“I’m not gonna help her. Tell her to promise that she will not play prank on me” said Uttara pouting folding her hands. “Uttu” said Sanskar strict. “That’s not fair. Today is my birthday and I’m being threatened here by Timon and Pumba” said Uttara looking up helplessly. “What did you say?” said Ragini and Sanskar glaring Uttara standing in front of her. “Timon” said she pointing at Ragini and “Pumba” said she pointing at Sanskar. “Uttara ki bachi. I spared you today as it is your birthday. You wait” said Ragini chasing her. “Lucky bhai bachavo” screamed Uttara running out of the room. “What happened Uttu?” screamed back Laksh from hall where he was looking after the decorations for birthday party. “This Ragzee is chasing me like khula Saand” screamed Uttara running. “You called me Saand how dare you Popat ki maina” said Ragini running behind her.

Uttara stopped shocked. “Popat ki maina?” said Sujata coming out of kitchen. “Popat ki maina?” said Ram coming out of his room. “Popat ki maina?” asked Laksh scratching his head. “Kis ki maina?” asked Sanskar coming down the stairs. Uttara turned and glared Ragini who was pleading looking at her. “Now you only handle” signed Uttara glaring Ragini who gulped scared. “This is weird name. I’m hearing for the first time” said Ram and Ragini sighed and said “Haa chachu I discovered it recently” said Ragini and smirked looking at Uttara who shrank her eyes.
“Churail atleast today spare her” said Laksh standing in front of her. “And why did she call me timon first then Khula Saand?” asked Ragini fuming. “That you are is there any doubt in that?” asked Laksh. “HK”screamed Ragini and chased him angry. Uttara sighed and went to her room.

“How dare you call me that ha?” asked Ragini fuming and threw the pillow at Laksh. And he tried to save himself from her; standing on the otherside of the bed. But Ragini threw everything around her. “No no Ragzee. Don’t you dare to throw it” said Laksh when he found her holding a glass monument. Ragini smirked looking at him. Before she could throw it Laksh acted swiftly and held her wrist and dragged and both fell on the bed and Laksh locked her hands behind her back when she fell over him. “Leave me HK” screamed Ragini. But Laksh dragged her more close to him and her hat fell from her head and her hair covered them and Laksh lost himself in her soft hair strands and looked at her. Ragini was trying to get out of his hold. Laksh felt an urge to drag her more close to him. He dragged her and Ragini looked at him shocked. He was dangerously close to her.

She looked at him and both of them lost looking at each other. She stopped her struggle and Laksh brought his hand and touched her cheek softly and dragged her face close to his face and Ragini closed her eyes when he touched her skin. Laksh lifted his head a bit to near her lips without his knowledge and he could feel Ragini’s heart beat raising over his chest. “Lucky” called Sanskar and both of them jerked and departed. Ragini stood and picked her hat and ran out of his room. Laksh fell on the bed stretching his hand smiling widely. “Lucky” called Sanskar again. “Aaya bhai” said Laksh and ran out of his room. “What the hell is wrong with me. I should not let that womanizer’s act affect him. He is Casanova he can charm anyone but not me Mr. Laksh. Not me” said Ragini holding her thumping heart.
“You know she had discovered a new name for Uttu” said Laksh keeping his hand around Akshat’s neck in the birthday party. “Is it?” asked Akshat and gulped the water. “Haa what was it haa Popat ki maina” said Laksh and Akshat chocked and spit out the water he drank just then. “Popu what happened?” asked Laksh patting his head to cool him. “No nothing Laksh. Just water went in wrong pipe” said Akshat smiling nervous. “This Ragzee na one day I’m gonna die because of her slip of tongue. Thank God Lucky did not understand” said Akshat looking at Laksh smiling weakly when he asked him is he okay. He saw Uttara descending down the stairs and lost himself looking at her. Uttara looked at Akshat who was staring her. She blushed and lowered her head and walked with Sujata. “Where is she?” thought Laksh searching Ragini.

“Common Ragzee how can you be scared? It is just a gown” said Sanskar cupping Ragini’s face who was nervous like hell. “This is not just gown Sanky it is open from here and I feel so awkward to wear it” said Ragini covering herself with her hands. Sanskar moved her hands and said “What is wrong in this? This is fashion Ragzee. Don’t behave like you haven’t worn anything” said Sanskar. “No Sanky please. I can’t come out like this” said Ragini. “You cannot be weak all the time Ragzee you have to fight those gazes if you want to be strong” said Sanskar pleading her. “No no I can’t” said Ragini and sat on the bed. “You are coming down in 10 minutes or I will not talk to you” said Sanskar and headed out. “Sanky” said Ragini trying to stop him but all in vain.

