The knock on her door made Ragini wake from her deep slumber. “Haa coming” she screamed yawning. She rubbed her hair and walked to the door lazily. She opened the door and was taken a back finding a huge bouquet in front of her.

“Tada” Sanskar spoke moving the bouquet away from his face and grinning at her widely. “Sanky….” she screeched pouncing on him almost. “Ow wow Ragzee relax. Do I look like some choco cake” he chuckled. “More yummy than that” Ragini pulled his cheek.

“Ouch ouch” he winced in pain. She walked out like that. Her eyes moved to the drawing room where Laksh was standing and watching her. Their eyes met and everything around felt so painful suddenly. “Bhai I will be at home” he spoke looking at Sanskar and walked away not even looking at her.

It pained her. ‘May be he never wanted to stay’ she thought in her mind and controlled her flooding emotions. ‘I really wish you stopped me’ he thought reaching the garden. At his left he found a tree.


“What plant it is?” asked little Ragini to Laksh who was digging the ground. “Ragu it’s Mango plant” said he and continued digging the ground. “But Lucky why are you planting it here? Go and plant in your home na?” asked she pouting. “Ohho Ragu this is my gift. Just remember whenever we fight we still talk right?” Ragini nodded her head. “Just think some day we fight so badly I wont even try to speak to you which I can’t do for sure. Just imagine if it happens what will you do when you will miss me?” asked he.

“I will stop imagining. As simple as that” she chuckled. “Ragu” he glared her. “What can I do. You know I’m too stubborn to initiate talks. So I will wait till you come and talk” she said placing her little palm on her chin. “And till I come back if you miss me then?” asked he. She shrugged her shoulders signing she don’t know.

“Whenever you will feel the wind from this tree think that I’m missing you very badly. And when you hear the rustling of the leaves think that I’m talking to you”

Ragini wiped the single tear looking at the tree in present.

“Ragzee” Sanskar’s voice. “Haa coming” she screamed and walked out of her room.


“Where is Shona dee. Why didn’t she come?” Ragini queried as they settled on Sofa. “She had some pending paper works of property in Australia. You know she is very particular about it” said Sanskar. “I know. So she let you become Devdas” Ragini chuckled. Sanskar joined her. She laughed more.

He was looking at her keenly. “What happened?” she asked stopping her laugh. “You know when do you laugh so much?” asked he. “I know when everyone does finding funny thing” she gave him a confused look. “But you do it to hide your pain” Ragini widened her eyes and looked at him.

“I knew it. Lucky without calling you chudail and you also did not taunt him calling him HK. What’s going on in between you two?” he asked.

“There is no choice Mr. Maheshwari” her own voice played in her mind.

“I don’t want to talk about it” she just walked away and Sanskar just looked in her direction not understanding what is bothering her. More precisely her and Laksh. They weren’t the usual self.
“Ouch Andhe insan ankhe hai ki button?” Neha screamed without even looking up when she collided with someone. “Kyu tumhare ankhowale button teekh se sile nai” asked Karan and she fumed still looking down realizing who it was.

“Kyu sila doge kya darji kahi ke” said she deadpanning at him. “Ow ow easy girl” he stopped her as his back touched the railing. “Ask me sorry” she smirked and moved more close to him. “Kiss khushi me?” asked he. She approached more close and he was bending back.

“If you don’t want to get fired ask me sorry now” she demanded. “Ha ha ha. That was a hilarious joke. Aww my sides are paining” he acted like laughing hard. “I’m dead serious” she said bending more towards him. “And I’m dead joking” he pushed her a bit and stood up straight.

“Was that even a phrase?” asked she confused. “Who cares. Tere liye wahi kaafi hai” he said moving away. “Ghamandi kahi ka” she nuzzled her nose and walked away from there. Karan smiled remembering her cute face.


“Popu…. Food” Ragini called Akshat who was lost sitting on his chair. “Tu aise ghurega na pakka wo glass nai tutega” Ragini showed him the glass which was on his way of staring blank. He smiled a bit at her antics. “Everything will be fine.” she said rubbing his shoulder and placed her head over. “Pakka na?” he asked her. “Don’t you know your Ragzee. When she says something. Either it will happen or she will make it happen” she said proudly.

“Promise me” he forwarded his hand immediately and Ragini looked at him confused. “Promise me that you wont try to make it alright if it doesn’t happen” he pleaded her. “You think I will promise you that. Never ever” she back walked and collided with Laksh who held her on time.

