CASANOVA – Chapter 2


“One” said Ragini biting the sandwich. “Two” said Akshat biting the same sandwich. “Three” said Ragini wiping her lips. “And phatak” said both of them and they heard a sound of slap. They looked behind and found Laksh pouting holding his right cheek. “How dare you call me goat? I trusted you so much” shouted Tia glaring Laksh. Akshat and Ragini looked at each other and burst out laughing and gave high five. Laksh cried like a small kid.
“Alele” said Ragini sitting beside Laksh. “Che che che” said Akshat feeling pity at Laksh’s state. Laksh fumed looking at them “25th bakri bhi miss hogayi” said Ragini pouting sadly. “Tho when are you giving break up party?” asked Akshat excited. “Haa when are you giving break up party?” asked Ragini placing her hand around Akshat’s neck. “Mufathkhoro( people who wait for someone to pay for their expenses)” screamed Laksh. “Bhag Popu” said Ragini pushing Akshat and she ran along with him. Ragini jumped over a chair and a table stretching her legs. Laksh chased them and both of them held each others hand and ran like some mad dog is chasing them. Both of them looked at each other and laughed while running. As they came far from Laksh they had their signature hand shake and laughed holding their stomach. They remembered how they blackmailed their class mate Angad.
Few minutes back:
“Abbey Angad you are doing this otherwise I will tell Principal sir that you sent that love letter to his daughter. You know I have proof” said Ragini standing in front of Angad who was shivering looking at ground. “Okay fine” said Angad and headed to canteen. Ragini and Akshat followed him and sat on a chair nearby and ordered Sandwich. “Lucky you know Khan sir cut 3 bakris this time” said Angad standing beside Laksh. Laksh spit the coffee he was drinking. “Abbey Kahjur, now only you got time to discuss this” thought Laksh and glared Angad. “OMG how can he do this?” asked Tia shocked. Laksh looked at her scared. “That he does every year” said Angad. “One second how can he kill 3 gorgeous girls every year?” asked Tia confused. “Gorgeous girls no no Tia, Bakri means goat. Who told you this meaning?” asked Angad. He faked smile as he sensed Laksh glaring him. Tia looked at Laksh and rest you know what happened.
“Mugambo” said Akshat and Ragini completed “Khush hua” and both of them had a evil laugh and looked at sky holding their waist with the both the hands like they are some Rakshas from Patal.

“Maza aaya na HK ki band baja ke” asked Ragini as they walked near their class. “Why you call him like that?” said Akshat annoyed. “He is HK” said Ragini. “Ragzee” said Akshat glaring her. “Haram Khori karega tho Haram khor hi bulavungi na” said Ragini brushing her shoulders. Akshat still glared her. “Haven’t you seen how shamelessly he flirts? He deserve that title” said Ragini reasoning. “Tho why are you jealous?” asked Akshat. “Jealous and me? Gosh please.” said Ragini making weird face. “Why? You are not girl and he is not a guy?” asked Akshat. “Shut up Akshat” said Ragini and dragged him with her avoiding the topic. “You know you cannot hide anything from me Ragzee though you can hide from yourself.” thought Akshat.

“Here you both are” said Laksh standing behind Ragini and Akshat who were laughing on some joke. Both of them closed their eyes and bit their tongue. Laksh folded his hand and glared them. “All the best Lucky” said both of them in chorus. He looked at them shrinking his eyes. “Kisne kiya yeh?” asked Khan sir showing his hands full of whitener which he extracted from the chair he was sitting. He found Laksh standing. “Ohh you are the culprit Laksh Maheshwari?” asked Khan sir gritting his teeth. Laksh looked at him confused. “How can you play such prank. Are you a school kid?” asked Khan sir for which Laksh jerked a bit. Ragini and Akshat looked at each other and smiled sheepishly. “You will stay in department till 7 today” screamed Khan sir and headed out. Everybody burst out laughing looking at the white patch on his pant. Khan turned back and glared and everybody controlled their laugh expect Lasksh. Khan sir glared him and screamed “8 o clock” and stormed out of the class. Everyone burst out laughing looking at Laksh. “Why is this for?” asked Laksh glaring Ragini. “Aiviy. I felt like troubling you” said Ragini brushing her shoulders and sealing her hands in her pant pockets. “Chudail” screamed Laksh approaching her. He stopped his approach and turned huffing and left class angry. “See you made him angry” said Akshat annoyed. “Hello now me? When planning that time we?” asked Ragini waving her hands in air. “Now come let us cool him” said Akshat dragging her. Ragini followed him annoyed.
“Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri di….” sang Ragini and Akshat walking behind Laksh (More appropriately they were screaming) Laksh closed his ears frustrated. “Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri di” screamed Akshat and Ragini again. “Stop it” screamed Laksh closing his ears and turning. He glared them folding his hands. Both of them looked around to avoid eye contact with Laksh. “This is brilliant. Pehle mujhe phasavo then torture me in name of asking forgiveness with your phata hua dhol type voice spoiling my favorite song. Then look around like Timon instead of asking sorry” said Laksh nearing them. “Lucky Take a chill pill” said Ragini and Akshat pulling his cheek. “Dare you both touch my handsome face” said Laksh pushing them a bit and rubbing his cheeks. “Handsome.? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeew?” said Ragini and Akshat at a time looking at each other. Laksh gave them death glares “Hello you have to accept it if you want my forgiveness” said Laksh proud. “No ways” said Ragini folding her hands. “Yup” said Akshat folding his hands. “Gosh you both dramebazz” said Laksh giving up. Both of them jumped and hugged him from both the sides and drooled happy.

