“Arrey Karan, Lucky Popu come come have breakfast” Janaki called the trio who just entered Rathore Mansion. They smiled and walked inside. “Ragzee?” Akshat looked around. “Wo kabhi time pe aathi hai kya(Has she ever come on time)” asked Sumi who walked out of the kitchen with food bowls. “Exactly Badi maa” Ragini jumped from the last step of the stair. Janaki looked at her and tried walking to the kitchen but Karan held her hand. Janaki looked at him confused. He smiled and made her sit on the chair. She pleaded him and then her gaze moved to Ragini who was looking at him angry.

“Popu I’m waiting outside have your food and come” Ragini glared Karan and walked holding an apple from the fruit bowl. “Ragzee” Raghuvendra tried stopping her. “Stop Ragzee” Karan held her wrist. Laksh choked looking at him. Akshat patted his head. “Insecure hona bandh kar kal hi tho usne tere se baath karke clear kiya na(Stop being insecure. Yesterday only he cleared you right?)” Akshat whispered in Laksh’s ear. “He cleared me Popu but what about Ragzee. She said she loves Karan?” Laksh looked at Akshat helplessly. “Ahh Lucky you will never understand” Akshat nodded his head.

“You should not leave home without having food” Karan dragged her to the dining table and made her sit beside Janaki. She sat and took a deep breath to relax her burning head. She tried getting up but Karan placed his hand on her shoulder. The bread piece in Laksh mouth fell on the plate. Ragini looked up at Karan fuming. “Have food” he sat beside her. She moved her eyelids left and right angry. She closed her eyes not able to tolerate her anger anymore and got up from her chair.

“Ragzee” Karan held her wrist. “I don’t want to sit with this woman Karan can’t you understand” Ragini screamed and Janaki closed her eyes painfully and tears dropped out of her eyes. “She is your mom Ragzee” Karan stood up facing her. “She is nobody to me. If she was my mom she wouldn’t have done this to me” a hot tear tripped out of her eye and she wiped it furiously.

“What has she done to you Ragzee tell me. She wished to save her daughter from humiliation was she wrong in doing so? She was helpless and was alone to handle the situation. And at that time you might not be knowing but such cases were like a black spot on a girl’s character. We talk about equality Ragzee but the truth is always a girl is blamed and nobody points at the man” Karan looked at her with tears in his eyes. “Enough Karan I don’t want to listen anything” she looked away. “You have to listen Ragzee. Today you have to listen to me. You never asked me about my dad and I have never told you also. Don’t you want to know?” he looked at her painfully. She looked at him confused.

“My mom was a victim of child abuse” Karan closed his eyes painfully and her eyes widened due to shock. “Yes she was raped at the age of 16 and I was the result of it. But she never hated me Ragzee. Though I reminded her of that fateful incident always she never ever let me feel it. She stood by me when I suffered due to this revelation and I have seen my mom suffering. And facing everything with courage. She is a famous psychiatrist you know why because she never gave up to that situation. Because she has to give me a good life. That’s mom Ragzee. I know your mom did wrong that time. But believe me she was helpless and you don’t know one more thing. Your Bua was pregnant that time and she pleaded your mom.”

“Karan” Janaki stopped him. “No aunty she has to know today. And she has to understand your pain also” Karan looked at Janaki. “The pain a mom goes through nobody can understand Ragzee. Haa unless you yourself become a mom you will not understand. But remember one thing in this world nobody can love you the way your mom loves you; nobody. I understand your anger towards her but she is a human being and mistakes happen that doesn’t mean you punish a person beyond the limit of punishment. You can’t even imagine how it feels when your only kid ignores you for so many years. You know what soothes a lady the most; the word maa. Do you even realize how much she is craving to hear that word from your voice. She couldn’t be with you in your happiness and she couldn’t be there in your sorrows. The very purpose by which a mom lives is to stand beside her kid in such situations but she couldn’t even caress your hair when you were scared. You know what it feels like? More than this it is your decision” Karan looked at her.

Ragini was staring blank. One one word of Karan pierced her heart like a sharp arrow. First time in her life she couldn’t justify her anger towards Janaki. She gazed at Janaki who was sobbing. She remembered her childhood how Janaki used to rush to her whenever she fell and how she used to teach her and how they used to enjoy together and torture Raghuvendra. “Princess” Raghuvendra caressed Ragini’s hair. “The way you need your mom. She also needs you bacha” He looked at her teary eyed. Ragini looked at him with tears in her eyes. He nodded his head understanding her confusions.

Mai kabhi batlata nahi Par andhere se darta hu mai maa
Yun tho mai dikhlata nahi Teri parwah karta hu mai maa
Tujhe sab hai patha hai na maa Tujhe sab hai patha meri maa

“Maa” Ragini’s voice sucked Janaki’s breath for a second. It felt like the moment when Ragini started speaking. She stared blank not able to believe her ears. She looked back at Ragini. Ragini burst out into a bitter cry and approached Janaki and hugged her placing her head in Janaki’s bosom. Janaki felt her world spinning. She wasn’t able to believe it that finally her vanvas was over. Her kid finally forgave her. She couldn’t explain her happiness.

It felt like the moment when she held Ragini in her hands the time she was born. “I’m sorry mumma. I’m sorry” she burst out crying. “I’m sorry bacha. I’m really sorry. I did wrong with you. I’m sorry” Janaki sobbed. “Shh now forget whatever happened” Raghuvendra covered both of them in his embrace. His family was finally complete. He smiled through his tears kissing their hair. He looked at Karan and thanked him. He smiled with his eyes glassy.

