To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 8 (KKB))


“I m the King’s King now..Just watch my game,..”
Pragya:”U r KingKong..Only my …”
Abhi:”Only my…”with his eyes sparking..
Pragya:”Nothing..Only my bhoot”..
Abhi:”Oh..o.oo..I get power now n drink ur blood”
Pragya:”OMG..U r a mad bhoot”..
Abhi turns back n his cornea flows in amor fluid..Jumps a little with out of control..
While jumping,Abhi is going to tense n said”Fatty,Just little mins before,Mohan was here”..
Pragya asked”How?”
Abhi said”He listen our plan invisibly n crctly plays my song while saying he will not..”
Pragya said”Why U take like tiz?I think Mohan wants to see us..Tats y he came..He makes U like tiz,then how he didnt know abt U?”
Abhi said”Not like tat..He is not” n listen the current situati of Mohan..
Loc:frm ArunachalPradesh,a bus..
Till now,Mohan hears his brother Abhi’s songs..n thinks”Aftr I saw Malay,I’ll came to see U..Bt still U didn’t understand me”..
While making the sideportion of the steps in the bus as a seat,Mohan see a girl sleeping near Apu ,who is holding a pen in her hands n a diary…Her diary luks like his diary..It made Mohan to go near her…
Mohan goes near her n see her…Taking her diary’s last page n writes”Ur bhai n bhabhi are Spl gift(s) to U,by God.They makes Ur life beautiful. than now.soon..My wishes to U n Ur Arhaan..,Shafaq..May God bless U”..
Putting her diary back on the same place on her hand,Mohan bless Shafaq by touching her head by his hand..
Abhi listen tiz n said with joy,”Fatty,Mohan bless n give his wishes to one of my cutest fanz,U know already..Shafaq”
Pragya thinks n said” it..Girl U give ur 2nd song’s first a gift n asked U to use tat line..”
Abhi said”ya..fatty..U got tat..we ‘ll go to her marriage”
Pragya:”mm..Think before U say..I m in u while going” n smiles.. Abhi shocked n thinks about tat..
Pragya:”1min..U said Mohan..Mohan..U said U r waiting to fight with him.Then?”
Abhi:”Just telling..not other than that..Go to sleep yaar”…
Loc:To ArunachalP,a car..
Malay suddenly awakes by feeling normal out of pain..
Malay drinks water n see Megha..
Something different..Finally,find in her left side..
A Kurinji Flower as a gift by Mohan before..

Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. kurinji flower did u mean “neela kurinji” a unique flower found in kerala

    1. S Linsi..Tats neelakurinji

    2. Tats mostly found in Kerala flowers once every 12yrs,..U r crct,Linsa

    3. S..Tats mostly found in Kerala flowers once every 12yrs,..Linsa

  2. Wowow…a kurinji flower…..super man…..also dat scene wher dat dairy na….it was really amazing….loved it yr

    1. Tanq Varsha.. diary moment spl for our frnd Shafaq..Tanq

  3. Good episode pls continue

    1. Sure ..Tanq Siddhi..

  4. Wow u added shafaq and her fiance

    1. S Shai,while seeing Shafaq’s post,thinking comes to give the next epi as my little gift

      1. she will really like your gift!!!

    2. I think she may..

  5. Oh harsha… Shafaq part… Unexpected n so touching… Must say ur a wonderful member of this family… ?? enjoyed abhigaya moments a lot… Keep writing… Excited for the next episode …

  6. Tanq kathy..I’m happy to say I m one of our family..Tanq

  7. sorry to say I am not understanding anything for first episode

    1. I understand..shriti..In 1st Apu,Mohan shot himself n the girl he think she is gud crush..Malay see Mehta..Sorry yaar just used some fusionlike diffwords in ff

  8. Actually in 1st,Mohan meets Apu without knowing n Malay meets Meha without knowing..Mohan had a dream tats y he tries to,I didnt write briefly about tat till now..Tats 1st episode,I think U understand,Shriti

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