Lost and Lonely Coz you are the only one that knows me and I can’t be without you
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiya hai
Andekhi ansuni koi daastan hai
Lagne lagi abb zindagi
Khali hai meri
Bin tere bin tere bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawao me bin tere.

Akshat looked at them painfully. Wasn’t all those odds enough after which they united and now all due to him they were hurting each other and more than that hurting themselves. He couldn’t tolerate both of their pain as there was no one who will understand both of them more than themselves.

He was the joining link and he became the reason also for their separation.

Days passed and the distance was not reducing. It just remained constant but the pain was increasing with each breath.

Bin tere bin tere bin tere bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawao me bin tere.

Karan tried his best to bring them together but it wasn’t working. One thing he hated was the pain in Ragini’s eyes. He tried talking to Laksh but he refused saying it isn’t always his fault. This time she is at fault and he can’t forgive her just like that.

“What if we leave them on their own for sometime?” Akshat spoke to Karan. “Sounds great. Let us work on this plan as the last option” said Karan grinning widely. And as per their plan Akshat applied a sick leave unexpectedly and Karan went back to home saying his mom had some documents work to be done.

The time passed and the Sun set in the west. All of the staff had left but Ragini and Laksh stayed back sighting the last week of internship. Laksh looked at his watch and found it was too late and packed his case and walked out of the office. Then he remembered Ragini was still inside the office.

He waited for her to come. As he felt she came out he moved his eye lids to the side to observer her. As she walked he walked beside her. It started raining suddenly and Ragini looked around not understanding what to do. Suddenly the downpour of water stopped on her.

She looked up to find an umbrella and to her left Laksh was standing in rain stretching it above Ragini. As she walked he walked beside her. She was so lost in the moment that her leg slipped from the footpath they were walking and she was about to fall.

She felt a suddenly felt a pull and in next moment Laksh was holding her near to himself and the umbrella fell off.

The rain poured over them like the sky was weeping with them. Their tears tried hiding behind the rain water but their hearts knew that they are hiding their tears. And it pained like hell with each passing breath.

“Now why are you mad at me? It wasn’t my fault” she spoke and jerked her hand and swiftly walked from there. He followed her picking the umbrella. “I don’t need your pity” she said pushing the umbrella. He held her wrist and dragged her inside the umbrella.

So near to him and she was losing herself in his presence. “I’m mad on you because I love you” he dangerously whispered and looked at her. She tried looking away but he held her cheeks leaving the umbrella to fall down.

He touched her forehead with his and closed his eyes not able to tolerate the pain of her avoidance.

“I haven’t finished yet” he gulped water drop on his lips. He moved close to her and pressed his lips against hers. “And this one for pretending that you don’t care” he spoke after a breathless kiss. “Can’t we start it again?” he asked painfully.

“hmmm hu” she nodded her negatively whispering. “Don’t you love me?” he asked painfully. “I do then I can’t force you to accept my point of view. You have to accept the true love of Uttu and Popu with your full will. Until then I can’t start it over again” she said pecking his lips and ran away from there.

He collapsed on the ground and looked up crying. His heart was bleeding. Bleeding due to the separation. Separation from his soul. From his best friend.

But his ego wasn’t letting him to come out of it and try. And moreover Akshat wasn’t there too guide him too.


“And dare you leave me alone like yesterday Popu, I’m warning you” Ragini complained as they walked beside each other. “I was seriously not well” he pouted. “I know food poisoning na. Mujhe chodke thusega tho aisa hi hona hai. That’s why I say don’t leave me alone” she showed her tongue to him teasing.

“Do I have a choice?” he pouted sadly. “Awwww Popu” she pulled his cheek. He looked at her and felt something weird for a strange reason and pushed her on the footpath.

Ragini who came out of the shock looked back to find him in the pool of blood. “Popu…..” his vision blurred and that was the last voice his brain recorded.

He smiled looking at her through the blood smearing down his eyes and cheek and stretched his hand.

“Damn you missed the girl” Vishambar who was tracking them spoke over the blue tooth. The door of his room opened with a thud and he looked back shocked.


“Lucky” she hugged him in a bone crushing hug. And her tears wet his shirt. He rubbed her back trying to console her. The light on the operation theater was still red.


Guess what?

This is the just the episode before the last episode of Casanova.

And the end is on the way.

Thank you so much for loving this story so much. I have been so irregular specially in case of Casanova but you all tolerated me and my irregularities. And the boring plots. Hope I haven’t bored you people much.

Lots of love

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