Lakh and Akshat smiled looking at Ragini. “Now I will get back my Ragu. How much ever I thank Karan for this it isn’t enough. Bechara what and all he has gone through but spreads positive energy everywhere. No wonder everyone gets attracted to him” Laksh smiled looking at Karan. “Barfi” Ragini pouted standing in front of Karan. “Why are you so sweet?” asked she with tearful eyes.

He hugged her and patted her head. “Because my Ragzee calls me Barfi and I should suit that name na?” he teased her. She smiled controlling her tears. “You know you are the best barfi. Though being with that neem ka phal(neem fruit) you are so sweet” everyone smiled at her remark. Laksh who was smiling looked at her. “Oye Neem ka phal kisko boli” he chased her all over the hall. All smiled looking at them.

“Thank you Karan” Shekar placed his hand on Karan’s shoulder. “Mention not uncle. She is my friend and I can do at least this much for her” he smiled looking at Ragini. Her smile was reaching her eyes and he did not wanted anything other than that. Now only thing pending was punishing that moron. And once they work on their plan surely he will be trapped. He never hated a person in his life the way he hated Vishambar for the pain Ragini had to go through because of him.


“Dadda” a girl hugged Vishambar from back outside the airport. He smiled holding her hand and turned to find his life his soul; his daughter Neha (played by Asha Negi). She hugged him in a bone crushing hug. Nikhil(Raquesh Vashist) looked at Vishambar and just walked passing him and sat inside the car.

“How could you do such cheap thing Vishambar” Janaki held his collar and dragged him back and forth with anger clearly visible in her eyes. “Bhabi please Bhabi I beg you forgive him. See I don’t have anyone other than him and my kids will suffer due to him. I know he did crime but for my sake bhabi leave him. I swear our shadow also will not fall on your family Bhabi I promise” Simran pleaded Janaki placing her hand on her stomach. Janaki gave a disgusting look to Vishambar and stormed out of their house.

“Ragu… Ragu….” Nikhil peeped inside Ragini’s room. “Mumma mumma” Ragini started screaming hearing him. He looked at her shivering figure helplessly. Janaki rushed inside the room. “Ragu bacha what happened?” she hugged Ragini. “Wo wo” she pointed at the window grill from where Nikhil was peeping inside. “Nikhil what are you doing here?” Janaki stood in front of the window. “Maami. I just came to see Ragu” he looked at Janaki scared. “See Nikhil I know you are mature enough to understand what has happened. Please leave from here. She is hell scared of everyone. I beg you” Janaki pleaded him. He looked at Ragini helplessly and walked to his home.

“Anyone will forgive you Mr. Vishambar Kapoor I will never forgive you for the sin you committed and put my baby sister in that situation” Nikhil thought sitting looking at Vishambar through the mirror who was laughing with Neha. He moved his eyes outside not interested to see his so called father’s face.


“Dadda even I wanna come with you to office with you tomorrow” Neha squealed looking at Vishambar when they were having dinner. “Of course my bacha. Dadda will take her to his office” he pulled Neha’s cheek. “You are the best dad in the world” Neha snaked her hands across his neck and drooled happy touching his cheek. Nikhil wiped his hands and stood up to walk to his room. “Nikhil you also be ready” Vishambar looked at him. Nikhil turned to reply him but stopped when he saw Simran signing him Neha is there. He nodded his head and walked to his room.


Ragini heard a whistle sound when she was tying her hair and was preparing to go to bed. “What’s that?” she stopped. She heard the whistle again and turned in the direction the voice came from. “HK” she opened her mouth shocked when she found Laksh at her window. He winked at her. She huffed and walked to him. “What the hell are you doing here?” she glared him. “Just came to spend some window time with my Princess” he whispered leaning to her ear. His hot breath on her jawline sent shiver down her spine. She closed her eyes loosing herself in the moment. She came to reality jerking and tucked her hair strand behind her ear. He bit his cheeks inside looking at her.

“Get lost” she pushed him bit and turned smiling. He screamed and acted like falling ans stood hiding behind the window. She panicked and peeped out of the window and looked down worried. “Lucky Lucky” she cried but did not find. She was about to run but Laksh came out of his hideout and held her wrist. She stopped shocked and looked back. She felt her life was back in her body. She turned and hugged him immediately.

“Are you insane Laksh. Don’t you dare to play such pranks on me ever” she hit his chest playfully. He smiled caressing her hair. “On one condition” he looked down at her. She dragged herself out of the hug and looked at him confused. “A date?” he forwarded his hand. “At this time?” she asked him confused. “You trust me?” he looked into her eyes and she nodded her head lost in his hazel eyes and placed her palm on his palm. He helped her to come out from the window and they both sat on the small ledge below the window and dropped their legs down and sat enjoying the cool breeze.

“This is so cool” Ragini enjoyed the breeze which touched her face. Laksh smiled looking at her. He tucked the hair strand which was disturbing her face. Ragini shivered and looked at him. And they both were lost in their beautiful moment. The moment which was all their souls wanted.

“Chocolate” Laksh forwarded a chocolate and Ragini came out of her trance and smiled at him. She took the chocolate and started eating it. Laksh was looking at her and smiling when she was enjoying the chocolate like a small kid.

A bit of chocolate was near her lip. Laksh signed her to wipe it but she looked at him confused. He leaned to her and wiped it and she was lost in admiring him. His touch felt new today and she was not aware why. Her heart was fluttering in joy.

Love love love love. *wink

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