Only those who care about u can hear u when ur quiet (OS on ShraMan)


Hi all,
I’m Bharti this is the first time I’m posting something on shraman hope it’s good
Let’s start…
The story starts with a girl(Suman) taking blessings from her mom(Priya)
Priya : Beta hope u get a job in ur favourite company
Preeti : Haan tu kabse is interview ke liye tadap rahi hai(Yes from when u’re dying to do this interview)
Suman : Yeh baat toh sahi hai(Yes ur right)
Suman leaves for the company
Suman : My dream Nirmala textiles
She enters the company and enters Shravan’s cabin
Tina : Ma’am where r u going
Suman : Today is my interview with Mr. Shravan Malhotra
Tina : Ok u may enter

In Shravan’s cabin
Shravan : Hmmm………U have very good qualifications Ms. Tiwari
Suman : Thank u sir
Shravan : So u’ll get the job of junior designer
Suman : Thanks u sir
Shravan : U can leave now and for work tomorrow
She runs to home in happiness
Suman : Ma ma ma
Priya : Kya hua(What happened)
Suman : Ma I got the job
Priya : Wah beta tujhe toh job milna tha akhir beti kiski hai(Wow dear u had to get a job after all whose daughter u are)
Preeti : Ma yeh puchiye behn kiski hai(mom ask her whose sister is she)
They all laugh. Next day Shravan calls Suman
Shravan : Ms. Tiwari I need u to get a driver for me and it’s an order
Suman : But sir
Shravan cuts the phone
Suman : Duffer…… from where do I get a driver……..Idea!!
Suman reaches Shravan’s house
Shravan : Where is the driver
Suman : First sit
Suman sit’s in the drivers seat
Shravan : Y r u sitting here
Suman : Because I will drive a car and I won’t get any driver in such a short notice
Shravan : Ok but drive slowly
Suman starts after driving for
sometime she stops
Shravan : Y did u stop
Suman : I’m getting sleep and want tea, or I will make an accident
Shravan : Fine
She gets down but forgets to apply hand break while drinking tea she sees the car moving backwards and gets shocked and Shravan sees her puzzled then a noise comes and everybody turns towards the noise and Shravan and Suman see the car fallen in the jungle down the mountains
Shravan : U didn’t apply hand breaks
Suman : I know how to park a car but maybe forgot to apply hand breaks
Shravan : Shayad shayad abhi bhi shauck hai ki shayad hand breaks lagana bhul gayi(Maybe maybe now also u have a doubt that u forgot to apply the hand breaks)
Suman : Sorry
Shravan : By saying sorry the car will come back. Now call somebody from office for help
Suman : I can’t because the mobile is in the car
Shravan gets angry
Shravan : Now come we’ll go in the jungle and find the car
After 2-3 hours they find the car and it fixed. Shravan reaches home very late
Pushkar : Bhai so late what happened
Shravan tells what happened
Pushkar : Bhai u dropped her home
Shravan : Ya why
Pushkar : Because u normally don’t do that
Shravan holds his ears
Shravan : Bhai ko tana mar raha hai(Taunting ur brother)
Nirmala comes

Nirmala : Beta u came but why so late
Shravan : Nothing there was a lot of work
Nirmala : Ok go take rest
Priya : Beta why so late
Suman : Ma woh mera boss hai na ek number duffer hai(Ma my boss is one numbers duffer person)
Priya : What happened
Suman tells what happened
Priya : Oh the car is fine know
Suman : Yes
Few weeks pass Shravan gets a big deal
Mr. Gujral : Shravan
Shravan : Oh welcome Mr. Gujral. Um…….the deal……..
Mr. Gujral : Yes it will happen but one condition
Shravan : What
Mr. Gujral : Ur small brother Pushkar has to marry my daughter
Shravan comes in tension
Mr. Gujral : R u alright Shravan
Shravan : No I’m fine……..we’ll finalize the deal after one week
Mr. Gujral leaves
Shravan : Pushkar come here..
Pushkar : What happened bhai
Shravan : U have to marry Mr. Gujral’s daughter
Pushkar : Bhai how can u say that u know I love Suman
Shravan : But she loves me
Pushkar : No I know she only loves me
He screams and leaves
Shravan : Ab mujhe hi kuch karna padega(I’ll itself have to do something)
After few days Shravan calls Suman

