumed listening to her he was about to react but Akshat held his hand and nodded his head in a no. Laksh closed his eyes frustrated and sat.

“You are okay na Ragzee?” asked Karan as he made her sit on the bench near the college gate in the evening. She just nodded her head. “Pakka na?” asked he. “Haa Karan” said she. But still he was worried for her. “What the hell were you doing in the class?” asked Laksh standing in front of them. “What are you talking Lucky?” asked Karan confused. Laksh held his collar and made him stand. “What the hell Hk leave him” said Ragini and pushed him a bit. “Oh waw his kiss has so much effect on you that you are taking his side” said Laksh fuming. “What nonsense are you talking Laksh?” asked Ragini. “You can do non sense and I should not even talk?” asked he furious. “You are crossing your limits now” said Ragini fuming. “And you don’t have any limits?” asked he.

“Have you gone mad? Why are you behaving like this and what are you talking I’m not able to understand anything” said Ragini annoyed. “Ya now tho you will understand only what he says, so innocent you act like you hate men and their closeness and it irks you when they touch you and you behave like shameless” said Laksh. “Lucky” screamed Akshat. “What wrong did I say Popu? Didn’t you see how she was behaving in class. They were kissing in the class and I don’t know what and all they keep doing during the class” said Laksh and felt a heavy blow on his cheek. Karan held him with his collar and dragged him close to him. “I will tolerate anything Laksh anything but if you doubt on our relation and Ragini I won’t spare you. Did you see us kissing. Just because it looked like don’t assume it. When you don’t know anything don’t behave like you know everything” said he and his eyes were burning. He jerked Laksh and turned and found Ragini breathing heavily and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She wiped them with her hands.

“Don’t take his words seriously Ragzee. He is not in his senses. As soon as he will realize he will surely regret it” said Karan placing his hand on her shoulder. She did not move. He was scared where she will behave like earlier. She walked and stood in front of Laksh and stood folding her hands. “You know Mr. Lakshya Maheshwari. The truth is we love each other” said Ragini showing Karan and herself. Karan and Laksh both looked at her shocked. “Yes you heard it right. We love each other. And you” said she pointing her index finger to his chest. “You don’t have any rights to interfere in our life you got that. He kisses me hugs me or f**ks me you should not have any problem.

It is our personal matter so stay out of it” said she and walked from there furiously holding Karan’s hand and he walked blankly. Tears flew from Laksh’s eyes. His hands felt weak and his body felt numb he was not able to wipe them also. “Why Lucky? Why did you behaved like that?” asked Akshat painfully. Laksh closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His throat pained like hell. “This proves what is my importance in her life. He is more important to her than me Popu and she proved it today. Only six months of love became more important than our childhood friendship Popu” said Laksh and walked from there. “What the hell is happening?” said Akshat looking at both the direction of his. One side Laksh was walking heart broken and other side Ragini was walking furious with Karan who was looking at her blankly.

As soon as they reached a bit far Ragini stopped. She turned and hugged him encircling her hands around his stomach. He looked at her. He covered her encircling his hands around her shoulder. “I’m sorry Karan. I did not mean whatever I said. I just couldn’t control myself when he spoke like that” said she sobbing. “Shhh Ragzee I know. Now relax” said he patting her head.
“Ragzee” screeched Swara as soon as she spotted Ragini outside the airport with Rathore. “Shona dee” said Ragini hugging her back. “I’m so happy you are back” said Ragini drooling happy. “Bade Papa” said she and hugged Shekar who was standing behind Swara. He hugged her back and kissed her hair. “How is my Gudiya” said he. “Don’t call me that” said she complaining. “Okay okay Ragzee. Okay now?” asked he. “Perfect” said she and hugged him back smiling. He rubbed her shoulders smiling. “Where is Badi maa?” asked she. “Your Badi maa had last case to handle. You know in Australia you cannot leave the job like you do in India. Unless she finishes that operation she cannot come here” said Shekar. “I know. Sanky is so happy that you people are coming. You know na how much he loves his hospital. Now he will get an expert from Australia and he is so happy for that” said Ragini. “Ya he must be. How are Uttara and Lakshya?” asked he as they sat in the car. “Both are good” said Rathore and Swara observed the expression change in Ragini’s face. She thought of talking about it to her later.

“Chachi” screeched Swara hugging Janaki as soon as she entered home and found Janaki. Ragini glanced them and walked to her room. “She still doesn’t talk to you?” asked Swara. Janaki nodded her head painfully. “She will be fine” said Swara and hugged her back and consoled her. “Shona you will stay in your new room near to Ragini’s room” said Rathore. “No chachu. I will stay with Ragzee only like earlier” said Swara. “First ask her Shona if she is okay?” said Shekar. “I’m damn happy Bade Papa” said Ragini coming out of her room and took Swara with her. Rathore and Shekar smiled looking at them.

