To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 16(KKB)(SuhaniSEL))

Loc:Now In a bus,Frm ArunachalPradesh..
While entering bullet as bubblegum,Mohan turns conscious..
“Lonely…I’m Mr.Lonely”
Mohan changes track in his x+i(complex) earphone..
Mohan’s pupils turns into red..n takes the standing rod of a bus by breaking..n said angrily”I m still in him..”
N trying to attack Abhi’s head by rod..
Abhi stops the rod..Another hand also stops it…Rod goes to rust..
Virtual Yuv makes him into real..
N attacks Mohan..Upper plates of bus breaks…Mohan goes up in tat break..Mohan realized he is again changed n controls him..
Mohan’s pupil turns into normal blue he has..
N see the world is still stopped already by him..frm the time of meeting only with Abhi in bus..
Abhi goes highly tensed n goes up..n attacks Mohan..
Mohan doesnt stop tat..He falls down..
Yuv stops Abhi n says”He is normal now”
Malay get all tiz n thinks”I have to stop tiz,bt Megha is here..If the world comes conscious,I must be here..n guard her Before She meets MohanBhaiyaa”..
Abhi n Yuv make the bus n surroundings like before n Mohan conscious..
Mohan comes joy while seeing Yuv n Abhi together n thinks about Malay..

Frndzz,I made 3 little episodes today…Hope U like tiz..I made promises for making long epis..Due to late,I made tiz precise epis today..Sorryyy for tiz..low stock of imagin..
Tanq for Reading n post ur cute (incl -ve)comments after reading..
Maybe U like tiz another ff,frndzz:Kanya Apu’s VishRomeo in Vishkanya..

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  1. HarSHaN

    First line in ff is:While seeing Abhi gave his first gift to Prague,Megha thinking came for Mohan..Closing his eyes,Mohan thinks Megha whom he had see in dream..missed tiz part..Aftr posting,I found tiz uncontinuous in epi 15 n 16

  2. HarSHaN

    gift to Pragya*

  3. Shai

    nice episode harshan…but when we will able to see the girls??

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Shai..Frm the next..

  4. Kathy

    Good episode naren… But little short.. But it’s ok…u haven’t had enough time right…the attack part… U well described it … Like watching a English movie … Waiting for the next episode

  5. HarSHaN

    Tanq Kathy..Daily at 11,Playing any ARR song in repeat mode n writing the comin thoughts while hearing..Due to meds,I was sleeping in the past days at 10.30 after coming from work..n lso 2g tiz half month..Tatsy…Bt frm 2day meds r finished

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