They say sometimes we have to be selfish. But can you be selfish in case of your love. You can’t be. When selfishness surfaces it nowhere remains love. But without trying to win your love still has no meaning. There is a thin line between sacrifice and giving up.
“Oye hoye Sanky bhai you are looking so handsome” said Akshat standing beside Sanskar when he was fixing his sehra. “What do you mean I don’t look handsome otherwise?” he looked at Akshat glaring. “He is mad bhai” Uttara entered the room. “My Sanky bhai is the most handsome guy in the world” she hugged Sanskar. Sanskar smiled looking at her. Akshat glared Uttara when she showed her tongue to him. “Where is Lucky?” Sanskar looked around. “I also did not see him from long time” Uttara’s words made Akshat worry. “I will check” he excused himself from them and headed to search Laksh.

“Here you are” Akshat approached Laksh who was swinging his legs sitting on the edge of the railing. Laksh sat unmoved. “Lucky” Akshat placed his hand on his shoulder. He did not speak. “Your silence scares me dude. For God sake speak something” he shook Laksh. He wiped the tear from corner of his eye. “You know Popu I never understood feelings” he stared the sky and smiled a bit.

“I never wanted to fall in love. For me living for the time being was most important. Now I have dreams. Dreams to spend my life with her. Dreams of my family with her, but” he paused and swallowed saliva to control his emotions. “Now she has dreams in which I don’t have any place” his eyes turned painful.

“Lucky” Akshat’s voice made him close his eyes painfully. “Oh God seriously you are acting like Devdas now. Gosh man. Behave like Lucky not like Popu” said he and chuckled a bit. “Joke for you?” Laksh asked glaring him. “Then what. The most charming Casanova is weeping that he cannot charm a girl” he laughed holding his stomach. Laksh turned and jumped down from the railing. “What’s so funny?” he asked confused. “Gosh I can’t believe I have to train Casanova now” Akshat laughed more. Laksh huffed and folded his hands.

“Lucky” Akshat placed his hand around Laksh’s neck. He jerked Akshat’s hand. “Oh please now don’t behave like a drama queen” he placed his hand back again across his shoulder.

“Whatever Ragzee is still she is a girl” Akshat walked with Laksh who gave him a weird look. “I know it sounds weird but that’s the fact that she is a girl” he placed his other hand on his chest feeling sorry for his statement and got glares from Laksh. “Jokes apart. But the main point is you are a Casanova and I need not teach you to charm a girl isn’t it?” Akshat smiled. “Still I’m not getting what are trying to say?” Laksh scratched his head. “Hey bhagwan kaha phasa diya in do bewkoofo ke beech me(Oh god why did you trapped me between these two idiots)” He looked up praying. “Popu” Laksh pouted.

“Then what should I say?” he got annoyed. “But she loves…” he paused. It pained him every time that thought came in his mind. “She loves Karan”he closed his eyes. “Oh God Luky. She is dumb. At least you behave like you have some brain” Akshat looked at him annoyed.

“She doesn’t love him and I can give you assurance about it. It’s just infatuation which she is not able to differentiate. And she will come out of it soon. Trust me” his eyes spoke the truth and only truth. “Don’t you?” He held his shoulders. “I do” Laksh nodded his head. “So now get back to your shoes Mr. Casanova time to charm Ms. Ragini Rathore” said Akshat dragging Laksh with him.
“So ready Lucky” Akhat whispered when they were standing behind Sanskar. Janaki was twirling the Arti thaal across his face and placed the tilak on his forehead and pulled his nose. Sanskar smiled at her and Raghuvendra guided them inside.

“What should I do?” Laksh squeezed his hands nervous. “Dance” Akshat gave him a casual look. “Okay….. What?” he almost screamed. “Then what? I’m telling you to charm a girl and being a Casanova you are asking me huh” he looked other way. “She is not any girl Popu. She is Ragzee” Laksh narrowed his eyebrows. “Again same thing. But at least you agreed she is a girl. So whatever applies to every girl it applies to her also. Come on my champ you can do this” Akshat patted his chest encouraging him. Laksh beamed with pride then in next second collapsed. “No yaar Popu. I can’t do this” he pouted. Akshat hit his head with his palm. “Not again. Fine do whatever you want to do. Then don’t come and cry on my shoulder when you have to carry her Doli to Karan’s house” Akshat huffed annoyed. Laksh imagined himself carrying a doli inside which Ragini was sitting in a bridal attire and Karan on a horse as a groom. “No” he screamed. Akshat covered his mouth and looked around if anybody watched or heard him. He sighed and dragged his hand back.

“I can’t let it happen but one doubt” Laksh looked at Akshat pouting. “What?” asked Akshat. “Where do you find Doli’s now a days. All use car only for Bidai na?” he scratched his head and looked at Akshat who was giving him glares.

“Wow my Lucky has become so intelligent. Now should I give you an award?” Akshat gave him death glare. Laksh smiled sheepishly. “Tu inna intelligent exam ke time pe kyu nai hota(Why can’t you be so smart during exams)?” Akshat returned him a mocking smile to which he pouted. “Now get to your work” he shooed him off. Laksh took a deep breath confidently and looked in Ragini’s room’s direction and started walking in that direction. Akshat had a winning and proud smile on his face. He saw Uttara walking and held her wrist and dragged her and twisted her hand and pinned it to her back.

