“Princess” Laksh walked upto Ragini who was standing blank and Vishambar’s gaze moved to Laksh. “Sorry sir” he held Ragini’s wrist and ran from there without giving time to think to anyone. They reached his car and Ragini was still lifeless. She was not able to pour her emotions out. “hah” she jerked and shivered suddenly coming out of her trance and a tear tripped her eye. Karan who saw her was about to approach her but Laksh held her head and dragged her into a hug. She was not able to cry she was not able to breath so much suffocated she felt for the first time in her life.

His evil face near to her face was appearing in her vision. She snuffled and held Laksh tightly. “Lucky… Lucky he… he is very bad uncle he is very very bad” she cried like a small kid. Laksh closed his eyes painfully letting tears drop down his eyes. Karan looked at Ragini and he was broken within to look at Ragini and Laksh that way. But a small smile appeared on his face when he realized the fact – How much ever he tried he couldn’t for that case nobody could take the place of Laksh in Ragini’s life.

He stopped his hand which he moved up to console Ragini and when he realized she was not in a need of it reluctantly dragged it back. Attraction may be powerful and quick compared to love but nothing can defeat love. The way love can survive all the consequences no emotion can survive. Now he was clear Ragini loved and will always love Laksh only.

“Shhh Ragu” he patted Ragini’s head. “He is very bad Lucky” she hiccuped when he cupped her face. He wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. “I know Ragu, I know. But don’t you want to fight him back?” Ragini looked at him shocked and he nodded his tearful face biting his lower lip. “But” she whispered. “You will fight him. And it’s your Lucky’s promise you will win it. He deserves the punishment and my Ragu will punish him” Ragini was not able to decide.

“My Ragu is strongest who survived this all these years and stayed strong. Now it is time to pay back and my Ragzee is not coward and she will not back off” his words filled her heart with the courage. “You know everything?” she widened her eyes and he nodded his head. “You wont hate me na?” she asked like a small kid. “I will stop breathing the next moment” Ragini hugged him in a bone crushing hug. “My Ragu will fight right” Ragini nodded her head in his hold. Akshat was looking at them confused. But he thought to confront Laksh later as Ragini needed him more for the time being.


“What?” Akshat got up from his chair. They were sitting on the terrace of Maheshwari Mansion. “No Laksh not again. Do you even realize how much mental torture she has to go through for this” Akshat side hugged Ragini. “I know Popu” Laksh tried cooling him. “I’m with Popu in this” Karan’s words made Laksh squeeze his fist. “But I’m with Lucky” Ragini spoke determined. “Are you out of your mind Ragzee.” Akshat held her shoulders. She closed her eyes painfully. She never wanted to say it but her best friend needed to know why she was agreeing with Laksh. “You know Popu though I was saved that day I….” she closed her eyes.

Laksh held her hand for support. “I couldn’t get myself out of that disgusting feeling that he was so near to my body” she pressed her lips with pain. Akshat looked away as he couldn’t face her. “And I can’t forgive myself for letting him go” “You weren’t at fault. Now why do you want to go through all that all over again” Akshat pleaded her. “To punish him for his deeds. He has to learn that he just cannot escape his crimes” Laksh placed his hand on Akshat’s shoulder.

“Ragzee” Karan held Ragini’s face and turned to face him. “You really want to do this?” his concern was clearly visible in his eyes. She nodded her head. He hugged her and patted her head. “Then I’m in this” he looked at Laksh who was fuming. He smiled weakly looking at him. “Okay fine. I’m in this but if he crosses his limit this time for sure he is gonna die in my hands. And this time I will crush his head beneath a big stone” Ragini smiled at Akshat’s statement and hugged him and he caressed her hair and looked at Laksh concerned. He blinked his eyes signing everything will be fine.

“Laksh” Karan stopped Laksh who turned to him uninterested. “I know you are angry with me. But trust me I don’t want to come in between you both” Laksh looked at him confused. “You and Ragini” his heart pained to say it. But he had to do it for Ragini’s happiness which was with Laksh. He can just be her friend nothing more than that. Laksh looked at him shocked. He smiled and nodded his head.

“I’m just her friend Laksh nothing else. And I won’t even want to be anything more than that” he gave a wide smile hiding his pain and started walking from there. “Karan” Laksh’s voice stopped him. He turned and looked at Laksh. He walked to Karan and hugged him. “I’m sorry yar” he sobbed. Karan smiled. “That’s okay Laksh. I’m fine” Karan dragged him out of the hug. “Oh now what I should give you invitation get back to normal?” Karan looked at him confused. “Abbey Barfi why are you calling me Laksh not Lucky ha? Dose du kya Ragzee ka” asked he and started tickling Karan. “No no Laksh stop it” Karan tried saving himself.

“Sher Khan Hi” Khan closed his eyes annoyed when he heard Ragini’s voice. “Spare me” he folded his hands. “How can this Mowgli spare Sher Khan that too when you are not my department head anymore” Ragini snaked her hands across Khan’s neck and drooled happy. “Yeh kabhi nai sudhregi” Akshat nodded his head in disbelief.

“So you think Kaaku this is gonna work?” Ragini looked at him nervous. He smiled at her. “This will definitely work. Once we trap him we can file a case and charge him with all the previous cases” Khan looked at all four of them. “Previous cases but how will Ragzee’s case can be charged now?” asked Akshat confused. “Can be. Because there is a provision in Indian Penal Code for it as child abuse is very sensitive issue and there are chances that it will come to light after years sometimes due to the victims mental condition” Karan spoke. Ragini was staring blank. She wasn’t sure will she be able to do that. Karan signed Laksh to look at Ragini.

“Tho Princess” Laksh walked beside Ragini. “Again you started HK. I told you don’t you call me that again” Ragini huffed angry. “Awww my princess is looking so cute” he held her chin and shook her face. Ragini smirked looking at him and elbowed him in his stomach. Akshat and Karan burst out laughing looking at Laksh who was holding his stomach.

“Tujhe mere pet se problem kya hai(What is your problem with my stomach)” Laksh winced in pain. “Awwww got hurt. Chey. But what to do your stomach deserves my elbow” she smiled bending her head. For a second she looked like his Ragu. Laksh smiled looking at her with happiness. A glimpse of his old Ragu was enough for him to cross any ocean and climb any mountain.

“Oye” she waved her hand in front of his face and Laksh came out of his dream world. “Where are you lost?” she looked at him confused. “Wanna get lose myself in you” he said dreamily. Ragini blushed but controlled her facial expressions. “Now he will get a kick for sure” Akshat looked at them and Karan gave him high five laughing. Ragini kicked Laksh on his back and he ran across and she kept chasing him.


“Simran” Vishambar entered his home. She walked and gave him his tea when he was loosening his tie. “How many days you will be like this Simmi. Please in two days Nikhil and Neha are coming to India and don’t keep this attitude at least in front of them” he placed the tea cup on the table and looked at her.

“Neha was in my womb Mr. Vishambar Kapoor that’s why I did not leave you that day it self. God really gave a best punishment to you. Now you will know what is being a father of a girl child means. That day because of me and only because of my pregnancy Janaki Bhabi forgave you. Otherwise your daughter would have known your real face by now and she would have hated you for trying to molest a small girl. How could you even chi I can’t even tell it from my mouth” she looked away.

“Enough Simi. I have told you it just happened in the fit of moment. Don’t keep blabbering about it all the time” he screamed and walked to his room. “You don’t know about karma Vishambar. And I know you will realize it soon. You can’t escape it wherever you go or how much ever you run. You are surely gonna pay for it. Mark my words.” she smirked looking into his direction.

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