“Ragzee” said Laksh entering the room. Ragini turned and covered herself. Laksh sensed her awkwardness. He opened Uttara’s cupboard and took a velvet half jerkin matching to the gown’s color. “Wear this” he said placing it beside her. Ragini turned and looked at it and looked back but Laksh wasn’t there. She wore it and headed out of the room. It looked like she was wearing a full sleeved gown. Janaki looked at her and smiled through her tears and Rathore smiled holding her shoulders. She looked up at him and smiled. “So my trick worked” said Sanskar to himself and smiled widely looking at Ragini who was walking comfortably. Laksh spit the drink which he drank just then. He did not expected she will look so gorgeous. He could not take his eyes off from her. Akshat smiled looking at her and watched Laksh who stood with open mouth. Akshat hit him on his stomach with his elbow and he came back to senses and looked around embarrassed as Akshat caught him staring Ragini. Karan was mesmerized looking at her.

“Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you” sang everyone as Uttara cut the cake after blowing the candles. She received everyone’s gifts and Akshat neared her and handed her the gift box and she blushed and received it and tucked her hair strand behind her ear.

“So may I have a pleasure to dance with you?” Ragini heard Laksh’s voice. He was asking for dance with one of Uttara’s friend. The girl smiled and placed her hand on his hand and they both moved to the middle of the hall. Laksh placed his one hand on her waist and with the other hand he held her hand and started moving with the music. Anger crept Ragini’s body without her knowledge and she closed her fist. “HK kahika” said Ragini fuming. “That he was always right?” asked Akshat standing beside her. She glared him and he walked from there scared. Ragini fumed and sat on a chair near the bar and gulped three four shots at a go. Tears flew from her eyes when she saw Laksh speaking something in girls ear and laughing. She stormed out of the venue.

She stood near a tree and hit her hand to its trunk with full force. She stumbled and was about to fall but Karan held her on time. Her vision was blur to recognize him. He made her stand. “Can’t you understand if I tell you once” screamed Ragini when she realized it was Karan. “Ragini listen to me I was just trying to help you” said Karan holding her when she again stumbled and was about to fall. “I don’t need anyone’s help. You guys are not worth of my trust. Just get lost” she screamed trying to stand properly. She started walking inside the hall. “OMG she will make a mess inside she is not in her senses” thought Karan and held her wrist and dragged her to him. “How dare…” screamed Ragini and Karan closed her mouth and looked in her eyes and those black orbs bound him to a magical spell. She bit his hand and he came to senses and winced in pain. “I know Karate” said Ragini acting as Kungfu style. Karan smiled looking at her antics. “Shhh” said he placing his finger on her lips and she pouted and he blushed as her every expression was treat to watch. He lifted her on his shoulder and walked to the outhouse near by. “What are you doing leave me… leave me” Ragini screamed hitting him with her hands. Karan made her stand and held her wrist and signed her to keep quite. He made her sit on the bench. “Wait I will call Laksh” said he dialing number. “No don’t call that HK” said Ragini snatching phone from his hand. Karan who was shocked and looked at her. She was standing with her eyes half closed and pouting like a kid. “Okay fine, Come sit here” said Karan dragging her and making her sit on the bench. Ragini sat closing her eyes and smiled sheepishly. Karan nodded his head smiling looking at her.

“Acha Ragini” said Karan. “Who Ragini?” asked Ragini looking at him confused. “You only” said Karan. “No I’m Ragzee only Ragzee. Ragini is dead. Long back” said she struggling to open her eyes. “Why did she die?” asked Karan holding her hand. Ragini placed her head on his shoulder and cried like a small kid. “Hey what happened?” asked he cupping her face. “He killed her” said she sobbing. “Who?” asked Karan confused. “He” said Ragini bending back and showing backward with her hand. Karan looked at her back but there was nobody. “Who? What is his name?” asked Karan confused. “He is very bad. He is very very bad” said Ragini sobbing. “I have to record this and make mom listen to it. Only she can help me” he thought and he placed his phone in recording mode and cupped Ragini’s face who was fallen on his chest. “Ragzee who is that bad person. See if you show him to me. I promise I will break his bones” said he wiping her tears. “That uncle is very bad. He said he will give me chocolate and he touched me here… here and here and all” said Ragini showing Karan. He wasn’t understanding anything. He looked at her confused. Ragini started shivering suddenly and fell on the ground and screamed “Leave me… Leave me…. Don’t touch me… Don’t come near me. Maa… maa popsy….” screamed Ragini. Sanskar who came searching Ragini found her in the outhouse. “Relax Ragzee nothing will happen. See I’m there na” said Karan trying to console her.

