CASANOVA – Chapter 3


“Popsy” said Ragini hugging her dad as soon as she came down from her room. “Good morning Cinderella” said Raghuvendra Singh Rathod (Gaurav Chopra), Ragini’s dad holding her hand. .“Yuck popsy don’t call me with such tacky names” said Ragini making faces.”So how was the party yesterday?” asked Rathod. “It was just fab. We three enjoyed a lot. And there was a new drink in the bar. It was just out of the world” said Ragini excited. “Only drink or ” said Rathod. “Popsy you know I don’t break my promise. I promised you that I wont touch drugs. Do you think I will break that promise?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “I trust you Princess” said Rathod caressing Ragini’s cheek who gave him her evergreen bright smile. “Jaan. Princess has woken up. Get her breakfast” said Rathore calling Janaki. “Coming” said Janaki coming out of the kitchen with the tray. Ragini had her breakfast and headed to her room to pick her college bag. “Bye popsy” said Ragini kissing Rathode’s cheek and headed out. Janaki felt bad, Rathore kept his hand on her shoulder to console her. “It has been 12 years ji. She won’t consider me as her mom only. Only when she is not in her senses she calls me mom. Otherwise she acts as if I don’t exist at all” said Janaki and wiped her tears. “She will some day Jaan relax” said Rathore consoling her

“Ouch Ragzee” screamed Sanskar and chased Ragini who pulled his ear which was her daily routine to greet Sanskar. “These two started again” said Sujata nodding her head as she was placing the food on the dining table. “Where is that Nalayak” said D.P sitting on his chair. “Bhai saa. He is still kid. Don’t get angry on him” said Sujata serving him food. “How much you will pamper him Suji. He is becoming more lazy day by day” said D.P strict. “His mom gave his responsibility to me while leaving this world and I’m bound to protect him Bhaisa” said Suji remembering Annapurna. Ram who came to dining table placed his hand on her shoulder to console her. She wiped her tears. Annapurna and Sujatha both the sisters were married in same house but Annapurna left the world while giving birth to Laksh whom Sujatha loved more than her own kids Sanskar and Uttara as he was last remembrance of her deceased sister. D.P nodded his head as it was impossible to win over Sujatha when it was about Laksh. Sanskar told something in Ragini’s ear and she smiled and nodded her head. Sanskar held her hand and walked slowly to Uttara’s room. “Good morning maa” said Laksh coming down and hugging Sujata near dining table. “You are late” said D. P strict. “Wo Bauji yesterday I was reading till 1 o clock. Today we have class test” said Laksh sitting on his chair. “Lucky bacha how many times should I tell you not be awake till that late. No don’t go to college today go and sleep”said Sujata concerned cupping Laksh’s face. “Liar” screamed Ragini from the stairs. Everyone jerked and looked at her confused. Laksh closed his eyes annoyed as he wasn’t aware Ragini was at his home. Sanskar closed her mouth immediately. Ragini looked at him confused. Sanskar smiled at everyone nervous. “Wo maa. Class test is not today. It is tomorrow.

That’s what she meant” said Sanskar nervous. Laksh sighed as Sanskar saved him on time. “Is it?” asked Ram. Sanskar made Ragini nod her head in yes forcefully. “Ragu. You scared me” said Sujata as she relaxed. “Chudail’s work is to scare people” said Laksh which was only audible to the people on the dining table. “Shh” said Ram glaring Laksh. “Maa” all jerked when Uttara screamed from her room. Ragini bit Sanskar’s hand and he winced in pain dragging his hand back. Uttara came out of her room with cotton around her face like Santa Clause. Ragini and Sankar burst out laughing looking at her. Uttara huffed and started chasing them all over the house. “Uttu” said Laksh approaching Uttara who was tired chasing Sanskar and Ragini. “Lucky bhai see na these two” said Uttara complaining. “I will see them you relax” said Laksh wiping her face and consoled her. “Go freshen up” said Laksh sending her back to her room. “Sanky bhaag. HK is coming” said Ragini running looking back when Laksh started chasing them. “You are gone today chudail” said Lucky chasing Ragini. They reached the terrace. Laksh was searching Ragini everywhere.

