Why you cared for me? Part-7 Swasan Special

Swasan Room
Swara wipe her tear in order to hide it for Sanskar. He noticed the same. He goes toward couch and sits there. He looks to Swara, tears are falling from her eyes….she is trying hard to hold them but unable. She wipe and again cry…wipe and again.
Sanskaar smile and thought how stupid she is…? He knows how to compose her?
He stands from there and goes near to Swara and sits next to her….take her hand in his. She feels awkward but doesn’t said anything only because she trust him.
Sanskar: Swara….I know you want to cry…whats stopping you….I’ll not stop you today…you can cry as much as you can….I can feel your pain.
Swara (very innocently): But you promised to maa….that you always make me happy…if I cry then your promise get broken na…
Sanskar: you cared that much about my promise….
Swara nods in yes.
Sanskar: but Why?
Swara: Because you are my best friend.
Sanskar feel relieved after hearing her answer. He is happy for his progress from a friend to best friend. He feels like now he can win over her heart and make her fall in love with him one day.
Swara raised her eyebrows to ask what happened. Sanskar nods in no.
Swara: then why u staring me?
Sanskar: Can’t I.
Swara: No…but I mean..
Sanskar cuts her talk in between and said, “ Means I can…”
Swara just keep her face to other side. There is complete silence for 2 min.
Swara turns to Sanskar and said to him, “Sanskar I have not completely moved on from Lakshay’s concept. But I want to give a chance to our marriage. I know we are together because of Ragini. Till now I have pursued this relation always for others but this time I want to for us.
Sanskar is super happy to heard it, the smile of his face easily reflects it.
Swara(hesitantly adds): But Sanskar I need some time.
Sanskar: Its ohk Swara. You can take as much time as you want. I’ll never enforce this relation over you. I promised earlier also. If after sometime you want to go…you can I’ll never stop you.
They both lost in each other eyes. Song in bg plays “teri saason ki saans mein jo hu to mai hun tere khaboo ki aanch mein jo hu to mai hun tere hone se hi mera hona hai tujhko khona jese khud ko khona…tu jo hai to mai hu”
Sanskar look away. Swara feels a little shy and awkward moment.
Sanskar: It’s quite late. Let’s get sleep.
Swara hums in yes.
Sanskar is going towards his couch.
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar turns to face her.
Swara: where are you going?
Sanskar: to sleep
Swara: but where
Sanskar: on my bed….couch
Swara: you can sleep on bed.
Sanskar: it’s ohk Swara. I’ll manage on couch. You will face back problem on couch.
Swara: no Sanskar.
Sanskar cuts her talk again and replied, “yes Swara. I’ll manage. You sleep here on bed and its order of your best friend”
Sanskar start moving towards couch and sit there.
Swara: But, Sanskar…
Sanskar: But what Swara..
Swara(with an irritated expression): would you let me complete my sentence.
Sanskar: ohk. Say..
Swara (hesitantly): I want to say that…..that
Swara look towards Sanskar….he is sitting like a cute baby…with wide open eyes and a finger on his lips.
Sanskar: look now I havn’t said anything. You yourselves stop.
Swara hums.
Sanskar: Say now..
Swara: nothing
Sanskar: What “nothing”?
Swara hums again.
Sanskar: A moment before you are shouting over me for not letting you complete your sentence and now “NOTHING”
Swara: yes sanskar. Nothing. Now Plz sleep.
Sanskar: this is not fair…. Swara.
Swara: Everything is fair in love and War.
Sanskar: What’s this? Love or War.
Swara has no answer for this question. She got nervous and starts looking here there.
Sanskar: hold it hold it hold it…
He goes near to Swara. Hold her face from chin. Swara avoids eye contact.
Sanskar: Someone is blushing….
She hits him in his tummy and yells Sanskaaaaar….
Sanskar makes a painful sound.
Swara: sorry sorry. Is it hurt you?
She put her hand on his hand with which he holds his tummy.
Sanskar: no……But why you cared for me?
Swara nervously looks away and goes to bed to sleep. She lies down. Sanskar still staring her. He tells himself. I think she also starts liking me. He is happy with this like thought.
Swara: Good Night Sanskar.
Swara’s voice break Sanskar’s thought. He replied “Good Night Swara” and goes to couch too sleep.

Raglak Room
Lakshay return to home in extreme drunk state. He just smashed on his bedroom door which broke Ragini’s sleep. She is crying for her mistakes and she don’t know when she sleeps. Her eyes are swollen which tells that she cried a lot. Seeing Lakshay in that state. She yells Lakshay and goes to door to help him come inside.
Lakshay is not in state that he can understand where he is and who is holding him. Ragini helps him come inside and make him lie down on bed. Lakshay falls sleep as sson as he fall on bed.
Ragini removes his shoes-socks and his coat. She puts blanket over him.
She gently moves her hand on his forehead and hairs and says sorry Lakshay. I am responsible for this state of yours. I’ll never be able to forgive myself for this. The person I loved…I hurt him the most. I know you will never accept me and this is the biggest punishment for me for my sins. She turns and goes to couch to sleep.
Precap: Sanskar holding Swara in his arms and both lost in each other eyes. Lakshay bandaging Ragini.

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