To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 18(KKB)(SuhaniSEL))

FlashBack:Bros Mohan,Yuv,Abhi n Malay meet..
Malay with Megha goes to meet Mohan..While the world comes conscious,Mohan’s surrounding peoples with ??seeing the bros whether abnormally something happened or normal..
Megha runs towards Mohan While seeing…Apu also comes there..
“Finally my Sanam is coming..”Mohan says..
Magna touched his face..Her tears falls on Mohan’s face..”As long as U luv me..”
Mohan’s divine touch happens while he also touches her hand..
“Pirandanaal Vaazhthukkal Tozhi (HBD ..frnd (Senorita))”Mohan says..While saying,Mohan’s another hand rises above..n push Megha opposite..Another new hand comes from Mohan’s hand..Mohan hardly holds tat hand by his left hand n takes away…The devil inside Mohan comes out actually strts burning…n turn into pieces…Mohan changes into red..He crushly made the devil into nothing…All goes to fear while seeing Mohan..Abhi,Yuv n Malay realise Mohan doesnt kill his nail as a knife…Abhi says”Sorry bhaiyaa..”with his eyetear..
Mohan comes back normal..The people strts believing Supernaturals to be really real..Megha n Apu n Shafaq comes towards Mohan..Apu asked Mohan”Mohan..R U Okay?”..
Mohan said”S..Apu..I’ll present my bro Malay as ur future luv,if U luv him..I ‘ll gift him n a new place to U to spend time with him n Shafaq..I already give my gift to U”with holding Megha’s hand..n takes a white rose frm his pocket n gives to Megha n presented his another diary full of her arts n Songs created for her..Shafaq smiles though she didnt got his point..At the same time Specially Mohan gets the Soul of Pragya n send into Pragya’s preserved body which is not known to others n makes her coming tat place..Abhi surprised n his lips sings”Bhoot..”n hugs her..
N Mohan comes to Yuv..”Sorry for All..Hope U n Suhani enjoy ur luv again with Us”n brings Suhani there..Suhani in confusion asks Yuv in his ears.Mohan smiles n said”Nothing happens .Dear..I hope U allow Ur husband accompany with me again…”
Suhani smiles..Yuv said”Abhi..I think U give Ur diff concert”..
Abhi said”Crazy Bhaiyaa..U r crct..I m gonna rock here..” n strts stringing guitars..Mohan accompany with him..Yuv goes extreme happy while seeing Mohan n Abhi stringing guitars together aftr a long time..While stringing,Abhi sees Mohan..n find the place where Mohan sent Apulay n smiles n Turns back n see Apulay..
Apu,Suhani n Megha talk with each other n enjoying Abhi n Mohan’s music like others..Yuv thinks”Mohan..I catch Ur thought..about the place..”n sees Mohan..Mohan see Yuv n smiles…
“Journey of “Kanya Apu’s VishRomeo””strts again as S2 of Caramel..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for Ur Hearty Supports..n post ur cute comments after reading..

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  1. Siddhi

    Good episode bro

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Sys..

  2. Wow… Wonderful episode harshan…?? I wonder how Megan’s tear falls on mohan…?? …..happy finally all got to know the truth…… Excited for the season 2…waiiiiiittiiingggg…?? keep writing.. Keep up the good work…

    1. Mohan’s face…

      1. HarSHaN

        Actually Mohan lying on ground..aftr injury…Aftr a long days,tatsy I missed tat in tiz..While he pushes Megha n holds another hand he rises above..

    2. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy..It’ll be more if writing fb made it as a line..n just making the nxt as journey of Apulay in diff places..

  3. Shai

    Nice ending to a beautiful story….now please be regular…i miss u a lot!!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq 2 miss U a lot..Sure Shai …now little away frm restless hours..maybe U ‘ll get a S2 epi bt wit little same intro frm KanyaApu’s 2 epis

      1. Shai

        Waiting for it!!!

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