Chapter 23:
“M.. maa” Ragini fumbled standing behind Janaki in the kitchen. “Haa Ragu” she said turning. “Actually” she played with her finger. Janaki looked at her confused. It wasn’t her usual Ragini. “Say it” she insisted. “You are going to MM na tomorrow for breaking the fast like every year?” asked Ragini and Janaki nodded her head. “I want to come too” said she and Janaki looked at her surprised.

“I knew I will sound weird. It’s okay” said Ragini and was about to turn when Janaki held her hand. “I will be glad if you attend the function” said she and Ragini hugged her. “Now a days someone has forgotten about their Badi maa completely” Sumi complained entering. Ragini hugged her and she cooled down.

Ragini was about to exit the kitchen when Janaki stopped her saying “Ragu” Ragini turned to her. “You have to wear traditional. Not like this” she showed her. Ragini widened her eyes. “No maa traditional not again” she pouted. “I can’t help it bacha” said she shrugging her shoulders. “If I knew I would have brought a new dress for you” said Sumi pouting.

“At this night which shop will be open?” Janaki looked worried. “Ragu” they heard Rashmi’s voice. “Hitler” Ragini hugged her. “Aww meli Jhalli kaisi hai tu?” asked she caressing her hair. “I’m good. At this time you came? Everything is fine na?” asked Ragini. “Can’t I come to meet my Jhalli?” asked she and Ragini smiled at her.

“You look disturbed what happened? Kisne panga liya meri Jhalli se?” she asked. “Karvachauth ka function and I don’t have a dress to wear” said she sad. “Arrey bhul gayi teri Hitler ki boutique?” asked Rashmi. “Now at this time?” asked Ragini. “You come with me. I have new collections you can select any of them. Family ke liye time nai hotha” said she and took Ragini with her.


“Errr” Akshat screamed when Ragini threw the tenth dress she was trying. “Mom this is not fair. Karvachauth ke function me usse jaana hai. why am I here?” he asked annoyed. “Kyunki tu mera Popat hai” said Ragini pulling his cheek.

“And by the way I know you need my help for tomorrow’s circus. Tere liye gadhe maine first time bola ki I want to attend the function” whispered Ragini and Akshat looked at her with wide open eyes and she blinked at him.

“Kya khusur phusur karr rahe ho?” asked Rashmi and they both stood apart and gave her a sheepish smile. “Khurafati dimag tera kuch bharosa nai” said Rashmi nodding her head. “Not to worry Hitler this time I won’t do any khurafat” said she kissing Rashmi’s cheek who smiled at her.

Ragini went back to Akshat and they again began their cute fights. She smiled looking at them. If anything has not changed over the time it was Ragini and Akshat’s friendship. She wished it to remain the same. Ragini threatened Akshat who looked at her scared and Ragini snaked her arms across his neck.

Rashmi nodded her head and looked up praying to keep them together always. Life can be unpredictable but friendship is the fact which is non changeable.


The morning Sun rose and the sunlight filled Ragini’s room. She woke up smiling and when she opened her eyes Laksh was sitting in front of her. She hugged him and said “Good morning”. He hugged her and said “Never my morning was better than this” From the time he officially proposed her he had been sneaking in her room every morning to wish her good morning.

Laksh Maheshwari the Kumkaran will get up every morning early and walk to Ragini’s home and climb the window just to see the beautiful smile on her face. Love had changed him to that extent.

“So what’s special today” asked Laksh caressing her forehead and tucking her hair strand behind her ear carefully. She sat folding her legs. “I’m coming for today evening’s function to MM and yesterday night I went to Hitler’s boutique for shopping….” she told him all the things she did after departing from him and he listened looking at her. Her every expression made him smile.

“You are not fasting?” asked Laksh. She burst out laughing. “Fasting and me? No ways. You know if I don’t stuff something every half an hour in my mouth I will faint due to starving. And more than you also Mr. Maheshwari I love my food” she said proudly. “Bakasur” said he. “And you Kumkaran. Jodi achi hai Bakasur and Kumkaran. You torture people with your snores and I with my over eating” said she chuckling. He blushed looking at her cute antics.

He held her hand and dragged her into a hug and patted her hair. “Never ever change yourself. I love every bit of you. And I will always love you” said he and she closed her eyes being in his embrace. The place which felt home and gave her the ultimate solace. He kissed her forehead and she smiled more widely.


