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Which things you must be wondering- copying thing. I’m not talking about my stories but I have seen my friends saying that their stories have been copied. I’m a working woman and I hardly get an hour per day to spend at home before I go to sleep and I spend it sometimes writing and reading. Only on Sundays I write my stories. I’m not complaining as it is my choice it gives me a relaxation from this busy life. When someone copies my stories I will be like all my efforts are going in vain. Though I may never come to know that my stories are being copied but the copy cats don’t your self conscious say anything. I have seen many people copying from the books also but I never commented saying it’s a copy because even if I say it has no value unless they themself realize. I would like to tell you a story which is similar to this. Hope you will enjoy it.
I travel by buses.

One grandmaa everyday used to come in my bus and she stays nearby only. She is from a good family only not that she is struggling for every penny. But she never used to pay the ticket fare. You know these conductors becharas they have to handle almost 150 people through just one journey they keep coming and asking for tickets. She was happy for almost an year that she traveled for free but one day Ticket Checking team got inside our bus and she was caught. She said lot of stories but they did not listen. You know they see many people like this. In front of so many people she spoiled her respect for how many just 5 rupees.

So here condutors are Telly Update team because they come across so many articles in a day to publish it’s really hard for them to manage but still they do a tremendous job. They have put up the rules also that you should not copy paste the stories. Here that granny is the copy cats who steal stories of others and think like the cats who drink milk closing its eyes but think that nobody watched. And Ticket cheking team is our readers who will point out such things. So I request my TC team to let me know also if something like this is happening.

Message of whole blabbering is self conscious is your first critic listen to it you will be a good human being, who are already extinct.
If I wasted your time sorry for that but I felt like sharing my thoughts. Even if you can change a small peice of sand there lies your victory. Happy reading.
P.S: Copying in the sense copying the story completely not thinking the same concept. I hope there is a huge difference between the two. And if you are copying the concept try to give the credits at least.

“Hey Angad where is Karan?” asked Ragini standing beside him. He spit the water he was drinking and coughed. “Oye relax” said Ragini patting his head. “OMG someone pinch me” said he horrified. “Abbey Khajur. Stop your melodrama” she said and sat on the bench. “No seriously. The great Ragzee is asking about a guy. I mean today’s date should be marked in history” said he dreamily. “Saw this?” said she showing her elbow. “If it touches your beautiful face what will happen you very well know” said Ragini smirking. He gulped looking at her. “I have no idea.

He usually comes by this time” said he looking at his watch. “There he is” he said and showed the door where Karan just entered with his band aid stuck nose. She looked at him and their eyes met. And the time stopped for them. He walked further and sat on the other side of the bench and Ragini felt bad. “Hey Ragzee. How come you came so early?” asked Akshat. “I just wanted to visit library” said she and sat lowering her head. Laksh and Akshat looked at each other and asked what happened to her then both nodded their head signing no idea.
“Karan” said Ragini softly walking behind Karan to the canteen. But he did not hear. “Fish this initiating talk is so difficult” said she and walked behind him. “Karan” she screamed as they were near to canteen. He stopped his steps and stood numb. Laksh and Akshat looked at her shocked and looked at each other. “Ragzee is calling a guy” said they at a time and looked at Ragini. Everyone was looking at her shocked. She looked around smiling nervously. She ran from there embarrassed. Karan smiled nodding his head and followed her. “You called me?” asked he standing behind her. “Haa wo wo” she struggled to say and looked around. “Gosh this sorry word is so difficult to say” she said under her breath. “That’s okay” said Karan and smiled. “What?” asked she bending her head. “I said that’s okay” he almost screamed. “But I did not tell sorry only” said she confused. “But you wanted to na?” asked he.

She nodded her head. “So it was almost like saying. So chuck it” said he and smiled. “And for yesterday evening also whatever happened in Party. Sanky is just over protective about me and I was drunk and…” before she could complete Karan placed his index finger on her lips and she looked at him shocked. “I’m sorry” he said dragging his hand behind. “That’s okay” said she lost. Karan looked at her and they lost themselves in the moment. “So friends” said Ragini forwarding her hand. “Okay” said he and shook her hand. “What is happening? I’m not understanding anything” said Akshat confused looking at them. Laksh’s heart felt sinking. He looked at them shocked. Ragini’s wide smile looking at Karan and their handshake just made him restless. He felt nervous. He felt like he is gonna lose something.

