CASANOVA CH-25 (RAGLAK) (Final Chapter)

Unspoken Regrets are the hardest to tolerate.

Laksh realized that Ragini was still on her seat unmoved. She was blankly staring at a point from a time unknown. Her epiglottis moved and made the feel that she is alive still. The tears had stopped dropping out of her eyes. He was gathering his courage to go near her.

All her life she fought like a warrior but this war defeated her. To an extent she has not recovered yet and there is no hope that she will recover ever.


“When I will not be there na you will realize” she felt he was just near her sometime ago. She collapsed on the college bench where they used to sit. Her memories came back where she used to almost crush him with her hug and he used suffocate.

When her hand moved to touch him he just vanished in the air and she looked around searching him.

She entered the library and sat in their usual place. She found him in front of her signing her to be quite. She let a small chuckle and again he disappeared.

Her bed where she had played wrestling with him. The cupboard where she hid with him. Rashmi’s kitchen where she had messed it up and he had cleaned it pouting. Was there any spot in the world where he will not appear in front of her.


“Ragu… Ragu…” Janaki stopped Ragini who was heading to her room. She did not look at her mom but instead stared blankly.

Her vulnerable condition made Janaki’s heart cringe. “See I have made your favorite. You won’t eat” still there was no response from Ragini. “Come” Janaki dragged her controlling her tears. She made Ragini sit and served her the food.

Ragini sat blankly. Janaki forwarded the morsel and Ragini opened her mouth to have the morsel and again sat blankly. Raghuvendra controlled his tears looking at her. Shekar placed his hand on raghu’s shoulder to console him.


“It had been an year Ji. She stopped speaking. She looks like a lifeless body. For how many days we have to see her like this?” Janaki was resting her head on Raghu’s shoulder. He caressed her hair. “We can’t help it Jaan. She has to over come it by herself. Even Sanskar tried to make her talk but she doesn’t respond at all” said he painfully.

She lied on her bed and the tear again tripped her eye.


“Ouch Ragzee” Akshat said annoyed when she hit him over his head. “Why was this for?” he asked rubbing his head.

“Just to check if you are listening to me or lost in your Maina’s dreams” she chuckled.

“Ha ha very funny. Tell me” said he. “Popu I was thinking let me open a restaurant after degree” she said dreamily.

“And who will cook in that restaurant. Tujhe tho paani ubalna bhi nai aatha?” he asked curios. “You are there na. You learn cooking for me please” she scratched his shoulder pouting. He jerked her hand. “And why will I do that? You want to open the restaurant and why should I learn cooking” he asked her.

“Ohho Popu I will give you fifty percent of the profit” she hanged her hands across his neck. “Oh wow and what about the 100 percent loss I have to tolerate?” he asked amused.

“Popu so you are saying my ideas are all flop?” she crossed her arms. “Is there any doubt in that. Whatever you think will not work at all” said he.

“So why are you there. To make everything alright in my life right. So wo teri problem hai” she shrugged her shoulders.

“So I’m in this world only to fix the siyappa’s you create?” he asked her. “Then what? You are my guarding angel and that’s your duty” she said. “When did I become that without my knowledge?” asked he. “From the time you were born Popu” she said and hit his head playfully.

“So I’m your angel. Respect me” he said proudly. “Kiss khushi me?” asked she. “Just now you said I’m your angel na so you should respect me” said he. “We respect God aur angel ko tho hum aise granted lelete hai” she said casually.

“Tu buri hai bahut zyada” he cried. “I know. And still I know you will not leave me” she kissed his cheek. “That’s my main problem I can’t leave you” he pouted and she pulled his cheek.


Sleep could not sooth her anymore. She used to just stare blankly and used to spend sleepless nights thinking why did her angel was not beside her.


“And you know about guarding angels live with a purpose when their purpose is fulfilled they just leave” her memory played his words. “But I will need you always Popu. Always.” she remembered her retort to his remark that day.

She wanted to scream but her voice did not respond to her. The time where her Popu wasn’t there beside her was the hardest for her.

She had never thought that she will be in a situation like this. She never thought.


“Karan” Neha placed her hand on his shoulder. “I’m done Neha. I’m done I can’t see her like this. And I can’t get her back to normal is what pierces me more” his tears flooded and she dragged him in her embrace and tried consoling him.

But the people around Ragini could just see her suffer. She wasn’t responding to anyone.

She was not responding to herself also. Just breathing without a reason.


“Ragu” Laksh placed his hand on her shoulder. She did not move. “You know today Khan uncle proposed Sumitra aunty(Karan’s mother). And they will be getting married in next month.

She still did not move.

“And Maa na wants to ask your hand for marriage with me” she remained unmoved. He looked at her and controlled his tears.