“Akshat” she whispered scared and looked around nervous to check if anyone is watching. He twirled her and held her waist and dragged her close to himself. She placed her hands on his chest and looked at him scared. “Akshat please” she narrowed her eyebrows. He leaned closed to her and she closed her eyes feeling shy with his approach. He smiled mischievously and kissed her cheek. She opened her eyes shocked. He walked backward. “That was for calling me mad Mrs Popat” He winked smiling. She blushed lowering her head and hit her forehead with her hand and rushed from there.
“Oh waw now I’m being nervous. Gosh” Laksh squeezed his hands standing outside Ragini’s room. “No no I can’t do this she will eat me raw if I try those tricks on her. But I can try at least. Hell no. She will break my jaw” he held his jaw. “I can’t back off. I have to try” he thought again.

“Where have you reached Barfi?” he heard her voice approaching the door. “Huh barfi. OMG why am I behaving like a girl suddenly” he whispered nervous. He took a deep breath and approached the door and was about to push it but Ragini opened the door and he moved in and both of them collided and fell on the ground. Laksh looked at her and lost himself in her beautiful face. Ragini got annoyed and looked up at Laksh who was staring her.

“Lucky” he did not move. “Laksh” said she a bit loud but no response again. “HK” she screamed and he came back to world and jerked. “Oh sorry I had forgotten your real name” she smiled fake. “Ha?” he looked at her confused. “Get up you dinosaur. So heavy you are” she screamed and realized the situation and got up immediately. “Now should I give you invitation HK” she forwarded her hand. He nodded his head and pulled her up and she landed on his chest and looked at him as his closeness made her shiver a bit.

Laksh neared her cheek and she felt his hot breath on her face and closed her eyes blushing. “You are looking beautiful” he whispered sending a electric current all over her body. She shivered when his bushy jaw touched her cheek. He looked at her cheek which turned crimson. He smirked at her reaction. “Popu was right” he thought in his mind. As he tried leaning close to her Ragini jerked as she heard some noises outside and opened her eyes and found Laksh so near to her. She pushed him a bit and started walking. He held her wrist and dragged her near to him. “Leave me Laksh” his name from her voice seemed so beautiful for the first time. “Haaye” said he placing his other hand on his chest.

She looked at him confused. “What’s wrong with you?” she tried freeing her hand. “My name sounds like it is meant to be on your lips” said he and smiled widely. Her heart skipped a beat and she widened her eyes looking at him. “HK ya I know unless I call you that your food doesn’t digest na?” she asked bending her head and pouting cutely. “Yar Ragu don’t call me that. Call me Laksh na?” he pleaded as he left her hand. The memories re winded as she heard the old name. “Don’t call me that HK” she said rubbing her wrist and not looking at him. “Why?” he whispered near her ears. She felt strange and closed her eyes. He smiled biting his cheeks. She came back to sense. “Don’t you try your Casanova tricks on me” she warned him showing her finger.

He held her finger and dragged her and held her from her waist. “Why? Are you scared?” he neared her face. She failed to answer him and lowered her head. “Scared? Scared of what?” asked she nervous. “Scared you will fall for me” he neared her more. She looked up at him instantly and lost herself in his eyes. “Are you insane?” she tried getting out of his hold. He tightened his grip over her waist and dragged her more close to him.

“Don’t divert the topic now” he said huskily. Ragini swallowed the saliva finding it difficult to answer him. Her phone ringed breaking their eye contact. She pushed him and received the call. “Haa? Haa Barfi. Wait I’m coming” she walked out of her room. “You will fall for me Ms. Ragini Rathore or shall I say Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari” he smiled mischievously and bit his cheeks looking in her direction.
“Searching me?” Laksh whispered in Ragini’s ears jerking her as she was looking around. “In your dreams” said she twisting her lips and walked from there. “True you come in my dreams everyday. I thought you are churail but lately realized that you are a fairy who comes to make my dreams sweet” he said walking behind her. She stopped and gave him a weird look. “Are you alright HK? What’s your problem?” she got annoyed with his behavior.

“My problem is you Ragu” she closed her eyes frustrated. “I said don’t call me that” she repeated. “Ragzee” she calmed down as she heard Karan’s voice and Laksh closed his fist in anger. “Barfi” she screeched approaching him. She gave him a side hug and walked with him. Laksh fumed looking at them. As Sanskar and Swara were taking pheres across the holy fire everyone showered flowers on them. Ragini was standing with Karan. But her full concentration was on searching Laksh. She looked around and finally found him in crowd.

For her astonishment he was smiling staring at her. As their eyes met he winked at her and she bowed her head nervous and tried controlling her heart beat. “What happened?” Karan looked at her confused. She smiled at him weakly and continued showering the flower, he nodded his head smiling at her.

“Gosh what is wrong with him. Why is behaving so weird?” Ragini turned her sides on her bed not able to sleep. “No Ragzee you cannot no you should not even think about that Casanova. He must be experimenting on me his cheesy lines but no Ragzee will not fall for it” she thought and closed her eyes tight and tried sleeping. But sleep was far very far.

“You already have fallen for him” her heart spoke which she ignored.
So hows it guys. I hope I’m justifying the story I don’t know I hate sacrifices without trying. Hope you will like this shade of Laksh.

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