“What are you doing?” screamed Sanskar when he found Ragini crying bitterly and sliding backward looking at Karan. “I was.. just…” said Karan standing up in front of Sanskar. Sanskar held his collar and dragged him close to him. “What the hell were you trying to do with her?” said Sanskar furious. His blood shot eyes were scary. Karan gulped horrified. “Actually I was just…” but before he could complete Sanskar punched him hard and Karan fell on the ground with a thud. Ragini looked at him and then at Sanskar. She stood up and hugged him immediately. Sanskar held her from her back and she fainted in his arms. He placed her on the bench and turned to Karan who was holding his bleeding nose. Sanskar again held his collar and dragged him dangerously swinging. “Listen sir I was…” before he could complete Sanskar again punched him.

“Bhai” screamed Laksh horrified when he saw Sanskar punching Karan. He neared them and separated them and stood between Karan and Sanskar whose eyes were bleeding red and he was pouncing to grab Karan furiously. “What is wrong with you bhai. For god sake he is guest in our house. Why are you behaving with him like this?” said Laksh stopping Sanskar holding his hands. “Keep such ass holes away from Ragzee. I see him next time near her. I will surely kill him” said Sanskar furious. Laksh looked at him confused. Sanskar turned and carried Ragini who was unconscious to the guest house in the backyard. Laksh looked at Ragini shocked.

“Seriously Laksh I did not misbehave with her I swear” said Karan struggling. Laksh eyes were filled with tears looking at Ragini’s condition. He turned to Karan whose nose was bleeding badly. “Just get lost Karan I called you as you have become one of my close friend. I did not understand when she was avoiding you. Now I feel I shouldn’t have made you my friend only. If I knew you had this intention I wouldn’t have made you my friend” said Laksh and walked from there. “Laksh Laksh” said Karan but of no use. His self respect broke into pieces. Nobody gave him a chance to explain. He picked his phone and headed from there to home sadly.
“Bhai” said Laksh standing at the door. “I don’t want to listen to anything Laksh” said Sanskar and signed him to go. “I’m sorry Ragu. I promised you I will protect you always. But I’m failing” said Sanskar holding Ragini’s hand. Laksh looked at him painfully and headed from there wiping his tears.
“What?” said Akshat over the phone and ran to the guest house. He stood at the door shocked. He neared and sat beside Ragini and caressed her hair. “Please Ragzee get up. You know na your Popu can’t live without you” said Akshat sobbing and placed his head beside her head. Sanskar caressed his hair looking at him painfully. “These attacks takes my breath Sanky bhai. I’m scared” said Akshat sobbing. “She will be fine. I have injected her. She needs rest. Come” said Sanskar dragging Akshat with him.
“How is she?” asked Sujata concerned when Sanskar entered the house with Akshat sad. All the guests had left as the Party was over. “She is still unconscious. I have injected her and she will wake up in the morning” said Sanskar.
“I don’t understand how can she panic for such small thing” said Laksh scratching his head. Sanskar neared him and held his collar and dragged him close to him. “Is that small thing Laksh? Is that? That blo*dy bastard was trying to molest her and you are still taking his side. I have told you many times don’t take things casually around her. Have you listened. Dare you or your that stupid friend go near her. I will forget that you are my brother” said Sanskar and pushed him and stormed to his room. Laksh stumbled and stood confused. He had never seen Sanskar so angry, never ever in his whole life. Janaki cried holding Rathore who consoled her patting her head.