Ragini who was about to run out from there came in Laksh’s vision who acted swiftly and held her hand and dragged her near to him and twisted her hand and pinned it to her back. Ragini struggled in his hold. “HK leave me” screamed Ragini. “How many times should I tell you chudail to stay away from my sister. You won’t listen right” said Laksh angry and holding her hand still tight. “Oye she is my best friend also. So who are you to come between us” said Ragini annoyed. Laksh dragged her close to him and she hit his chest. “I’m her brother got that. Dare you play pranks on her” said Laksh in her ear. Ragini felt goosebumps all over her body as his breath tickled her fanning her neck. She closed her eyes losing herself. She was experiencing a new feeling which she never felt all her life. Laksh’s grip on her hand was making her weak and she hacked for breath. First time she folded her toe fingers feeling shy due to Laksh’s closeness. Laksh jerked her hand and headed from there brushing his blazer. Ragini stood there breathing heavily. She composed herself and headed behind him.
“Chalo I will drop you people to Akshat’s house” said Sanskar after they finished breakfast. “Oye bhukkad enough eating we are getting late” said Laksh dragging Ragini preventing her from having the last byte of the sandwich. Ragini huffed and walked with him.

“Bhaisa I feel we have to talk to Rathore bhaisab about Ragini and Laksh marriage” said Sujata looking at Ragini and Laksh who were fighting while getting out of the house. DP choked and coughed listening Sujata. “Have you lost it Sujata. You want Ragini’s hand for Laksh? They both will fight and will be divorced in just second day of marriage. Ragini is apt for Sanskar. They both look so good together. And moreover you want me to ask my best friend Rathore’s daughter hand for that Nalayak” said DP. “But Bhaisa” said Sujata. “Enough of arguements. Let Ragini finish her studies and she only will be bahu of this house but as Sanskar’s wife not that Nalayak’s wife. And that’s my final decision” said DP interrupting Sujata and headed to his room. Ram placed his hand on Sujata’s shoulder who was looking at DP sad. “I don’t know why bhaisa hates Laksh so much” said Sujata sad. “He is just strict with him Suji, he doesn’t hate him” said Ram consoling her. “But he is wrong. Ragini is apt for Laksh. I being his mom know him very well” said Sujata. “We have still time Suji. Lets wait. We have to give importance to their choices also right” said Ram. “Hmmm” said Sujata nodding her head.

“Bye Ragzee Bye Lucky” said Sanskar waving his hand to Laksh and Ragini as he dropped them at Akshat’s house. “Bye Bhai” said Laksh. “Bye Sanky” said Ragini waving bye to Sanskar happy. “She has problem only with me” said Laksh under his breath as he observed Ragini’s excitement.

“Maa maa. Last time maa” they heard Akshat who was screaming while saving himself from beatings from his mom. “How many times this last time will come” said Rashmi chasing him. “Maa maa please maa” pleaded Akshat. “Popu” said Ragini interrupting Rashmi. “Aagayi Jhalli” said Rashmi glaring her. “I was waiting for you” said Rashmi smiling at Ragini holding her waist. “Really hitler. You prepared something special for me” asked Ragini excited. “Haa very tasty thing” said Rashmi smiling. “Give me give me” said Ragini excited. “Haa I will give na” said Rashmi and tied her hair and dupatta properly. She folded sleeves of her salvar Kameez. Ragini looked at her confused. Rashmi held the stick ready. Ragini sensed her move and started running. “Now eat most tasty food on earth. Hitler ki maar” said Rashmi chasing Ragini. “Popu. Bacha” said Ragini hiding behind Akshat. “Maa please leave her” said Akshat pleading Rashmi. “Then you have to take her part of beatings” said Rashmi huffing. “Okay maa. I’m ready” said Akshat forwarding his hand. Ragini looked at him shocked. She knew how powerful Rashmi’s beating was and how much Akshat was scared of it. He was ready to take it for her. Rashmi lifted her hand up to beat him but stopped when she saw Akshat and Ragini closing eyes scared. She threw the stick and headed inside annoyed. Laksh who was watching all this amused went behind Rashmi.

