To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 6 (KKB))


“Hey Buddy.Stop it.Hey..Just see me..U imagined me as the Creator..Make me as little romantic for a little time..If U not,I ‘ll make tat..I want my bros to be happy..If I’m they will..In Out of Control,I made a mistake by shooting myself..It makes them worse”..Mohan’s voice only got..
Gsdhjjgk.#$/^%&*(::;? ((..It is better to just travels in Mohan’s path..
Finally,today M meets his W..
Mohan:I m starting to view ur boring story..
Loc:Frm ArunachalPradesh
At listening hearttune of Apu,Mohan realize his caramelo
is in travel with Malay..n also Apu is Malay’s Vishkanya..
Mohan closed his eyes in his invisible n turns into wind..

Loc:To AP frm Thar
Mohan put his earphones n sitting cool in the top of the car,in which Malay n Megha travel..
Thinking”Is this right to see her?”with playing”தள்ளி போகாதே(Thalli pogathey)(AYM)”..
Mohan thinks “Which gift is gud to present her?”
Finally decides n get tat best..
Just in a half falling invisible,Mohan see his Snow..

Mohan changes his music-MSV,RDBurman,Elvis,MJ,Raja,AR,Arijit,Himesh,Akon,YYHoney etc in simultaneously same time ..”Sa nisa..nisa
…ba….”with Rap in a luvable track of World’s Music..Finally..
Mohan just blow her hair thread n see Megha’s full face…n takes his gift..
Loc:Abhi’s house..
Pragya said”I’m with U to overcome tiz pblm”
Abhi thinks”I m coming to see U aftr a long time,MagiciaN”

Abhi n Pragya’s plan strts …
Hope U like tiz,frndzz..
Tanq frndzz for reading n post ur cute comments

Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. Interesting part dude…..but could hav kept more abhigya scenes…..not asking u to cut.others scene but Increase d length of d story such dat Even abhigya can b seen…..

    1. Tanq Varsha..A plan by Abhi n Pragya may be next..Actually I m not cutting..Just make their plan will be separate one..S..maybe they will seen

  2. Nice episode harshan… As always…beautiful song selection… Enjoy the mohan moment where he realise of Apu as Malay’s vishkanya n … Megha… His love… Keep writing…. Waiting for the next episode ..?? may almighty bless u …

    1. Tanq Kathy..I made Mohan’s char as :”If he thinks ,then only get all”…Just made the bullet shot as testing ..Maybe U like Abhigya plan seg☺☺

      1. I like abhigaya seg too harshan..

  3. wow another supernatural track…i think this mohan has some superpowers….and is super-intelligent!!!

    1. Tanq Shai..S..If Mohan has powers,then their bro’s maybe..Maybe U’ll see Abhi’s rock a littlemore in the next

      1. waiting for it!!!!!

  4. Actually I made first line as @#$/;&*bnsdfguoll will be done by Mohan in first line..Bt it is missing..just made as Mohan knows tat going again twister mind ..then only he made to change the writing

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