“When will be our princess live a normal life Jaan. I can’t see her like this” said Rathore caressing Ragini’s hair after he placed her on her bed as they came back from MM. Janaki kept her hand on his shoulder and he placed his hand on her hand and closed his eyes painfully.
“Akshat” said Rashmi dragging Akshat and placing his head on her lap and patting it. “She will not go na maa” said he and his hands shivered. “She will not” said Rashmi kissing his head. “Popu…. Popu….” her screams ringed in his head and he got up with a jerk and sat breathing heavily. “Akshat” said Rashmi caressing his cheek. “Pakka na maa?” said he painfully looking at her. “Pakka promise” said Rashmi pinching her neck and placed his head in her lap and tears flew from her eyes.
“Karan What happened?” asked Sumitra worried when she saw Karan entering with his bleeding nose. “Nothing maa. I just slipped” said Karan and walked to his room. Sumitra entered behind him and took the first aid box and started cleaning blood and applied the ointment on his nose. “Ouch” said he when it hurt. “Tell me now what happened?” asked she as she placed the first aid box back on the table and sat beside him. “I told na maa” said he touching his nose. “Nobody can slip so badly. You know right you cannot hide it from me” said she glaring him. “I will tell you later. First I have to show you something” said Karan and made her watch the recording in his phone.
“Oh no” said She gaping shocked. “What happened maa?” asked Karan worried. “You have to be very strong to listen what I’m gonna tell you now” said she placing her left hand on his cheek. “Maa you are scaring me. Tell me” said Karan holding her hand. “As per my experience as a psychiatrist I can conclude that she is a victim of child abuse” said Sumitra horrified. Karan widened his eyes as he could not contain the shock. “No” he gasped. “Yes beta that’s the truth. As per your inputs about her behavior around men and this video it looks like its a child abuse case and she had suffered a prolonged depression due to it. But still her mind is not stable. She is still suffering. And such victims suffer all their life. They are extremely scared of strangers and can’t tolerate the opposite gender around them except some familiar people” said Sumitra. Hot tears rushed down his cheek. Her screams flashed in his mind and he closed his eyes painfully letting the tears. He remembered all her behavior around him. “How much she has suffered maa. My pain is nothing in front of her. That’s why Laksh’s brother beat me so badly when he saw her in this state. If she is suffering so much due to my closeness maa I will stay away from her. Forever” said Karan sobbing and hugged Sumitra. She patted his back to console him.

“I did not knew that you are suffering so much Ragini. I seriously did not knew. You show you are strong because you are scared of everyone. If I get a chance to heal your pain I will not back off. But whatever happened today. I don’t think I will be able to meet your eyes also. I know you also will misunderstand me like others but that’s okay. I think this is the end of us now which never even started” said Karan looking at the black sky.

“Why do I feel all are hiding something from me? But what? I have never seen bhai so angry. I know he is possessive about Ragini but to this extent I can’t believe this. Why did he say he failed his promise to protect her. From whom is he trying to protect her. Why was Ragini in such bad condition. Everyone knows but I’m not aware of it. Why did she change from bholi bhali Ragini to tomboy Ragzee. Why?” thought Laksh looking outside the sky blankly.

“Are you okay?” Akshat read Uttara’s sms. He wiped his tears and replied “I’m fine”. “I know you are upset due to Ragzee but trust me she will be fine” texted Uttara. Akshat smiled widely and replied “Thank you so much” “Why?” replied Uttara. “For cheering me” replied Akshat. “I love you” texted Uttara. “Love you too” replied Akshat and lied on his bed placing his phone on the side table.

“I know Akshat that incident snatched your piece of mind also. You will be always worried for Ragzee. Ya I do get jealous sometime looking both of your friendship but she needs you more than me. And I’m all ok. After all she is my best friend too” said Uttara looking at Akshat’s photo in her phone and kissed it and dozed off smiling.

So this was the mystery behind Ragini’s behavior. This is actually a very sensitive topic but reality of our society. Still the past has to reveal. I know you people are feeling bad for Karan. He has an important role in the story and it was needed for him to know it before Laksh.
Laksh has to realize his feelings yet and even Ragini. Finally it is going to be RagLak only. So the story has started progressing now. I know I’m very slow and update only once a week. Just bear with me one more week later I will update regularly. So brace yourself lot of emotional struggles are gonna come. What to do these emotions don’t leave my story. Just kidding. This is actually inspired from some real incidents and I thought to put it in a story. I don’t know whether you people will like this concept. Do let me know.
I will meet you guys next week with the next update

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