Suman : Mr. Malhotra u called
Shravan : I love u
Suman : Huh!
Shravan : It’s true and I know u also love me
Suman hugs him and he reciprocates
Suman : I love u too
Few days pass the deal gets signed Shravan goes to Suman
Shravan : I want to tell u something
Suman : Sure go ahead
Shravan : I don’t love u
Suman gets shocked
Shravan : I used u to get a deal
Suman gets even more shocked
Shravan : Only because so Pushkar stays away from u and we get a big deal
Suman gets really angry and slaps him
Suman : How dare u…….How dare u toy with my feeling
Shravan : Wait how can u think I love u
Suman : I don’t know but one thing accept my resignation
Shravan : Suman wait please
But she leaves. Shravan had started feeling for her but did not know and he felt really bad from inside
Shravan : I didn’t know I did such a bad thing
He leaves. Few days later Nirmala knew about the relation between ShraMan but didn’t know about their breakup and she went to Suman’s house for Suman’s hand for Shravan. Next day
Priya : But y……y u don’t want to marry him
Suman : Ma I just don’t
Priya : Beta please for me

Suman : Fine
Everyone got happy. After one week Suman was getting ready
Suman : (thinks)Sab ka yeh sapna hota hai ki ek raja saphed ghode ke upar apni rani ko le jaye. Lekin mera aisa koi sapna nahi tha. Jab Shravan meri zindagi mein aye unhone mujhe pyar karna sikhaya aur phir nafrat karna. Aj meri shaddi us insaan se hai jo mujse pyar nahi karta. Yeh meri kahani hai(Everyone has a dream that their prince will take their princess on a white horse. But I didn’t have any dream like that. When Shravan came in my life he taught me how to love and now he taught me how to hate. Today my wedding is with a person who doesn’t love me. This is my story)
Preeti : Di come down fast pandit ji is calling
Suman : Ok
After an hour
Pandit : Where is the bride
Priya : Preeti u called Suman
Preeti : Ya ma I did wait I’ll check
She goes up and then after sometime she comes down running
Preeti : Ma di kamre mein nahi hai(Ma di is not in the room)
Everyone gets shocked Shravan and Pushkar start finding for her and find her unconscious under a tree and both rush to pick her Shravan picks her and carries her to the hall
Priya : Suman………….Shravan beta kya hua(Shravan beta what happened)
Shravan : I don’t know ma we found her like that
They bought her in conscious and started the wedding. Fast forwarding the wedding. ShraMan room
Shravan : U sleep here I’ll sleep on the couch
Suman : No need u can sleep on ur bed I will be fine on the couch
Shravan : (little angry)I said u sleep here
Suman : (whispers)Rudie
Shravan : What

Suman : Nothing
Few days later Shravan realizes that he can’t stay without Suman he realizes that he loves her and decides to tell her
Suman : Tell Mr. husband what is it
Shravan : I love u
Suman : What joke is this Shravan…….now y u want to use me
Shravan : Please listen to I’m not lying neither am I using u for anything trust me please
Suman : Give me 2 good reasons y
Shravan : I’ll never use u neither will I destroy ur trust……Please listen
Suman : Promise…
Shravan : Yes
Suman hugs him tightly and he reciprocates
Suman : I love u
Shravan : I love u too

Story ends
How was it hope it was fine enough
I’ve posted this in krpkab also so read that if u can
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  1. Hey bharti nice starting & keep writing….

  2. Hey Bharti di!
    Hope you remember me!
    Well, this was fantastic! Loved it!
    Although I liked it on KRPKAB better since that’s my favourite, even this was amazing!
    Do come up with more of these!
    Love ya!??????

  3. Diya

    Wow its so nice !!! Loved it !!

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    Nice keep writing dear it was excellent

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  6. Hey Bharti, it was nice

  7. Ariana

    Hi Bharti, nice knowing u. I’m Ariana (call mu Aru).
    It’s ur 1st shot on edkv or in total? Coz I found it awesssssooooooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee….
    u r amazing!!!
    loved it from the core of my heart
    pls make more shots
    \take care
    loads of love

  8. Rj12

    amazing bharti both the OS were amazing

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