Feelings are something which you can never define to yourself also sometimes. Lakshya was in a similar position. A deep pain inside his heart. He could never understand his stupid heart. Better said his heart could never understand him. Her teary eyes were flashing in his subconscious mind disturbing his sleep every time he felt he was in deep sleep. “What the hell is wrong with me?” he said sitting on his bed. He stretched his hand for the water glass on the table which fell down as his eyes were half open. He turned his side frustrated. His throat was dry but was that thirst or pain he was unable to figure out.

“Lucky you know even if the whole world misunderstands me and treats me unjust I don’t get affected. But it pains me when I see hatred in your eyes. I want to tell you the reason behind your Ragu turning into Ragzee but I don’t want you to feel pity on me. I don’t want to see that emotion in your eyes. So I better consider you as HK only” said Ragini to herself looking at their childhood picture.

“How much ever you try Ragzee you cannot avoid being his Ragu. He hurts you or loves you. You will always love him” thought Akshat looking at their sports day fest picture where Ragini was looking at Laksh when he placed his hand around her shoulder.

“I don’t know what is Lucky’s problem with you Ragini. But I have to keep you away from him so that he doesn’t hurt you. I cannot risk to send you back to that state again. I cannot” said Sanskar caressing Ragini’s face in the picture of his graduation ceremony.

“How to tell you what effect you have on me. I cannot see your tears just in a meeting of one day. I don’t know how will I control my emotions around you Ragini. You just made me mad in one meeting. I want to be in your life and heal your wounds. Please give me a chance” said Karan looking at the sky as he woke from his sleep halfway.

“Okay. Shall I drop you?” asked Sanskar as he descended talking over the phone. “Are you sure?” he asked after a pause. “Okay fine” he said and disconnected the call. “Whom were you talking to?” asked Sujata serving him breakfast. “Ragzee” said Sanskar and Laksh stopped his hand which was near his mouth with the morsel. “Lucky” said Sujata jerking him and he continued eating. “What did she say?” asked Sujata and observed Lakshya’s expression changes. “Rathore Papa has gifted her new Dio. And she will be going by that only to college with Akshat” said Sanskar and Lakshya chocked hearing that. “What happened Lucky?” asked Sujata concerned rubbing his back to console him. “Nothing maa” said he and continued eating. “Lucky eat fast I will drop you. I have a patient to attend” said Sanskar and headed out.
From morning he was waiting for Ragini but she did not come. He thought atleast he can meet her on the way to Akshat’s house but she had already left with Akshat. He was confused why was he so desperate to meet her. He always wished her to get out of his life but now when she is walking out his heart was paining.
“Hey Ragzee” said Sanskar near the college gate as Ragini and Akshat reached just then. “Hi Sanky. Bye I’m getting late” said she and walked from there after parking her two wheeler without waiting for anyone’s reply. Akshat smiled at Sanskar weakly and followed Ragini after giving him a hug. Laksh was feeling bad as she did not even see his face. He walked to the class uninterested.

“Hey Karan”said Laksh giving high five to Karan who was sitting beside Ragini. He looked at her but she did not even turn her face. His smile faded and he sat in his place and looked at Ragini who was unaffected. The classes progressed but Laksh was unable to concentrate. Akshat observed his restlessness and smiled in his heart. “Ragini.. Hey Ragini” said Karan following her but she did not even stop. Laksh stopped her standing in front of her. “Have little courtesy when some one is calling you answer them” said he fuming. “Over?” asked Ragini looking at him. Laksh lifted his hand ans showed his finger and was about to speak something but her eyes locked him and he stopped there and looked at her blankly. “Get out of my way” said Ragini. Laksh bent his head as he did not realize what she was saying. “I said get lost” screamed Ragini and pushed him aside. “Can’t you talk properly to anyone churail” said Laksh dragging her with her hand. “I talk like this only.

If you feel bad just don’t talk to me. Don’t teach me. Did you get that” said Ragini as she jerked his hand and walked from there. “I’m your friend yar Ragzee don’t I have rights to tell you anything?” asked Laksh helplessly. “You only said right I’m nobody to you Mr. Lakshya Maheshwari. So where does this friendship came?” asked Ragini turning to him. “We are just strangers now. Just strangers” said Ragini and he stared ground. “And you Mr.” said Ragini moving to Karan. “Don’t you dare to call my name again got that” said she showing her finger to him. Karan felt bad. “Ragzee” said Akshat dragging her to stop her from hurting Karan more.
“I’m sorry yar Karan. She is like that only can’t talk nicely to anyone. Don’t feel bad for her words. She is not bad from heart but” said Laksh smiling. “Laksh don’t mistake me. I’m just curious to know about Ragini. She is different from other girls that’s why” said Karan nervous. “Oh something something ha?” asked Laksh placing his around Karan’s neck. “No no nothing like that Laksh, just” said Karan struggling. “Ohho I do understand dude chillax” said Laksh dragging him.