“So can I call you Ragzee” asked he shrinking his eyes. “Of course Karan” said she and side hugged him. He was surprised for her gesture. “But what will I call you?” asked she and they walked back to canteen. “Karan” said he casually sitting on a chair and Ragini turned the chair and sat resting her chin on it. “No I have different names for my friends, You are not any special that I spare you” said she proud. “Okay your choice you can call me anything” he said and smiled. “Hey Popu” called Ragini finally when she spotted him standing with Laksh near the counter. She signed him to join and he walked with Laksh. “HK get me a paneer paratha and what do you want?” asked Ragini looking at Karan. “No I will get it myself” said he. “No no tell na HK will get” said she. “Okay if you insist then I will have salad” said he. “Ha HK one salad also” said Ragini looking at Lasksh who was walking with a plate. He glared her but she had already turned her gaze back to Karan. He turned fuming and went back to counter and watched Ragini who was laughing while talking to Karan. Her smile made his anger cool instantly and he smiled nodding his head. “So what will I call you? You had no pet names all your life?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “No” said he smiling. “Such boring life you had” said Laksh placing the plates on the table. “Unless you being called with your weird names from your friends your life is meaningless hai na chudail” said Laksh placing his hand around Ragini’s neck and her hair got stuck in his watch. “Ouch HK” screamed Ragini and her head bent and neared him and their faces were too close. “I… I’m sorry” said Laksh and his breath touched her face making her nervous and she avoided eye contact with him.

“Lucky what is wrong with you” said Akshat bringing them to reality and removed Ragini’s hair. She tucked her hair behind her ear. “I forgot Khadus khan had told me to meet him in the staff room” said she and ran from there. “Ragzee paratha” screamed Akshat running behind her. Laksh looked at her direction and turned and looked at Karan who smiled at him nervously. “I’m really sorry Karan. Yesterday I just misunderstood you. Situation was like that” said Laksh pleading. “That’s okay Laksh. If I was in your place I would have behaved the same way. As you said it was just the situation” said Karan and smiled at him. Laksh’s smile widened looking at him.
“Simple word it is Sanky why are you taking so much time?” asked Ragini looking at Sanskar who was standing in front of Karan lowering his head. “No sir this and all is not necessary. You are elder to me don’t say all that” said Karan nervous. “No Karan I have to say this. Yesterday I really behaved bad with you and did not give a chance to speak. I should say you sorry” said Sanskar. “I’m actually happy you behaved that way. I really appreciate people who show compassion towards protection of girls. Everyone just brushes the thought saying it is common and acceptable. I really love it when people behave the way you behaved sir.

So don’t be sorry about it.” said Karan. “One request” said Sanskar. “Hmm tell me sir” said Karan smiling. “Can you call me bhai?” asked Sanskar and Karan nodded his head smiling. “Yayy” screeched Ragini. “Now you are officially welcome to our gang” said Ragini placing her hand around his neck smiling. Laksh’s nostrils flared looking at them. Karan was just lost looking at her. Akshat was right about Ragini. She takes time to trust people and make friends but once she accepts somebody as her friend even if the person want to break the friendship she will not do it.
“Karan” called Ragini when Karan entered class with Laksh next day. She signed him to sit beside her and he smiled and walked to her. Laksh felt bad but he was unable to understand why. He walked to Akshat and sat beside him with sad face. Akshat asked him what happened he just nodded his head as nothing and looked at his right where Ragini was laughing talking to Karan.