“How is she?” asked Shekar to Rathore. “She still gets those panic attacks Bhai. I’m really worried. I thought time will heal her but sometimes I feel her condition is worsening” said Rathore sad. “Still she depends on Sanskar?” asked Shekar. “Ya we need him to cool her. No one can handle her” said he. “Why don’t you get them married?” asked Shekar. Swara who came out of the room heard them and her smile faded. “We also are thinking but I don’t know what they will be feeling Bhai. In a month her college will finish and I’m thinking of talking to Durga” said Rathore. “You searched any match for Shona? We have to marry her before Ladoo” asked he. “She is not liking any match. She is so career oriented. You don’t think that way. Let her take her own time I have always given preference to her career. But Ladoo’s case is different. She needs this change and if she stays with Sanskar always she will recover and he knows her condition. He is best match for her” said Shekar. “Ji Bhai. Once her college finishes I will talk to Durga” said he.

“What happened Shona dee?” asked Ragini when she found Swara entering the sad. “Nothing bacha. I’m just tired” said Swara. “Okay you sleep. I’m going to Sanky’s hospital. Tomorrow is Bio exam and I have lots and lots of doubts. Other than him who will clear my doubts” said Ragini. “You like him so much na?” asked she. “Like him you know na Shona dee I cannot live without him” said Ragini and Swara felt a stinging pain within her. The feelings she had nourished all her life were returning to her and that too when her sister was getting married to love of her life. Yes she loved Sanskar from the time she understood world but due to her dad’s decision to shift the business to Australia she has to be departed from him. And she rejected all her proposals only to propose Sanskar when she will return. But Ragini was her life and when she realized that Sanskar is Ragini’s need and she has to keep her feelings within her for her sister’s sake; she was ready to do that also. She was well aware of Ragini’s condition and she had seen Ragini’s suffering. Shekar’s proposal for Sanskar and Ragini’s marriage seemed best to her. But she needed time to accept this. She closed the door as Ragini headed out of the room and leaned to it and burst out crying silently.

“Swara” his calm voice pierced her heart like a spear. She closed her mouth to control her scream. She was preparing herself for a biggest sacrifice of her life without thinking about the consequences, and without being aware of reality.

“Sanky” said Ragini waving her hand to Sanskar when he was walking in the corridor of his hospital. He smiled and waved at her and she hugged him nearing him. “Ragzee what are you doing here?” asked he surprised. “Tomorrow is Bio exam Sanky and you know na how weak I’m and today tho you said you cannot take leave so I only came here” said Ragini pouting. “Come” he said and took her inside his cabin. “You are really number one unromantic idiot” said Ragini as she entered his cabin. He looked at her confused. “You did not come to receive Shona dee.

And you say you love her” said Ragini pouting. “You know na Ragzee I have important appointments today. And in a week my future Saasu maa is also coming so I have to prepare her cabin also” said he. “So much career oriented you are and she also like you only. Both are made for each other” said Ragini dreamily. “Just like you and Lucky” said Sanskar. “What?” asked Ragini as she did not hear properly. “Nothing I was just saying why you and Lucky fought this time?” asked he to avoid the topic. “That HK complained to you already?” asked she.

“He did not say but your track record is like that. You cannot stay without fighting for more than a week” said he and analyzing the reports on his table. “I hate him” said Ragini huffing. “I know that Ragzee. Tell me something new” said he casually. “I told him I love Karan” said she and Sanskar choked and started coughing badly. He looked at her horrified. “Mistake was his only Sanky. He only provoked me” said she pouting. “You love Karan?” asked he shrinking his eyes and bending his head forward. “Now don’t prove me that you are HK’s brother” said Ragini annoyed. “Ragzee” said Sanskar. Ragini glared him and narrated him whatever happened.

“Did he behave that way?” asked Sanskar and smiled. “Are you mad Sanky why are you smiling like an idiot. I think you are over excited due to Shona dee’s arrival” said she confused. “Now leave all that concentrate for what you came here” said Sanskar covering his blush. “Oh ya” said she and continued asking her doubts.

“Come home na. You can see shona dee also” said Ragini teasing. “You think she will recognize me?” asked he nervous. “Oh hello stop your drama. I know you both are friends on facebook and you are behaving like you both haven’t seen each other from ages. Don’t I know your phone conversations?” asked Ragini pulling his cheek. “Stop it Ragzee” said he blushing. “Come now” said she dragging him with her. “Fine” said he following her.