“Ragzee is very different from other girls. You know all the girls feel so happy when their dad calls them princess. You know what she says. Popsy don’t call me those tacky names” said Laksh acting like Ragini. Her cute pouting face flashed in front of his eyes. “She always plays prank on my sister Uttara. Still like a kid always torturing others” said he and smiled remembering her mischievous face. “And the person who handles most of her torture is Popu. Bechara. But still they both can’t live without each other. Oh my God they both are total dramebaazs” said he smiling widely and Ragini pulling Akshat’s cheek hugging him flashed in his mind. “You know Rashmi darling I mean Popu’s mom calls her Jhalli. And she is Jhalli ek number ki” said Laksh and remembered Ragini’s every expression and the way she threatens everyone like Gunda flashed in his mind and he smiled widely. “But she is churail. She doesn’t know how to talk to people” said Laksh annoyed. “For one second you made me feel you love her” said Karan and sighed. “Love? And that too that churail. Have you gone mad. Who can love that Jhalli. She makes everyone life hell” said Laksh annoyed. “But I love this Jhalli” said Karan in his heart looking at Ragini who was laughing teasing Akshat who was drinking water as he ate the chilli which Ragini placed in his sandwich. Laksh followed his gaze and saw Ragini laughing and his heart started fluttering with joy and he lost himself in her laugh.

“Dahi puri?” Ragini read Laksh’s text on her mobile peeping inside her desk. She twisted her lips without replying and looked at the board. Laksh looked at her and when she did not reply his face fell. “Please” she read his text and turned to her left where Laksh was pleading her shrinking his eyes. Ragini sighed and turned to her desk. “Fine” Laksh read Ragini’s text and his heart jumped with joy. And he disturbed the class with his excitement when he hit the desk. “Lucky” said Shrikant and signed him to stand. “Wo sir I was just appreciating your skills. How did you make me understand this equation so easily. I was cracking my head from last night” said Laksh smiling at Srikanth nervous. Srikanth smiled widely feeling it as a complement and signed him to sit and turned to the board smiling and continued the class. Ragini opened her mouth looking at Laksh who was smirking raising his collar. She waved her hand in air like you are impossible. “Ragini” called Srikant jerking her. She stood up nervous. “Don’t you dare to spoil Laksh” said he in warning tone. “But sir” said Ragini but was cut in by Srikanth who said “Now sit down” Ragini sat on her bench frustrated. Laksh laughed silently looking at her and she fumed looking at him.
“This is the only thing which cools you” said Laksh handing her a plate of Dahi puri in canteen. Ragini twisted her lips with fake anger. “You seriously suck in case of faking anger Ragzee stop doing that” said Laksh as he was shocked looking at her. Ragini burst out laughing. “Seriously HK you are” said she in between her laughs. “Where is Popu?” asked Ragini looking around. “Tomorrow class test na so he went early” said Laksh and looked around nervous.
“Popu I will handle her. If you are here she will not cool down at all” said Laksh pushing Akshat inside the bus. “Fine. Leave her home on time. And tell her to text me okay” said Akshat standing at the door of the bus instructing Laksh.
“So you will come na to MM from tomorrow” said Laksh casually trying to act that he did not miss her. “No” said Ragini as she gulped the puri. “Why?” asked Laksh bending immediately. “My wish” said Ragini casually. “Fine” said Laksh. “I was just joking HK” said Ragini pulling his cheek and burst out laughing looking at his cute face. Laksh lost himself again in her laugh. “For one second you made me you love her” Karan’s word ringed in his mind. “What is happening to me?” he thought to himself and brushed his thoughts. There is very fragile thin line between Love and Friendship. He did not wanted to cross it. But he was unaware that he had already crossed that line.

“Ragzee what are you doing here?” asked Sanskar as he spotted Ragini walking near their house with Laksh. “Wo bhai….” said Laksh but Sanskar stopped him by showing his hand and said “I’m talking to Ragzee Laksh. Go home. I will drop her” said Sanskar and dragged Ragini with her. Laksh looked at him confused. “Why do you forgive him so easily Ragzee he again will hurt you” said Sanskar concerned cupping her face. “He is my friend Sanky” said Ragini. “Fine have you listened to me ever. Do however you wish” said Sanskar annoyed. “Aww you look so cute when you get angry” said Ragini pulling his cheek and rested her head on his shoulder. “I can never understand both of your friendship Ragu. He hurts you and gives you pain and he can only heal your pain” said Sanskar looking at her.

“Lucky what are you doing here? Come have food” said Sanskar calling Laksh who was standing at the terrace. “Bhai you forgave me?” asked Laksh smiling. “When Ragu forgave you then why will I be angry” said Sanskar smiling. “Bhai why does she matters you so much?” asked Laksh confused. “I did not get your context Lucky” said Sanskar confused looking at him. “Do you love her?” asked Laksh hesitant. “Have you gone mad Laksh? How can you think about us that way?” said Sanskar fuming. “Thank god” said Laksh in his heart and sighed. “No bhai I was just confused” said Laksh. “She is most important person in my life and about our relationship I cannot assure you what it is but definitely it isn’t love. I feel for her pain. Her pain torn me into pieces. But definitely it isn’t love” said Sanskar and walked from there. “Why am I feeling happy for it?” said Laksh to himself.