“What should I call you yar?” asked Ragini as they were walking to the bus stop in the evening. Laksh was following them with Akshat. “Karu?” said Ragini widening her eyes and showing her index finger. “No that’s not nice” said he shrinking his eyes and nodding his head. “No chudail that’s the best name” said Laksh interfering between them and jerking Ragini who was about to fall but Karan held her on right time. “HK what is wrong with you. I’m deciding his name why are you getting so excited?” asked Ragini fuming and folding her sleeves up and straightening her hat. “I was just suggesting. You both are struggling from yesterday” said Laksh twisting his lips. “OMG popu. Something is wrong with HK he is behaving like a girl, twisting lips and all” screamed Ragini.

“Ya Ragzee even I’m observing him from yesterday” said Popu and both of them stood in front of Laksh and started analyzing. “What the hell are you both doing?” asked he annoyed jerking them. “Lucky take a chill pill” said both of them and tried pulling his cheeks. “Dare you touch my handsome face” said he warning them. Ragini winked at Akshat and he winked back to her and both of them neared him and messed up his hair and ran from there. And while running Ragini held Karan’s hand and ran from there and Laksh fumed and chased them.

Jise zindagi dundh rahi hai kya yeh wo makam mera hai (Is this destination my life was searching for)
Yeha chain se bas ruk javu kyu dil yeh mujhe kehta hai(I feel like staying in this moment forever)
jazbaat naye se mile hai jaane kya asar yeh hua hai(I have discovered new feelings don’t know what effect you have)
ek aas mili phir mujhkojo kubul kisi ne kiya hai (I have got one and only which someone is fulfilling)
Kisi shayar ki gazal jo de ruh sukoon ke pal (A poet’s poem which gives you peace for the moment)

koi mujhko yu mila hai jaise banjare ko ghar (I have got someone like a homeless person gets a home)
naye mausam ki seher ya sard me dopeher(It feels like morning of new season or an afternoon of winter)
koi mujhko yu mila hai jaise banjare ko ghar (I have got someone like a homeless person gets a home)

Karan kept looking at her lost. She was showing her tongue to Laksh teasing and Karan was lost in her face.
Without even knowing her he had fallen for her head on heels and when he had started knowing her he was falling for her more and more.

“Lucky stop it” said Sanskar stopping Laksh who was chasing Ragini. “Tell her bhai. Every time you take her side only not fair” said Laksh complaining. “Okay Lucky bye. Ragzee bye” said Karan and started walking. “Bye barfi” said Ragini. Karan stopped and turned looking at her doubtfully. “You are chweet like barfi na that’s why” said Ragini bending her head and smiled. “That’s weird name. You are seriously not gonna call me that right?” said he horrified. “Bye barfi” said Ragini again and walked with Akshat. “Oh no” said Karan nervous and headed to his home.
“He is sweet like Barfi and I’m HK haram khor. Wah” said Laksh annoyed. “What are you murmuring Lucky get inside we are getting late” said

Sanskar from inside the car. “Ayaa bhai” said he and sat inside the car.
“Don’t you think you are getting too close to Karan?” asked Akshat as they were walking near Ragini’s house. “If I behave normal you have problem and if I don’t then also you have problem. So many days you were annoyed that I was rude with him and now when I’m talking to him normally still you have problem.

Decide one thing Popu. Bye” said Ragini and stormed inside her house annoyed. “Ragzee… Ragzee…” said he but of no use. “I don’t know I feel he is thinking you more than a friend and it will hurt you only when you will come to know about his feelings Ragzee. I’m feeling so helpless. What should I do now? You are not accepting your feelings for Laksh and he is also idiot. Your closeness with Karan is hurting him but he is not accepting it. Watching all this I don’t know what should I do” said Akshat to himself and walked home sad.

