“Why should I feel bad for that idiots words. I will teach him a lesson”said Ragini sitting on bench wiping her tears fiercely. She found a hanky in front of her and she looked up and found Akshat holding it. She grabbed it furiously and wiped her face and handed him back. “Why don’t you accept that he effects you?” asked Akshat sitting beside her. Ragini glared him and said “He never effected me never will he effect me” said Ragini proud. “You know you can’t lie to me Ragzee” said Akshat turning her to his side. “You want me to stop talking to you. Tell directly. Don’t speak to me about this again” said Ragini and tried getting up. “I’m sorry” said Akshat stopping her and holding his ears. “You better be” said Ragini and turned other side. “I know Ragzee you have feelings for him. I have seen how much you used to miss him when he was in London. When he was returning you were so excited to meet him. But everything changed that day. The worst day of our life.

My bholi si Ragini changed to Jhalli Ragzee that day. If Sanky bhai wouldn’t have been there we would have lost you. I know he is and he will be your only love but you are backing off from these feelings. How much ever I try I failed to make you understand that you were not responsible for whatever happened.” thought Akshat and a tear dropped from his eye which he wiped fast before anybody can notice. “Come now next Shrikant sir’s class and we are not Lucky to charm him” said Akshat dragging her with him.

Laksh was busy talking with Karan. Ragini entered looking at him. Laksh turned and looked at her and huffed angry. Karan who followed his gaze found Ragini entering with Akshat. He again lost himself in her face. Ragini’s nostril flared due to her anger looking at Laksh. She sat beside Karan and looked forward. She could feel Karan’s gaze but avoided it as she doesn’t even wanted to react to him. Karan smiled and looked forward. Akshat who observed Karan felt it odd. He always appreciated her sixth sense which used to understand a person only with the first meeting. He wondered how she used to guess specially guys nature and their intentions in the first meeting itself. And he felt she might have felt something about Karan that’s why she behaved with him like that. But she behaves with every new guy like that. Other than few close men in her life she just hated other men. And he knew the reason for it but Laksh was unaware of it. He was confused with her behavior always.
“Popu. Come will leave” said Ragini in the evening. “Popu mom called you home today. Come with me. She will manage alone” said Laksh. Ragini fumed and said “Popu I’m waiting outside” and stormed out from there. “Yaar Lucky please apologize to Aunty. I will come tomorrow or after leaving her home” said Akshat. “This is bad yar popu. You are not her possession that she always orders you and doesn’t want to share you” said Laksh annoyed. “Please yar Lucky try to understand. She needs me” said Akshat. “Whatever” he said waving his hands in air. “Bye” said Akshat and headed from there. “Chudail” said Laksh making faces. “I’m sorry Laksh. It’s all because of me” said Karan. “Arrey no yaar Karan. She really over reacts sometimes. She has to understand she is not queen of some kingdom. Leave she will be fine in some days. You don’t feel bad due to her” said Laksh consoling Karan. He nodded his head smiling weakly. “So where do you live here?” asked Laksh. “Lajpat Nagar. And you?” asked Karan walking out of the class. “Hey what a co incidence? We also live there” said Laksh smiling. “We?” asked Karan. “Me, Popu and that chudail” said Laksh and his face turned annoyed on the mention of Ragini. Karan noticed it. But it hurt him when Laksh called her chudail. He hid his feelings and smiled a bit. But then he started jumping in his heart when he realized he can see Ragini now. “So come will go to our home. Anyways you are home is nearby only I will drop you later” said Laksh. First he hesitated but he thought of meeting Ragini and agreed.
“Stop behaving like small kid Ragzee. You people fight every second day and stop talking. And I really wonder I should call you both friends or enemies” said Akshat following her. “One more time you talk about that HK I’m not gonna talk to you for…” said Ragini and started calculating the time for which she can stay without talking to him. “Haa ten minutes” said Ragini glaring him. “No… You know na I can’t tolerate your ignorance for one minute also” said Akshat pouting. “That’s like my popu” said Ragini side hugging him and pulling his cheek smiling. They were waiting for their bus.

Laksh came there with Karan and stood parallel to them. Laksh looked at Ragini raising his one eyebrow and turned his face. Ragini twisted her lips and turned her face. “Hey Bhagvan” said Akshat observing both of them. Karan looked at Ragini’s childish expression and smiled nodding his head. Their bus arrived and they got inside it. Laksh and Akshat were standing at the middle. Ragini purposely pushed Akshat a bit forward and stood between Laksh and him. Akshat stumbled and fell on a girl.