“What the hell” said Ragini struggling in Karan’s hold when he prevented her from falling as he bumped into her. He made her stand and said “Sorry I was just…” before he could complete he felt Ragini’s hard slap on his cheek. “Can’t you understand if I tell you once. Stay away from me” screamed Ragini and headed from there. Karan stood there with his head low holding his cheek. Laksh fumed looking at this. He stormed behind Ragini.
“What’s your problem churail. Why don’t you think before doing anything. He was just trying to save you” said Laksh holding Ragini and twirling her to face him. “Stay out of it HK. It’s my wish. I will behave the way I want with people. Don’t teach me” said Ragini getting out of his hold. “You are seriously unbelievable. Instead of being sorry you are justifying yourself. You can never change. Never ever.” said Laksh looking at her painfully. Ragini closed her eyes frustrated and said “See HK I’m like this only. If you like it or not I cannot change myself for any one” She turned to leave. “Why did you change from Ragu to Ragzee then” said Laksh and she stopped her steps. He held her elbow and dragged her to him. His tears were flowing uncontrollably from his eyes. “Your Ragu is dead Lucky. She is dead” said Ragini meeting his eyes. “Why did you kill my Ragu?” asked Laksh and his nails pierced her skin. But the pain in her heart looking at Laksh’s pain was more than that pain. “She couldn’t survive this world Lucky. She couldn’t” said Ragini getting out of his hold in cracking voice. She stormed from there. “I will never forgive you for killing my Ragu. I will never” said Laksh wiping his tears furiously.
“Why is it difficult for both of you to accept your feelings” said Akshat looking at them painfully.

“I’m sorry Karan from Ragzee’s side” said Akshat standing beside Karan. He smiled weakly at Akshat. “Can I ask you something Akshat?” asked Karan hesitant. “Hey feel free. We are still friends” said Akshat. “Does she have any problem with male?” asked Karan. “No nothing like that Karan. She just doesn’t trust people easily” said Akshat nervous. “I understand you don’t want to share it with me” said Karan. “No yar Nothing like that. She just gets irked by strangers that’s all. Don’t worry once she understands you even if you want she will not break the friendship with you. She just needs time.” said Akshat. “Okay” said Karan smiling. “Come bus came” said Akshat. “Ragini?” asked Karan. “She already went with Sanky bhai. Tomorrow Uttara’s birthday na so she and Lucky went with Sanky bhai for shopping” said Akshat. “Oh” said Karan sad which Akshat observed but brushed his thoughts.
“This color is good” said Laksh picking a pink gown. “Yew pink. No we will buy purple color for her” said Ragini. “You tho keep quite Ragzee what do you know about girls choice. Behave or dress like one someday you will know” said Laksh. Ragini face fell but she composed herself and said “I don’t want behave like those perching cats. I’m happy like this” said Ragini moved from there. Sanskar observed her.
“You liked it?” asked Sanskar standing beside her when she was looking at a gown. Ragini jerked and said “No no Sanky. I was just looking” said Ragini and looked around and walked from there.
“Bye” said Ragini hugging Sanskar as he dropped her near her house. “Wait I have something for you” said Sanskar and forwarded a box. “And I want you to wear it tomorrow” said Sanskar and started his car. “But” said Ragini. “No excuses” he said and turned the car. “What was that?” asked Laksh. “You will know tomorrow Lucky have patience” said Sanskar and looked at Ragini from the mirror and smiled looking at her pout.
“What the hell” said Ragini opening the box in her room. It was the same gown she was checking out. Her phone beeped and she received the call. “This is not fair Sanky, I have never worn this in my life” said she complaining. “So is there a rule that you should never wear?” asked Sanskar. “But” said Ragini. “You have to wear it. You come in the afternoon to MM. Uttara will help you. I have already spoken to her” said Sanskar. “Okay fine” said Ragini and disconnected the call.
“Karan” said Sumitra standing beside Karan when he was watching the sky blankly. “Maa I’m confused. I never felt all this in my life. I can’t see her tears and I can’t tolerate her ignorance or hate. I can’t understand why she behaves with guys like this” said Karan placing his head on her shoulder. “Who?” asked she confused. “Ragini maa. She just doesn’t like me at all” said he sad. “Does she behave only with you like that?” asked she. “As per her friend said she behaves with strangers like that only. She doesn’t trust people” said he. “Then she is scared of men” said she thinking. “Why maa? Why will she be scared?” asked Karan confused. “That is the mystery you have to solve” said she. “How to maa? She doesn’t even see my face” said he irritated. “Just have patience Karan. You have to be very careful with such people” said Sumitra and he nodded his head smiling weakly.

Sorry for being late. Hope you people liked the chappy.

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