“Ragu please talk na” he bent his head not able to tolerate her pain. She did not move still

Mai agar sitaro se chura ke lavu roshni
Havawo se chura ke lavu ragini
Na puri hosakegi unse magar teri kami

She felt hollow inside her

Meri bezubani ko bass ek tune sune

Her memory traveled to the time when she could not share her pain with anyone but Akshat understood her even without her speaking

She sniffed and took a deep breath as a tear dropped her eye.


She stood blankly staring the place.

I won’t speak Popu. I will not speak. Unless you speak I won’t’ her heart was bleeding with the unbearable pain when she collapsed in her place.

Again the hell called depression was back in her life.


“Neha” Vishambar looked at his daughter. He stretched his hand beyond the rods of the cell. She stopped his hand.

“So much hate bacha. I’m your dad” he looked at her emotionally and she stared him with the rage raising with each second. “That word. Do you even know the meaning of it Mr. Vishambar Kapoor.” her tears fought her anger.

“I know I was wrong. I’m sorry for it” he pleaded her. “One sorry will not change the lives. It will not make everything back to normal” she stared him. “Please for that love you had as my daughter may be once upon a time. For that sake forgive me. I can’t even die with this burden” he collapsed on the ground.

“By all means you deserve it. By all means” she stormed away from there.

“I told you na bhai I don’t want to see his face then why did you bring me here?” Neha hugged her brother Nikhil.

“He is already being punished for his crimes and last night he had minor heart attack. So he requested the jailer.” Nikhil reasoned. “But I hate him Bhai. I’m disgusted to call him as my dad” she said looking up at him. “I know Ne. Trust me I have the same feelings but we have to do this for the fact that we are his kids. Though he is wrong we have to fulfill our duty. Our Karma” said he cupping her face.

He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes painfully.


Yeh dosti hum nahi thodenge….

Thodenge dum magar” she held her cry.

Tho… thodenge dum magar

Tera saath na chodenge’

She was lying on the floor and the song reminded her each second of her life which she spent with her Popu

“Ragu” Laksh looked at her painfully. She was just lying on the floor and staring blank. “Lucky take her home” Laksh nodded his head picking her up and walked out. “Dekha popu teri Ragzee ki kya halath hui hai. And you still want to remain non responsive?” Sanskar looked at Akshat whose eyes were closed.

“Sanky bhai he can’t hear you? Whatever you say won’t reach his brain” Karan held Sanskar helplessly and sobbed. “If it doesn’t reach his brain then where does it go?” he asked Karan. “It reaches his heart” said Sanskar painfully. “And know someday his will power will help to over come his brain’s weakness” said Sanskar.

“Bhai his brain is dead” Karan whispered painfully “And being a doctor you are well aware of his condition. Aren’t you?” Karan controlled his emotions.

Sanskar turned and knelt in front of the bed and held Aksaht’s lifeless hand. “You remember Popu when Ragzee was suffering with depression and even she tried taking her life.” he paused remembering the worst day of their life.


“Ragu…” Akshat held Ragini’s hand. She was about to slit her wrist. She was staring blank. It pained him. He immediately took her to Sanskar who treated her and consoled Akshat.

“You know Popu sometimes I get scared. What if we aren’t around her someday and…” Akshat hugged him to stop.

“I will never let her alone Sanky bhai. Never ever it’s my promise” he sobbed in Sanskar’s embrace who caressed his hair. “And we will bring her out of it together. You will be with me na?” asked Sanskar and Akshat nodded his head controlling his sour throat.

“You forgot your promise Popu. Your Ragzee in the same condition and she needs you now and she will need you always. Please get up. For your Ragzee’s sake. Please” Sanskar looked at him painfully. Karan placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder.


“Ragu…” he tried speaking to her but she just stared blankly. “I love you and I will always love you. And if you will stay like this also all life I will wait for the day you will recover. I will surely wait” he kissed her forehead and walked out of her room.

tune yeh kya kiya bewafaa ban gaya wada todke
chal diya iss tarah rah me tu mujhe peeche chodke
aage tu nikal gaya saathi tu badal gaya thodi dosti
yeh dosti hum nahi todenge todenge dum magar tera saath na

the song ringed in her mind and every word of it made her tears to drop.

“Maa I don’t want any rituals but a simple marriage” said Laksh walking out of the Rathore mansion. “Where are you going now?” asked Sujata who was sitting with others. “I’m going to invite the most important person of her life” said he and walked out.

“Arrey lucky” Rashmi welcomed him with a smile. Her emotions had dried on her face after an year of looking at her son in the brain dead condition.

“I came to meet Akshat” said he and walked to Akshat’s room where he was lying with his closed and his heart beat was sensed by a machine which was attached to him.

“I came here to give you invitation for my marriage. You know I’m marrying Tia. Your Ragzee is become a lifeless doll and I don’t want to spoil my life marrying her. And you know if she is in this condition who is responsible Mr. Akshat. You are responsible. You saved her life but to put her in a greater grief. And sorry I cannot marry a dead body” Laksh walked out and leaned to the wall and collapsed holding his cry.