“Namaste Uncle” said Sanskar taking Shekar’s blessings. Shekar smiled caressing his hair. Swara who was in kitchen helping Janaki stopped her work and stood numb.
She walked and stood at the kitchen door and Sanskar looked at her

Tenu ithna mai pyar kara Ek pal vich sau baar kara
Tu jave je mainu chad ke Maut da intezar kara
Ki tere liye duniya chod di hai Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Mai tujhke kitna chahta hu ki tu kabhi soch na sake
tere liye duniya chod di hai Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Mai tujhke kitna chahta hu ki tu kabhi soch na sake

Ragini controlled her laugh looking at the love birds who were lost in each other. She hit Sanky with her elbow and brought him out of his dream world. He looked at her. “So good they look together” said Janaki standing beside Swara which brought her to reality. And she turned to Janaki and turned her face to Sanskar and found Ragini hanging her hands around Sanskar’s neck and smiling. “I have to do this for my bacha” she thought to herself and turned and stood leaning to the door to hide her pain.

“So Sanskar how is your work going on” asked Shekar when they all sat for dinner. “Wo uncle all good” said he and took a water glass and started drinking water. “Why don’t you call him Sasur ji now only” whispered Ragini in his ear and he choked and spit the water. Everyone looked at him. “Sorry” said he smiling weakly at everyone. He glared Ragini who was controlling her laugh looking at him. Swara watched them and smiled through her tears and wiped the tiny tear drop from her eye which she wiped it before anyone can see it.

“Swara” called Sanskar when he was helping her to place the dishes back in the kitchen. She felt she was craving to hear him from ages. She composed herself when he was approaching her. “Actually…” before he could say anything Ragini entered screaming “Sanky you are getting late come on” and dragged him with her. He looked at Swara and walked helplessly. Swara closed her eyes and cried silently. She has to tolerate this pain all her life now. “What the hell Ragzee” said he jerking her hand. “Arrey have patience Ranjha ji your heer is not gonna run away. She will be here only. Unless you decide to propose her I’m not gonna let you both talk” said Ragini. “You are really impossible” said he and walked huffing. She chuckled and burst out laughing looking at his restlessness.

“You read this? Actually Sanky explained this very well” said Ragini to Akshat when they were standing out of the exam hall. “Popu” called Laksh entering nervous. Ragini twisted her lips and walked from there. “Ragzee” said Akshat. “Leave her Popu. She might need some privacy with her boy friend” said Laksh stopping him. “Laksh when you don’t know anything you should not talk about it” said he furious and was walking but Laksh held his wrist. She doesn’t need you any more Popu. Understand that” said he and signed him to look back where Ragini was laughing with Karan. “Hey Bhagwan why these two are behaving like this I don’t understand” said Akshat looking up helplessly. He saw Laksh heart broken and sad. He turned and looked at Ragini and sensed her fake laugh. She could hide her pain from anyone but not from him. He knew how much it pained her to ignore Laksh. The bell rang and all of them entered the exam hall.

Hello guys. I hope you are liking the twists. And don’t worry it is going to be RagLak only but Laksh’s attitude has to change towards Ragini before he realizes his love. And about Ragini’s past it will reveal from next part and sorry if you are feeling that I’m diverting from main couples and concentrating on Karan more but he is the most important character of my story. I hope you will understand. And most important thing is this story is for a good cause so hope you will support my decision. Always it is not necessary that the hero should heal the heroine’s pain. Karan is the person who will bring her back but Laksh will realize his feelings before he learns about her past. And I will give importance to Uttara – Akshat and Swara – Sanskar also. So if anyone has any problem it is your choice to continue reading the story. I hope I have cleared most of your confusions. I’m very slow guys so you have to wait for the story to shape up. I love all my characters in story so please don’t bash anyone and say you don’t want to read about them. It hurts me please. It’s a request.

I never compelled my readers to comment it’s all your wish but I just have a request please don’t bash my characters. I know I’m slow and may look like diverted but that’s my writing style. Romance is not the only emotion always in our life. There are many thing other than that also. I know you want RagLak romance but you need to have patience. You have to give me time. I hope you will like my story. Please let me know should I continue with story or not. And sorry for making you people hate Lakshya but you have to understand that he is pissed off due to Ragini and Karan’s closeness but he is not ready to accept his feelings. But once you witness him realize you will see a different Lakshya.

Next episode is gonna be special and based on your views I will move forward with the story. Sorry I don’t know why I feel like stopping this story as your expectations are to a romantic angles but I’m not able to meet your expectations so I feel like stopping to publish this story. Bye I’m sorry I promised I will publish maximum episodes this week but I’m just hurt and I need to come out of it and need a break from writing. Bye guys.

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