“Are you blind?” said the girl and glared him and slapped him. “Sorry behen ji” said Akshat pouting holding his cheek. Ragini and Laksh burst out laughing. They forgot their fight and were about to give high five but stopped as they realized that they fought and stopped laughing and turned their faces in opposite direction. Karan felt bad. He held himself responsible for their clashes as he didn’t knew they both need no particular reason to fight. “Yeh lo. These two again fought?” said the conductor who came to issue the tickets. “Abbey Taklu. You concentrate on your work” said Ragini biting her lip and showing her fist to him as she will punch him. The conductor got scared and moved forward. “Some people really can’t speak nicely to anyone” said Laksh to Karan. Ragini heard it and felt bad a bit. Akshat kept his hand on her shoulder and nodded his head as he sensed she will cry. She smiled weakly at him. Karan observed it and asked Akshat through eyes is she fine. He smiled and nodded his head not to worry.

“Hey Ragzee” said Sanskar standing straight near his car as he found her getting down from the bus. “Bye Sanky” said Ragini and walked from there. Sanskar asked Akshat what happened through eyes and he showed Laksh and signed they both fought. “Popu” screamed Ragini. “Bye Sanky bhai” said Akshat and ran in Ragini’s direction pleading Sanskar to handle Laksh. Sanskar turned to Laksh and glared him. “What?” asked Laksh looking at him. “You again fought with her?” asked Sanskar holding his waist. “Common bhai. Don’t give her so much importance, She don’t deserve it. You people have really made her feel she is Maharani” said Laksh annoyed. “Lucky is that the way to talk. She is your friend yar” said Sanskar. “Oh please bhai. I tolerate her only because of Akshat. Otherwise she is nobody to me” said Laksh. Ragini who was standing behind Sanskar felt bad. Tears were struggling to peep out of her eyes. Karan found her and looked at her shocked.

Sanskar followed his gaze and turned and found Ragini whose eyes were tearing. “I just came to give you this. Dad gave me morning but I forgot” said Ragini dragging Sanskar’s hand and placed a envelope in his hand and stormed from there. Laksh who jerked due to her voice looked at her direction. He felt her pain. He wanted to console her but his ego did not let him move. “Lucky you really behaved very bad.” said Sanskar. “Leave it Bhai good that she heard it. Now atleast she will leave me to live peacefully. Ahhh in that chudail’s talk I forgot to introduce you to my new friend. He is Karan. Today only he joined college. He lives here only” said Laksh introducing Karan who was lost staring Ragini. Her tears pained him. He just wondered how she is effecting him so much. He never felt such feelings for any girl all his life. He smiled at Sanskar who smiled at him weakly. “Come Karan we will go to our home.

I will drop you later” said Laksh. “No Laksh it’s fine. I’m bit exhausted today. I will come some other day” said Karan. “Oh okay Karan. Atleast come we will drop you nearby your house” said Laksh. “Okay” said Karan and sat in the car along with Laksh. Sanskar sighed and sat inside the car and drove off. He dropped Karan near his home and drove to their home. “Arrey wah. Today you people came early” said Sujata surprised. “Haa we did not waste time to drop that chudail na so” said Laksh and headed to his room after removing his shoes. “They again fought?” asked Sujata to Sanskar. He nodded his head sad. “He is hurting her maa. And I cannot see her in pain. I really can’t see old Ragini. I don’t want to. I feel I should tell him” said Sanskar and started tearing. “Shhh Sanskar. This is not the right time. And only Ragini has the rights to share it with anyone. You remember the promise we made to her?” asked Sujata caressing his cheek with tears in her eyes. He nodded his head and hugged her and sobbed. She patted his back to console him.

“I’m tolerating her only because of Akshat”Ragini remembered Laksh’s words and burst out crying bitterly. “You are tolerating me right? Fine I will release you from all this Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. I will prove that you wont effect me” said Ragini and tore the group photo of three of them. Her phone ringed for the tenth time and she again disconnected it.

“What happened to her now? Why is she not picking the call. Hope she is fine” said Akshat roaming inside his room and dialing Ragini’s number continuously. Every time she disconnected the call it raised his heart beat. “Please Baba ji. Don’t make her to do something which will send her back to past. I can’t lose her. Please Babaji” said Akshat standing in front of Wahe Guru’s photo in his room. “What happened Akshat?” asked Rashmi entering his room. Akshat swiftly turned and approached her. “Maa see na this Ragzee is not picking my call. I’m so scared” said Akshat tearing. “That Jhalli does this whenever she fights with Laksh. What’s new in that?” asked Rashmi casually. “No maa this time I feel restless. I’m scared maa” said Akshat in cracking voice. Rashmi looked at him shocked. She knew if Akshat is restless thinking about Ragini then something bad surely will happen in Ragini’s life. “Come we will go to her house” said Rashmi dragging him and they rushed out worried.

“Karan. Where are you lost?” asked Sumitra sitting beside him in his room. “Nothing maa” said Karan smiling at her, “Okay now come have food” said she caressing his cheek and headed out. Karan headed behind her to dining hall.

