Why you cared for me? Part-5


Recap: Lakshay put a condition in front of Swara for accepting Ragini.

Lakshay: ohk! Swara…I will accept your sister. But I have a condition. Will you fulfill it?
Swara: What condition?
Lakshay: Marriage is not a joke. Right.
Swara nods in yes.
Lakshay: Even you and Sanskaar is also married. Can you accept this relation?
Swara: Lakshay….
Sanskaar look towards Lakshay with wide open eyes. He is not able to believe his ears for a moment. He is not expecting that Lakshay demand something like this. He is happy with a thought that Swara and his name are taken together but he knows that Swara will going to say no for this.
Everyone is shocked but deep inside, the whole Maheshwari and Gadodia family wants that Swara will say yes for it (Except Suajata, who don’t want to make a bengalan girl her bahu). But no one wants to enforce her with their thoughts. So, they all thought of not saying anything to her.
Lakshay to himself, “I know Swara will never going to say yes for this relation. She still loves me. Now she has to accept this. She can’t go to Bhai. She doesn’t love him nor bhai do to Swara.”
Lakshay: Say Swara…. Will you keep this relation?
Swara is not able to say a single word. She is literally shivering. She is short of words. She has nothing to say.
Swara look towards Lakshay and thinks, “Lakshay, why you are doing this to me? You know I can’t go in that relation. I don’t love you but I can’t cheat Sanskaar. By heart is so broken that it can’t love anyone again.”
Swara wipe her tears and look towards Sanskaar. She keep gazing Sanskaar without a blink for next few minutes like she is asking him what will I do?
Ragini sense her sister’s condition. She goes to Swara and said, “Swara, please say no. you have already done a lot for me. You forgave me thats enough for me. I don’t want Lakshay. I don’t want you go to an unwanted relation. I made a mistake of asking you to marry Sanskaar which you don’t wished I know. Now I enforcing this relation over you is wrong and that too for me is completely wrong.”
Sanskaar easily understands what Swara is thinking at this moment. He moves toward her. Hold her from her shoulder and make an eye contact. They talk with their eyes.
Everyone look towards them and feel like this is a perfect couple. Lakshay feels a little jealous.
SANSKAAR: Swara I’ll be with you, whatever decision you take.
SWARA: But Sanskaar….I don’t want Lakshay-Ragini separation.
SANSKAAR: U have to understand it, this is not our hand …..Swara. Its God who decides who have to stay together who don’t. what’s the guarantee that after saying yes today…Lakshay will accept Ragini.
SWARA: But, he said so.
SANSKAAR: If Lucky doesn’t want this relation, he will find new issue with Ragini tomorrow and ask for divorce. What u will do then?
SWARA: What’s your call for now?
SANSKAAR: Swara you are my best friend, I’ll be with you whatever the situation is. But I don’t want to drag you in this unwanted relation. Say, NO
SWARA: But, you love me.
SANSKAAR: Love doesn’t mean of getting Swara. For me it means let the person be free if they r your, they come back and if they don’t came back then believe me they aren’t yours.
SWARA: But, Sanskaar…I want to say, YES.
SANSKAAR: Ohk Swara…go ahead I am with you. And yes I’ll promise you one thing I will never force you for this relation you will always be my friend.
Swara is happy after knowing that Sanskaar cares for her.
Swara firmly turn towards Lakshay and said to him, “YES, I am agreed to your condition.”
Lakshay just got blanked after listening Swara. He has never expected a yes from Swara even in worst of his dreams. By this time he believes that Swara still loves him and will come back to him once this Ragini episode is over. But Swara’s, Yes just turns the table upside down.
Everyone in family loves Swara’s decision and they happy for Swasan union. Ragini feels more guilty that now her sister will be in a forced relation because of her. She came to hug Swara and feels Sorry. But Swara says don’t keep a guilt of this.i don’t said yes because of you. I genuinely wants to give my and Sanskaar relation a chance. But promise me Ragini you will work hard to gain everyone’s confidence again.
Ragini nods head in agreement.
Sanskaar hold Swara’s hand and ask her to take elder’s blessings.
Swasan goes to take blessings. Everyone bless them for a good life ahead.
Swasan take blessing of Sarmistha.
Sarmistha: God bless both of you. Hope you’ll have a nice peaceful life ahead. Shona, I am really very happy with your decision. I also want you give one chance to your marriage. Sanskaar is really a good guy. He will keep you happy.
Sanskaar: yes mom, I’ll promise you that I’ll always take care of your daughter.
Swasan came to Sujata to take her blessings.
Swara: sorry mom, I said yes. I know you don’t want this relation.
Sujata: no Swara, I am happy. Earlier I don’t like you. But now after looking this big smile on Sanskaar face, I am ready to accept you as my daughter-in-law.
Sanskaar: Thank you, Mom.
Lakshay is still in shock. He is repenting on his own mistake. He made to mistakes in his huff. Earlier in this anger and huff he married to Ragini when Swara goes missing and now again in same huff he asked Swara to continue her relation with Sanskaar. He feels like there is nothing left in his life.
Lakshay goes to Sanskaar and ask that means you said truth that day…you love Swara.
Sanskaar: Lucky, Please listen to me.
Lak: no Sanskaar…. No. you too cheat me…you too took my love away from me.
Sanskaar: But Lakshay…
Lakshay: u r loser…u snatch my love. If you r my bro…say for this relation.
Sanskaar: Sorry Lakshay…I can’t
Lakshay push Sanskaar in anger. Sanskaar get imbalanced and about to fall, but Swara catch him on time…hold his hand and save Sanskaar from falling.
Swara shouts (almost roared)…Lakshayyyyy…
Lakshay holds Swara from her shoulder and pleads her for saying no.
Lakshay: Please Swara…don’t take this decision…plz don’t. I’ll die…if you leave me.
Swara: please Lakshay leave me.
Lakshay tightened his grip over her shoulders and said (just like an order), “Swara, you can’t go away from me…you know I love you.”
Swara: Lakshay, you are hurting me…please leave me.
Everyone in the house asked Lakshay to leave Swara. But he is not listening to Swara.
Swara is in pain…and shouts…aaaaa…Lakshay…
Sanskaar lost his mind when he see Swara in pain…he hold Lakshay’s hand and remove it from Swara’s shoulder and give a tight slap to Lakshay.
Sanskaar: Lakshay,…Don’t you dare to touch her again. Can’t you see her pain? Which kind of love you are talking about? Love doesn’t mean of hurt anyone.
Lakshay: who are you to ask me for not talking to Swara.
Sanskaar: I am her husband and she is SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI…now please make it clear in your mind.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak in their respective rooms.

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Credit to: Priyanka

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