Rashmi looked at him confused.


All the words were oscillating in his brain which was dark. “Popu” her voice made him feel the air around. It felt like he was suffocating till now and suddenly he has got the air to breath.

The sun came up and brought a new day with it. But it still seemed dark around.

The mandir wasn’t crowded much. Ragini was in a simple dress but her make up could not hide the sadness on her face.

“Popu I will die. Let me die. I don’t want to live here without Laksh. I can’t” she was holding a knife in her hand and held it near her wrist. On her right Laksh stood with Tia in bridal attire. He smirked looking at Akshat. Akshat felt himself being held by many people and was not able to move.

He tried screaming but his voice did not leave his throat. Ragini walked back slowly. She held the knife high and slit her wrist.

It was blood everywhere and in that pool of blood laid his Ragzee with her eyes filled with tears.

“Ragzee” finally his throat brought the voice out and his eyes opened wide. His breathing was still heavy. He could feel his heart beat finally.

“Akshat” Rashmi stood at his room door where shocked. Her son woke up from a deep slumber. He pushed the quilt aside and got out of his room. “Akshat” she hugged him. “Maa maa. Ragzee” he struggled to speak. “I need to see her now” he walked out limping.

His muscles weren’t strong enough so fell down on the floor. But his determination was stronger and he got up to walk.

He somehow reached the Mandir with Rashmi’s help. His vision was still blur when he walked up to the mandir.

“Laksh” she heard his voice and suddenly looked at the direction from where the voice came. “Lucky” he walked more nearer. Sanskar and Karan smiled looking at him. Ragini who was standing beside them looked at Akshat and her smile came back on her face

“Lucky you moron.” he walked to the groom and held him by his collar. Ragini walked to him. “Popu” she hugged him immediately and all her emotions which were held in her heart flew out. “Ragzee don’t worry. See your popu came back na and now this marriage will not happen. I will not Laksh marry some one else” he turned his face to the groom.

“But Popu mai tho Nikhil hu and she is not any Tia via but Riddhi” said Nikhil pushing his Sehra aside revealing his face. Akshat took a deep breath to control his anger and tried understanding what is happening around.

“Bhai please some one tell me what is happening here. I have just woken up from coma don’t give me a heart attack now” he held his head. “Popu.. popu tu teekh hai na” Ragini asked and he smiled looking at her and she hugged him.

“Let me tell you” Laksh walked in front of him. “I know nothing scares Popu more than his Ragzee’s heart break. So I played this trick. Anyways Nikhil Bhai was getting married today and I thought of trying this trick and it worked” Laksh shrugged his shoulders.

“HK” Ragini glared him and he dragged her into a hug. All smiled looking at them. “I know you will not tell but you needed this hug haina?” she nodded her head still in his hold. “Chalo bhai Shadi bhi hogayi aur Popu ka dimag bhi chal pada aur main important thing is HK aur Ragzee ka patch up bhi hogaya”said Neha clapping her hands happily.

“One more thing is pending” said Karan. She looked at him confused. He walked to Simran and knelt in front of her and all looked at him confused. “I know your daughter is walking tornado but I think I can handle her. Will you please bless me to become you Damad?” asked he and Neha covered her mouth shocked.

Simran who was extremely shocked nodded her head smiling and hugged him. She hugged Neha from her other side.

“Now when all the love stories are getting complete why should we leave our Popat and uski Maina?” asked Swara. She brought Uttara who was crying buckets. Sujata took her hand and placed it in Akshat’s hand. “I always wanted you only to be my son in law. We were about to talk to Rashmi Ji before that only all this happened” said she. Akshat looked back at Laksh.

“Ohho Popu Gadhe. Hug her” Laksh pushed Akshat who stumbled and hugged Uttara and she burst out crying more. “I thought you will run and hug me when you see me” he kissed her hair.

“I wanted to then I knew Ragzee deserves that first hug more than me. I never want to be in between you both. The way Lucky bhai stands beside Ragzee the same way I want to stand beside you” she said and he smiled widely at her answer. He couldn’t have asked for a better understanding partner than her.


A/N: on 27th November 2016 a beautiful journey of Casanova started. And now today it is ending just a month before its anniversary.

I’m so glad you people liked this story.

And an epilogue is on the way. Hope you liked this story which is as close as guilt or rishtey was or betrayer series was. When a story ends it feels like missing those characters.
Those funny names or the beautiful moments or the magical bonds the characters had remains as a memory and I hope this memory stays in your heart for forever.

Thank you is a very small word to give in return to your immense support to this. I might have disappointed some and hurt some but Im sorry if I have done it unintentionally.

Share your favourite moments of Casanova and the fav character or you can name the fav Nick name.

Stay happy and blessed

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