“Hello uncle” Laksh smiled at Shekar who opened the door in the evening. “Arrey Lucky you here?” he welcomed Laksh. “Actually Choti maa told to pick you up guys” said he and Shekar smiled at him. “You know these ladies take hell lot of time to get ready. Your aunty is grumbling from afternoon. Ek tho bhuke raho aur husband ka sar khavo kaheka karvachauth?” Shekar nodded his head and Laksh chuckled listening to him.

“And Ragzee said she is also coming. Where is she?” asked he looking at Ragini’s room door. “Oh she has not yet arrived out of her room. And yeh tho hona hi tha. She needs maximum time as she doesn’t do this make up thing always” said Shekar. “I will check” said Laksh and walked to her room.

“I hate you” he heard Ragini almost screaming. He lifted his head and looked at her. She sat on the bed annoyed placing her palms on her chin. “Oh wow. Aaj kiski shamat aagayi? Ragzee ne kisko hate you bola?” he asked and she threw a cushion on him. He protected himself from it.

“Ragu” he knelt in front of her. “I hate my hair” she complained. “Why?” he placed his finger on his chin. “See na from one hour I’m trying to tie it in a nice hair style but no. It wants to look like bird nest” she said annoyed looking at her hair strand. “That’s all?” asked he.

“Get up” he said getting up and forwarding his hand. She looked at him confused and he assured her with a smile. He made her sit in front of the mirror and held the comb and combed her hair and plaited it neatly. “You know this?” asked she and he placed his chin over her shoulder and smiled saying “I used to comb Uttu’s hair and learnt” he said kissing her cheek and she blushed lowering her head.

“Chale?” asked he and she nodded her head. Ragini descended the stair flight behind Laksh and her family was surprised looking at their princess who was looking stunning.


“I’m dying here Popat ke bache where are you?” Uttara screamed over the phone. “I don’t want any of your silly excuses. I’m telling you I won’t have anything unless you come and break my fast” said she. She disconnected the call fuming.

She threw the phone and walked down to the hall. She felt his presence when all the ladies headed to the terrace and turned. There he was standing smiling looking at her. She felt her heart in her mouth due to excitement.

She so much wanted to hug him at that moment but controlled her excitement looking at the people around her. She smiled widely feeling him so near him.

All the guests headed to terrace and waited for the moon to appear. Akshat’s heart beat was at race with each passing time. He was not sure what his Ragzee has planned and will it save him from Uttara’s prakop. He just wished it to work.

As the moon was clearly visible behind the clouds all the ladies became excited and started doing the rituals. Uttara glared Akshat who was standing at a distance. “Maa I’m feeling like pukish..” Ragini acted and Janaki and Sumi who were busy in the rituals called Uttara and said “Dekh beta kya hua usse” she nodded her head and they headed to Uttara’s room.

Ragini stood normally when she reached Uttara’s room. “Ragzee what happened?” asked she and Ragini grinned at her standing a bit away and Akshat walked to her from the door. The smile on Uttara’s face widened and she blushed as he approached her. “Now do the rituals fast. The moon is visible from the balcony also. Go fast I mean quick” she said pushing both of them and ran out of the room.

As she was chuckling looking at the door she felt a sudden pull. Laksh dragged her to the store room. “What happened to you are you okay?” asked he concerned. She held his hand which was on her cheek and smiled. “I’m fine Laksh” He dragged her into a hug and she cuddled in his hold.

“Come” said he and dragged her near the window of the store room. There was a small table on which all the items required for breaking the fast was kept. She looked at him confused. “I told na HK. I’m not fasting” she said. “I know” said he. “Then this?” asked she and he held the water in the pot glass and signed her to make him drink.

“You…” she was interrupted when Laksh held her hand and drank the water and ate the sweet from her hand. She was still shocked. She hugged him tightly. “You fasted for me?” asked she and he smiled caressing her hair.