“What happened Akshat?” asked Rashmi when she found Akshat entering sad. “Nothing maa” said he and smiled at her weakly. “You won’t tell me?” asked she holding his shoulder. He hugged her and said “I feel so helpless maa” said he. “Then leave it on time” said she. He looked at her confused. “How much ever you try you cannot avoid what is written in fate. So just leave it on time. You are destined for something and just wait for time for your role” said she caressing his cheek and he smiled at her weakly.
“What the hell is wrong with me? I wanted them to be friends and when they are behaving normal why is it hurting me. What is wrong with you Laksh?” he said pulling his hair. “Lucky” said Sanskar entering his room. But Laksh was lost and did not reply. “Lucky” said he shaking Laksh. “Haa Bhai. When did you come?” asked he. “Are you okay?” asked Sanskar checking his temperature on his forehead and neck. Laksh smiled at him weakly and said “Ya bhai I’m fine” and he sat on the bed placing his both the hands in his hair. “Lucky” said Sanskar sitting beside him and placing his hand on Laksh’s shoulder. “I’m confused bhai. I don’t know what is happening with me” said Laksh closing his eyes frustrated. “You won’t tell me? Who knows I can help you” said Sanskar. “I don’t know bhai seriously. I never felt it all my life like something will go away from me. First I wanted Ragzee to behave normally with Karan but now when she has accepted him as a friend I’m feeling odd. She is close to Akshat but I never felt that feeling, but with Karan her closeness irks me” said Laksh.

“You love her?” asked Sanskar and Laksh looked at him horrified. “Have you gone mad bhai. Love and me and that too that chudail. You must be joking” said Laksh and looked around. “Now I’m sure that you lover her” said Sanskar teasing him. “Bhai stop it” said Laksh annoyed. “Bachu you are gone now. Hogaya hai tujhko tho pyar sajna. Laakh karle tu inkaar Sajna” sang Sanskar and ran out of room and Laksh threw the cushion on him. “This bhai bhi na” said Laksh and nodded his head. He lied on his bed and closed his eyes. “HK” he heard her voice and got up scared. “No Lucky. This is all nightmare. Just forget it and sleep” said he and lied again on the bed and closed his eyes
“Life looks like worth living now. I feel all these years I wasn’t really living. Ragini your name itself makes my heart race. Will you be in my life ever?” Karan spoke looking at the moon smiling. “Karan” said his mom entering his room. “Mom mom mom” said he twirling her. “Relax bacha what happened?” asked she as he stopped. “You know Ragini spoke to me” said he smiling widely. She looked at him raising her one eye brow. He then realized what he said and hugged her immediately. She smiled and caressed his hair. “So what did you speak?” asked she when they sat on the bed. “She is totally crazy mom from yesterday she is just deciding what she will call me” said he. “Ohho from yesterday she is speaking to you and you are telling me now?” asked she glaring him. He bit his tongue and said “You were tensed yesterday due to some case so did not wanted to disturb you” said he. “Okay leave it. Tell me what did she decide your name?” asked she.

“Barfi” said he and smiled widely. “What?” asked she confused. “She said I’m sweet like barfi” said he and smiled looking at her. “She is not gonna call you that right?” asked she shrinking her eyes. “You think she will not?” asked Karan helplessly. “Awww barfi” said she pulling his cheek. “Mom” said he complaining and hugged her and she caressed his hair smiling. “Finally you are happy. I don’t want anything more than that” thought she and kissed his hair.
“He is really sweet Poppy. You know I need not tell him Sorry only. He only understood and said ok, so sweet he is. And very silent and bhola bhala type, but only for one month later we three will change him” said Ragini laughing as she was lying on Rathore’s lap. He caressed her hair and smiled. “I know that” he said. “You know khadus khan has warned me to not to spoil him. And you know whenever he says something not to do I have to do it” said she chuckling. “He is your tauji Ragzee” said Rathore. “I know he is bade papa’s best friend but for me he is like Sher Khan of Jungle book so I call him Khadoos Khan.

And you know na once Ragzee decides a name for someone that name will be permanent” said Ragini looking up at him. “Ha meri maa I know” said he folding his hands and Ragini chuckled looking at him. She turned again and spoke many things. “I want you to be like this only princess. Thank god all the misunderstandings cleared. He seems to be a good person who has cheered you so soon” thought he smiling. “I’m the most unfortunate mother in the world who is reason for her kids sadness. Even I have to stay away from her all my life I will stay away for her happiness” thought Janaki. Rathore nodded his head looking at her and she smiled and she wiped her tears looking at Ragini who was sleeping in Rathore’s lap.

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