Why you cared for me? Part-6

Recap: Sanskaar calls Swara as Swara Sanskaar Masheshwari.
Part 6
Sanskaar hold Swara’s hand softly and ask, “ R u ohk..Swara?”
Swara nods and said yes…she gave a look to Lakshay and feels bad for him. She knows that his anger is right at this moment but reaction is wrong.
Lakshay feels like he lost because of himself. He turns and strikes with table and about to fall when Ragini runs to support him on time.
DP shouts Lakshay….
I am ohk papa…Lakshay replied…..and shook Ragini’s hand, “I don’t need your help”.
Everyone is now tensed for Lakshay. Lakshay is going outside when Anapurnna ask where are you going my Son? Lakshay replied, “I don’t know maa. I need some time. I want to remain alone.” And he goes away from Maheshwari Mansion in his car.
Shekhar also ask DP that they should leave for Badi…Sarmistha bless her both daughter and follow Shekhar. Dadi blessed Swara and asked her to behave like a bahu… Ragini calls Dadi. Dadi turns her face and ask Swara to say Ragini that she is no more her dadi now and leave the house behind her son and her Dil (Daughter-in-law).
Anapurnna ask Sanskaar to take Swara to his room and tells others to go to their respective room and rest.
Anapurnna says to DP. I am very concerned about Lakshay. Sanskaar is also like son to me and I am happy that Swara and Sanskaar are together but Ragini and Lakshay…I am doubtful.
DP: we can’t do anything now? I know….after knowing what Ragini did…its difficult for the family to accept her back. But its Lakshay’s decision and we can’t ask Ragini to go and yes it also increases your responsibility too. You have to take care that no one will say anything to Ragini. It’s our son decision to keep her in house so she is our dil in any condition. So maintain the coordination in house.
Anapurnna: yes. I’ll take care of the matter. But it is very hard to forgive Ragini.
Sujata is walking left to right in her room. Her husband notices this and asks what happened now.
Sujata: I know it very well that this Ragini will do something. Look finally that bangalan is now my bahu…
Ram: now what happened? You seem happy outside by this marriage and now…
Sujata: that…..I said so because I am afraid of ur bhai-sa (DP) I will never accept Swara as my bahu…I do anything to keep swasan away and to broke this marriage.
Ram: Have you gone mad…?
Sujata: u’ll not understand my pain……u just sleep…
Ram: only God can understand this lady.
P: I am so shocked…I have never expected anything like this from Ragini.
A: yes, it is really shocking.
P: but I feel, in all this Lakshay is the only person who losses maximum….may God give him some strength in overcoming from this situation.
Parineeta is so lost in her talks that for a time she forgot she is angry from Adarsh. She goes to him and hugs him. Even Adarsh tries to compose her.
A: I am sorry Parineeta.
P: Adarsh ji I trying to forget those things.
Ragini is crying vigorously. She is just repenting her own mistakes. Now she is very concerned for Swara.
She is in deep thought about how the things will go now. She then decided that how much hatred she has to face, she will bear it but will not let it affect Swara’s relation. Her sister has already done lot for her, so now it’s her turn to do something for her.
Lakshay away from his house, on an isolated place. He is trying to compose himself. He cries. He feels like today he finally lost his Swara. His first love will remain incomplete now. From there he goes to a pub and drinks there.
Sanskar bring Swara in there room and make her sit on bed. He pours water in a glass and offers Swara. She drinks water and a tear rolled down from her eye. Sanskar noticed that but he don’t ask to stop crying. He knows that for composing Swara…it is necessary that she cry out…to bring out the pain inside her.

Sorry for not completing Swasan moment today. i post next part by evening which carry only Swasan momment and a new twist.

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