“Darling” said Laskh side hugging Rashmi. Rashmi jerked his hand and twisted her lips angry. “You look so cute when you get angry” said Laksh pulling her cheeks. “Lucky I’m not gonna cool this time” said Rashmi with fake anger. “Please darling. Maan bhi javo” said Laksh pouting. “Nakhrebaaz” said Rashmi atlast smiling at his antics and pulling his cheeks. Laksh hugged her holding her shoulder and touched her head with his face and smiled.
They looked outside and found Akshat feeding Ragini the paratha. “Whatever happens these two will never change” said Rashmi looking at them. “And you also. Still so young and fit” said Laksh. “Badmash” said Rashmi hitting him playfully.
“You know me and Sanky played a prank on Uttara. We glued the cotton on her face. You should have seen her face. She was seriously looking like Santa Clause” said Ragini and burst out laughing with Akshat holding his hand.

“You both dramebaaz’s drama over?” asked Laksh standing in front of Ragini and Akshat. “Haa HK. Our drama is over. You can start your drama” said Ragini. Akshat laughed and gave high five to Ragini. Laksh huffed and glared both of them. “Oye why are you irritating my sweetheart ha?” asked Rashmi standing beside Laskh folding hands and glaring Ragini and Akshat. They both pouted staring ground and Laksh and Rashmi gave high five and burst out laughing. Rashmi signed Ragini and Akshat to join her hug. They both smiled and hugged from both the sides. Laksh joined the hug. Ragini got jerked by his touch suddenly. Akshat observed it and asked her what happened through eyes. She just nodded her head nervous.

“Where is this HK?” asked Ragini sitting beside Akshat in class for the second period. “Don’t know must be gone searching for new bakri” said Akshat. Ragini felt odd. But hid her expression. But she could not hide it from Akshat. “Hey Popu” said Laksh sitting beside Ragini and giving high five to him. In the process he leaned a bit close to Ragini. It wasn’t unusual for Ragini but today she was getting nervous due to his closeness. She turned and looked up at him. His cologne was filling her nostrils and she felt something new. She blinked her eyes looking at him slowly. Laksh who was talking to Akshat smiling and leaning forth and back to Ragini felt Ragini’s gaze and looked down at Ragini. Ragini immediately gained her senses and lowered her eyes at the right time. Laksh felt it odd that Ragini did not push him. He looked at Akshat and asked what happened to her. Akshat who sensed her nervousness just nodded his head signing she is fine.

“Hello class” said Mr. Khan their department head entering the class. Everyone stood up to greet him. “ I have a new classmate for you all” said Mr. Khan smiling. “Come in” said Mr. Khan guiding the new student. “He is Karan Kapoor. Your new classmate” said Mr. Khan introducing the new student. (Karan Wahi)

Karan smiled at everyone and greeted. All the girls except Ragini were instantly attracted to his chocolate boy look and smiled widely looking at him. But Ragini was in her own dilemma. She was confused about her feelings. It wasn’t that Laksh was never close to her. But may be he had crossed a limit. And she wondered why did she allow him to cross that limit. She cannot tolerate a male so near to her. Never ever. But his closeness she did not feel it is irritating. It felt she was craving for it. “Karan you can sit beside Angad” said Mr. Khan as he guided Karan to sit beside Angad in the last bench. Laksh who was parallel to him smiled at him. “Ouch popu” screamed Ragini forgetting that she is in a class when Akshat shook her to bring her out of her trance. Her scream dragged everyone’s attention including Mr. Khan who stopped his steps at the door. Karan looked at his left and found a girl facing her back beside Laksh. “Ragini” screamed Mr. Khan which scared Ragini who got up with a jerk and smiled at him nervous. “You are becoming unmanageable day by day. And you are spoiling Akshat also.

