“Mowgli” Khan screeched happily finding Ragini at his home. She hugged him with a weak smile. “What happened?” asked he. “Popsy is upset” she said with a sad face. “What did he say?” he asked cupping her face. “He doesn’t want all this. He just.” she paused. “He wants to let go off that moron?” asked he and Ragini nodded her head. “He is worried. Don’t worry I will talk to him” said he and patted her head and kissed her hair and she felt light.

“You still working in his company right?” asked he and she nodded her head as she sat on the dining table. “He can’t remove me legally unless I finish my internship” she grinned at him. “That’s great” he said. “I’m hungry share khan” she said pouting. “I will get you the french toast wait” he said and walked to the kitchen. She followed him.

She sat on the kitchen cabinet where Khan was making the toast. “This question is disturbing me from many days” she said biting the bread. “What question?” he asked arranging the bread. “Why didn’t you marry ever Share Khan. You are so handsome now and I’m sure when you were young you might be handsome hunk” she said casually looking.

Khan smiled at her question. “I never felt that I could spend my whole life with someone” he said and shrugged his shoulders. “Why? You never fell in love with anyone?” she asked surprised. He smiled looking at her. “I fell in love once and that was the last” he said. “Then why didn’t you express your feelings to her?” asked she confused. “She just assumed me as her friend and I never could gather the courage to tell her” he said looking dreamily.

“That’s where you did wrong Share Khan. You should have told her what you felt. What if she had the same feelings for you” she said. “She did not had. And I’m sure of it” said he smiling. “How?” asked she. “Because she was already committed to someone. And I did not wanted to interfere. She was happy I did not wanted to break her heart. But now I feel I should have confessed.” he said.

“Buddhu you are Share Khan. Now what is the use of regretting” she said and nodded her head. He pulled her and she winced in pain. “Take eat” he said and forwarded the toast. Her eyes widened looking at the tasty toast in front of her and she grabbed it happily. He smiled looking her enjoying the food.


“I don’t know anything Popu ke bache. Tomorrow if I will break my fast then it will be from your hand only otherwise break up” Uttara spoke and disconnected the call. “This is good. You keep fast and punishment for Popu. Not fair Uttu” said Ragini biting the apple. “Oh please I’m fasting also for him only right” she said and folded her hands. “For him? You fast and your figure will be maintained and how is it for him?” she asked confused.

“Jhalli Ragzee. It is karvachauth and girls keep it for the long life of their husbands” Uttara said hitting her head playfully. “Ouch yaar Uttu it pains” she complained. “But Popu isn’t your husband or wait have you people got secretly married? Let me see the mangalsutra?” Ragini jumped in front of Uttara. “I wonder how have you become dumb like Lucky bhai now a days. He is not but in future he will only be my husband right. Logic?” she asked giving Ragini a tight smile.

“Oh” said Ragini placing her finger on her chin. “But Uttu. You are keeping fast for long life of Popu right?” asked Ragini. “Haa” said Uttara. “So if Popu breaks your fast you think his one bone will survive in Sanky and Lucky’s hold? So it is like you are fasting for his long life and putting his life in danger. So I’m not understanding your logic” she scratched her head and Uttara threw the cushion on her face. “You will never. Now go from here I have to prepare for tomorrow and you don’t behave like girls Ragzee Dada. I need to do it all alone” said Uttara pushing Ragini out.

“Badla lungi mai yaad rakhna Popat ki maina” said Ragini rubbing her nose and turned to walk. As she walked lost in thoughts she missed a step near the last few stairs and slipped. “Ouch” she screamed as her leg hurt. “Ragu…” Laksh screamed who just came out of his room. He ran to her and knelt in front of her worried. “Are you okay? You got hurt?” he asked. “HK kahika. I fell down on ground not on cushion. Obviously I will get hurt na?” asked she annoyed. “Sorry” he said shrinking his eyes. She looked at him and tried getting up but her leg hurt and she again sat back.

“Careful Ragu.” he said and held her hand and she stood up with his help. But she could not stand and again was about to fall he held her from her waist and she immediately looked at him. He was lost in her pain and did not realize her gaze. She tried walking but struggled. He nodded his head and picked her in his arms. As he walked to his room lifting her Sujata gaped looing at them. “What did I just see. HK is worried about Ragzee?” she shook her head. “I think I’m hallucinating” she said and pinched herself. “Ouch” she screamed when she realized she wasn’t dreaming.

Laksh entered his room and placed her on the bed. “Wait I will get the ointment” he said and searched the first aid box. He found it in the side table and approached her. He held her ankle and she winced in pain. “Sorry sorry” he said apologizing. He slowly touched her ankle and his feather like touch tickled her and she shivered slightly. He applied the ointment and massaged it slowly.