All three of them stepped out of Lucky’s jeep wearing jeans and shiny blazers with shiny black glasses on Ragini and Laksh’s eyes and Akshat’s chashma on his eye and walked inside a pub. Ragini walked sealing her hands inside pocket after displacing a hat on passerby’s head. Who jerked and looked at her. Ragini smirked and walked. Laksh held Akshat and headed inside.

“Ude dil befikre… Ude dil befikre…. Angaro me nikhre… Ude dil befikre…..”

“Ude dil befikre… Ude dil befikre…. Angaro me nikhre… Ude dil befikre…..”

sang all three of them doing the same step in the movie

Raath bhar ghumenge…. Asma ghumenge….. chand yeh chumenge…. Taro ke marenge yeh phere

“Ude dil befikre… Ude dil befikre…. Angaro me nikhre… Ude dil befikre…..”

They had the drink and enjoyed dancing

Dan dana jhan jhana san sana jaye sanse, Jag maga jaye aankhe milte milte milte hi
Ragini and Laksh stepped on dance floor and danced like taporis

Dagmaga khan khana hadbada jaaye saanse Tadpada jaye bahe milte milte milte hi
They torture every single person on dance floor.
Akshat was smiling closing his eyes

The guards of the pub threw them out of the pub but they kept dancing and sang

Hath ke raile hai barf ke dele hai baazi pe khele hai tode tode dil ke tukde

“Ude dil befikre… Ude dil befikre…. Angaro me nikhre… Ude dil befikre…..”
All three of them stood in the jeep stretching their hands enjoying the breeze and screamed and made a ruckus on street.
“Ude dil befikre …. hmmm….” sang Ragini standing outside her house. She pressed the calling bell continuously smiling like idiot. “Ladooo stop” said Janaki pulling her hand from the calling bell as she opened the door and found Ragini playing with the calling bell. “Mom” screeched Ragini smiling and heading inside with Janaki’s help. She kept moving left and right dancing. “Ladooo” screamed Janaki. “Shhh” said Ragini placing her index finger on her lips. Janaki made her sleep on bed. She removed Ragini’s boots and covered her with blanket and headed out annoyed. Ragini sang for some more time and dozed off.
“Maa…. Maa’…..”screamed Akshat standing outside the house. “Why do you drink when you cannot handled a lady standing at the door. “No maa I am not drunk” said Akshat stumbling. “You are” said the lady. “I’m not” said Akshat. “Then why are you screaming standing outside wrong house” said the lady and closed the door and went inside the house. Rashmi (played by Shgufta Ali) Akshat’s mom held him supporting his shoulder and took to their home which was behind him

“Taklu” screamed Laksh banging his home door. Sanskar who was well aware of Laksh’s party habit was waiting for him near the door. He opened the door and Laksh stumbled and fell inside the house. “Gosh Lucky” said Sankar and helped Laksh inside his room holding his shoulder and helped him to reach his room. “Tak…” tried screaming Laksh but Sanskar closed his mouth at a right time and took him inside his room quickly.
Ahhh” said Ragini holding her head as she got up in the morning as her haid pained like hell due to hangover. “Kaku” screamed Ragini. “Aya beta” said old servant of their house heading inside her room with lemon juice. Ragini drank it in a go and said “Yuck” making faces.

“Flood Flood” screamed Akshat as Rashmi splashed a bucket full of water on his face. He got up and saw where he was and realized he was sleeping in the veranda of their house and as usual his mom splashed a bucket full of water to wake him up. He looked at her scared. “Phir se uss Jhalli ke chakar me sharab pee tune?” asked his mom. “Last time maa” said Akshat pleading her. “Tu nahi sudhrega” said Rashmi heading inside the home.

“Ahhh” screamed Laksh as he felt cool sensation in his t-shirt. As he woke up he found number of ice cubes inside his t- shirt. He jerked and threw them out. “Bhai….” screamed Laksh as he found Sanskar laughing at him. “Abbey get up fast. If dad came you are gone” said Sanskar waking him fast and pushing him inside the washroom.

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