Now onward you will sit beside Karan. Now I will see how you will play pranks” said Mr. Khan warning Ragini. “Go” he signed her to move and she moved scared and sat beside Karan. Karan was lost looking at her face. When her face twisted with annoyance he smiled unknowingly feeling a tickling sensation. When she walked and sat beside him, his heart started beating rapidly. It wasn’t that he has not seen girls beautiful than her. She looked a tomboy more than a girl. But her face, her expressions were worth watching. “Khadoos Khan” cursed Ragini as she sat beside Karan and looking at the desk annoyed. “I heard that” said Mr. Khan scaring her. He nodded his head in disbelief when Ragini looked up at him horrified and headed out. Karan kept staring her lost. Laksh burst out laughing looking at Ragini’s annoyed face. Ragini glared him and started hitting him with her books. “Lucky” said Akshat glaring Laksh. Laksh stopped laughing but immediately Laksh and Akshat burst out laughing and gave high five. Ragini glared them. As their lecturer entered the glass they composed and Ragini sat back in her place. She did not even realize Karan was lost looking at her. She did not even turn her face to him. Karan blushed and looked at his blank desk caressing his neck.

“Popu you also joined him. I hate you” said Ragini pouting as the bell rang for lunch break. “Ragzee listen to me” said Akshat walking behind her. Laksh looked at them and laughed hard. Karan was enjoying Ragini’s cute expressions. “Hey hi” said Rimi standing in front of Karan. “Hi” said Karan smiling and looked around. Laksh sensed his nervousness and neared them. “Rimi. Stop trying on everyone” said Laksh patting Rimi’s shoulder who was lost looking at Karan. Rimi turned looking at Laskh. She glared him and walked from there angry. “Duh… Thanks a ton dude” said Karan as he sighed and shook his hands with Laksh “I’m Laksh” said he introducing himself. “Lunch?” said Laksh. “Sure” said Karan smiling. “Come join us” said Laksh signing him to come with him.

“23, 24, 25” counted Akshat doing sit ups in front of Ragini who was twisting her lips folding her hands. “Enough” said Ragini stopping him. Aakshat who was tired smiled and hugged her encircling his hands around her neck as he was tired. “Thank god” said Akshat tired. “Don’t you dare to join that HK again” said Ragini warning him. “Pakka promise” said Akshat smiling at her and pinching his neck. Ragini smiled wide and hugged him.
Karan who just entered canteen looked at them and his steps stopped. Laksh who sensed Karan not moving looked at him and followed his gaze and found Ragini and Akshat standing with their hands around each others neck. “This is their daily drama. Don’t worry you will be used to this Changu- Mangu jodi” said Laksh. Karan looked at him confused and followed Laksh

“Meet our new gang member Karan” said Laksh introducing Karan to Ragini and Akshat. “Hi” said Akshat shaking his hand. Karan forwarded his hand to shake it with Ragini’s hand as he could not believe he can be her friend so soon and smiled widely at her. Ragini did not even looked at him once. She looked at Laksh and said “Who are you to decide or recruit people in our gang. Did you ask our opinion”. “Ragzee” said Akshat dragging her to stop her blurting out as he noticed Karan felt bad due to her behavior and drew his hand back and his face fell. “What are you doing Ragzee. Is that the way to behave” said Akshat. Ragini looked at him annoyed. “No that’s fine” said Karan and walked from there feeling bad. Laksh felt bad for him. “Chudail. You can never make anyone happy. Atleast don’t hurt people” said Laksh angry and headed behind Karan. “I know you don’t trust guys so easily but you should not be so straight forward also. Bechara he felt bad” said Akshat. “I don’t care” said Ragini and walked from there angry. “Ragzee” screamed Akshat but Ragini did not stop.

“Hey sorry yar. She just over reacts some time” said Laksh standing beside Karan. “No that’s ok. I’m absolutely fine” said Karan. “She is not bad from heart. But weird sometimes” said Laksh trying to reason out. “That’s why I like her” said Karan under his breath. “You said something” said Laksh. He just nodded his head smiling.
As I said before I will update this ff on Wednesdays. Sorry for being late. Hope you enjoy the chapter.

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