Ragini who was looking at him resting her palms on the bed was lost in his care. He was not aware of anything for the time being what mattered was only Ragini’s pain. As he finished he knuckled the anklet. Ragini who was lost looking at him screamed with pain. “HK… Couldn’t you tell before only?” asked she recovering from the non bearable pain. “Knuckles madam. Nobody sends a notification for it” he said and chuckled. “I hate you” she said with annoyance on her face. “That you can never Mrs. Maheshwari” said he and Ragini looked at him shocked and he winked at her.

She looked away to hide her smile and he kissed her ankle and she closed her eyes feeling his lips. “Laksh” she said still her closed eyes. He sat beside her and whispered in her ear “Hmmm” and she bent her head to touch her shoulder. “Someone will come” she whispered. “Let them” said he. “Please Lucky” she pleaded when he kissed her cheek. She got up and walked to the door. “Tell me one thing” his words stopped her and she turned. “Are you a camera?” he asked. She looked at him confused. “Because whenever you look at me I smile” he grinned at her. “Cheesy aren’t we?” she showed her tongue and ran from there when he got up to chase her.

As she disappeared he brushed his hair blushing. Ragini felt a bit pain but she walked and blushed remembering her closeness with Laksh. She bit her lip and hit her phone on her forehead and her phone buzzed. She opened the message and was shocked. She looked thoughtful.

“Lucky” she walked back to Laksh’s room. “Oh Mrs. Maheshwari couldn’t stay without me?” he dragged her holding her wrist and held her by her waist. “Laksh it’s important” said she and tried getting out of his hold. He tightened his grip and dragged her more close and placed his chin over her shoulder. “I’m all ears” he closed his eyes and drooled holding her. “I… I got his message. Vishambar Kapoor” she said hesitant and he dragged himself away and looked at her worried face. He grabbed her phone and read the message.


“What to do now Khan uncle” Laksh asked. “I don’t know Laksh. It’s a great opportunity. You know we can trap him easily but then I’m worried for Ragu’s safety” he looked at his left where Ragini was sitting confused. She placed her head on his shoulder. “I can’t risk your life Mowgli” said he rubbing her shoulder. “But I want to do it Share Khan. I can’t let go of such a golden opportunity” she said and looked at him. “But bacha” he said and was interrupted by her. “Don’t you trust me?” asked she. “I do. But he” he said worried. “This time he can’t overpower me. Trust me” she said and he nodded his head uninterested. Laksh looked at them blankly.

“You really want to do this?” Laskh asked when they were walking back to Ragini’s house. Ragini looked at him. She could feel his restlessness. “I terribly want to do this Laksh. You know how disgusted I feel about myself all the time that I couldn’t stop that beast from coming so near to me. I curse myself for coming into this world as a girl whenever I feel weak. I so many times wanted to end my life remembering that horrible incident. I have so many times felt like killing him” tears fought to trip out of her eyes. He couldn’t see her like this and dragged her holding her hand and placed his chin over her head. There were no words but his embrace cooled her and more than that she needed nothing. Nothing for the time being.

Ragini was not picking her call from many hours and Akshat and Karan worried as they did not knew where she was. Laksh assured them that she will be fine and she has gone to meet Vishambar.
“Where is Ragini Laksh? If anything happens to her I will not spare you for sure” Karan held Laksh’s collar. “Guys we have to search her rather than fighting like this” Akshat spoke dragging their attention. “And if anything happen to her Lucky even I will never forgive you” Akshat warned Laksh. “I don’t care what you people think about me. I know I have done it for her good” Laksh spoke determined. “Are you insane letting her with that beast. In which angle is it good for her. If he came to know about her real intentions it will not take him a second to destroy her” Karan spat at Laksh. “I know her better than you both and she is strong enough to face that monster and she has to do it to come out of her sorrow completely” Laksh spoke.

“And if that man does anything to my baby sister this time he is gonna lose his life” someone’s voice made them to turn. Nikhil walked to them. “Nikhil bhai?” Akshat looked at him surprised.


“You don’t want to see your Nikhil bhai’s face also?” Nikhil stopped Ragini outside the Rathore Mansion door. She looked at him happily and hugged him. She wiped her tears and took a box out of her bag. She opened it and there were number of Rakhis in that box. “These all bhai for every Rakhi I spent without you. And you are asking don’t I want to see your face?” she looked at him painfully. He cupped her face and wiped her tears. “Shh shh” he hugged her.

They sat in the garden and talked random stuff and Ragini tied all the Rakhis to him. “What do you want as nek?” he asked her. She smiled at him. “Will you stand beside me in all my battles?” asked she. “If you wouldn’t have asked also I will stand beside you” said he caressing her hair. She smiled at him. “So I need your blessings today” she said. “Mathlab?” asked he.