“Why was she so sad. I feel her eyes are hiding some deep pain. But she shows she is very strong. Why can’t I see her pain. I want to console her but she has built a wall around her heart and I have to break it. And I will surely break it. Be ready Ms. Ragini. Now Karan Kapoor is determined to make you part of his life” said Karan to himself lying on the bed and dozed off hugging his pillow blushing.

“Princess… Princess” screamed Rathore standing outside Ragini’s room along with Akshat, Rashmi and Janaki. “Ragzee open the door see don’t play” said Akshat in cracking voice banging the door. But there was no response from her. “Jaan get the duplicate key” said Rathore and Janaki rushed and brought the key. As they opened the door they found Ragini sitting on the bed hiding her face and dragging her legs to her chest. “Ragu bacha” said Rashmi rushing to her. Ragini looked up and hugged her and cried bitterly. Rashmi patted her back to console her. Janaki stepped forward but Rathore held her. She turned and hugged him and cried silently. There is no big punishment for a mom when she cannot console her kid and has to watch her pain helplessly. Akshat stood like a lifeless body. “No.. no…” said he and ran out of the room. He dialed a number and waited for the person on other side to receive the call.

“Lucky I need to talk to you” said Sanskar to Laksh who was smiling while chatting. “Look Bhai if it is about that chudail sorry I’m not interested. I have better things to do in life and why are you bothered about her so much. I told na don’t give her so much importance” said Laksh annoyed still looking in his phone. “Lucky..” before he could talk further his phone ringed and he picked the call and said “Haa bol popu”

“Sanky bhai. Come fast to Ragzee’s house she is crying very badly and we are not able to handle her” said Akshat sobbing. It stopped Sanskar’s heart beat for a moment. “I’m coming” he said and rushed out of the house.

“Ragu” said Sanskar placing his hand on Ragini’s shoulder and she looked up and immediately hugged him and started crying bitterly. “I’m not that bad also Sanky. I can’t tolerate men. That’s why I behave rude. I can talk to people normally. I can” said Ragini sobbing. Sanskar closed his eyes and let the tears flow. Her sobs were like nightmares to him. He dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face. He kissed her forehead and wiped her tears. “I know Ragzee I know. And you need not prove it to anyone. People who doesn’t care for your feelings why do you waste your time for them. Just forget what Laksh said” said Sanskar consoling her. Akshat looked at her painfully. “Still you say he doesn’t effect you Ragzee?” thought he. “I hate him Sanskar I hate him” said Ragini closing her eyes disgusted. “Shhh” said Sanskar and dragged her into a hug. “He doesn’t know anything Ragini that’s why he behaves rudely with you. After seeing your condition I feel I should keep you away from him” thought Sanskar determined. “Unless he knows the truth from you I will not let him hurt you. I will not” he said to himself. Rashmi wiped her tears looking at them. Sanskar smiled at her and signed that he will take care of her. She nodded her head and neared Akshat who was watching everything helplessly. “Chal” she said dragging him with her. He was turning back while walking Sanskar signed him he will take care. Akshat nodded his head and went with Rashmi.

“Jaan relax. You have to be strong” said Rathore consoling Janaki in their room. “I’m the worst mother ji. I’m the worst. Don’t know what wrong I did in my previous birth that God is punishing me like this” said Janaki sobbing in his embrace. “Shhh relax now, Sanky is there he will handle her” said Rathore rubbing her shoulder. “I don’t know Janaki. I’m torn between you both. I know you did not do it intentionally. You were scared but I cannot make Ragini understand it. If I keep myself in her position I can never forgive you. And if I think from your point of view I don’t know I would have done the same. I cannot console her and I cannot console you also. What big punishment can be for a man who cannot bind his broken family” thought Rathore looking up to control his emotional outburst.

“She slept?” asked Janaki standing outside Ragini’s room. Sanskar nodded his head caressing Ragini’s hair. He kissed her forehead and covered the blanket and headed out. “Thank you Sanskar” said Janaki teary eyed. “That’s okay” he said without looking at her. “You also will not forgive me?” asked Janaki painfully looking at him. “I’m sorry maa unless she forgives you I cannot forgive you” he said and stormed out of the house. Janaki collapsed on the floor and cried.

“Where were you bhai?” asked Laksh as he saw Sanskar entering the house. “Why do you need all that. Go sleep” said Sanskar strictly. “Bhai” said Laksh confused. “I have no interest to talk now Lucky just go” he said and headed to his room.

“I know bhai you are behaving like this due to that chudail and she might have instigated you against me. Chudail she is, such work only she will do. First Akshat and now Bhai. I hate you chudail. I just hate you” said Laksh and headed to his room annoyed

I’m sorry I’m late, I had told I will submit on Wednesday. Happy new year to all the RAGLAK fans. Hope you people are liking the story.

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