Rom rom tera naam pukare ek hue din rain hamare
humse hum hi chin gaye hai Jab se nain tihare
Teri kaali ankhiyo se jind meri jaage
Dhadkan se tezz daudu sapno se aage
Abb jaan lut jaaye yeh Jahan chut jaaye
Sang pyar rahe mai rahu na rahu
Sajda tera sajda din rain karu na hi chain karu

A tear tripped her eye which fell on his chest. He dragged her out of the hug and she looked at him with glassy eyes. “Hey” he said cupping her face. “Do I deserve so much love Laksh?” he pecked her lips and touched her forehead with his. “You do. And there is no second thought in that. I don’t care for anything in the world for me you are the most deserving person for this” he said smiling and she smiled closing her eyes and held his hands.

The moment was magical. They needed minimum words to express themselves and that was the beauty of their relation. He stood looking at the moon from the window and she placed her head on his shoulder locking her fingers with his. The moon smiled looking at them.

Akshat made Uttara to drink water and made her to eat the sweets. He stood near the railing of the balcony and Uttara placed her head on his shoulder and he kissed her hair. “How far is this gonna work Uttu. I’m scared when your family will know they will think I’m the cheapest person who misused their trust” he said painfully.

She turned him to face her and cupped his face and kissed his forehead. “Nothing will happen Akshat. Don’t worry your ragzee will not let you get killed in my brothers hands” she chuckled a bit. He dragged her and they stood looking at each other as the moon light fell on them and drawn a new danger with it. Someone’s eyes caught the fire looking at them.

After some time some one pulled Akshat. Laksh held his collar and dragged him with him. “Lucky bhai… Lucky bhai…” Uttara looked at him horrified and walked behind him. “Lucky” Ragini stopped him inside the room and locked the room.

“How dare you?” Laksh fumed holding Akshat’s collar and dragging him near. Ragini tried separating them but she got pushed by Laksh. Akshat released himself from Laksh’s hold and held Ragini from falling. “Laksh” Akshat screamed. “Bhai please listen to me” Uttara pleaded. He slapped her and she looked at him shocked. “Laksh” Ragini screamed holding Uttara from her shoulder.

“From how many days is this going on?” asked Laksh deadpanning at her. “Say it” he demanded and Uttara shivered at his tone. “From from five years” she said looking down. “You fooled us from five years Uttu.. I’m sorry Uttara” said Laksh pulling his hair. “Lucky it wasn’t her fault” said Akshat interrupting. “Don’t tell my name from your filthy mouth” he was fuming with anger.

“Laksh” Ragini stood in front of Akshat. “What wrong did they do? They both love each other” said she. “Love this you call love. Hiding it from the family?” asked he furious. “Dusro ko bolne se pehle khud ke gireban me jhanko Laksh. Even we haven’t informed our family” said Ragini.

“This is different. It’s about my sister and this man who calls himself my best friend misused my trust.” It broke Akshat’s heart. Ragini looked at Akshat painfully. “And I don’t know what and all he has done with my sister….” he was interrupted by a slap. He looked up to find Ragini fuming.

“Dare you say a word about my Popu. I trust him and I’m the witness of their pure love. They never crossed their limit” “You hid such a big thing from me?” he asked looking at her painfully. She wanted to hug him and say no but for the time being she can either be his love or Akshat’s friend. She chose to be Akshat’s friend. “I don’t think I need to give any explanation about my stand. If you want to misunderstand it I can’t help it” she said wiping her tears.

“Okay fine. So whom are you choosing among your love and friendship?” asked he seriously. She smiled at him sadly. “Choice Mr Laksh Maheshwari. There is no choice” she held Akshat’s hand and wiped her tears and walked out of the room.

He stood blank looking at her. Uttara rushed to the washroom to let out the emotions she held. Laksh collapsed on the floor for the recent happenings in his life. How life turned 360 degree in few minutes. He was too shocked to understand anything.

Ragini stood in garden and took a deep breath to cool her burning eyes. Akshat placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned and hugged him and let out all her tears.

“Why did you do this?” he asked cupping her face. “Koi mere Popu ke baare me aise bole aur mai chup rahu?” asked she. “And for me you broke his heart Ragzee?” asked he. She encircled her hands across his stomach. “I don’t care. For me most important is our friendship Popu. You were there when I was in dark. Though you could enjoy the light you preferred staying in dark for me. So that I don’t feel lonely. At any cost I can’t leave you Popu” she said and he patted her head looking at the sky painfully.

He just wished Laksh to understand the situation. He just could hope.


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Love you keep supporting.

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