She showed him Vishambar’s message and he fumed in anger. “I swear if he wasn’t my mother’s husband and my sister’s father I would have killed him long back” he gritted his teeth. She held his hand and he relaxed. “If you end the evil person the evil will not be destroyed. Taking his life will not serve any purpose” she said and he looked at her feeling proud of his little sister. “Tell me what am I supposed to do” he asked. Ragini narrated him Khan’s plan and he complied after a lot of hesitation sighting her safety.


“I don’t know. I don’t think it was a good idea” said Akshat pulling his hair. “I feel she needs us. I can’t let her do this alone. Not at any cost” Akshat ran from there. “Popu wait” Laksh went behind him.

Ragini entered Vishambar’s cabin. She looked around but she could not see him. The lights went dim. “This isn’t what actually you planned right Ragini” Vishambar smirked at Ragini who looked at him horrified. Her forehead was covered with sweat. The dim light which surrounded her made her heart beat race.

He was approaching her and her heart beat was at peak. “I must say you have become more spicy with time. His stare made her heart sink with fear. “You were small then. And were not aware of all this. But now I don’t think I need to tell you what I might do with you. But still you came here? I must appreciate you got guts girl” he said and she was stopped by the wall behind.

“And don’t think I will leave you this time. I will make sure your bones can’t be even traced” he said smirking her and his face so near made her gather all the strength she had. She pushed him and broke the vase near by. “Dare you come near me Mr. Vishambar. I will not hesitate to kill you also” she said showing the vase piece. “Tu tu… Ithni badi hogayi magar akal abhi bhi bachi jaisi” he held her hand and twisted her hand so that she drops the vase. “Do I look like the Mawalis roadside who will be scared of your this bold girl avtar?” asked he.

In next moment the door of his cabin opened with a thud and before he could realize anything Akshat had broken the glass decorative piece on Vishambar’s head. He winced in pain as the blood oozed out of his head and he left Ragini’s hand. Ragini who was horrified immediately hugged Akshat. He held her wrist and dragged her out of the cabin. As soon as they reached out of the office he slapped her and she looked at him shocked.

“What do you think of yourself. Bahut mahan hai tu. Or do you have any extraordinary powers. He could have harmed you again dammit” he held her by her shoulder and shook her. Her eyes were teary. Akshat was fuming with anger. Suddenly he realized what he did and dragged her into a hug. “I’m sorry sorry Ragzee” he said and his voice choked not able to hold the pain.

“There is no sorry and no thank you in friendship” she smiled hugging him back. “And which dumbo said that?” he asked smiling through his tears. “Hai ek. Dumbo meri life ka. Who loves me more than anyone in the world. More than his maina too” she chuckled and he nodded his head. “Maina se yaad aaya. You have to break her fast. Did you think something Popu?” she asked and Akshat dragged her out of the hug and nodded his head horrified. “Tu tho gaya Popu” she said and he pouted like a kid and she squeezed his cheeks cutely.

They pulled each others leg and walked away from there.

“Ragu are you okay” asked Laksh who was on the way. “Ragzee” Karan came forward and hugged her. “I’m okay burfi” she said smiling at him. “I double dare you if you do this again. I swear bahut maar khayegi” said he and she chuckled. “Was that funny?” he asked her. “Aww you and your cute anger” Ragini pulled his nose and he looked at her annoyed.

“Anger bhi cute hota hai kya?” asked Laksh looking weird. “Hota hai mere barfi ka” said she side hugging him and Karan finally cooled down and smiled nodding his head. They all stood in a group hugging each other.

“Yeh dosti hum nahi thodenge
Thodenge dum magar tera saath na chodenge”

They sang and enjoyed the time together. Problems never stop coming. But when you have such awesome company who cares.

“Gudiya” Nikhil hugged her as soon as she entered Khan’s house. “Relax bhai. My Hercules had reached on time” she said. “Hercules?” asked he and Ragini side hugged Akshat and said “Mera Hercules” and smiled widely.

Nikhil’s phone ringed disturbing them. He picked up the call. “Haa bol Ne” he said. “Bhai come fast dad is injured” said Neha worried. “I’ll be there” said he disconnecting the call.

“What happened Bhai?” asked Laksh. “Hercules ka hathoda bada zorr se pada shayad” said Nikhil and laughed.

“Bhai hathoda Thor ke pass the Hercules ke nai” said Ragini. “Same tho hai. Both are son of God na?” he asked. “Apki comic sense abhi bhi uthni hi bekar hai jaise pehle thi” said Ragini nodding her head. He pulled her hair and when she winced in pain dragged her into a hug and all smiled looking at them.

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