To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 8 (KKB))

“I m the King’s King now..Just watch my game,..”
Pragya:”U r KingKong..Only my …”
Abhi:”Only my…”with his eyes sparking..
Pragya:”Nothing..Only my bhoot”..
Abhi:”Oh..o.oo..I get power now n drink ur blood”
Pragya:”OMG..U r a mad bhoot”..
Abhi turns back n his cornea flows in amor fluid..Jumps a little with out of control..
While jumping,Abhi is going to tense n said”Fatty,Just little mins before,Mohan was here”..
Pragya asked”How?”
Abhi said”He listen our plan invisibly n crctly plays my song while saying he will not..”
Pragya said”Why U take like tiz?I think Mohan wants to see us..Tats y he came..He makes U like tiz,then how he didnt know abt U?”
Abhi said”Not like tat..He is not” n listen the current situati of Mohan..
Loc:frm ArunachalPradesh,a bus..
Till now,Mohan hears his brother Abhi’s songs..n thinks”Aftr I saw Malay,I’ll came to see U..Bt still U didn’t understand me”..
While making the sideportion of the steps in the bus as a seat,Mohan see a girl sleeping near Apu ,who is holding a pen in her hands n a diary…Her diary luks like his diary..It made Mohan to go near her…
Mohan goes near her n see her…Taking her diary’s last page n writes”Ur bhai n bhabhi are Spl gift(s) to U,by God.They makes Ur life beautiful. than now.soon..My wishes to U n Ur Arhaan..,Shafaq..May God bless U”..
Putting her diary back on the same place on her hand,Mohan bless Shafaq by touching her head by his hand..
Abhi listen tiz n said with joy,”Fatty,Mohan bless n give his wishes to one of my cutest fanz,U know already..Shafaq”
Pragya thinks n said” it..Girl U give ur 2nd song’s first a gift n asked U to use tat line..”
Abhi said”ya..fatty..U got tat..we ‘ll go to her marriage”
Pragya:”mm..Think before U say..I m in u while going” n smiles.. Abhi shocked n thinks about tat..
Pragya:”1min..U said Mohan..Mohan..U said U r waiting to fight with him.Then?”
Abhi:”Just telling..not other than that..Go to sleep yaar”…
Loc:To ArunachalP,a car..
Malay suddenly awakes by feeling normal out of pain..
Malay drinks water n see Megha..
Something different..Finally,find in her left side..
A Kurinji Flower as a gift by Mohan before..

Credit to: HarSHaN


  1. Varsha

    Wowow…a kurinji flower…..super man…..also dat scene wher dat dairy na….it was really amazing….loved it yr

  2. Kathy

    Oh harsha… Shafaq part… Unexpected n so touching… Must say ur a wonderful member of this family… ?? enjoyed abhigaya moments a lot… Keep writing… Excited for the next episode …

    • HarSHaN

      I understand..shriti..In 1st Apu,Mohan shot himself n the girl he think she is gud crush..Malay see Mehta..Sorry yaar just used some fusionlike diffwords in ff

  3. HarSHaN

    Actually in 1st,Mohan meets Apu without knowing n Malay meets Meha without knowing..Mohan had a dream tats y he tries to,I didnt write briefly about tat till now..Tats 1st episode,I think U understand,Shriti

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.