To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 9 (KKB))

Loc:To ArunachalPradesh..a car
A Kurinji flower near Megha’s left ear..Malay thinks”How it is come?I didn’t see it earlier”..
With thinking,Malay turns back n falls on his seat..At a sec,he see a butterfly..on glass
Malay was stunned by seeing tat..The butterfly is like a bubble-gum made one..n itz wings r made by musical rhythmic strings..It waves its wings..
While Malay see it by opening glass lightly..The butterfly comes near n see his eyes..
It is attracted by Malay’s eyes..Malay waves his fingers on it n turned into colorful real one (like black n white keys of a keyboard)..
n made it to go near the flower …
The butterfly sits on flower n goes near Malay’s ear..

Malay hears it n realized tat Mohan came there to see them.Malay takes itz note n draw the past pictures he got while he sees the butterfly first..
At knowing n confirming Mohan is Megha’s Senor,Malay filled with joy ..n sleeps happily…
Loc:Abhi’s house..
Abhi:”If I see him directly,I ‘ll find his future or us..It has the only way…Now we want to add Malay in us..While seeing him,I’ll find our future..”
“Maybe there is another way ,his diary.We,the 3 only decrypt the writing in tiz world”
Loc:Frm AP,a bus
Mohan is taking rest.Till..Apu n others also sleeps..
The butterfly just comes frm Malay n sits on Mohan’s hands..

At seeing,Mohan realized tat Malay is using his powers after long time..At touching Mohan’s hands,it again changing into bubblegum..Mohan takes tat n strts chewing..
Sorry frndzz,Net pack just wait to be ended in 00:00..At 10am only I got new monthly pack..
Tats y didn’t post the full track which is coming frm thoughts…
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq frndzz for reading n post ur cute comments..

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  1. With Malays realisation even I felt joy that finally Malay got to know the truth .. N enjoy bubblegum part too … Waiting for the next episode harshan good going… Take care

  2. Tanq Kathy..

    1. Tanq Siddhi

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